Micro Class: Tents + Towers

Micro Class: Tents + Towers

Tom Morris tells us we can either make our life a tent or a tower. If we’re going the tower route, we want to pay attention to the foundation.

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hi this is Brian welcome back to another micro class this one's on tents in towers it's inspired by an interview I did with Tom Morris in relationship to his books but I will put a links to below Tom Morris wrote a book called true success he also wrote philosophy for dummies he's a dual PhD from Yale in religious studies and philosophy taught at Notre Dame for decades extraordinary human being we were chatting about a lot of things and the importance of fundamentals fundamentals are essential for success doing the little things as well as we can the ancient philosophers talked about it Aristotle told us that excellence or r8a is not an act but it's a habit we are what we repeatedly do right so we need to do the will things well consistently and Tom shared this this metaphor that I just love he said what if you're putting up a tent hello little tent right you're just pitching a tent you don't need a strong foundation right but if you want to put up a tower this is your tower all right a life that you're proud of well guess what that requires a different level of fundamentals a different foundation than your little tent if all you want is a little pop tent it's not a big deal and that's fine if that's all you want you can just sweep area underneath where you gonna put the tent put in a stake put another stake boom done call it a day not a big deal but if you want to create a great life a tower that you're proud of you need to dig a really really really deep foundation you need to focus on the fundamentals which of course is the same root word right foundation fundamentals the fundamentals are the foundation to your success may not seem like it's a big deal John Wooden talked about this people laughed at some of the things that he did he taught his players how to put on their socks as we talked about in a recent micro class but those fundamentals were essential to their ultimate success so if we want to actual our potential we can't do that without a really really strong foundation period so identify what your foundation looks like what are your fundamentals you do these things on the days that you are rocking it and you're going to commit to doing them more consistently because this is what you're committed to creating and actualize in your potential and then of course we're going to focus on this one the top thing that you do that keeps you plug in that is your new or your continued non-negotiable habit temps and towers keep that in mind as you're architecting your ideal life and remember it's fine no note foundation necessary for the tent but if you want a great life that can endure a big windstorm that would knock this over then you'd be wise to focus on your fundamentals hope you enjoyed look forward to sharing more have another awesome day see ya hey guys this is Brian a lot of people don't know what I do beyond these YouTube videos I put up so I thought I'd give you a quick tour of our membership platform thousands of people have joined us already ten bucks a month get access to a ton of stuff that's in addition to what I put up on YouTube for free so the basic idea is you just watched a micro class hope you enjoyed that I share I just started doing these micro classes but I now share over 50 of these per month we've shared dozens so far and it's basically a quick class on my absolute favorite stuff across the different domains of optimal living two to three maybe five minute little micro classes on how to optimize your life in addition to that you get access to every single one of our philosophers notes we now have over 250 philosophers notes on some really really good books a lot of them in each one of them you're familiar with the p-n TV videos if you've watched many of those but we also have PDFs and mp3s of our philosophers notes so here's let's take a look at what a PDF looks like this is an example of a philosopher's note it's a six page PDF where I basically share some of my favorite thoughts riff on it talk about how other teachers say the same things and give you a nice playful kick in the butt to go out and apply the wisdom that is a philosopher's note I record that as an mp3 that you can download as well and 250 of those I produce ten of those at least per month that I share with you in addition to the micro classes and then you also get access to all of our old classes we have the five-day immersion reboot habits 101 confidence 101 getting stuff done 101 meditation 101 and then future classes including relationships 101 energy 101 purpose 101 biz 101 goals 101 etc so there you go really blessed to have some extraordinary supports and I will share with you where you go to sign up I'll put a link to this but basically cruise on over here you can sign up and this is the kind of response we've gotten so far from our members it's pretty neat I've made more positive changes in my life of my brief membership only three months so far than I did through years of counseling yes Bryan Johnson you a rock star thank you very much that's very kind of you and I'm making huge strides and optimizing my life as a result of your philosophers notes and optimal living classes I spent $19 a month on my gym membership to take care of my body a mere ten dollars a month on an optimal living membership is the biggest value invest investment I've ever made in my emotional mental and spiritual health thank you for the incredible work you're doing to inspire us be rock stars in our own lives unbelievably inspiring and humbling in 24 hours we received hundreds of extraordinary notes from members around the world so there you go that's a quick look at what we're up to ten bucks a month hope to astonish you there you go


  1. Brilliant. As always. Brain, I love the consistency, the frequency and the quality of the content. Been following you for years now. Keep up the brilliant work.
    Utterly grateful!

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