My Anti Summer Reading List!- No Beach Reads!

My Anti Summer Reading List!- No Beach Reads!

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[Applause] hi guys welcome back to my channel socially here and in this video it's gonna be a little bit different so this is gonna be my summer reading list it's not my personal summer reading list I'm not reading these particular books this summer at least I don't think so who knows I'm mood reader so I can always throw one of them in there I always address in these videos so weird oh I need to breathe anyways as I was stating it's not my planned summer TBR but I thought I would do a video with recommendations for summer reading for those of you there aren't really summer people you know you're not particularly loving the summer it's not really your favorite season or you know it's really hot this year I'm not sure where y'all are I'm in the south but throughout the United States it's actually been extremely hot and we've been experiencing a heatwave so wherever you are while you're watching this maybe you don't like the heat or you just prefer the fall or the spring I made this I am making this video for y'all this is what I would like to call my anti beach reads typical summer reading list video so these books are a little bit outside of the norm they're a little bit more atypical hold on you guys turned off my barkbox but these books are a little bit more outside of the box a little bit more atypical for a summer reading list I think I only have one book on here that is you know could be potentially considered a beachy read but without further ado let's jump right in and let's begin the first book I would love to talk about in this video is a room with a view by Iain Forrester now I read this book years ago and I think I reread it not even really recently I think I read a really long time ago you guys and then I reread it about four years ago and I loved it even more the second time around and I've seen the film and I found it to be delightful and I enjoyed it so I really think for those who really like modern classics I guess now modern classics might even be a little bit more current or more recent but you would really enjoy this it is considered a modern classic and basically is a classic tale of British middle-class love and it was first published in 1908 so you basically have Miss Lucy Honeychurch and she's kind of caught up in this world of just snobbery and elitism and just people trying to keep up with the Joneses and pretending to be things that they're not and trying to portray a certain lifestyle in order to you know pass themselves off or or even if they are part of the upper echelon of class and she can't really free herself from these guardians that she has they are very just they get they're putting a lot of pressure on her on their expectations societal expectations and she's just finding very hard to free herself from their guardianship their suggestions for her life so they basically encourage her and by encourage I mean like very forcefully rushar her damn near forced her to take up with this like well-connected gentleman that they approve of but he is terrible you guys Oh Toby's about to jump on my arms he is literally the worst and she just basically their machination she basically just realizes through their imaginations that this is just not it and she just grows a lot from the experience and she basically in the end removes herself from the situation and decides to take responsibility for herself and live her own life and chase her own happiness and she does that by discovering love with a man who's like very essence reminds her of Abram with a view highly recommend definitely go pick this one up and it's short it's quick it's sweet it's poignant it's beautiful and it takes place in Italy do-it has to let him go he's driving me insane next up is one of my favorite favorite favorite classics of all time and this is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen I had a brain fart for just a second Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility it's one of my favorites by her I do kind of lean more towards Pride and Prejudice in some ways and in other ways I lean more towards this now this is basically a story about Dashwood sisters we have Elinor and Marianne Dashwood and they kind of go through something pretty traumatic at the beginning of the story their father has just died and the three Dashwood girls there is a littler sister myelin or Marianne I can't remember the littlest sister's name oh well but their father dies in the very beginning and his earned their brother their older brother different mom basically comes to take over the estate and he comes with his wife who's just like evil shrew of a woman but anyways he comes to take over the estate and they pretty much get kicked out of this date because estates are passed from father to son and so they become disinherited in a way and there the father leaves them something or rather he leaves instructions for his son to take care of his second wife and his daughters with her but of course the son and his wife due to greed and all sorts of things pretty much just delegate like literally like almost near pennies to these women that were used to living such a good affluent lifestyle with but once their father dies you know there's their brother is just greedy and so he basically just gives them the stipend and this allowance that is near honey's that they really can't live off of and so overnight they are delegated to a much lower social class than what they were used to it's actually really sad and it's a great social commentary on like how women can't really own property and how women are often like disinherited and cheated out of property and fortune and social status because you know if the man in their life that is affording them all of these things passes away and there is no stipulation for them they're just kind of out in the cold but I digress so the story basically proceeds as the Dashwood sisters their mom's cousin just takes pity on them and it's like hey come live on my cottage on my property like I won't charge you that much for it so now they're living in us tiny little cottage it's it's really interesting but it just talks about just social mores and customs at that time of course there is like a lot of interesting intricate things going on in terms of like love and how to navigate love when it comes to class and you know upward mobility and you know how women are expected to behave and how women are expected to marry up and and marry for money and social comfort and you know social mobility and not necessarily for love and the story with Marianne Dashwood and willoughby is so tragic if you haven't read it you should read it just for that and then there is a happy ending of course but the things that go on it's actually very dramatic compared to Project Pride and Prejudice this book is a lot more dramatic a lot more scandalous things happen a lot more tea if you will but yeah I really recommend it it's really good with a lot of great social commentary all the time and just like feminist social commentary as well I keep saying social commentary but you guys know what I mean recommend next up I have one of my absolute favorite reads of all time and this is Anne of Green Gables now this is the beginning of a series but I think this is a great like one-off like you can just read this and you can read it as a standalone you don't have to continue on with the series you don't have to continue to watch and grow up I mean why wouldn't you but you could totally just read this and be satisfied and happy with how it ends and how it wraps up but yeah so this classic by Ellen Montgomery is such a good one you get to kind of navigate life with Ann as she goes to live with relations due to circumstances in her life and just kind of see her come out of her shell and blossom and she's such a kind sweet introverted and yet she learns to be sociable soul and she's very sensitive and intuitive and she makes great connections with people and it's interesting to see the way that she's treated because once again of her social class in her social situation and how she navigates that and as a child how like she kind of how like the way the adults treat her and see her it's interesting to see it through her eyes as a child in this time but I really do recommend this I freaking love this book I actually am due for a reread it's one of my absolute favorites and if you have not read it yet I definitely think it's time to pick it up next up we have the glass castle by Jeannette Walls and this is a family drama if if I've never seen it and it's very poignant I believe it is a true story and it is a memoir and it just does so deeply into the ideas of like childhood trauma and how we carry those traumas and how we deal with those traumas and how you know so many of our wounds and some of the things that we carry with us have a lot to do what we with what we experienced in childhood with the people who were entrusted to care for us and kind of nourish us and build us as children whether they be parents or guardians until we become of age and the ways that we kind of the ways that we developed to cope and to manage our pain and our disappointments and our traumas and the ways that we kind of not necessarily like erase history but manipulate history and the ways that like psychologically we go about trying to kind of restructure things in order to help us like mentally get through situations I don't know if that made any sense but I think that that just encapsulated this book in a nutshell and of course I could read the back for you and I could read you the synopsis hey dogs driving me crazy what else is new but um I will leave all these books in the description box so I'll leave the links to Goodreads in the description box as it always is you can go check it out but yes so so good definitely kind of a trigger warning if you grew up in a household with like mental abuse slight physical abuse if you grow up in a child in a household with people who abuse substances trigger warnings for that but so good you guys so good next up I have a brilliant story what fairy tale retelling I can't talk you guys fairy tale retelling and this is spindell's end by Robin McKinley and it is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and this one I will say it's a little difficult to get into at first but once you do get into it you get into it and I highly recommend it I'm not gonna go into it we all know the Sleeping Beauty story there are some twists and turns and there are some things that aren't like in the Disney version obviously because this is bastardized Disney version so this is closer to the original fairy tale on the back it says we will keep her safe all the creatures of the forest and field and riverbanks knew the infant was special she was the princess spirited away from the evil fairy pernicious on her name day but the curse was cast rosy was fated to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a poisoned sleep a slumber from which no one would be able to rouse her and then the Chicago Tribune blurbs we think we know the end of the story but still were drawn forward by the small variations and twists satisfying reading pleasing in the depth of the weaving and elaboration further blurbs rich prose and colorful description keep readers spellbound that was Rocky Mountain View's and lastly Publishers Weekly says mythic grandeur with magical detail and all to human feeling definitely recommend this for those who enjoy their fairy tale retellings this one is masterfully done now this next one is the one I warned y'all about this is more towards the beachy air side but still kind of heavier weightier topic as you can see it's quite thick I recommended this book various times on my channel in the past ever since the inception of my channel and this is watermelon vine quis now marrying keys is I want to say she's an Irish writer she kind of writes their version of Chiclets if you will I think that the Irish slash British and UK writers do it a lot better in my opinion that American writer is that whole Chiclets thing but I really highly enjoy her books I pretty much read all Marian Keys at least her backlog maybe not so much her recent works but watermelon was fabulous I first read it when I was in high school I want to say towards end of my high school career and I've reread it numerous times over the years but this book has one of the most explosive openings of a novel ever and it basically opens up with our main female protagonist giving birth and finding out that her husband has just left her and she has to navigate being a new mother and you know going through a divorce and a separation with this man that she thought she would always be with you kind of get a flashback or various flashbacks into their relationship how they met how it was this world when love story and they were kind of like the couple goals of their friend group and everyone thought that they were meant to be that there were soulmates and you get to kind of navigate Claire I think yeah Claire's just like pain and her struggles and her being a new mother and her life falling apart and how having to move back in with her parents and her parents are very eccentric people and she has like four other sisters I think either three or four other sisters and they're all very different and one sister still lives at home and there are other books by the way that follow the other sisters if you read this one you get interested so you'll get to know more about the other sisters if you read their books and of course their lives but you kind of get to see Claire kind of rise from the ashes a bit and find her inner bad bitch okay and find her inner boss and just boss up on the situation like start to own motherhood start to own her faults in her relationship falling apart but also like taking off the rose-colored glasses and like seeing the red flags or what they were and starting to like put the blame on him where it needs to be put and then of course there is a new relationship on horizon for her as well so it is very satisfying to read through very cathartic I just really enjoy this read and highly recommend stuff I have the alchemist by Paulo Paulo Coelho I always struggle saying his name and this was a little bit different this is the graphic novel yes there is a graphic novel of the alchemist it has beautiful illustrations you guys I really do recommend the graphic novel oh so good definitely a different medium for y'all to explore the story and kind of like encapsulate the actual book but in a much more artistic and colorful way obviously but this is a classic and this is just another way to enjoy it so if you've already read The Alchemist then I would really recommend this is just another way to really enjoy you know a read that you've probably already enjoyed and if you have not read The Alchemist you can still pick this up and still get like the meat of the story along with some beautiful artwork and not least is one of my absolute favorite reads of all time and this is a little bee by Chris Chris Cleve now this book is very interesting because Chris Cleve is a white male author writing about POC characters and specifically African characters and a very specific African story very specific West African story and the way it was done was so amazing I really enjoyed this read I thought it was masterfully done you could definitely tell that Chris Cleve did a lot of research if not new you know if this similar story but I highly recommend little B I think everyone should read it and like I said I'm not against you know non POC writing about POC characters I just think you really have to do a lot of research and make sure you know what you're talking about make sure you're not falling into cliches and those type of dangerous like landmines and pitfalls but this is a way to do it right on the back it says we don't want to tell you what happens in this book it is a truly special story and we don't want to spoil it nevertheless you need to know enough to buy it so we'll just say this this is the story of two women their lives collide one fateful day and one of them has to make a terrible choice the kind of choice we hope you never have to face two years later they meet again the story starts there once you have read it you'll want to tell your friends about it when you do please don't tell them what happens the magic is in how the story unfolds and how shoe that is you guys and I picked this up years ago and 20 14 or 15 I want to say I have no idea I had no idea I just went into it blind and that was the best way to go into it so try to avoid like Amazon reviews Goodreads reviews etc Barnes and Noble's you know all that good stuff and just go into it and you will definitely not regret it done but I have two more sorry about that guys I have big magic this is creative living beyond fear by Elizabeth Gilbert and Elizabeth Gilbert of course wrote Eat Pray Love and think magic is a nonfiction I thought I would throw a nonfiction read in here for those of you that really take the summer to recharge refresh especially those of you that maybe our teachers and you're off in the summer or if you have a job that allows you a little bit more freedom like summer fridays in the office but you basically just have more spare time this is a great time way to kind of reset your brain especially if you are creative and you do anything creative whether it be reading which is creative writing any form of art anything like that then this is definitely right up your alley I think Elizabeth built a grill Gilbert really says some truly thought-provoking things in this read and it really helps you to clear your mind and kind of makes you want to take that leap beyond fear and to keep pushing with whatever creative work that you are doing so I highly recommend this nonfiction read this summer this is the final book we have come to the end and I am recommending a play is the search for signs of intelligent life in the universe by Jane Wagner and I just remember reading this years ago and finding it absolutely genius and hilarious and poignant and touching and brilliant and spellbinding and just all the things all the things I highly recommend this play on the back it just says a work of genius and compassion and that is blurbed by the like indomitable Gloria Steinem it says poignant sharp and laugh out loud funny the search for signs of intelligent life in the universe first took Broadway by storm in 1985 and became an instant bestseller the dramatic Tour de Forest garnered numerous awards for playwright Jean Wagner and accolades for star Lily Tomlin including a Tony for Best Actress as a moving critique of modern society this barbed but humane play continues to resonate with truth and accuracy today in a special afterword cultural icon and influencers Eve Ensler who created the Vagina Monologues Jane Fonda Jane Fonda and Whoopi Goldberg legend Jodie Foster another legend and others share their thoughts on how this classic affected their own lives and ours and just some blurbs offense San Francisco Chronicle says Wagner's brilliant wit and staggering breadth of knowledge combine quantum physics with biting satire to create one of the funniest most visionary and original works produced on Broadway in years we also have Washington Post a hilarious saga of dreams collapsing sexual arrangements backfiring good intentions towering and bad wack bandwagons careening off the track the search dot is a compendium of pop history a living anthropological exhibit but it is also a chronicle of the human heart trying to mend its bruises and ease its disappointments and that makes it sublime catch your breath sublime and lastly the New York Times a rich tapestry stunningly ambitious Jane Wagner sums up a generation of social history into a tightly compressed saga you guys you guys if you don't take any player recommendations from me like while you're watching my channel which by the way I want to start doing those take this one so good so good is it you guys the summer reading list for those who are either not a fan of summer not a fan of the heat or just not a fan of Beach reads so if here they are and all their glory I think these are all of them I hope I'm not missing one I am a Ruth of you I hear all of them try to pull them up for your viewing pleasure let me know which ones out of the list if more than one have piqued your interest and I will catch you guys in my next video bye guys mwah bye but I got two of her books right here I want to show you guys I got this little guy down are you gonna behave mmm you're gonna behave right here I have got allegedly and I also have her newest one let me hear a rhyme let me hear a rhyme is actually on my TBR for the month so I will be reading this one and then at some point I will attack fall allegedly and then I think she has another book out correct me if I'm wrong something about black girls going missing I can't remember the title of it right now but from those who've read it they said that it changed them so little terrified to read


  1. It's worse in Indiaaa… urghhh!… Finally a vlog on classics… Loved it… Could you do a vlog on some native American, indigenous reads, would love it…. Love all your recommendations…. 😘

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