Mrs. P's 6th Annual Be-a-Famous Writer Contest

Mrs. P's 6th Annual Be-a-Famous Writer Contest

Calling all teachers! My 6th annual writing contest is made for the classroom. Use as a class project. Your school wins books in ever format: digital, audio and of course, real books! from our great sponsors. Real books from Buy Preferred & Powells, Audiobook license from Tales2Go, Digital Books from myOn Reader, & the story turned into a real book for your school library thanks to Polka Dots Publishing.

oh hello I'm mrs. P of mrs. P calm I'm holding my be a famous writer contest again this year more and more teachers across the country are turning my writing contest into a class project that's fun for them and their students and many of the winners really have become famous writers receiving praise and attention from their local newspapers and TV stations I think it's a wonderful way to get kids excited about writing and reading the contest is open to entries on September first you can find out more details at my free website mrs. P com and if it looks like it's right for your students I hope you soon be telling them ladies and gentlemen start your imaginations I'm so pleased to announce the sponsors of my next annual be a famous writer contest and they are by preferred my own reader tales to go poke it up publishing and last but certainly not least powell's books five very cool companies devoted to literacy you


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