Micro Class: Success: 3 = 75%

Micro Class: Success: 3 = 75%

Michelle Gielan and Shawn Achor have worked with 1/3 of the Fortune 100 companies. They have discovered 3 core attributes that lead to 75% of success. Here they are.

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  1. Good things come in 3's ..Even what it takes to be successful, 75% no doubt.

    Optimism – my future will be Better because my Behavior will be better so it's only natural that I would be optimistic.

    Engagement – tell yourself a better story about the stressful things that are happening to you since you are the one telling the story after all. Dr. Wayne Dyer once said that if you're going to tell yourself a story why not tell yourself a story that would support the outcome you desire.

    Social Support – find someone who's suffering/struggling and help convince them that they are not or to see it another way. What you give away you anchor it in yourself plus you also so get to keep it.

    Love the idea of being a work altruist. Give if you want to get.

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