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the play much ado about nothing was first published in 1612 by William Shakespeare some major concepts used in this play include spying deceit line and the use of information the story begins in the Sicilian town of Messina Don Pedro a prince of Aragon has won a great military victory to celebrate he decided to take a vacation to Messina with his friends and also pay a visit to his brother Don Pedro's friends are Benedict and Claudio while his illegitimate brother is Don John since Don Pedro was royalty he and his friends were invited to stay with Leonato Leonato was the powerful governor of Messina Don Pedro's friends are interesting Benedict is a happy and talkative guy while Claudio was a hopeless romantic comically Claudio falls in love with hero the instant he sees her unfortunately she is the daughter of Leonato and is out of his league barrace oh who is one of don john servants is making perfume at Leonardo's house one day there he overhears Claudio and Benedict talking about hero Claudio is asking his friend for an honest opinion of hero Benedict replies bluntly and says that he doesn't think hero is very attractive but he does say he is attracted to her cousin lady Beatrice Benedict and Lady Beatrice have a love-hate relationship that continues during this trip lady Beatrice always makes fun of Benedict and it's actually pretty funny in return Benedict calls her dear lady disdain Don Pedro walks in on the friends and jokingly commands Benedict to tell him what secrets they're saying Benedict explains to Don Pedro that Claudio is in love with hero Don Pedro likes Claudio and plans to help him win hero over Prince Don Pedro will do this by pretending to be Claudio at a masquerade ball if everything goes well Don Pedro will switch places with the true Claudio this is because Claudio doesn't feel comfortable expressing interest in hero that's because his lowly status puts him in danger of the governor's wrath if hero doesn't feel the same way unfortunately for Claudio he has an enemy that he doesn't even know about that enemy is Don John Don John is infuriated at his illegitimate sea and salt in the wound is the close bond that his brother Don Pedro has with Claudio so the conversation that Braccio overheard is explosive when he reports it back to Don John Don John immediately plans to sabotage Claudio and Don Pedro's delicate plans as planned the night of the ball comes and Don Pedro is dressed up as Claudio then he asks hero to walk with him Don Pedro dressed as Claudio will express his love to her if things go well they switch places but before they can make the switch Don John comes in to ruin the plans he walks up to Claudio and asks for help breaking up Don Pedro and hero Don John goes on to claim that Don Pedro is actually trying to steal hero away unfortunately Claudio falls for the trick and thinks that Don Pedro is actually betraying him somewhere else at the ball Beatriz makes fun of Benedict to a masked man hilariously the masked man is Benedict himself enraged he swears that he would never marry Beatrice Don Pedro finally returns to Claudio with Don Pedro is the governor and hero it seems that Claudio will get his chance at love with hero lastly they calman that their next mission is to find a wife for Benedict Don John is frustrated that his scheming plan failed but borracho comes to him with another evil plan this time they'll try and convince Don Pedro and Claudio that hero isn't worthy Don John tries to break couples apart while Don Pedro tries to bring them together this time it's Benedict and Beatriz Don Pedro's plan is to first get them to stop hating each other he will do this by letting each of them over here to different conversations in one he will let Beatrice overhear that Benedict actually loves her in the other he will let Benedict overhear that Beatrice actually loves him one day Benedict is reading outside Claudio and Leonato sit down with an earshot and begin chatting loud cláudio says that hero caught Beatrice lovingly right Beatrice and Benedict on a piece of paper when hero saw it Beatrice shyly ripped it up Benedict was touched by the story which she was vain enough to believe but then Beatrice walks in and says that against my will I have come to tell you that dinner is ready Benedict sincerely thank sir but Beatrice snidely remarks that I took no more pains to come to you than you took pains to thank me well that was meant as an insult Benedick took it as a sincerely nice reply later Beatrice learns from a maid that hero is talking about her Beatrice runs to the garden to listen and hears hero say that Benedict loves Beatrice next were back in Don John's plan of hate and division it's the night before Claudia's wedding to hero and Don John leads Claudio and Don Pedro to the bride's window there a woman is lovingly talking to Barocci Oh thinking that it must be hero Claudio is enraged in actuality the woman was Margaret in exchange for the trickery Borachio gets paid 1,000 ducats but when he loudly brags about it he gets thrown in jail the wedding has started but Claudio is still angry he screams a hero for her infidelity and the wedding is called off beatrice gets Benedict to challenge Claudio to the death separately Barroso is still in jail a detective learns that Braccio conspired against hero and brings him to Don Pedro realizing that Hiro was innocent Don Pedro and Claudio are embarrassed begging forgiveness Claudio is sentenced to marry one of hero's cousins Claudio is asked to guarantee the marriage before he even sees the bride he does so and the bride turns out to be hero after Claudio and hero's marriage Benedict and Beatrice are married as well Claudio and Benedict who were planning on dueling to the death gets over their squabble Benedict says that he is too happy to be made unhappy Benedick continues and says to Claudio that I had hoped to run you through the body but as you are now my kinsmen live whole and love my cousin Claudia replies by saying that my cudgel was in love with you Benedict until today then they go and dance they don't stop dancing even when they learned that Don John was captured you


  1. Shakespeare did not publish his plays. The play was probably written in 1599. It was published (so to speak) in the first folio in 1623 seven years after the death of Shakespeare. Video is off to a bad start in the first 14 seconds.

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