Mini Miranda Steals the Show!

Mini Miranda Steals the Show!

We perform the Miranda Sings Christmas Show in our hometown, Santa Barbara, CA. Chris, Colleen, Andrew, Stefanie, Rachel, and Trent perform a special never-before-seen flashback performance of all the Christmas bits they did as children. VLOGMAS DAY 26

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All of our videos are closed captioned. Thank you Sarah Mabe for the awesome thumbnail photo!

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so I went outside to get this guy to sleep totally rocked it but then I came back inside and clean it's like oh by the way you've got a solo and I was like wow good morning everyone today we are doing a show in my hometown the town I grew up in Santa Barbara in a theater that I used to come see magic shows in and musicals and stuff it's the Libero theatre very important to our family very like crucial to us be coming who we were and it's really cool coming in here it's lush and beautiful and like the Reds it's so rich and everything about it open it's just beautiful and then having this warm side door open and just hearing family coming through the doorway it's pretty cool you're gonna go to sleep for me nope nope I'm trying I'm trying to get you to sleep you're gonna go sleep usually when the arms out it's not a good sign for sleeping a good nap sign whenever we do a show in Santa Barbara are close to Santa Barbara we get to be with like all of our family and our friends that we went to like high school with and stuff so the show actually kind of expands the cast expands so we've got a whole bunch of people here including Jessica's sister and her girls they really wanted to come up on stage and do one of the day of oh my goodness I gotta get him to sleep before a soundcheck starts otherwise it's gonna be a problem so I went outside to get this guy to sleep totally rocked it but I came back inside and clean it's like oh by the way you've got a solo and I was like wha and then she was like yeah we're doing all the childhood performances that we did as kids because my grandma used to make all of us do a Christmas musical on her living room and so she collected all the songs from that they made a medley and I have a solo in it I were also singing Feliz Navidad I don't think any of us know all the words to that no we didn't we were not trained Stephanie wasn't it – we were not trained it always ends up I think it's you're gonna need all this how I oh yeah yeah oh yeah this was not this was like she made costumes for us they were costume changes within the show like it was intense and it was weeks it was like months yeah I remember going over to her house late nights like rehearsing drilling the songs and the bits and the hand motions and and so much so that is very easy to jump into this today and just do all the same hand motions everyone knew what they were how do you feel about this trend it's very strange doing strange yeah strange doing again Andrew yeah I'm not a performer yeah so you're feeling good about this though and Stephanie had a lot of dance training that's something you can fall back on that I guess with this I'm out getting coffee right now I really like Santa Barbara I haven't been here in a long time it's kind of weird right now because it is under voluntary evacuation because of the fires so there's not a lot of people here usually especially this time of year super busy it's like people everywhere shopping and stuff and right now it's like it's barely any cars it's weird go back to sleep go back to sleep go back to sleep I hope he goes back to sleep we are all dressed because we just finished our meet and greet and now we're getting ready for the show we're waiting for the show to start are you grabbing my camera stop grabbing a camera the kids are opening up some awesome gifts that some awesome people gave them Colleen is doing the same thing over there you can check her vlog to see what she got so some of the theaters have this time where you're not allowed on stage or in the house and I think it's a union thing or something but the Libero has that and so that's what we're doing right now we're backstage waiting to be allowed to go back onto the stage right ducking yeah yeah that's what I was thinking I'm hopefully gonna get Duncan asleep before the show starts so we'll see are you helping open gifts you're the coziest baby's birthday she just saw you well you just blew up all of them when you I'm sorry going somebody played ounces then we can later [Applause] is this the first show you've ever been in are you excited yes kind of stage fright nothing to be afraid of all these people love you they don't know a lot of them do a lot of them know you and they love you just think they wouldn't be here if they didn't want to see you you know what I mean that always makes me feel a little better careful over there I just think that everyone's a pickle everyone's a pickle it's a different method [Applause] like first couple bits went really well but look who woke up you wanna do shots me are you still sore I'm so tired Oh fully awake when the cameras here you guys don't do it he's dead like screaming and crying camera Oh that's what you've done I thought so too the audience inside the angel told marriage movie conceived a son by the power of the Holy Spirit Oh me [Applause] [Applause] Mary gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named jean-claude with the best gift of all he sent His only Son down to earth to save us all from our sin and every year we celebrate Jeanne seems to be Edward of Christmas family we the Bible [Applause] [Applause] good job Jeff out there [Applause] Jessica's lost her voice which she's very sad about she uses that voice a lot she says she does when we were ordering food just now I had to translate at all of her whispers to the waitress she orders all the food for all the kids she knows what the kids like too


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