My Cousin Vinny (5/5) Movie CLIP - Automotive Expert (1992) HD

My Cousin Vinny (5/5) Movie CLIP – Automotive Expert (1992) HD

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Mona Lisa (Marisa Tomei) proves her automotive knowledge to the dismissive D.A. (Lane Smith).

When sweet Northern college kid Bill (Ralph Macchio) and his buddy Stan (Mitchell Whitfield) are picked up and thrown into the slammer in a hick Southern town, at first it looks like no big deal. Then they are informed that they are accused of murder. Penniless and without a single friend in the area, Bill decides to call his goofy cousin Vinny (Joe Pesci), who has somehow recently become a lawyer. Full of family feeling and bravado, Vinny, who has never tried a criminal case in his short life as a lawyer, rides south to defend his trusting relative. He’s an expert motormouth and street-level logician from the wilder reaches of metropolitan New York, complete with a thick accent and the attitude to go with it. Otherwise, he’s much less well qualified than your average public defender. When he arrives on the scene with his equally brassy girlfriend Lisa (Marisa Tomei), Bill is fairly sure he’s going to be sentenced to death. His buddy Stan is even less confident of his legal representative, if that’s possible, and the first thing Vinny has to do is to regain the consent of his clients to represent them. The local judge doesn’t seem any too sympathetic to Vinny’s verbal shenanigans either, and even the most optimistic supporter of the boys would begin to have doubts at this point — and Vinny’s no exception. With the insistent moral encouragement of his girlfriend, Vinny somehow accomplishes the impossible and wins grudging (if very irritated) respect from all concerned, for once studying as if his life depended on it.

TM & © Fox (1992)
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Cast: Fred Gwynne, Ralph Macchio, Joe Pesci, Lane Smith, Mitchell Whitfield, Marisa Tomei
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Producers: Paul Schiff, Dale Launer
Screenwriter: Dale Launer

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what you do in your father crawfish tuneups oil changes brake realigning engine rebuilds rebuild some trannies rear end okay okay but there's being an ex mechanic necessarily qualify you as me an expert on tire marks no thank you goodbye your honor miss Vito's expertise is in general automotive knowledge it is in this area that her testimony will be applicable now if mr. Trott wishes to voir dire a witness as to the extent of her expertise in this area I'm sure he's gonna be more than satisfied okay now mr. Vito being an expert on general automotive knowledge can you tell me what would the correct ignition timing be on a 1955 Bel Air Chevrolet with a 327 cubic inch engine and a full barrel carburetor it's a question does that mean that you can't answer it so question it's impossible answer impossible because you don't know the answer nobody could answer that question Your Honor I move to disqualify miss Beto as a expert witness can you answer the question no it is a trick question why is it a trick question watch this Chevy didn't make a 327 and 55 4 3 2017 come out 262 and it wasn't offered in the Bel Air with a four-barrel carb till 64 however in 1964 the correct ignition timing would be 4 degrees before top dead center well she's acceptable


  1. Well it seemed like a conflict of interest whereas you cant be tried or heard but… She knew cars very very very well So she rode it out & he let it ride
    In the case of a hostile witness I suppose
    What a trick question to demystify

  2. Many Academy Awards are given to less talented actors . Some lobby for it. Marisa earned it. And for a comedy drama. Anybody know what V-8 was put in the '55? 265. There was also a 283, came along in '57. That 327 was a very well designed engine, always thought it superior to any Ford (302) or Chrysler product. Then came a 350, and it just wasn't the same . First car I ever purchased/ drove was 1955 Chev. That powerglide transmission was only 2 speeds but extremely sturdy and reliable. Boring , right? Sorry. ☮️

  3. i dont know why they dont give her more oscar worthy roles. shes an academy award winner but they put her in films as the protagonists wife or girlfriend just to be eye candy it seems. like shes in spiderman homecoming and far from home as eye candy-not that i dont want her in spiderman as aunt may, because i do, and my goodness its like shes got hotter with age, i find her even more attractive in 2019. but she is a superb acrress and should have the demanding roles too.that would give her the critical reception she deserves.

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