MBMBaM: John Patrick Shanley Brings the Twitter Heat (from Episode 468)

MBMBaM: John Patrick Shanley Brings the Twitter Heat (from Episode 468)

justin checks out the always-fire twitter of john patrick shanley, renowned playwright and director of joe vs. the volcano.

all credit to the boys and j.p. you can follow shanley here:

dang guys can we back up for a second do you need a volcano more is there more yeah just for a second can we just talk about John Patrick Shanley's Twitter account because it's so fresh this guy is bringing it every single day and I don't want to make mention of him and not recognize the fact that he's bringing the heat every single tweet bringing the heat with every tweet John Patrick Shanley director Joe versus the volcano you ready for this sure every one of us is a hideout for so many strange characters some never speak some appear once a sudden flash in the eye and withdraw again like a sea monster returning to the depths the face we show to the world is often merely a convenient pose hiding a multitude meanwhile Justin McElroy is like near Mario looks good nothing John Patrick Shanley bringing it have you ever been blamed for the rain you have my friend sooner or later each of us is blamed for something beyond our control but remember this it's a beautiful thing to be blamed for the rain and who knows maybe somehow it's true hey John it's wicked not though bringing the heat make sure the heat is hot John but I'm not gonna let you just sort of barf out some some pseudoscience garbage I did not make it rain the only time I make it rain is why I do it funny with a bunch of money that is for tang John's tweeting out a bunch of great pictures all the time he's got some fresh shirts yes gif get on to this Twitter account demons I'm reading this sight unseen because I just know it's gonna be fresh ready demons they tell you things and suggest that you keep them secret never do a secret kept of a demon is a dark marriage and will end badly if a demon asks for your discretion break faith as quickly as you can to trust a demon is to distrust humanity thank you SJP as being literal are you still like really really into this guidance of my bud this is so France a secret kept with the demon as a marriage-based some of Joe versus the volcano yes okay okay okay but I think of radio it finds music in the apparently empty air some people are like that to picking up what is invisible do you listen for what is not quite said or do you pretend that the surface of life is its substance speak to me of what you were discern super loud song noise it says here huge bong area okay in in in all caps okay I want to stop but lie thank you John get on to this account so get a follow going real yeah if you had a kangaroo pouch what would you mainly put in it Justin Travis told a joke can you believe it on stand on standing day okay


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