MSc in Creative Writing by Online Learning at the University of Edinburgh

MSc in Creative Writing by Online Learning at the University of Edinburgh

Programme Director Dilys Rose talks about her need to write, and instilling in students an appreciation of the process of writing.

Produced by Alexandra Wingate for the University of Edinburgh.

I am delicious on the program director of the MSC included writing my online learning we offer first of all 100% online we also offer a mixture of asynchronous study and synchronous study so there are live sessions as well as in your own time sessions there's a degree of flexibility but it's not flexi learning so you are directed you are not allowed to slip off the radar I think the fact that we have these live sessions again makes a very big difference because they're fascinating it also creates a great sense of curiosity about the world and I think encountering people who have just woken up and people who are at the end of their working day in completely different time zones and completely different climates cultures isn't is an mind-opening mind-expanding experience which can only be good for writers writing can be very personal it can come from very personal places and it's important that the group of students who work on critiquing each other's material have a good level of trust and building up that sense of knowing each other and trusting each other in the virtual summer school has been I think vital I think the most important thing is the sense of having to finish something for other interested readers it's very easy when you're on your own to give up to start something or to start many stories or poems and not to take them to the the best level that can be whereas if you don't of course that's structured if you expect it to be handing in work sharing work and having your tutor or supervisor look closely at it it will encourage you to take your work seriously and many people want to do that but find it very difficult to do on their own so we're encouraging students to push themselves to push themselves to be the best writers they can be we don't promote any particular aesthetic or school right we want to find what is best for each individual student to an extent our program is a bespoke program I've been writing for a long long time and I think initially I enjoyed the sense of power the sense of control over the work these were my words I could do whatever I wanted with them I'm not sure that that's still the case I think there's a certain level which the language and the story controls me I write because I have no choice – right I don't write necessarily with gain or fame in the picture I write because I enjoy the process and if nothing else I hope that I can instill in students an appreciation of the process of writing I was to enjoy writing not only to enjoy having written

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