Mohanlal The Complete Actor Reaction | Filmy React | English

Mohanlal The Complete Actor Reaction | Filmy React | English

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The great Mohanlal sir video reaction! Enjoy Mollywood!

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hi guys I'm not gay hi everyone I'm Michelle welcome to so there is a subscriber one of our subscriber that requested us to watch video from the channel the channel name is monologue walked world okay so they have uploaded a video of more Lobster the title is India's unser to the world okay so I will put into the that I will put the link into the description okay and watch over there so we have made Odeon trailer previously you can click the link above this video is going to be about India's best actor so let's see what they come up with okay right good – ow we're saying ow holy God man look at the cloud nice yeah so yeah we really knew that he's a great actor they call them mouth complete ya know there's a name there's a tech a complete actor so yes true it is true is a complete actor this dedication hello yeah obviously Casey is dedicated in dedication so no one that is super stylin yeah so I think that's it okay so this video with me purely because the Imola walk channel is one of our subscriber and we just you know giving a support so please subscribe them as well right so if you guys like this video please like please comment down below any other video reactions that you want that you guys are suggesting all right so yeah please share with your friends please subscribe and please click that belly button anything else so that being said catch you guys the next video


  1. I guess you haven't watched any of his classics….!!….You know him very little…You won't understand his capability by watching this video…You should watch his countless no. of masterpieces to know him better…!!☺☺

  2. Mohanlal sir the one and Only the biggest actor unke baare mein Jitna Bhi Kaha Jaye shabd kam hai mujhe lagta hai Bhagwan ne bahut hai Fursat Se banaya hai the legend unke baare mein Jitna Bhi Kaha Jaye Shabd kam pad Jaate Hain I loved Lalita😍😘💃💓💖💗❤💚💙💕💝💞💟

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