Mid Century Modern Kitchen and Bath Renovation Home Reveal | Real House of the Bay Area

Mid Century Modern Kitchen and Bath Renovation Home Reveal | Real House of the Bay Area

In this episode of HGTV’s Power Broker, Scott and Tara have wanted to buy a home together for almost a decade so they scrimped on their dream wedding and have been toughing it out in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment for eight years to save enough for a down payment. Fortunately they have Power Broker Mike Aubrey on their side! He will advise them through the daunting home buying process because not only is the price tag an issue, they have their heart set on a unique home with lots of character. Contractor, Juan Barbieri and Interior Designer, Alice T. Chan helps the couple achieve a this century modern aesthetic that blows their minds.

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Power Broker. Power Broker: Premieres Tuesday, July 23 at 9pm/8c … back in with her parents. It’s cramped quarters to say the least so they’ve called on Power.
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HGTV’s Power Broker, Mike Aubrey helps buyers score great deals, Juan Barbieri renovates them and Alice T. Chan decorates them {starts Tues, 7/23 @ 11pm}.
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