My Auto Buy Authors-"They Will Always Get My Coin!"

My Auto Buy Authors-"They Will Always Get My Coin!"

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[Applause] hi guys welcome back to my channel Osia way here and this is oh she reads turning off my park box don't mind me trying to film with two dogs is Eggs Neil incredibly difficult as we speak tobei is messing with my my lighting the court of my lighting and of course once I run to go get him he runs away cuz he knows he's not supposed to do that this past week has just been insane tobei has fully come out of his shell Teddy's finally getting over his depression of like tobei being a part of the family now also it's just been a lot a lot but I'm here to talk about my auto-buy authors today that's right these are authors that just they're just gonna get my coin you guys they're just going to get my coin doesn't matter what they write what they put out more than likely I will be purchasing these are these one-click authors if you read a lot on an e-reader you know what I'm talking about without further ado let's begin also I realize that these are all female authors girl-power the first author of my list is Christina C Jones and I'm gonna put up the book cover of my favorite book by her right over here but it is Wonder by Christina C Jones and I'd wonder it's actually something I read earlier this year for the black athon I believe and I highly enjoyed it and Christina C Jones is kind of the rom-com queen of black fiction black contemporary romantic fiction she's all about black love she's all about hypergamy and you know depicting black women in feminine but boss like job a mom boss like I swear I'm slowly drooping driven mad by my dogs but in boss-like ways and you know she does not discriminate against like gender roles in a sense she is very like for thinking and her writing she's very feminist in her writing but at the same time her men are not just black men but they're masculine and there are providers and they're smart and they're emotionally intelligent and they're interested in relationships and in building the black family in the black community so I really love her books it's just it's such a breath of fresh air and I love to see you know people who look like me and my community reflected positively in a work of fiction I love to see black women as the romantic interests and the damsels in distress' and the princesses and yes all those traditional feminine gender roles but I also love to see black women ask bosses and business owners and you know very intelligent and highly educated women as we are so I really highly enjoy her books but wonder really took the cake for me it won't go too much into you know wonder in this video I have discussed it previously but yes love her awesome noodles dos numero dos I've gotta brush up on my Spanish is love Belvin oh I freaking love love love love Belvin I probably read every book she has written so far she is one of my absolute favorites she has such wisdom to her writing such death it's just so hard to describe her characters are so unique her storylines are so unique I'll put the book covers of her latest series Siddiq books 1 & 2 up right now and it's really hard for me to describe her you guys she's so unique and I just highly encourage you to check out her works another proponent of black love and the black community and um depicting and reflecting those and positive light I just I just I have no words love Belvin is amazing she's a phenomenal writer and I absolutely adore her books number three is alexandra house and you guys have heard me talk about her recently with her McClain brother series which starts with book one let me love you now this is not the only book series she has out but it is by far my favorite I have been getting everyone onto them as much as I can she is a little bit more mainstream friendly than love Belvin and Kristina C Jones a little bit more like no I guess just consumer friendly in a way I feel like I can recommend her to people all the way across the board and they will enjoy her books I just I love Alexandria house and the thing about her is that from the first books I read by her to now the McCain Brother series she gets better with each book so it's cool to see her writing talent blossom and develop as she you know releases new works I think that is really cool but yes highly recommend definitely go check her out number five is Sarah J mass and I know I know I know there's a lot of controversy around her for some reason you know how book Twitter can be I believe there was a scandal at one point that her books were not very diverse and all that jazz y'all it's not that deep it is not that deep you know for me I don't know I just don't really care you know I I would rather have an author write what they like and write what they know and what they've envisioned then try to like force diversity and it come off really cringey or just just no I honestly would rather us support more authors who are actually pocs and let us tell our own stories and it's great if white authors want to write diverse characters I applaud y'all yes yes yes do it do it well though do your research know what you're talking about don't just depend on stereotypes but I'm also a huge proponent of us supporting POC writers and us telling our own stories but that's a whole nother discussion but youth so I don't know I don't get it I don't get the like backlash against RJ math like I don't get it I like her I enjoy her book highly addicting both of her series I'm inserting a clip right here of all the her books that I own which I believe are all of them I did not want to hold them all up that would take forever it takes up like a whole shelf in my bedroom but I enjoy her I'm good with her as she's coming off the new series soon and I've already pre-ordered it so there you go how do bye now this next author is a little unique because I've never actually read one of her books but I continue to auto buy them and do you ever just get that feeling when you read a book synopsis or you see an author and you see their body of work and you just know you're going to love that author you just know you're gonna love her books you just don't know what it is but you just feel this like soul connection it's really sounds really strange but that's how I feel about Tiffany Jackson I have yet to actually read one of her books that I continue to collect them but I got two of her books right here I want to show you guys I got put this little guy down are you gonna behave hmm you're gonna behave right here I have got allegedly and I also have her newest one let me hear a rhyme let me hear rhyme is actually on my TBR for the month so I will be reading this one and then at some point I will tackle allegedly and then I think she has another book out correct me if I'm wrong something about black girls going missing I can't remember the title of it right now but from those who've read it they said that it changed them so little terrified to read it next up on the list we have Elizabeth Acevedo my girl I just discovered her recently this year actually and I'm hooked I'm obsessed she has two books out so far but you best believe I'm gonna be continuing to buy her books for the rest of time we've got the poet X fabulous fantastic highly recommend please please listen to the audiobook like seriously seriously seriously you will thank me later also her latest with the fire on high which my book club read last month phenomenal so good also really enjoy the audiobook for the once she's her voice is just everything everything next up is the Queen Holly black who I stand so hard it's almost sickening and I feel like recently there's been like this new wave of people loving her since the cruel print series or whatever you the series is called but I just want to let everyone know that I have been here for you Polly okay I have been here for you since the days of like the fairy series and the coldest girl in coldtown which still has like one of the best beginnings to a why a novel I've ever read to this day to stay speaking of here we go the coldest girl in coldtown also have modern fairy tales wow so we have tied valiant and Ironside and there's a new short story inside lit how could we forget the darkest part of the forest you guys good and then of course the very controversial but I still don't know why the cruel prince Holly but she is the queen she is the queen undisputed next up on the list is my girl to head a ma fille Toby Toby that's not the rose you want to go down it's not the road you want to go down back away from the court back away from the court I can blink too that's what I thought all right Ted I'm hoppy I have her shadow me series I don't have the whole series because I couldn't find the rest of the books I couldn't find them the next two books in the series I don't know you know how when you move you always lose things and it's like how so I might have to repurchase them which is really annoying but I also have the newest ones which came out last year and this year let's see restore me and defy me but yes the shadow me series I love and I also have her middle grade series I don't know where those books are right now yeah they weren't in my room were they hmm interesting yeah I don't know where those aren't but I haven't read those yet I read the shadow me series but I am currently collecting auto buying the middle grade series that she has out right now which I've heard great things about so there you go next up is subasta here and I actually prefer Saba to hers books to Tahereh Mafi books they are very intense if you have not read them I highly recommend the series and burn the ashes is a masterpiece I definitely understand why it became a best-seller like it's just really good um then it's followed by a torch against the night and then a Reaper at the gates and I'm feeling that they're gonna redo this whole series soon with new covers so I'm really glad that I was able to get these covers because I even think that this is like a newish style of cover right yeah they changed the cover midway through the series which I hate I would have preferred for them to stick with these covers I feel like these covers feel more adult like I feel like more people who solely read adult books would be more comfortable picking these up and they would picking these up there's any sense but you know the publishing industry they do what they do next up is Kristen Ashley Chris and Ashley I don't talk about her a lot on this channel which is odd because a couple years back I want to say in 2017 is when I really discovered her either 2017 or 2016 I'm not sure I really discovered her and I can always tell when I go back in my Kindle digital history because it would just have like me all of her books and I actually thought about making a video about this someday soon but it's so far in the past I don't know if you guys would be interested but essentially I read 30 of her books in 30 days it was really intense at this point I have read her entire book ugh Rafi so to speak and now I'm just like buying her new books as they come out I was obsessed with her at one point I still really do enjoy her but I have noticed that her newer books are not as good as her older ones which is always tragic but she's still an autobiography me I'm sticking it out with her and I'm hoping that her books get better but she has kind of formed this formula she has this language that she has and her alpha males are very unique versus you know other Romance Writers she's just very unique the way that she writes and the way that she puts her stories together but the issue is now because her uniqueness has become a formula and has become her formula and now it's being reproduced in almost every book that she writes which is getting very boring and stale and kind of feels to regurgitate it a bit so that's becoming my issue with her newer works but I think everyone should read at least one Christian Aisling novel if you're interested in romance especially the more traditional romance you know those those what do they call those like those paperbacks those um mass-market paperbacks you guys know what I'm talking about yeah if you are like in an OG lover of that type of romance or you just newly discovered it then you definitely definitely deserve a little Kristen Ashley in your life next up I'm gonna talk about Maureen's myth I've talked about her a little bit of here on this channel her Denver rebel series is a gem I love it so much and the newest in the series just recently came out a couple months back and of course I devoured it I I like didn't know what's coming out and then it popped up on my Kindle recommended and I literally squealed and digitally downloaded it immediately and ready in 24 hours that is what I'm talking about her books are like crack cocaine to me basically her books basically just follows this hockey team and their romantic interests and it is interracial romance so you guys know I do enjoy a good interracial romance now and again so yeah I highly meant her so good and her books are long I don't know what it is about like those long intricate interesting romance books but those are like my kryptonite and next up oh my gosh teas on I could not have a list like this without mentioning teas on I have been recommending teach on on this channel pretty much since the beginning of my channel I feel like she's kind of blown up recently and people are really finding her which is wonderful but I freaking love tea Shan she writes like the high school romance that's so dark I feel like she was writing dark why a contemporary before it was a real genre so goatee John you like created this thing but teas not is fabulous I think she's still self-published but she is so good I highly recommend her I'm gonna put my favorite book of hers up here it was definitely a more serious and a darker book which is saying something for you know from what she typically writes but it was still masterfully done and made me feel so many emotions I felt like the topic was really important and I thought she handled it really well and you know trigger warning for depression suicide and self-harm but other than that just want to let you let you know so good but yes she is most famous for her high series oh my god I used to love those back in the day like back in a day like three or four years ago I was obsessed and I still I still pick up book especially books one through three you know every now and again for now Stiles just think they're definitely readable definitely angsty it's over the top to say the least but T John pulls it off so T Jean love me some TV on go check her out but not least coming in at the end but definitely not in order of faves is my girl Jenny Han I frickin adore Jenny Han I really really you know took to her with the summer I turned not the summer I turned pretty serious oh all the boys I love before that was the first series of her that I read and I fell in love I freaking love that series and I'm actually rereading at this summer so I'm very excited and then because I loved it so much I went back and I bought her first series which is the summer I turned pretty serious and I just finished reading that last week I read all three books the first two books I literally read within 48 hours you guys I kid you not and then the last book I was gonna finish it all within 72 hours but when I got to the last 50 pages of the last book I just couldn't finish I was filled with so much angsty rage in a good way like don't you love a book that can make you feel things that it just could not bring myself to read the last 50 pages because I knew how I was gonna end and I was like pissed so I dragged it out you guys for a full week and let my emotions settle and let myself collect myself and then I finished it and I was much more calm and rational and I understood a little bit more and mmm but yes ahh freaking look this series I am a stand for Jenny anything she writes after this I am there I am pre-ordering I'm actually been like refreshing her all through hey okay to me like release but yeah so those are my auto-buy authors well not all of them but these are the ones that I wanted to talk about immediately I definitely recommend all of them there were it was very young adult heavy but that is kind of where I'm living these days I go in and out of young adult but this is stuck it's my home at the end of a like it's okay I'll grow it for certain months and then I but I always come back you know I always come back so yeah let me know if there any authors that particularly like adult authors or just authors of other genres that right you know different things that you guys love that are auto-buy for you I'm always looking for new author recommendations so please put them down in the comments and I think that's it for this video I'm going to go I'm running out of breath I don't know why I feel like I wasn't breathing this whole video I'm sorry and I've got to figure out what's going on with the puppies they've been quiet for way too long but I will catch you guys in my next video bye guys okay but Queenie was good just because um in the black community of course there is a stigma on mental health and it's like and just like the book talks about her mental health and she goes through like a lot of crazy things she makes a lot of poor choices yes a lot of masses remember me like coming into work like I'm tired of her oh yeah girl she was listening to the audiobook and she would come in legitimately talking in a British accent I got like an hour and I'm like I got like it's bloody place and I'm I'm tired of this Lottie place I'm going to go make myself a cup of tea


  1. I came for books and authors recommendations AND YOU CAME THROUGH!!!! YESSSSSS!!! Ooooh. I've had the McClain brothers series in my wishlist on audible. Just waiting to have enough credits so I can buy them all in a stretch and binge-read the ever loving shit out of them!!! I have Tiffany D. Jackson's Monday's not coming in my cart waiting for me to buy it as well (I want to read it physically). The minute I do, something tells me she will become an auto-buy author for me too! GIRLLLLL ELIZABETH ACEVEDO!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! The Poet X owned my soul!!! My copy of With the Fire on High just arrived and I can't wait to get to it soon!! EVERY SINGLE THING YOU SAID ABOUT SJM IS WOOOOORDDDDD!!! Like you, I don't get the drama. I love her books. Her series are addicting. I have both the TOG and ACOTAR series standing proudly on my shelf. I have preordered Crescent City. She will always be able to take my money because I don't depend on her to get the diversity I want to see. Like I read widely and broadly and there are so many authors feeding me all of what i want and every time people complain about SJM not having enough diversity, I always wonder if she's the only author they ever read because it makes zero sense to me. HOLLY BLACK!!! TAHEREH MAFI!!! SABAA TAHIR!!!!

    Some Auto-buy authors for me: Sarah J Maas, Alyssa Cole, Chimamanda Adichie, Holly Black, Jay Kristoff, R.F. Kuang (she's a debut author and let me just say the Poppy War owns my throat and my life and so by extension Rebecca F. Kuang owns my soul. It's only fair), Neil Gaiman, Courtney Summers, Megan Derr, Madeline Miller (something says I should add Tahereh Mafi and Sabaa Tahir and VE Scwabb to this list because even though I've not read any books by the first two authors and only read one book by the latter, I get the sense that they would become instant faves when i finally get the chance to read them, so into the list they go!)

  2. Sara J Maas, is the trash that I know is trash and like them anyway, lol. Sometimes I just want to have a fun story, not everything needs to be super deep.

    My autobuy authors is Brandon Sanderson and Margaret Atwood.

  3. Gail Carriger is my auto buy author, I love her writing and humor and I know I'll get good characters and a wonderful story. And characters of different sexualities which is awesome because, as a bi girl, I tire of reading straight love stories constantly.
    Edit: Also Holly Black for me as well! I loved darkest part of the forest and the coldest girl in cold town! Cruel Price is still on my to read list

  4. Girllllll you know I love you but every time you use "poc" as an adjective, I die!!!! What is a "people of color creator"?? Not a thing lol it's "creator of color" or "writer of color" or whatever else. Can't have these white folks thinking they got another word just to replaced "colored" ya know.

    Anyway I'mma check some of these out lol I need some decent romance books!!!!!

  5. Love this video! I’ll probably do one on my channel as well. I have books by Christina C. Jones and He Who is a Friend by Love Belvin so I’m glad you’ve given them a co-sign. Tiffany D Jackson is an auto buy for me as well.

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