My Favorite Authors (+their best books!)

My Favorite Authors (+their best books!)

Here are ten of my favorite authors and some of my favorite books from them! Who are your favorite authors? Are these also some of your favorite authors? What are your favorite books from these authors?

Sorry about the weird lighting toward the end, the sun started going down and I didn’t realize half the screen was being washed out haha my bad!!!

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hey guys my name is Gabby book back to my channel and today I'm gonna be doing a video about my favorite authors these are ten of my favorite authors these are the authors that I've read the most books from which is how I know that they're my favorite this doesn't necessarily mean that these authors have all five star books like I've definitely read some books by these authors and have been disappointed by them like I don't think there's one author out there that I love every single one of their books like what these are the ten authors that I have read the most from and enjoyed 99% of their content most of the time I'm gonna be telling you how many books I've read from this author and then some of my favorite books from said author so I'm gonna start us off with an author who I consider to be my favorite author and that is Taylor Jenkins read I have read all six of her published books and her one published novella that she currently has out I do have to say that my number one favorite book that she has published currently is the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo and I know I'm such a basic bitch but this one wasn't always my favorite like I discovered her before this book came out yeah she has so many great books I think my second runner-up would have to be maybe in another life because this one was my favorite before Evelyn Hugo came out but they're both vastly different too because this one is more like historical fiction or kind of feels even like literary fiction like and then this one's like more contemporary women's fiction it also has one true loves and after I do which I just love so so so so so so so much so all three books are really great all right so my second most read author is Colleen Hoover which I've read seventeen books from Colleen Hoover I mean some more collaborative works with Taran Fisher because I read the never never series and all that but still seventeen books she's by far my most read author so out of all those seventeen books that I read I think my number one favorite is still it ends with us this book just like slays so much an Atlas is like one of my favorite fictional characters of all time very recently though she published Verity which was like her first thriller novel and this one jumped to the top of my favorites list from her really really love this book and I wish she would write more thrillers after reading this like this was so freakin good some other ones that I really love from her are ugly love and all your perfect I think both of these are a lot more emotional romances especially all your perfect Smythe 'red most read author is Christina Lauren who I've read 12 books from this authors so that's really exciting and of those 12 books I have three favorites the first one is autobiography because this is the only young adult male male romance that they've ever written and it just means so much to me and this book is everything and it's so cute and it's basically like fangirl meet Simon vs. a homo sapiens agenda' my two favorites are the unnie mooners and Josh and Hazel's guide to not dating these two books are just so freakin good and there are some of their more recently published books so I feel like they just keep improving and improving with every single book and I just love their writing so much and their characters just feel so real and charming and witty and I just I eat that up okay love it my fourth favorite author on this list is Taryn Fisher who I've read six books from I mean three of them were collaborative works with colleen hoover so we're talking about the same books there but still my personal favorites have been atheist who kneel and pray and bad mommy which are two totally different vibes of books but atheists who kneel and pray is a romance if you can believe it or not with that title and it's one of my favorite romances of all time like it's just so flippin cute and it takes place in Seattle which is really cool because that's you know I live in Washington and then bad mommy is actually a thriller novel honestly this main character is like the female version of Joe Goldberg like it's just so so good so these are my two favorites from Tara Fisher so far but I would like to read a lot more from Tara Fisher my fifth favorite author is Rainbow Rowell who I have read five books from this author I've read almost all of her currently published books I'm pretty sure and of those published books my number one favorite without a doubt is fangirl it's like one of the only books that I actually own two copies of that I actually like feel like I need two copies of because it's one of my favorite books of all time like it's up there and probably like the top three ever this book just means so much to me and because of this book alone Rainbow has become one of my favorite authors ever it seems like these days she's venturing a bit more into fantasy than contemporary which makes me kind of sad because I loved her contemporaries so much but nothing will ever beat fangirl I just love this book so much and if I had to choose a second favorite novel from this author it would be attachment because this book is just so cute and it's so soft and Lincoln and Beth are just like adorbs and I love that it takes place in the 90s I have very fond memories of this book because I finished reading it on the day that I turned 20 and it was just very like it was like a moment for me you know so I just have so many good memories with this book I love it so much my sixth favorite author is actually the first thriller author that's on this list and that is Lisa Jewell who I have read four books from and without a doubt my two favorites from Lisa Jewell are I found you and then she was gone both of these books are so amazing and they're actually both kind of sad thrillers like they're definitely character-driven thrillers and you just care so much about the characters so like if that's not really your jam in a thriller then I could see maybe you're not liking these books but then she was gone it's definitely a lot more sad and a little bit more predictable as far as thrillers go but then I found you it's just so crazy and so sad but like it's fast-moving because like there's so many points of views in this book alright the seventh author on this list is also a thriller author and that is Peter Swanson you all know how much I love Peter Swanson and I still think that my favorite from Peter Swanson is the first book that I ever read from him which is the kind worth killing this one is just one of my favorite thrillers of all time like it is just so good here's Swanson once you read a lot of his books you get to know his style and he has this amazing habit of writing so many different points of views throughout the book and the book will just randomly like change point of views from the main character like in the middle of the book and you're like wait what and it'll just like completely change the point of view and then you're reading from somebody else for like a good chunk of the book and then interchange point of use again and you're just like whiplash and it's like whoa the kind worth killing is definitely my favorite but I think my second favorite would have to be all the beautiful lies which I don't own a copy of unfortunately that one is also really really really good there hasn't been a book by hand that I've read that I haven't liked the only book that I haven't read yet is his debut novel the girl with the clock for a heart or whatever it's called now it's the only one I haven't read so out of all the ones that I've read I've read all of his other published books and I love them all right the eighth author I have on this list is Brittany C cherry who I've read six books from my personal favorites from her have got to be loving mr. Daniels this one is just one of my favorites it's a student/teacher romance and it's just like a super forbidden and just like one of the best ever like the writing is so freakin good it's beautiful it makes you sob like this book is sad as hell and then my other favorite from her is the gravity of us which this is actually the fourth book in a series technically but they're all like standalone books just in a series and this one's my favorite because it follows Graham who's an author and then it follows Lucy who's this like florist but I've liked most of Brittany C Cherry's work like there are there've been a few that I'm like but these two so good all right in the 9th author on this list is Elle Kennedy who I have read eight books from like I didn't realize it was that much until I was adding them up and then I was like holy that's a lot and some of them were collaborations with Sarina Bowen by far my favorite book from Elle Kennedy is him and this is a collaboration with Serena beau and like I understand that but this one is my favorite it's just so good and this is my favorite male-male romance of all time a second favorite from her is definitely the deal and mostly the entire off campus serious that this book is this book is the first in a book in a four book series and I've read all four of the books and this one's definitely my favorite out of the four I think this one and then the last one the bowl I think it's called are my favorites in the series but this whole series is just so good it's so cute and this one also follows hockey players but this one is male/female romance whereas this one is male male romance huh the 10th author I have on this list I've actually only read two books from because she has only published two books so far but just from those two books alone I already know that she's an all-time favorite author of mine and that is Celeste in the two books that I read from her her two currently published books which is little fires everywhere and everything I never told you which I don't own a copy of unfortunately but these two books are just so freakin good and her writing style is just so gorgeous like she makes you care about every single character in her books it's mostly contemporary but it feels like just on the brink of like literary fiction maybe it is considered literary fiction I don't really know these books are so good especially little fires everywhere is my favorite book from her and everything I never told you is also really really great but no fires everywhere though oh my gosh I am just highly anticipating for whenever she comes out with a new release because I already know that she's one of my favorite authors and I just love her writing so but those are all of my current favorite authors and all of my favorite books that they currently have published that is all for this video thank you so much for watching as always and as usual let me know if you've read any of these books or if you've read any of these authors let me know if you also consider them to be some of your favorite authors or let me know which books are your favorites from these authors and I think I'm also gonna do like a kind of companion video to this about authors that I want to read more from like authors that I've only read one or two books from but I love the author's writing so much and I want to read more of their books as soon as humanly possible so I might be doing a video like that coming up sometime soon so let me know if you would like to see that thank you guys so much for watching as always and I will see you guys soon with a new video because this one is just with my alright my sixth fear might but it my sixth favorite off bit oh my god


  1. Oh my gosh, HIM is also my favorite from Elle and Sarina I love this book so much ♡♡
    Christina Lauren is one of my faves authors and Autoboyography has my entire heart.
    I love John Boyne too, The Absolutist and The heart's Invisible Furies omg… so touching, beautiful and heartbreaking… I highly recommend this one. Your list is very good and I will pick some to read, thanks Gabby 💜

  2. I just read all of the TJR books to review them and I LOVED after I do 😭 It Ends With Us is also my favourite Colleen Hoover book, I thought it was really powerful! We have similar favourite authors – I’m currently waiting for The Unhoneymooners to arrive at my bookshop and Fangirl was such a comforting read ✨

  3. My current fave author is Taylor Jenkins Reid. I also really like Christina Lauren and Colleen Hoover. There are so many authors that I want to try their books. It just takes time! I enjoyed this video.

  4. I love Celeste NG! Sometimes I find myself still thinking about that book. It is so beautifully written and I love how she ties each theme together in such a great way. I really enjoy Penelope Douglas as well.

  5. i LOVE tjr and i love all her books but for some reason maybe in another life just didn’t live up to the others for me idk why?? i really wanna read christina lauren so much!! particularly the unhoneymooners since it’s a new release💖i’m gonna try and read fangirl this month since i already own it, i wanna read celeste ng as well!! loved this video💗

  6. I read One True Loves earlier this month and I freaking loved that book! Taylor Jenkins Reid's writing is amazing and I'll definitely read all of her other books in the future! 😍😍

  7. I also like Christina Lauren and TJR. Just got Josh and Hazel at the library today actually. Loved All Your Perfects as well. I also like Morgan Matson, Sarah Price, and Lurlene McDaniel. There are others I like too but I'm trying to keep this short LOL. Or else we'd be here all night.

  8. Just picked up Peter Swanson's first book and am anxious to read it. Loved Little Fires everywhere and Fangirl, two very, very great, readable books. Would love to see what and who you are looking to read more of.

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