Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame | LIVE Red Carpet World Premiere

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame | LIVE Red Carpet World Premiere

Note: We have disabled chat for this stream to prevent spoilers. Comments are enabled, but please Don’t Spoil The Endgame for others.

Whatever it takes. The grand conclusion to 22 films, Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” begins live on the Red Carpet in Hollywood. Don’t miss exclusive interviews with stars and creators of the most epic event in Marvel Cinematic Universe history!

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if we do this we'd be going in short-handed yeah you mean cuz he killed all that friend we owe this to everyone who's not in this room to try it's not about how much we lost it's about how much we have left where's these injures we gotta finish this you trust me you are watching the red carpet world premiere of Marvel Studios Avengers endgame I'm Lorraine Cink I am LZ Granderson and I am totally freaking out right now my gosh I am so excited for tonight it's going to be epic 21 films in the making the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever expanding and tonight it's gonna be a night of a million stars here on the carpet all of the original six Avengers are going to be back with us and lots more folks from the Marvel Universe a million stars even more questions I mean think about it the heroes lost in the last film what are they going to do in this one to wreak it our faith back I trust nothing you don't know what's gonna happen but I do know you should be watching this over at slash endgame premiere or check out all of the cool stuff from the night ad Avengers on social media and hash tag Avengers endgame because we are gonna be posting some really cool stuff but we're also gonna be here all night long talking on the carpet with all of the stars and the amazing creators of this film absolutely you know I'm really fascinated to see how large of a spreadsheet they needed to have in order to to get every single bit of detailed accurate leading up to this moment well we're gonna put their feet to the fire in just a moment but we're not the only people here holding down the party we have our friends on the other side of the carpet I can see our hosts from here hi ladies hi this is an amazing epic epic carpet we are down here at the Los Angeles Convention Center first time we've ever done a red carpet premiere or should I say purple carpet premiere at cha cha purple carpet and you know the greatest thing is tonight is the largest Marvel Studios movie premiere ever and that comes equipped with a 40-foot a that is actually revolving around right now in this amazing energy filled room and you know I'm just ready to see all the stars tonight and see the Marvel family come together absolutely to see the stars of this movie as well as folks from the extended MCU I mean that's one of the things I love about these events everybody comes together to support this film and this is one we have all been waiting for for a love time absolutely well we are going to be checking in with you ladies throughout the night so tomorrow Angelique take notes tell us what's happening a little bit later but I am so excited about this film I'm looking forward to seeing our Avengers rise up together because there have been some major casualties in the Marvel Universe drink I think we all saw Marvel Studios Avengers infinity war and we felt a lot of feels yeah I mean I'm still getting chills over the scene with Peter Parker and Tony Stark Oh too soon too soon I'm sorry but you know what I know what will make us feel better let's take a look at Marvel Studios Avengers endgame right now cassie was like a thousand years ago I fought my way out of that cave game Ironman realized I loved you unwish had no more surprises but I was really hoping to pull off one last one the world has changed none of us all we can do is our best and sometimes the best we can do it's not over I saw all these people die I keep telling everybody they shouldn't move on someday about us even if there's a small chance the oldest everyone who's not in this room to try we will whatever it takes whatever it takes whatever it takes whatever it takes I like this one oh I love that part I love that moment of my contact between the two of them I just mark on her face well no one can smirk like a Carol Danvers can smirk I think I know that deep deep down in my soul brie Larson we love you but you know there are so many amazing Marvel fans that's the thing that I love and that's what tonight is really all about it's about you guys at home thank you for hanging out with us here please stay with us throughout tonight because we're gonna be talking to so many people but there are also fans that are here tonight yes crowded been out here I've got here like 9 o'clock in the morning they're already lined up already dressed and ready to go absolutely impressive our fans dress they dress for the premiere but they don't necessarily wear our sparkle dress or a sweet purple suit but they do wear some amazing cosplays let's check in with Josh Salette and Ryan Penn August aka agent em and see what they've got out there with the fans she's cosplaying as nebula nebula how long does it take to put this together well aside from the fact that I was born this way right the costumes took a couple of months to piece together I like to rift my items and kinda make things from scratch so about 4 months for that one and then about three and a half hours to put the whole thing on well done and thank you we have a beautiful Iron Man piece here how long it take you to make this this took 48 years this took about two months from Ezra McGann ta raw and papi Miranda to painted this in two weeks and where you coming from today Arizona Phoenix Ryan who do we have over there [Applause] so the Marvel Universe so vast so many amazing cosplayers we've got a Scarlet Witch over here a Winter Soldier how long it take to mix fell away about two weeks pulling all-nighters a lot awesome you guys came from California right a lot of California love here it's amazing red carpet back to you guys oh that makes my heart feel so warm and I love what that gentleman said this took 48 years but you know it's a lifetime of fandom it's absolutely incredible I mean honestly it takes me about three days to figure out what I'm gonna wear on a Monday to know that they're plenty just as diligently as the storytellers themselves to celebrate this great moment just tells you how beautiful both fan and production interact with one another as one big family absolutely and I think that you know I really see it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that they love to make their fans happy to bring them in last year we celebrated MCU 10 which was just the biggest fan celebration and I think we're continuing in that spirit we're keeping our fingers crossed for our Avengers that endgame is a better game well it depends on your point of view sure as the antagonist if you will I think the last movie ended up pretty well for Thanos do you not think so well it's great for us and that is one of the things that's really true is that Thanos is a compelling villain because there's some part of you that's like I see your logic you're going about it the wrong the wrong way he wants to make the universe better in in his way which is kind of deceitfully evil and terrible for the rest of the universe I keep wanting to say the world but universe a lot bigger than the world yes and you know it's so interesting because when you think about the age of Ultron Tony Stark thought he was doing what was best for the world as well you know what I hear that our ladies are getting into some trouble over on the other side tomorrow are you like what are you up to over there trouble we are here with one of the newest faces of the MCU Hiroyuki Sanada welcome to your first Marvel Studios purple carpet thank you thank you yeah I recognize why purple but I love bubble my favorite color so I'm so happy well we were just looking behind us marveling at this huge a behind us the scope and scale of this what's this like for you it's like a dreams come true you know when I got the offer for my role I was so excited to surprise and I had a great time on set but today it's so special it's like festival or Olympics you know so happy to be here and that's really amazing and what I love about the Marvel Universe is that all of us are here as a family all of us are here and out tonight is there anything in particular you're looking forward a fan seeing when they get a chance to see Marvel Studios Avengers in game mmm Oh everything I was a big fan of series and then comics – and then Stanley was my hero so I wanted to see him that maybe he is here tonight I kind of feel like he probably is you know I always like to ask cast members what is that moment on set that was your Marvel moment that moment where you looked around instead of wow this could not happen anywhere else but besides a Marvel Studios film when I first visit Sept it was amazing huge scale and so real and oh this is Marvel movie and also the layer actors and the crew has great teamwork and then very welcome atmosphere for the guests too so I was so easy to jump into the shooting without you know pressure was something it was so nice kind atmosphere there oh this is marvel oh I thought well I definitely know we're filling that warm welcoming family atmosphere here tonight on the carpet and there are a lot of folks that I know want to get a chance to talk to you so thank you very much and you know have a blast tonight and welcome to the Marvel family thank you so much I can't wait to see the movie have a great night thank you so much I just love hearing about how amidst this huge endeavor they still manage to keep it real on set keep it warm keep it wonderful so now we're gonna flashback to our friends over on the other stage and find out what's going on here we are and you know tomorrow you guys mentioned earlier this ginormous behind us it's huge it's I believe 20 feet high that is several hulks high and it it got built over just the course of the last day or so yeah we were here rehearsing and it was just a shell of what you see right now and over time we were during rehearsals seeing them do the finishing touches and you know I was joking with you I'm not really into huge sizes like that but if I could take this home and no one would notice I would totally do that yeah I would not mind putting it in my living room if my living room were 45 I think would be pretty incredible but look at the amazing work that so many people put into this carpet I really want to give a shout out to all of the people that are working here tonight who bring this show to you who bring these amazing premieres to you and the incredible folks at marvel studios because there's so much thought that goes into every single tiny detail here on the carpet absolutely I mean even if you think about just a carpet the cha cha purple as it's called you know recognizing that Thanos is story is just as important to the story of the Avengers in terms of overall narrative that's happening right here so I'm glad to see that we're saying yes to the purple but also say yes to the purple but also yes to the Avengers of course with a giant 40-foot a behind us I mean and how can you not feel emboldened how can you not feel ready for anything and you know what I am ready to see some stars because over at arrivals that is where the action is going to be happening very soon stars are going to be coming arriving showing up in there in their cars and whatnot I can't wait to see what's happening down there on arrivals and there it is take a look at the fans I always think it's really fun to take a look at arrivals because you get to see each other seeing each other for the first time a lot of people you know they see each other when they're shooting they might go in during ADR and just to get to say hello see a little bit of footage but that's it that's the only time they get to see each other I mean reportedly you know most of the cast for the film they didn't get the entire script they only got their scenes and so not only are they've seen each other for the first time since post-production they probably haven't seen each other really since those individual scenes that they finished up and even on the press tour a lot of times they're separated a little bit to travel all over the world so we're so pleased that they've come to join us here tonight in the United States in Los Angeles at this beautiful new location we're usually on Hollywood Boulevard and it feels really really special that we're here at the LA Convention Center tonight well they were definitely able to go all out in terms of decor I mean we've mentioned the giant rotating a behind us the purple is everywhere and there are some incredible displays from comic cave and from Lego that we're gonna be checking out later but if you're just tuning in go over and watch this at slash and gain premiere or follow at Avengers or at Marvel where there is going to be a ton of cool stuff posted throughout the night highlighting all of the cool things that we're doing here on the purple carpet and be sure to also send us any of your questions as well we might be able to get to them hashtag Avengers endgame tomorrow Angelique how's it going down there well we're down here with a little bit of mayhem we're here with Emma lejana who plays mayhem slash bridge at Marvel's Co Kundera him–it's bring em brace I'm sorry Raynham you're right we need to ship it and Holly Maki who plays Mina has some marble spoke and dagger Oh giggles McNichols enjoy sorry you know what speaking of both of you play really strong characters and almost everything that you do you know tonight we're gonna see some strong women superheroes on screen if your characters could give a bit of advice to a coy and Black Widow tonight what would your characters say to them I think Mina would say you know do your research and going strong she loves research I don't really know what mayhem would do cuz I just think she's a little sketchier than everyone else so I don't think that she should really be good hand in out advice I don't know if anyone ever really knows what mayhem is going to do right but that brings up something interesting you know one of the themes for this movie and the MCU in general is this walking between light and dark and how to do the right thing and that's something that really gets explored on cloak and dagger so I'd love to hear your thoughts on that I think that's what's so interesting is it really blurs the line mayhem for instance she is going after a lot of people and she's killing a lot of people she doesn't really think about the ripple effect of who she's attacking but it does challenge you as an audience member do you really disagree with what she's doing and sometimes you do but sometimes you don't and I think it just kind of poses the question to everybody if you had those powers and if you're in a position to help what way would you do that I love that cloak and dagger takes on these really important societal issues that we're kind of all going through and you're kind of you know we're in a society now where it feels very black or white but you know what is that gray area and how do we deal with that and how do we move on and still be you know humans to each other and still be nice to each other so I love that about this show I think that really personifies what we're dealing with tonight obviously in Marvel Studios affinity in infinity war we saw this moment where Thanos went out tonight our heroes get to do that so I'm looking forward to it I know you all have got to make it to the movie thank you so much for stopping by till Ironman we better know that could never happen well let up ahead and see what our our ladies are doing well LZ and Lorraine are doing at the other end of the carpet what's happening down there well hello look who we found Benedict Wong hello sir hi how are ya hi I have to say you you traveled the world where had where was the last place you just were unless workwise see thank you though yeah it's not too bad you for joining us tonight we're so excited Wong survived the snap is is the word on the street how is he gonna do without his best bud should we be concerned well best foot doctor friends know we'll see what happens I mean apparently Wong is my name is on the postable that's all I can say really to be honest I can't really say a lot you know none of us can one of my favorite moments from the film was discussion about getting something to eat it was such a great comedic moment how much of that is improv and how much does that is scripted that wasn't me that was in the script but I've since I'm obsessed with your mouth now yeah and that's my other big question it's Wong gonna start carrying cash isn't that a little irresponsible I think it's all gonna go digital really so I think he's prepared with his little I don't know his little loyalty card he's got his debit card yeah I think so so I know you can't say too much about the film and we don't want to spoil the don't spoil it but for fans who watched infinity war what was your favorite scene getting to shoot in infinity war I mean personally I mean it was working with you know Robert and who's the other guy Ruffalo and obviously one girl is his personal superpowers which was fantastic and yeah that was an amazing few days I mean like 500 odd supporting extras and all just just teaming down and running with a sheer panic whilst you're kind of like you know salmon swimming upstream you know so but yeah it was it was a great where we know you have a thousand one people that are here that want to talk to you stretch about the tuna melt so we're gonna let you go all the preparation we need is just to get go to the toilet then that is it that's all you can do luzina hello sir how you do it tonight over you you know there's a lot of expectation on this film and I really love it and when I would really like something I get nervous to share it with everyone well it is like your baby you you've been working so hard on these films for so long right is there a highlight from your time here at marvel studios that is your absolute sort of favorite moment of sharing with the fans Wow it's all been a favorite moment from the beginning it's truly been a remarkable experience and I can't really speak about the film specifically because all of it is a spoiler so if I say anything I'll be spoiling it I'll get in trouble don't Liang me off the stage we don't want you getting in trouble how about talking about how great it feels to after loving years this particular particular chapter is closing in you're beginning a new chapter yeah it's truly remarkable it's quite sad in a way too because not only is this film a culmination of the 21 films that preceded it but myself Kevin and Victoria have been there from the beginning and and our personal journeys sort of mirror the the film's a little bit so I've seen this film 4050 times and I've choked up every time I've actually had tears in my eyes a number of times well now I can't wait to see it and I know so many people want to speak with you tonight so congratulations and thank you for your wonderful congratulations oh my gosh well look who's over here we have some friends just chatting catching up but Elizabeth Olsen is here our own Scarlet Witch yes she did not make it through the snap we know but she did come show up tonight as the family tends to do I didn't recognize without dust all over you and things like a lot of people don't recognize you after you get bangs I'm so glad to see you here tonight we had one of the most harrowing moments with Wanda and vision at the end of infinity word I'm so curious what was it like we're working with Paul Bettany to find that moment he and I have had the greatest time just working on every single thing we've gotten to do in the Marvel land and that day specifically between Paul Brolin and I it was just such a fun day the roof so brothers let us improvise a bit as well and it was it was an awesome day at work it was really fun and it was really with the best people you could work with when you get cast in a superhero movie you're thinking CGI you thinking superpowers you're not necessarily thinking really motion but throughout the course of your time at MCU you've had some incredibly emotional moments and personal laws did you know that going into it yeah I mean she is notorious for having really bad things happen to her she's the ultimate survivor and that's the only thing I can think of her just like she has all her powers I think comes from her huge amount of empathy as well in her ability to feel and care love but so do all these characters but it's um it's funny being always the sad girl sad moments but we get to go on that roller coaster with ride with her yeah she's also like kind of a sick badass yes yes I mean come on now as far as the stunts go you've gotten to do some pretty cool stuff is there one that was your favorite in your time I love every time they put me on the wires to fly or to get whipped by get hit by something I love being on a ratchet I love being in a harness and flying around it's my I'm it's so fun and exhilarating I don't like roller coasters and this is my controlled adrenaline rush did you have to do any special training like beforehand in terms of working out or change a diet or anything like that I do it just for fun they don't really require us to do any of that they just assume that we'll figure it out whatever works for us and the character is really nice because you hear other things from other companies but Marvel never asks those things of you but I love training I work with the dance choreographer first Scarlet Witch is choreography and so we now have a really easy language physically together and we I got to work more with the stunt team this time around and that was really fun doing getting to do that prep work and and also prepping for flying and all that well we love you and your performance is no doubt magical thank you so much for speaking with us enjoy your night congratulations and now you know what there's so much happening here on the carpet tomorrow Krinsky has the lowdown on the coolest Lego setup I think ever tomorrow what's going on over there one of the best things about Marvel studio premieres now again I said studio one of the best things about Marvel Studios premieres are all the amazing things we get to see on the red carpet and Lego has put together something truly spectacular for the Marvel Studios Avengers end game premiere right here we've got the Avengers a sign and four custom pieces we got Hulk's hands Captain America's shield Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet and Ironman each of these pieces was put together using custom elements from actual Lego playsets scaled up to 25 times their original size now it took a lot to build this we're talking forty-four thousand eight hundred Lego bricks and two hundred and seventy hours of build time put some serious Build time the a which is seven and a half feet tall took 150 hours and the prop that took the longest Ironman clocking in at 40 hours somehow I kind of feel like Tony Stark would be proud of the fact that his took the longest the quickest field was Captain America's shield which was 12 hours but still that's some pretty serious build time now Lego wants you at home to be able to have your own special Marvel experience so to commemorate the release of Marvel Studios Avengers end game they have put together five new Lego Marvel Avengers playsets including Iron Man hall of armor and Avengers ultimate Quinn jet which cannot wait to get my hands on they're available online and in stores now so check them out and build your own game now for even more head over to lol Disney comm for a special Lego Marvel Avengers activity where you can play as one of your favorite Avengers well we here on the red carpet always like to give you a little extra something special so take a look at this behind-the-scenes video of how this was all put together we're just we're just here with laurence fishburne talking about how we're gonna go build some Legos later sorta yeah 170 spare hours okay there you go might as well stuff I have a lot more respect for people that play with Legos so it's not playing it's constructing construction structure yeah yeah that's its no that's just sounding whatever I can't wait to see it alright so now got to know who are you most excited to see tonight on the carpet who have you not gotten to see since of course Marvel Studios a man in the wall I'm just I I gotta be honest I've I seen everybody and I know everybody I just wanna see the movie I mean you know I've know everybody I love everybody I've seen them on and off the carpet I just don't see the movie how do you have any hints two hours left to go do you pump the rest of the cast for information are you like what are in your oh no no no I'm really just I'm really very just very cool I have a total fanboy question to ask you so Ruthie Carter becomes the first person in MCU to win an Oscar for costume design you've worked with her for many many yeah I worked with Ruth on her first work or earliest work what was it like to see that moment and marvelous though is Fanta I mean just to be a witness to Ruth's career has been just you know a gift and to be a part of you know her career as a gift you're gonna have to do that again but I'm curious for you in the Marvel Universe is there something that you were really drawn to as a young person I read I read the books as a kid I mean I liked all of the books I mean I started reading comics probably as early as 1966 and I was living in New York City so you know say 66 through 75 I was I was reading and that's when all the best of this stuff was is really happy this is gotta be fantastic yeah this dream comes true so to actually be in one of the movies for me is I could you know I could quit right now well we don't want you to go don't do that don't do that thank you for talking to me thank you go go watch it enjoy all right as you should I mean that's the thing is everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe right and it's nice to see even those stars who know all the other stars look at us and say I just want to see the movie I know I do too Anjali tamarah how's it going down there it's funny that you mentioned that everyone in the MCU is a fan because I am here with composer Alan Silvestri who is just telling me what if any is have learned Fishburne so absolutely one of my all-time favorites such a huge part of the Marvel Studios movie experience is the music how does it feel to finally be here well it's uh it's the end of a journey as I think mr. stark talks about in the film and it's amazing I mean it's a it really is a journey it had a beginning certainly for me with Captain America and then three Avengers films and we're all here and and I think everyone's celebrating having come through on some level I think tonight certainly is a crescendo and in this Marvel journey you know as a fan what are you most looking forward to seeing tonight here at the largest Marvel Studios premiere well I you know I've watched Joe and Anthony Russo poured their hearts into this and what I'm most looking forward to is finally being able to talk about it and and finally being able to experience the fans getting a chance to see the movie I mean these filmmakers really cared about their fans and and there I think they're gonna love this film it's uh it's made for them with them at heart rate as possible way I have to confess a little sort of trade behind-the-scenes secret so when we were having our production meeting for this amazing premiere and we were watching some clips every time a clip came on as it played out on that great orchestral swell of yours we all started humming along because we were so moved by it well that's fantastic I mean I've been given a tremendous opportunity through these amazing performances and these amazing filmmakers and then we have this amazing room with 95 musicians and playing their hearts out and it's all captured and it's all on that screen so it's been an exciting journey for sure well we are certainly fans of your work and we're certainly excited to see tonight that crescendo that is going to be Avengers in Marvel Studios Avengers in game I hope you love it thank you so much for stopping you talk to fans have a great time tonight all right all right let's take a look and see what's going on with Lorraine and LZ at the other end of the carpet all right everybody owes these gentlemen to my left their thanks because your contribution to the MCU is epic how many films have you gotten to I know you've written a how many now Nicholas six how many have you gotten to consult on other films as well you know secretly six is enough six is plenty yeah the credits that were eventually decided on so six six okay excellent excellent well I have to say I love your work with the Russo brothers it's incredible what do you like about working with them oh the fact that there's two of us and two of them allows for different sort of team ups it's not just us versus them we cross pollinate a lot and we you know we look at movies the same way I think and I think they've their background in TV actually makes them very collaborative so that there isn't a dictatorial I'm the director and I'm going to say what goes it's basically come into the room everybody sits there nobody's in charge sounds chaotic but it's actually very organic and it you get movies out of it for so far do you to mirror the Russo brothers in any capacity in terms of temper man or a little bit yeah so I'm a little like Joe in that I'm a little relentless and hyper driven and I would say Chris and Anthony are similar where they sort of wait you both were glasses there's that well I would love to keep you here all night because I want to know everything about endgame but there are so many folks who want to speak with you so enjoy your night congratulations oh my gosh I mean the contribution that they have added to the MCU is just mind-boggling absolutely anything that's fascinating to me is the fact that you have four people trying to come up with this one perfect script there's one perfect way to shoot something I mean I know couples who can't get along to figure how to go grocery shopping together eat I'm a poor man in a room forgot this complicated story but I love the idea that they are able to team up in different ways oh my gosh Karen Gillan hello we're live streaming to the Marvel fans right now Marvel fans how's it going it's great it's great we got to talk about nebula though yes we do because poor nebula has been through the wringer she lost her sister how she how's she doin at the beginning of endgame can you tell us I mean not great I think that she was finally starting to form a connection with her sister I think oh that nebula really wants is a family a normal functioning family don't we always kind of I mean right we could all relate to nebula on that level it was ripped away from her so she's it's not best moment for sure I'm looking at this outstanding beautiful dress that you're wearing yeah but I'm assuming it takes longer to become nebula it takes a little longer to become nebula although no that much longer which worries me just look nice takes almost as long as it takes me to become completely blue and an alien but there we go of human woman I think is a very hard one telling you I played that one too and it's the hard one I'll take your word for I'm just gonna step over here now agree I agree now you get to team up with some more different Avengers in this film then you got to before what was one of your favorite moments on set that you can share not don't spoil the end game no spoilers okay so this is what happens if this is where I just dropped it like I got this far and then just gave it all away no and I can tell you that the cast were so lovely and warm and welcoming and Robert Downey jr. would host these lunches and invite all of us to come and and eat with him and that was just the most lovely thing because I didn't really know that many people in the cast and they had this sort of long-running history and so it was lovely I love that so much well we want to talk to you all night but there are also a whole bunch of people in a big circle behind us I want to talk to you too oh my gosh you guys the role of human woman though still hard we just you know that that baffle me I thought she was gonna say Justine as a woman would be easy but apparently it takes a lot of work no I'm not in the loop with that all right well you know there are lots and lots of fans here tonight and I feel like we should put them to the test let's test their MCU knowledge so we're sending out Ryan Penn ago so a KA agent em and citizen ambassador Josh Peck who is also a huge MCU fan to see if they've got what it takes to be a real fan joined by Josh Peck citizen ambassador how you doing Josh sir I am honored to be here with these incredible they are not cops playing around am i right well done sir so we are doing a special trivia event with citizen watch our livestream partners here you guys ready for something fun something cool it's great okay so you're gonna have 30 seconds each of you josh is gonna time you with this fancy citizen watch my nifty Avengers watch and ready and so you're in a 30 seconds to name as many movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as you can Wow lunch the wrong answers lot of pressure a five could be great all right you ready – yes sir you're ready to go first okay Josh you tell us when to start ready go Thor Thor the dark world good what no a man a man and watch obviously and infinity war and game 15 seconds a lot of pressure oh and spider-man I know that's not an actual name I'm so big sequels big sequels three seconds left 30 seconds that's your time 11 I've got a count of 11 that's great oh wow well done give it up Wow okay young lady it's your turn Josh yes you let us know the time okay ready and go I'm 1 1 9 run to Iron Man 3 Thor Thor the dark world Thor Ragnarok Black Panther and Avengers Avengers age of Ultron Avengers no Captain America Captain America Winter Soldier Captain America Civil War Avengers age of Ultron Avengers endgame 10 seconds the Incredible Hulk 5 seconds left make it count gun die I'm 17 Wow Wow Josh I feel like they were so good they should both get a really cool prize I love the way you think yeah I love it oh if I may enjoy welcome you're welcome you guys earned it Josh thank you for being here thank you unbelievable job guys thank you to citizen watches back to you on the right part Hey look at who we found Victoria Alonso as as we were chatting earlier you are one of the founding parents of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when you started did you have any idea that you would be here tonight in this way no I think that we were hoping to get a chance to do one movie hoping that we will get a chance to do a second movie and then a third and then a fourth and then we said oh if we can get these four origin pictures into one call the Avengers and then that sort of snowballed into like 13 years later for us 10 years for the public but we've been at it for quite some time and tonight is very very special I want to congratulate you just on simply changing the way that people look at Hollywood films now I mean women are opening films Captain Marvel past a billion dollars yes women are not just opening films they're just taking down the door and taking no prisoners so I say hello to all the women out there that are dreaming wanted to be what they want to be I say go for it this is a time where you can actually take a dream and make something out of it and if anyone can be an example I think Captain Marvel was a perfect example I want to take a minute to say hello to all of our crew that is over at El Capitan that was in didn't get a chance to come over here such as one say hi to everyone thank you thank you thank you to everybody that is there you worked in tired and tired three years into these two films so I just want to say hello we love you and we miss you over here that's so beautiful thank you so much we would love to talk to you all night I want to pick your brain I want to know all the secrets but so many people want to talk if I stay I'll tell you everything we're gonna keep talking but we're gonna have to toss or just a minute but thank you so much and congratulations here take what td's causing trouble over on the other podium we are here just having a party and our end of the carpet with your watch et director of Marvel Studios Thor Ragnarok hi good is that is that the interview I mean you're keeping all this powerful energy you've brought in your excitement as a fan who's been on both sides of the camera both sides you know what are you what are you most excited I mean you've you've come dressed in purple tonight's kind of blue you are lucky kind of thing but this a purple so if pebble has been washed too much ode to Thanos I mean so a lot of the folks the man oh I don't know I'm not giving anything away secret secrets he's good at keeping things confidential you've got that Bartle Studios training yeah oh yes I did that training yep it's a good training training is shut your mouth pocket keep it shut we want to make sure that while you're here though you also get to talk about like how much work has gone into this evening and being able to see all of your friends I don't know I didn't organize it that I'm assuming from saying how much carpet there is there's a lot of carpet laying the carpet is you've done a humongous job and now it says the biggest effort put in to the entire thing all right there's the movie of course but and also it also a lot of makeup lotta men couple out of me are you feeling happy with your makeup job oh yeah it's fine yeah could we concur right I know he looks fantastic you look fantastic yeah no wait speaking of reviews you know a lot of the folks that you worked with you know how do you think they did in fighting Thanos in infinity war what's your review on their fighting skills and such a little disappointed right I mean I've never fought someone like that personally but yeah you know that's no words of advice it was a bummer for about half of them advice no no no no I don't give advice anymore I'm glimps bitter all right well since you can't give advice and your reviews are done we're gonna send you did leaves he knows his place he's a good director you know what I thank you so much you know I think we should go ahead and we're gonna keep partying down here on our end of the carpet and we're gonna toss back over to LZ and Laraine hey LZ and Laraine all right to me the president is here ladies and gentlemen please stand hello sir I have to say huge night huge night and we're we're coming off of not to bring it down but we're coming off of a big loss for the Avengers what made you say you know what let's let our heroes loose oh I thought you're gonna say what what made you make another movie after that that would have been a hell of a way to end permanently I would have been ruined permanently yeah I was already in tears you want me in tears for like the rest of the song I don't you know I don't take what was the question what made you think I'm gonna let we're gonna let our heroes lose that was sort of the idea from inception of doing of doing this Thanos means business we had been teasing him for many years and sometimes people think the heroes always win they think that's what happens in these movies and we thought it'd be fun to show that that's not what always happen Namie was it fun it was brave I mean you just don't see the protagonist lose he's lying that's true that's true and I will say it the emotional response that that brought out of the audience was amazing and not that I like to see people cry or children cry necessarily but I like it when it's a testament to what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and all of the artists and writers from Marvel Comics and the entire cast and all the filmmakers leading up to what Joe and Anthony had brought home in in that ending of infinity war that that everything they achieved that's what people were responding to and that meant a lot so well I mean a delicious defeat but I'm excited for endgame I know we haven't said too much about the genre but you have said that it's gonna feel separate in some ways from infinity war or like a different film why was that I think we wanted to have two distinct experiences you know they're they're movies that have been done shot around at the same time and had been sort of half a movie in half a movie and we didn't want to do that we wanted to have an entire movie which is you know some people call infinity war cliffhanger we call it no just Thanos one and he was very content at the end of that movie his journey was complete there an end game which we can't say too much but he's also a very distinct experience and that was was what our writers Chris and Stephen are and our directors Jonah Anthony and all of us worked very hard to do so I can't wait for people to finally see it do you have like an app on your phone so you know what you can what you can't say because you're involved with so many foes a good idea for the for the cast for a couple particular members of our cast to have an app so every time they there they get a question asked they just look at it that's a good idea we'll work on developing it for you guys thank you thank you good seeing as goodbye oh my gosh the man with all of the secrets he knows it all I I want to see this movie it's it's driving me crazy no and listen to everyone else being so passionate about it speaking of passion I think our core hearts on the other stage got somebody with them right now yeah let's see what's going on all right we are here my Gribbs Linda Cardellini hello welcome to the Marvel's Avengers and game premiere thank you thanks very much thanks for having me here so tonight is gonna be a night of girl power there gonna be a bunch of amazing superheroes on-screen tonight they're exciting you know it's women's empowerment do you have anything any any words of encouragement tonight as we go into this this new chapter I just excited to watch everybody kick butt you know and and also it's just you know it's bittersweet it's the end so but I'm really excited about all the women out there I want to talk to you a little bit about secret-keeping because when you when you first appeared in the MCU it was a huge secret I mean we didn't even interview on the carpet right because it was such a big secret right so what's it been like moving from that and then seeing the public reception of your character it's great people yell out hey Hawkeye's know it's been wonderful I need to be a part of this it's so gigantic and it's it's it's fantastic it's overwhelming and beautiful well hey well we're gonna let you get to the rest of the carpet and see the rest of the folks and find out all of the secrets tonight now okay great thank you so much for stopping and talking to the fans really appreciate it all right have a great time all right stage one what is going on down at your end of the carpet oh my gosh sure he's here like chase you're right how are you doing this eat very well I'm coming here I don't know what to expect but I'm having a good time already okay oh we got to talk some tea right now yes which is we saw the posters and there was an outcry what was it like for you it was it was surprising I saw everybody in like you know the colored photos you know colored posters and then I saw myself in grey and I was like you I just died out of nowhere and I think the whole of Twitter was really upset so I kind of logged off and and didn't log back on so I'm waiting to see how that came together and had that planned out tonight it's because we love you thank you it was surprised to know that your character even though I wasn't taught bill for Black Panther to be one of the favors coming at the other end of the film it was a major surprise one that I thank God for is just I went to say every day wanting to give my best wanting to work hard and to see that that result in that love you know I didn't expect it but I thank God for it and now I feel a part of the family so hopefully you know if I don't just feel mom I'm trying to see what happens maybe I might not get to continue but let's see what happens well I do know that I loved seeing you get to team up with the Avengers in infinity war and I loved particularly when you school the boys the science Bros and any chance that Sheree would like to hang with those guys just in general yeah I think that would be that would be really good but you know the way this film is set up we don't know what's gonna happen so let's watch it April 26 fingers crossed and see what the Russo brothers have cooked up for us and yeah hopefully we'll hopefully in the future we can sit down with these guys you know you know I have to say and forgive me for doing this but your iconic line what are those forces meet each and every time I see you to look at your shoes once again you came correct the shoe game remains strong do you feel pressure to do that hello darling hello thank you so much for doing shoe game and I love when you say what are those it's my favorite part of the movie do you do so we have established you don't know too much but do you have any secrets don't tell us don't spoil the end game I don't know anything great that saves my voice two days ago so you know that Santos Santos was manding your silence completely I'm very curious is there such many peaks and valleys emotionally throughout affinity war what was the toughest scene for you as an actress to emote in infinity war oh don't remember when I was in maybe when I was on you know when I was on Santos shoulders you know it was like just reliving all the English and what you know like all the the morning stuff you know and it was a very physical to so yeah but that was fun too well and I'm sure that was fun to shoot I assume you did not sit on Josh Brolin's shoulders though I did for a few takes and did you know he's a strong man he's been straining he's been training a lot and I've done it with him I've done it with a stunt double I've done it with a fake person you know and I call these Oh fun I'm people some people showed us well we're gonna go find somebody thank you ladies enjoy the night go watch the movie and find out how it ends oh my gosh well it's just a party that's one of the things I love is everyone's just catching up getting to see each other for the first time in a while what one I thought what are those with just my favorite line apparently everyone loves that line I know it looks like oh my gosh number one troublemaker is here in the Marvel Universe I think Falcon oh my gosh you're just as beautiful in person as you are online with the games I do know that urban moment with that we're back we're back I know that you were a big Marvel fan like you watched the videos you check out the stuff what are you excited for tonight what is your inner Marvel fan excited for tonight I'm excited to see the end result of two and a half years of work and waiting I got my tickets for Thursday so I'm a seer with a real audience Thursday night but tonight you know it's just like friends and family no matter what at a premiere you always think you did a good movie because everybody's like that's the best movie ever so I'm just waiting for people to think it's the best movie ever can you talk a little bit about the family environment let's talk about some sports man is great talking about sports is very very very well spoken brother about sports that's all i'ma say enjoy I enjoy but as I was saying the family part though right because as an actor it's kind of isolating right you've bounced from project to project I see the same people over and over again but that is different well with this was amazing with Marvel what I really enjoy you know it's kind of like you know getting a group getting a band back together every year you know and some people have gotten married some people have gotten divorced some people have kids some people are just the same you know street runners that they were before it's just like we all have evolved into something different you know every time we come together to do these movies so it's always great to reconnect with your friends speaking of evolving Reed Oh how long has it been since you've seen each other it's been a minute it's been a minute and you have some weed fish we know that the Russos have planned long and hard for the film how long did it take you to put this outfit together brother you coming Josh that's right is it too much like it's not enough we're talking about avenging the Fallen are you gonna avenge Falcon or is there someone else you're really looking to avenge the job is done the job was done run who else is there and who else am i standing next to and who else would I like to be standing who's in this frame has been so incredible for us as fans to watch this the journey of Thor not just physically but emotionally you've gone from having it all to Kody long hair having short hair and losing it all yeah what was it like for you as an actor to see your care to develop film by film like that it was good I mean what most people she said that I think my own to the board in love you know we must have done this six or seven times now and coming back again and again and I just got to appointments like Socrative Lee I needed to kind of break free of what was starting to feel familiar and do something different and unique and thankfully the Russos you know they said yep we're with you and had a whole different plan this has been a each time it's been different but these last three films in particular now there have been a lot of surprises in the MCU over the last few years but for both of you what was your most surprising moment in your time of filming when I died you know we didn't even read the script like we all got given our individual bed time in the movies at the premiere is like him – there's nothing worse than the day of work that you show your unemployed Mark Ruffalo happy Earth Day these suits okay we gotta say it's Earth Day The Hulk is green is it kind of like the Hulk's day I guess that's what it is [Laughter] it's happy Earth Day everybody it's a big one save it and take care of it please we were talking earlier about Thor's progression as a character your character as well goes through a lot over the course of the lovin years yeah what has been your favorite peak I think what you're gonna see in this next one is probably the my favorite and the ultimate part of it all that's a tease all right – and not just the entire universe but all this kind of this is it we kind of take a big swing in this one and in game they do say some stories have ends some have end games now I need to know who here has an Avengers tattoo I got a notch vise on my back and he got his faith son on my back and they scratch scratch and sniff ones so I smell like ruffler he smells like me and I just got myself tattooed on myself so I can look at myself Rock with your touch makes sense to me what just happened over I'm not quite sure I like that there you go are you able to see any parts of the film at all or you're coming in completely blind as nice we show the trailer I saw a five and a half hour version of the movie it was good it was good five hours it was like watching the Tom Hanks movie about war do you feel like you feel like it falls apart no that's the problem I was like let that let it run for five hours Commission knowing ambition let it run let it run use the bathroom hold it in the movie Cheetos talking you go to the bathroom you come back Cheetos still talking bring some diapers and some Kleenex boxes that's all I got anything to wipe anything up you guys thank you so much for talking with us enjoy your night get into lots of trouble you deserve to get to have all the funds and I think graduation oh my gosh well tomorrow Angelique what do you girls getting into over there we are here with Bob Iger chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company I was just watching you watch the interview that just happened with this look of pride and excitement in your eyes it's an incredible night for Disney from Marvel Studios how are you feeling well that's how I feel it is an incredible night for me having watched the film a number of times and knowing just how big how great how satisfying how impactful it is I can't wait to share it with the world which really begins tonight and I've had many experiences like that but I'm not sure that I've had any as big as this one tonight because of what it represents in the Canon that is Marvel absolutely and what we know is it's always about the fans and that's what you love about the movies is the end of the day that's big storytelling it's big characters what are you most looking forward to fans getting to see in this new chapter in this world I'd be remiss if I didn't really start by saying that the fans are really what fuels us when we first bought Marvel in 2009 one of the things that we discovered right away was just how enthusiastic how committed how involved now interested in Marvel the fans were and that has given us a lot of energy and commitment and and and desire to continue to raise the bar for them in terms of pleasing them it's great it's a great feeling something that I wanted to ask you about you recently gave a wonderful speech about the need for accessibility in our world and something that strikes me is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe that's sort of something they're also always looking for teaming up working together making the world a better place so I'm curious about your thoughts on those themes well I have very strong thoughts about that and you know I worry at times a little tonight it's not necessarily a night to a hurry you know about the state of our world today and it's just way too much contempt is way too much hatred there's way too much intolerance and we've got to figure out a way as a world to start getting along better it sounds trite I know but the dialogue is more coarse than ever before we tend to be far more dismissive of anybody that disagrees with us we tend to be much less tolerant than we used to be that's not a good thing I think what Marvel says it really speaks in but in volumes is the value of teamwork the love and respect of friendship and family and and just generally a belief that it takes a village in many respects you know to save the world and that's what we we need that we need that attitude to be more personal pervasive well thank you so much for helping to bring this incredible world to the fans and birthing this village have a wonderful time tonight you deserve thanks he definitely said it it is all about teamwork and we know we got a couple of team members on the other end of the carpet what's going on down there with you LZ Lorraine oh we're just hanging out with Paul right it's going really well thank you how are you how's your how's your evening we're great we're hanging out with this a behind us spinning around but I need to know you know you didn't get into the infinity war and neither did jeremy renner AKA hawkeye you guys just spending dad time doing dad tips yeah a lot a lot of barbecues a lot of just tossing the ball yeah and quality time with the kids got one of those things it's like three bars and you throw the weighted rope and it spins around you hope to catch it no it's not it's not a yo-yo it's a lawn game it's kind of like it's like a poor man's cornhole and that's the that's a second time I've said that in the last ten minutes right you know your character and man is so interesting because in a lot of ways he provides comic relief but he's also has been paramount to the overall story moving forward I'm assuming that's more of the same no I haven't seen this thing I just hope I made the cut yeah well I've seen you in the trailer so I feel like your odds are pretty just one of those big trailers and I made it in my question is how do you feel how does it feel feel about a Quay because and just not a Gatecrasher you know I imagine they're happy – judging by my answers that you showed up no I'm not sure it are you had one of the most gut-wrenching scenes for me as you're holding Allah's hand and your face as he disappears absolutely massive that movie for everybody you know not cool not cool not cool not cool Thanos yeah let's not talk about him now in the big battle in Wakanda at the end of infinity war I have a feeling you had an idea that some people were gonna turn to dust when did you find out that you were gonna be potentially stuck in a quantum realm I knew for a while what was gonna happen just by the you know just by the schedule and how we were shooting and then also writing so I had a I had a I you know I had a little bit of a clue before people this is your fault no no this has not sign the form you know that form thank you so much for talking with us enjoy your night have so much fun tonight for you we would keep you forever sort of why I have to say I am living for a Quay always she is such a badass but I need to know there's that moment that she gives the stink eyes to Hulk to Bruce Banner in the in the Hulkbuster how does she feel about these Avengers she doesn't know them well you know listen her job and her mission and her passion is to protect Wakanda and it's also now as an extension of Howell Khanna has incorporated itself into the world he has to protect the world because we are the most equipped to do it so she can wear I hope we find out tonight how they do I hope they live up to a Kuei standard I know I'm looking forward to it thank you so much enjoy the night thank you oh my gosh I live for a coy but absolutely new you're so spot-on I mean that side eye that she gives the Hulk Anjali tamarah I hear you might have made a new friend what's going on over there well actually I have been making friends around the carpet with all the cool installations there is so much cool stuff here on the carpet right yeah because you were talking about the lego sets earlier but there also is a really cool amazing installations that are going on besides that right yeah there's an incredible comic cave installation where we get to see the digits which are the finger puppets as well as their incredible collectible figurines 14 inches to 16 inches so they really got something for everybody whether it's a little finger puppets that you get to play with for your everyday fan or something for a more serious collector I see fan OHS I see nebula we've got a rocket look at that I didn't even know it if Thanos was that adorable I might not be that scary see I don't know I think it's all a cover it's all a front he gets in looking adorable and then faked you out snap dust gone you got you got to stop snapping I just it just makes me nervous I'm sorry no no trigger warning trigger warning but yeah that's one of the great things about the carpet tonight there's so much excitement there's so many stars but also there's so much expression and love for these characters that we're so vested in absolutely alright so talking about that I'm curious about what is happening on the other end of the carpet oh well look at we found a real goddess in my book Tessa Thompson hello hello I have to say so many of us our hearts breathe a huge sigh of relief when we saw your poster and we knew you were alive when what did you feel when you found out you were you were gonna make it I mean elated like the fans and you know I'm sure a lot of other people inside of Marvel have said sometimes you don't actually know what's happening to your character so I love Val 3 I love playing her so the idea that she could stick around a bit longer and hopefully try to defeat Thanos was obviously very exciting to me what was it like the first day back on set I mean it was incredible when you're shooting in Scotland so in the most beautiful terrain and just to get back together with people that I'd worked with before I mean I don't give too many spoilers that you know who my scenes are with but some familiar faces and then some unfamiliar faces getting to know it's just an extraordinary group of people and making these films you know there's upwards of 70 of us so there's some days where we're shooting on all these different stages and you get to walk around and just hang out and meet people and get to know people and see your old friends so it really feels like superhero summer camp and now I'm much better with a cape than I was the first time around so I want to go to super inning I want to go to superhero summer camp it sounds so fun it's pretty great yeah all right well I'm gonna go see if I can sign up thank you so much enjoy the night congratulation thanks for having me thanks fans I cannot wait thank you so much I want to see Valkyrie kick fan asses but so much it's what I want Angelique tomorrow I hear there's something going on down there what's happening oh you know two little white wolf Winter Soldier bastards dan yes hello so welcome we were the three of us were just talking about the massive size and scope of this purple carpet how does it feel to be here at an event this size it's so big and huge I mean I kept like my neck is already hurting because I'm just turning left and right you know like that's the man right there the only one that's responsible for everything Kevin Feige so it's it's been pretty eventful I don't know I don't know what to expect from from tonight's film so I'm just excited to be here and just see what happens well the last movie had a very emotional ending for a lot of us particularly for Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier run if you could give any advice tonight to Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes could talk to Steve Steve Rogers well what would you say well you know Steve Rogers is always gonna be Steve Rogers he's gonna do no matter what anybody tells him even when he was a kid you know he used to just not listen and go and defend himself in the world he's got a big heart so I'll probably just say follow your heart buddy you're gonna be all right good advice you know another thing I'm curious about so you've seen Steve be a friend to Bucky till the very end very loyal there's been some strife between Tony and Steve like are you hoping to see that mended I am hoping to see that mended between the two of them and I'm sure they'll figure it out though yeah there's a lot of hot water there so I don't know well we will all see tonight we rode from here tonight is the night for the truth absolutely but we cannot wait to see it we're gonna send you on your way so you can get into that theater and see what happens Marvel fans are the best of fans forever absolutely all right thank you guys thank you you heard it right there Marvel fans are the best fans absolutely all right let's take a look and see what's going on down with Lorraine and LZ and elsewhere on our carpet well we're here with someone who always hits the mark mr. jeremy renner hello sir I'm wonderful if you've been kicking some butts it looks like in these trailers we don't know a ton about the end game but how was it for you physically working on this film like all the movies it requires wires a lot and even more it's just like 21 films built to this 20 second film so there's a lot of companionship and there's love and loss there's a lot whole lot of things that are also challenging outside the physical is good I can't wait to see the film I know nothing about it so I can't tell you anything about it since I have a bow and arrow it's been in a number of the films do you guys the original Avengers have your own language at this point were you a 6-man the original six got tattoos together by the artist the tattoo artist who designed it and then we tattooed him you tattooed the tattoo artist which is like you know maybe my daughter did it you know I'm not sure we did such a good job on him but it was a symbolism of our friendships and the love we have for each other and it's the best takeaway of the last decade of our lives is the friendship that I have with the Chris is a scar and anybody ended down in everybody so it's that that's the greatest takeaway no well thank you so much for talking with us enjoy your night enjoy the party everybody wants to talk to you otherwise we keep you all night there he goes he goes he's jumped off the stage at Slovak movie obviously I know we're getting our action right here on the carpet all by ourselves you know that's the thing that I love about being on the red carpet it's live anything can happen and it looks like Oh captain my captain brie Larson hello it's so lovely to see you again I know they're bringing down a woman oh thank you thank you did you know a fan broke a Guinness World Record on your film and what is this leg I did hear that I'm honored I'm honored I've never watched anything that I'm in that much before so I'm completely amazed that anyone would want to look at my face for that long I also read that he has a record for drinking the most for drinking a gallon of gravy so I think this guy is very cool he's committed committed that's for sure you filmed endgame before Marvel Studios Captain Marvel correct what was it like walking into the Avengers on the first day here's Maggie hi I mean totally surreal I'm really excited to talk about it more once the film's out and I can sort of explain what my first day was like the first things that we shot what I was thrown into because it's completely surreal and I've spoken to no one about it I haven't even told my family about what I did I've been afraid to write about it in my journal so I'm excited for this to come out there are so many great references to the 90s and 80s and Captain Marvel had you been any Blockbuster video store beats free before that moment yes it's like my earliest memories are blockbuster videos it's like the first time I understood what indecision and anxiety felt like for a blockbuster I have to say something that I really love is we only get a little taste of Captain Marvel but we get to see this moment with Thor where they lock eyes what was it like on set because perhaps where seems to be a little bit of trouble and a little bit of fun yes seize all of those things well I'm also walking into a very tight-knit family and so I felt really grateful that they were so welcoming right away so I felt really comfortable and we just had fun and it was a great way for me to learn and get the ropes for all of this before I went off on my own we're very excited to see it tonight thank you and congratulations good to see you have a good night I mean come on Cass honor fight is she not she is indeed and there's so much happening on the carpet I'm sure you can hear it aren't you late tomorrow how's it going down there hi we are actually here on the carpet right now with a very very very special guest we have Neil Kirby the son of Jack Kirby for those who are huge comic book fans for those who are huge fans of The Avengers obviously tonight is such a legacy celebrating your father's work how does it feel to see that legacy all around you right now it's just incredible it really is I know my father would just be I couldn't even describe how he would feel just seeing all his characters on the screen the way it is right now and all their once especially with the Avengers just you know absolutely amazing he saw every one of his comic books has a basically as a storyboard for a movie and he knew what happened Sunday and there it is and what she was here to see it but well you just actually gave me the perfect lead off to something Angelique and I were talking about a few minutes ago which is this idea that movie technology has now gotten to the point where they're able to bring what the original come up with writers and artists put down on the page to life on screen so how does it feel to see that technology in action and see this grand storytelling well it's amazing obviously what they do at the CGI and basically how it translates from the comic book to the screen I remember was interesting an earlier interview that Kevin Feige did when he was describing when this whole marvel universe first started with the movies he said he had all his writers and everybody just spread comic books on the floor and start from there so I think that's very telling right there I don't one of the really cool things is that you are actually a fan as well right and you know as a fan what are you most looking forward to this evening well of course I spell we've always been very big Captain America fans right but of course all his characters were big fans and I have to admit the thing I'm really looking forward to is the Eternals movie so that's always been my personal favorite about Marvel creations well one of the things we would love to have you do is say hello to the Russo brothers oh absolutely yeah – they had it up sure hello gentlemen nice to meet you hope to meet you in person excellent well thank you so much for taking the time to talk to the fans really appreciate it if I could just say one thing for all you fans wouldn't be in the theater tonight and those watching on who are going to seat the Avengers movie at a later date just at some point during the movie just say thank you Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and I'm sure they'll hear hear so that would be great that is such a beautiful I'm gonna do that tonight thank you for planning that idea thank you have a wonderful time and congrats thank you very much I love that my heart my heart you know what I hear there's something going on over on stage one if you talk back over let's take a look we have a whole brood of Rousseau's we have all the Russos in the building potentially there's like 20 more somewhere not even all of our females alright okay it's a lot of Rousseau's congratulations on the film I need to know though we could finally talk about infinity war now so now I can finally finally tell us you hurt my feelings I was very sad but what what made you guys say we're gonna let our heroes lose in this big way well I mean we just tried to tell the best stories and stories that interest us and that are compelling to us and you know sometimes heroes lose and I think you know this is a the interesting thing about serialized storytelling is is that you know there's always a next chapter to the story so now we're gonna see what happens in Avengers endgame no you made me cry the last film so I'm bringing tissue this time I'll be prepared bring a few all right I just need to know before you guys go cuz everybody wants to talk to you right now what is the one thing that you want people to feel walking into the theater on opening night well look you know we've all we've all been able to enjoy our favorite stories throughout our lives and we we think of this movie as the ending of the story that's been told for the past ten years over these past 22 movies now and you know this is the ending and like like all of our hopes you know you always hope that the ending is the best part of the story and so I hope people are coming into the movie with those kinds of hopes and expectations and I hope that we can deliver on that I cannot wait to see it tonight thank you congratulations joy find all the other Rousseau's thank you enjoy your night good night good night ciao oh my gosh so many Rousso who knew who they could have a whole film company you know what they could be their own group of Avengers but just all the kids I know they have generation upon generation of Avenger you know I'm looking at these two men and they're so chilled and so calm while I don't know being the architects of argue the biggest movie maybe in cinematic history I know and I mean just to think oh my god fabric of architects fellow I know the the man who kind of started this whole darned thing this is your fault huh this is your fault I'm like a grandpa grandpa with all its grandchildren here no I'm happy to be here it's I've never this is very surreal for me because it wasn't like this in the beginning and now it's turned into something so much more and so many people have contributed to building a sense of this thing that you see and it's great to be with the people that I started with here today too and to have been able to stay a part of it over the decade as an actor and as somebody who kind of helps out but is also the audience member that gets to be at every premiere and watch how it's developed and changed over time I think a lot of fans know you obviously as happy but you really I mean you've consulted on do you know how many are every film everybody like the Iron Man movies so three of those and four Avengers movies and I've been in meant to be together fresh line may be the end of us it's fun grabbing a ball you came here he throws a boat show I know I was in this world the new Chris Craft is being debuted and this is exactly who I should be up here with the man who literally started all who had the faith in me and this connection we had and and now at this point he's the one moderating the press conferences because he's moved on he's moved on even more gigantic stuff I don't even know what to say about this did he have to convince you to play Ironman quite the reverse we had to convince me we knew we have to give miss everybody else everybody else but by the way that's you know it's all ya history is interesting like we could rewrite it and success but the truth be told is we were hungry we had a good feeling and so seeing something like this tonight you realize you're just part of something and yet you kind of get to pretend you're at the beginning of it but tonight really feels like I don't know it's special it does and it feels that it feels all I feels really it does feel momentous and I think something that's so beautiful in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that there's a great sense of mentorship and I also hear that you guys both provide that quite a bit backstage they a lot of the other actors have said that you've supported them what was fun working with Tom Holland for sure somebody both done a fair amount yeah we did that I've been and I just got back from filming that one and the and that we were in a homecoming together so that was really fun that was that really felt like a reunion here's the crazy part I'm older than John by more than a year or two but he's essentially my big brother and he has been that and will remain that until he starts looking younger than me revert back to the way things really are it's nice to see you by the way it's great to see you as well do you have more to say you promote [Laughter] there have been so many incredible scenes but is there one in particular where you felt like you were shooting and you were like wow this this is the thing this is gonna be a big thing I don't know it would always felt like is this gonna be a movie in the beginning because we were kind of dancing as fast could not be more meant to be just happened holy smokes the gang is all here together welcome no you guys you and we have a bunch of survivors here you've all survived the snap and a self even to remember it all I'm just curious what was it like the moment that you found out that some people were going away from you and some of them right in front of your face oh no because of this guy holy tonight is chaos just understand that it's quite all right I enjoyed chaos no so how is it I mean what happens at the end I mean just tell us about it oh my god you're not gonna believe it Gwyneth is actually in charge of explaining of course she is oh boy oh my gosh okay your guide we've got two roses all right here we got on two ribbons I'm gonna have to say thing thank you so much enjoy your night hello hi your cap what do you think about Captain America Chris Evans needs to know I don't which theory of the Super Soldier Serum Xena how's this question for you what was it day the final moment in which he rapped and you knew the endgame was indeed the endgame Wow very carefully well difficult to answer this question you know an indelible moment from filming I don't know if it was the actual last day but we were all together and shooting at this beautiful on this beautiful lake in Atlanta and it was amazing to be with everybody the cast's of multiple movies all at the same time can I say that oh [Laughter] no it's been just an amazing experience to be a part of for all these 10 plus years and it's very nostalgic and emotional and it's wonderful to be here we're so excited we're so excited as well our flu thank you so much for talking with us thank you know we want to talk to you all night but everybody also wants to talk to you too he'll just hijack every interview have on it he's playing the waiting game right now oh thank you poor poor Chris Evans what a gentleman a true Captain America just trying to let everybody get a chance to speak but poor Chris didn't get a chance it's quite all right I think he's satisfied with that no I mean it really is such a party here on the carpet everybody's catching up they're getting into trouble and that's the joy it's a party is a family Union I mean there were real tender exchanges between cast members who hadn't seen each other for a while but have been on a loving your journey together absolutely all right tomorrow Ashley how's it going down there I don't know not as good as it's going down there for you with pepper pods happy Hogan my god you had literally half half of the Marvel Universe right there on the stage with you and you can see the chemistry right away between Robert Downey jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow that's why I made sense right away you felt the two connecting and you can feel realize why we as fans still connected to them as a couple no Cobie Smulders sorry no I challenge all the time because you know what we both auditioned for lost a spoiler alert she got it and so this is not the first time JJ Abrams also did that to chose her over me it's fine well I choose you right now why I ought to say because my husband is such a fan we were watching you guys in the corn you're doing such a splendid job and I'm sure you guys are running on fumes but people are watching and we were so enjoying it in the car so thank you hospital beyond feelings there's so much energy in here if there's a vibe yeah feel that – I'm feeling absolutely now does your husband because I know Tara it's like a huge he's amazing yeah just hit me home please information well well I mean he reads the scripts cuz we're married I mean that's allowed right my husband didn't read anything that I should know no I mean it's there it's in my office I mean he's allowed to do what he does at this time is what he does with his time so I so I think that's okay but so he gets to read the scripts and yeah you know he gets to come and visit and stuff and and see the stats and is a part of it cuz we're married that's what happened you're a good wife thank you I just didn't tell him anything and I just held it over him like a power play that's a good wife I totally could I could I I know I'm really regretting some choices my life yes we got to talk about the snap the snapping is soon how did you find out about the snap name the snapping I like that um they called me and they said come back and snap with Sam Jackson and I said yes so you knew right up front yeah I mean I did the tag but it but I think we I came in a weird time where they had just finished shooting I think almost everything and then they were just tying up some loose ends and they wanted a Captain Marvel teased from the last one so yeah I just you know they call and I go which is worked out great for me that's what I do with my balls cause – yes yes thank you so much enjoy the night oh my gosh what a delight and reap had her husband on many times on Marvel live during our sort of San Diego comic-con New York comic-con and always oh my gosh Chris right now I have to say you made me sad an infinity war you hurt my feelings because you couldn't hold it together why you'd be bad well I think star-lord has you know his super power is that he's part human and he's you know got real emotions and I understand that people are sayin they're bad I am too as a but also as a fan I'm kind of happy because you know if it weren't for star-lord you wouldn't even get in game you know I'm saying like you would have a movie that was finished in 45 minutes silver alive welcome we're just live streaming to the Marvel fans right now as we speak oh my gosh hello everyone how's it going I'm it's I'm excited I'm nervous I'm a little scared scared how do you see anything just because in any given moment thank you so much Chris what I'm trying to say is that at any given moment I feel like I'm about to let some secret just fly out of my mouth and I just want the movie to come out said I have to I don't have to hold anything in anymore yes I can't do it and you must be exhausted you've been around the world and back I well I did go to London for a couple of days and it was really really let's quick roll one trip and the fans were like so excited and so so it was crazy over there and now we're back here and yeah how about you I'm you know you must have been traveling a little bit with this film I mean maybe not as much as the last infinity war tell us about it like what's it like just now what do you do to sort of when you get to a place you need to sort of take a load off what do you do to kind of revive your spirit when you get there you go to the gym right away or what well I'm so glad you asked thank you so much scarlet this press tour has been actually not exhausting for me because I haven't had to do any of it given the circumstances of Infinite must be great for you it was great I sigh I did follow all of your insta Live stories from Shanghai and yeah I wasn't there Brazil Mexico City Ukraine didn't go to any of those places you know I'm just naming places but I was golfing and and fishing the whole time which is great that sounds very relaxing and really productive yeah who are you I cannot let you leave the stage without talking about this fantastic gorgeous piece of jewelry pretty green ring what my friend Sonia biology and me that my boyfriend actually had this made for me because he's quote Kevin Feige the most geeky romantic for ever but yeah that's my Genesis right well we're gonna hope that's not a spoiler but it would be kind of cool if it were I we'll keep our fingers crossed but we're gonna just wait and see what happens in the movie thank you so much and thank you ever want to host for Marvel just come on over [Laughter] oh my gosh imagine being on set with those two I know I can't imagine it at all it sounds like it must just be a ball but you know there are a lot of fans here still and I'm sure they're very excited to see all of this star power here on the carpet let's go check in with them the premiere we are with the greatest fans in the world you can hear them they're so excited look at this nebula how you doing how you feeling how long you been waiting I feeling good and the way this is Thursday what is your name Terran how old are you twelve twelve oh my gosh you are incredible thank you for being here we have another fan right here what's your name media where did you come from I'm from Tijuana Mexico how excited for you for this film super excited I'm like waiting with these for years and it was all right from California to Mexico where are you guys from Argentina how long you been waiting since Thursday Thursday that's days and days you guys are incredible team down he's got some dedication give it up for all amazing fans and we're gonna go back to you at the carpet we've heard it time and time again Marvel fans are the greatest fans in the world and what better to show how great they are then that incredible cosplay is 12 years old yeah so Wow it's Benedict Cumberbatch it is yeah yeah otherwise just run that way that was great crushing someone else's interview oh this is your interview now because now could we not talk to dr. Stephen strange I well you you that that's a rhetorical question so I'm not gonna want some yeah there's nothing much to dr. Stephen strange or Benedict Cumberbatch for that matter can't tell you at this point in time and that's really hard that is one reason not to talk to dr. Stephen Street you are a big fan I'm a big fan yeah and I like to kind of maintain that anticipation as a fan I you know I I got pitched the film after going go on go on come on come on tell me but you know they change things anyway so I'm sure even if I could remember all of it they'll be surprises but I the moment after it hit me I was like a guy I want to forget everything I've just been told in a good way because I just want to sit there and receive it for the first time like like we all should you know well maybe you could use the time stone to go back in time to a time when you don't know anything about what's gonna happen I mean but before time I was even Doctor Strange just forget about everything I don't want to do that I don't agree that no that's too far well I think that actually brings up a really great thing and I know me and tomorrow talked about this a lot is yeah what has been your favorite Marvel movie moment oh I'm not good on favorites I really don't do favors I think what this amp and to enterprise a blase Empire but this franchise does sort of just without a floor every time is every moment they Trump themselves terrible word to use they better themselves that word needs to be hijacked back into the English language for its proper use it's it's brilliant what they do it's brilliant what they do they manage to outplay themselves you know and that just happened with Captain Marvel and all have again with this film and it goes on it goes on black panther before that you know it's it's it's great it's just a great cultural thing to watch these films are out and have a important social impact as well as be the incredible kind of tempo entertainment that they are you know it's they they've cornered the market in that they really do the best well and one of the things that's so amazing is it's an incredible team both in front of and behind the camera you know I'm curious for you what's it like give us a little bit of behind the scenes of what it's like being on set with the Russo brothers we know you can give her any secret it's like well it's like you're in the biggest play pan invented for this medium and you go there with all the work done interview bomb that's our future president ladies and gentlemen Mike or Tallulah so yeah basically yeah sorry that really threw back stay on it's it's like being given every key to every Kingdom to make a film like this and and you have these incredible ideas and scripts and characters and that's like let's just throw it all away in play so you're given all this responsibility and then it's about in the moment constantly keeping it fresh and innovative are different and you know one upping it and passing it as you guys say and that's fun it's always alive and with someone like Robert on set who is the ultimate leading man you you you have a good time the crew have a shorter day you're working faster and harder and it's fun and it's cool as well which is in big cloak and a costume I appreciate the temperature on a Robert Downey jr. stage it's a it's a good thing well we're really excited that you took a moment to talk to us during this momentous night okay thank you so much I keep having me and all the AUSA's I just mentioned we will have you us is anytime and have a great time tonight thanks guys thank you all right what is happening over at the other side of the carpet I'm so curious oh my goodness well we have Mr John cheetah with us hello sir how are you very well especially cuz we're getting to talk to you now how is war machine is he getting up on his feet yeah war machine continues to win the day he's gonna be back we're not worried about him he's good and he's going to be a fully contributing partner in this phone that's about all I know I think I'm in it I think I'm in it we don't know if we always have to show up and see what happens there okay maybe a minute there's a definitely a minute yeah is this the first project you've been involved with in which you had to be so secretive to basically every single person in your life except for every other Marvel movie everything you know don't talk the red dot show up and you just know to be quiet I'm curious you get to be in sort of the super suit but do you have any superhero advice like what makes a good superhero in your mind Wow I think you know teamwork I think you know sacrifice putting others for yourself all those things that we were told to do and that our parents tell us to do when we're young you know I ignored that stuff yeah some point your parents aren't saying you just go for yourself no no no my parents are not in the mood no you guys have been all over the dang place you've been on every TV show did you steal a woman's toaster from The Colbert show what what is this story that's being spun around that's a that's not true sold a toaster what I read it on Wikipedia I thought it was true oh well if it's in Wikipedia was absolutely yes I stole a woman's toaster no but you do get to go on these huge huge press tours what has been the highlight of this press tour I think it's here we're here now the culmination of it and about to see you know what all this hard work and all these many many years of they've added up to like just all over the excited high emotion were you the last day I was very emotional and then they said we have reshoots emotional again and they're like oh that was amazing and then they call you're gonna go we have some more reshoot so then the tears kind of dried I hope there's not too many tears tonight thank you so much for talking with us enjoy the film go get a good seed do that thank you appreciate it thank you oh my gosh I war machine has gone through so much Rhodey Rhodes oh my gosh him personally but then also remember he doesn't know if his best friend's alive or dead I know that's gotta be a bad day for old rody but we're gonna find out how how it went but we do have some cool cosplayers out on the carpet and I really want to give a moment to our fans to you guys and to the fans that have been here all night long enjoying the night all right we are back outside with some of our amazing cosplayers now I saw you in the crowd and I've seen you at so many of our premieres how many have you guys been to we've been to so many we've been to ant-man and so many we've been going to these Sean I don't know the number but I'm just gonna give this number to you when Iron Man came out he was too and he's going to be 13 next week oh my goodness that's amazing that is awesome now your cosplay is amazing by the way how long did it take to make well I didn't make this this is authentic from Europe they I just ordered it and had it tailored so took a while to find it though sometimes piecing them together is even more fun yeah absolutely yeah did you yeah what about this this was actually from an army surplus store no I don't know who was in the army that this would have fit but we got this jacket from the army surplus store so yeah amazing it's so good to see you guys yet one last thing you wanted to say thing okay you don't you did have the mic for me okay so Gavin you're gonna be right over here so Lisa I brought a thing with me Lisa flew all the way down from Portland to be here tonight this is her first premiere we've been together a year and a half I went to Nevada leer am I saying that right I always mispronounce it and I had this giant dwarf make something for me it's a little bit smaller than an Infinity Gauntlet but I think you're gonna like it Lisa will you marry me well oh my gosh I think she said yeah a wonderful moment only here Marvel Cinematic Universe back to the carpet [Applause] oh that is too sweet yes I love the Captain America and Peggy Carter even if they're cosplayers got their moment they finally got love Lorraine I'm already engaged al zein you're no good oh my gosh we've got we've got a Vin Diesel here well we'll be your fans or at least we're fans of you hello Vin Diesel yeah crushing the pun all right we got to talk about this jacket you always bring it you always Ruby's premiere you were branches before are you full-on bark you know what this is the way I see it as a lover of comic-con I know how these cosplayers really engage and how they really commit and for something like group I always like to participate so at the first guardians of the galaxy primary you remember in London I wore the stilts seven feet all right and I was feeling my group then and so I wanted to think what is a cool jacket that kind of speaks to the Groot s qualities of all of us and that's what this is I just want to be clear no trees were harmed in the making [Laughter] during the making of this jacket and it is Earth Day so I feel like you angel your honey was alright it's Earth Day guys it's Earth Day and and that's even more reason why we all have to celebrate our earth don't you agree because there's one constant in all of us no matter how divided we are we all love this planet we sure love Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the world this is live ok I'm sweating in the jacket as you can tell I'm gonna have to but be warned you will go cool down get a great seat and joy oh my gosh we are Groot yes we are all groups we are all Groot in our hearts I mean I hope justice for Groot you know justice for justice for Groot there have been so many amazing people here tonight I can't even believe what a crazy night it's been it's been so fun what was your favorite part Elzy oh well I was going to say you know when we had Robert Downey jr. and John Favreau together but then groups showed up for Groot so how can I pick and choose grey no I mean getting to see the original Iron Man group that that's everything right there our cornerstone of the MCU now I'm wondering tomorrow Angelique I know you're over there and you've been having a wild night also I'm curious what was your lady's favorite part tonight we there was amazing you know and I think Vin Diesel really just gave a very wise piece of advice of cosplayers yes cosplay it's great but it is a little hot and some of those costumes yeah and I gotta say it's saying that my favorite part tonight somebody got engaged in cosplay and yes Peggy Carter and Captain America got their love story and I am a happy happy person I think for me just seeing so many faces from the entire history of the MC you all coming here together tonight I mean of course like that moment with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey jr. together who started it all just made my heart saying how about you guys oh I mean I I feel like there's only one thing left that we could really do that would be worthy of this night break own song no watch Marvel Studios avengers endgame of course it's going to be in theaters for the world on April 26 and uh for many people here tonight it'll be the first time they get to see it yes including us I have tissue ready because infinity war caught me off guard no not this time I'm gonna be prepared for every emotion possible for this movie there you go you guys be sure to check out at marvel at Avengers and Marvel calm but slash endgame premiere for everything tonight and go see Marvel Studios Avengers and game in theaters on April 26th that's it for us tonight I'm so excited thank you so much for carrying me this entire time Elzy thank you for hanging out with me we're just gonna have a big love fest here but I think the fans at home deserve something very special take one last look at Marvel Studios avengers endgame I finally know what I have to do I know in my heart that it's right don't put your seatbelt on we're always picking up after you boys okay notice you've copied my beard some people bananas this is the fight of our lives part of the journey is the end


  1. The ending suck black widow iron man captain America ending suck iron man black widow shouldn't die nor captain America should go out being old while his best friend buckie stay young you people are backwards : no more movie avengers : I 'll stay with the cartoon avengers the animated avengers it better then the movie I don't have to worried about Tony Stark or black widow dieing or captain America getting old good bye to the movies Hello to the animation Avengers good bye to the movies that won't watch if Tony Stark or black widow captain America not in them anymore no more wasting my money Good bye Movie avengers hello animation : Shalom 💕

  2. Gamora volvió del pasado con Thanos y StartLord la ve y queda atónito y ella no sabe nada de él y se va, recuerden porque hay posibilidad de volver a ver a Iron Man y la Viuda Negra, si se traen del pasado

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