Matilda -Behind the scene ( The actors speak)

Matilda -Behind the scene ( The actors speak)

Behind the scene from the movie Matilda 1996

movies are illusion it's all magic it's like like a magician you don't want to know how the magic magician does the trick while you're watching it it's okay now to know because it's already you've seen it maybe have you seen the movie well if you haven't seen the movie you better stop this and go see the movie and then come on back to the this stuff and then we'll tell you all about how it's done we get to the restaurant and my wife Rhea Perlman my real wife plays mrs. wormwood is telling me take your hat off Harry Harry take it away can't this is a nice point you can't wear a hat inside does that one come up and what's the matter with your hat and so like ice try to pull the hot off of his head we did was we had this harness on me and I had these two wires going up into the Hat so they were like I was holding it down with my body andrea was pulling trying to get it off my head until finally it's time to rip the rim off which is already ready to be ripped off because that's how you do it and then you go that's when the stunt people take over because I can't really do backflips on tables and I fall into the desert train the deserts go flying through the air the flying food was the most fun to do I think because we literally got to put food on these little catapults you know you know we put a fulcrum down here and you put like you know a teeter totter and we put a cream tart on there and just go blah sometimes we'd whack against the ceiling we had to do it again you know sometimes we hit the cameraman you know he's just like trying it hit and miss and of course Mathilda's lands right in front of her with a fork in it she got to eat a lot of that cream pie yeah I could go for some pie myself right now kids are always very excited to see TVs blow up or anything blow up I mean don't you like to watch things blow up that's really fun we had the camera there we had a big plexiglass shield so that we shot through the plexiglass so that we could protect the camera operator and then we had the isolated television and the special effects guys who know what they're doing they had their wires running off you know and the cameras moving in on it zooming in on it closer and closer and closer and it got to a certain point and I was watching the monitor and I give a signal and was so great I was screaming my head off right I was screaming my head off in that scene because I mean it was really crazy I kept asking if we could blow up another one and Mara she wanted to blow up like a million of she just wanted to blow up TVs every day after that hey you know you kids we blew up this television because it was very safe the way we did it and you would not want to blow up your TV or even try to blow up your TV because anyways if you did that you wouldn't have a TV to watch and then what would you do you couldn't even watch this DVD not a crane a very big crane that went up and and came down and we put her in a harness Jacqueline loved being in the harness she was like but the thing about Jacqueline that I remember really well is that she read constantly she read as much as Matilda she read a lot of books are you gonna shut that down that's what she wants us to stop action we had special braids made right so that we could swing her around in a wide shot like popped out we'd had to glue them back on but everybody's horrified I think my biggest challenge on Matilda was making Pamela Ferris who is a lovely woman look like the meme trench bull we took a face cast of her and made some pieces for her out of gelatin we made her a nose tip and we also made her eye bags so it made her look a little older and more tired give a real cruel I can't scratch my eyes our cousin is still wet at the moment I have to stake him but once they're dry and in place they're just like skin but I'm not aware of this at all this is amazing use the rod beat the child that's my motto the next step we did to Pam was I started coloring in all of her like little imperfections on her face like freckles I put a lot of broken blood vessels like you sometimes you'll see somebody has like a little vein on her face well I drew in hundreds of those and then I took kind of a coloring wand like a mascara wand and I colored in all the peach fuzz on her face which gave her a little bit of a mustache and a little bit of a beard and I darkened her eyebrows we painted the teeth was kind of like a tobacco stain kind of a color that just kind of gave him a little bit of a yellowy edge to him Pamela was really great about us letting us do whatever we wanted to do to her to really get her into that trench bull character look it's well you see the end result it's so detailed and believable that I even look in I believe it yes when Pam came into the trailer in the morning she was just Pam Ferris and when she left she was a trench Bowl and I help her achieve that it was really really a fun scene to do he ate a lot of cake we made big huge wonderful cakes they must have filmed that for two weeks I remember Oh whenever when the rest of us would go home the children in the classroom stuff we'd go home Pam and Bruce would come back and they would film that cake scene I saw that little boy passed me sometimes looking terribly green about the gills and I thought what's wrong with him and I didn't realize he'd been out there eating piece after piece of cake this is really gross okay I want to tell you anyway well we use what we did with Bruce Bob trotters we made him stuff his face but then I would cut the camera okay cut let him spit don't wipe his mouth though he would spit it out because if he would have eaten all that cake he would he really exploded I'm telling you it was so big it was so much cake and the cake was good too I had a lot of it it was really really a fun scene to to if you have something that is bothering you about your you're shy about something sometimes it's best to go right after that thing you know just go look it straight in the face and say I'm embarrassed to do this so you know and Mara did she came up to me and said you know I really embarrassed about dancing in front of all these people and I said well you know why that's because they're not dancing you're the only one dancing she said yeah so I said okay here we go and I put the music on and we all danced everybody danced the craft service people the boom guy the special effects man the cinematographer the only person who couldn't dance was the guy with holding the camera because he would have we would have had this so he just moved his feet like that most of those things with the cards flying out and dancing around we did with in the computer computer-generated image which is called CGI everybody dance that's a really good way to get over things with you and your friends if there's something that's bothering you see if you can get everybody to do it you know no you can't wait around for the wind to blow you'd making movies making movies it can't wait around you gotta hurry up everybody wants to movie yesterday the scene when when Matilda goes to the house at night and cost us all the crazy things to happen that frightened the Trunchbull that was actually filmed on a soundstage at Sony and a perfect replica of the house that was built inside I had massive wind machines big fun machines that they used on you know big movies on pirate movies and a perfect storm where there's big wind outside and I put these things on and had the actors walk through them there's always a trick there's always some kind of like when Matilda makes the the the Miss honey the first time she shows Miss Honey her powers she's able to make that pitcher rise there was a pitcher this great silver pitcher but it had a pole attached to the bottom and the pole went through a hole in the disk so here's the pitcher and there's some chap sitting under there and we they'd sort of go okay well then the pitcher goes up and someone's sending a signal to someone across the room and in the pitcher the guy raises it up on the thing and then I push it down whoa like this but then later on in post-production we erased the pole well you know what was really fun to do was the chalk oh my this was so much fun the method that really worked the best inside this piece of chalk was a magnet a really strong magnet and on the other side of the blackboard was a guy who was writing backwards so you could move the magnet on the back of the chalkboard and it would make the chalk move around on the front somebody had to be behind the blackboard writing backwards but we made it easier because we wrote all the letters on the back of the blackboard backwards so he could see what he had to do so when the erasers are hitting the trench ball they're actually on sticks and there were a couple guys off stage beating her with these erasers on sticks and all the kids were going crazy there was chalk dust flying everywhere everybody was screaming and even though it looked like the trench boat was getting hurt in fact it was all everybody was just really laughing because she was having a great time and the erasers were soft it all ended well no trench bows were hurt in the making of the movie mara and I sitting up for jamas in our perfect life and she uses her magic to pull a book off the bookshelf how we did that was I had a guy on a skateboard laying on his back there was somebody lying with sort of a fishing pole or something and on the pole was the book and he laid on his back and somebody dragged him with a rope right across the room and she grabbed the book and when she grabbed the book it came off of a pole you're the actor so we have to look at the book and we have to look at each other and pretend you not seeing a six-foot Ford chap lie on the floor mara was so good at never getting phased really by all the pandemonium going around she would look at the book and would be about the book as if the book just flew into our hand miraculously and there were no special effects did it you


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