My Top Ten Authors of All-Time!

My Top Ten Authors of All-Time!

Thanks to Mara from Books Like Woah for the idea 😀

My Top 10 Favorite Authors (2019):

J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
George Orwell – Down and Out in Paris and London
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The Sign of the Four
Roald Dahl – The BFG
Charles Bukowski – The People Look Like Flowers at Last
Graham Greene – Collected Essays
Philip Pullman – The Subtle Knife
Agatha Christie – After the Funeral
Stephen King – The Green Mile
Terry Pratchett – Snuff

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hi guys Dan here and today I am going to be taking you through my top ten authors of all time so this was inspired by a video that Mara from books like 'whoa made I will link to that below and basically she listed out her top ten favorite authors and it got me thinking I I know who my top ten most read authors are but and that doesn't necessarily make them my favorite so we are going to go through my top ten and in reverse order start with number ten okay so in at number 10 we have JK Rowling this is illustrated with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and really you know I feel like I have to include rolling because just with my generation in general she was just such an undeniable influence on our reading I mean I you know I read all the Harry Potter books as a kid I've reread them here and there throughout the years I'm not like a huge fan but I would say I'm a fan I don't necessarily like her as a person I don't think but I mean just for the Harry Potter series I feel like it would be an injustice not to include her so number 10 JK Rowling in a number nine we have George Orwell so this is down and out in Paris in London I've read most of his books now I think I'm missing one or two favorites include obviously Animal Farm in 1984 homage to Catalonia was great as well burmese days this was great actually down and out in Paris and London as well I like how sometimes he writes novels that are based on the real world and sometimes he literally writes sort of nonfiction stuff you know as is the case in in this book and also in homage to Catalonia so yeah George Orwell number nine you know number eight we have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle this is the sign of the four I've also well I've read all of the Sherlock Holmes stuff I've read the lost world and then I've read a few of his other books so he's also written some so almost like military history books and she was short story collections that sort of thing and I'm slowly working my way through his back catalogue he did develop some weird beliefs towards the end of his life and kind of believing in fairies and stuff which kind of strange but I'm yeah you know big fan of Arthur Conan Doyle and I think I think it's really him who got me into solve the murder mystery genre and then I read I got the Christie later but spoiler alert she may be on this list and number seven we have a Roald Dahl this is the BFG my favorite as a kid was actually George's marvelous medicine I enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory jolly and the great glass elevator was pretty good as well The Witches used to really scare me so yeah I kind of worked through a fair few of his books as a kid then as an adult I have actually read some of his but their stories for adults I've also read a boy and going solo which are his autobiographies he actually used to live about five miles away from here and great miss ndon and there's a Roald Dahl musi and at some point I want to want to go visit for sure but yeah Roald Dahl in at number seven okay number six we have a Charles Bukowski now Bukowski was a poet and a prose writer he wasn't the nicest of people he was basically an alcoholic womanizing gambling addict but he did he could write you know so and also I've always thought I mean there's a there's an ice-cream van okay it's gone so yeah but Kowski wasn't the greatest of people but because he was dead before I started reading him I find it easier to I don't know bridge that gap between you know the earth the art and the artists so yeah I would definitely recommend Bukowski he has this writing style that's kind of quite brutal and blunt but also very poetic at times as well this is a collection of his poetry so I think the best thing to do is to read out one of his poems quickly I'll try and find a short one it is not much I suppose like others I have come through fire and sword love gone wrong head-on crashes drunk at sea and I've listened to the simple sound of water running in tubs and wished to drown but simply couldn't bear the others carrying my body down three flights of stairs to the round mouths of curious biddies the psyche has been burned and left a senseless the old has been darker than lights out in a closet full of hungry bats and the whiskey and wine entered our veins when blood was too weak to carry on and it will happen to others and our few good times will be and it will happen to others and a few good times will be rare because we have a critical sense and are not easy to fool with laughter small maps crawl our screen but we see through to a wasted landscape and let them have their moment we only ask for leopards to guard that are thinning dreams I once lay in a white hospital for the dying and the dying self where some God pissed a rain of reason to make things grow only to die or on my knees I prayed for light I prayed for light and praying crawled like a blind slug into the web where threads of wind stuck against my mind and I died of pity for man for myself on a cross without nails watching and fear as the pig belches in his sty farts blinks and eats this is the people look like flowers at last and yet as Charles Bukowski at number six and number five we have grain green this is his collected essays I don't even know if I necessarily have favorite Graham green books because I've been reading him up on and off for sort of 10 years now I actually discovered him because his short story the destructors or destructors was in donnie darko and i thought it sounded interesting as a story so I grabbed his 21 stories and read that I do like things like troubles with my on the quiet American man in nirvana some of his sort of more lights by fiction he kind of distinguished his works between some of them are novels and some of them are entertainments and it's really his entertainments I love more because they're his not always he tends to be thought of more as like a Catholic novelist even though he is Catholic and he is a novelist but he's not a Catholic novelist if that makes sense but yeah Graham Greene number five and number four we have philip pullman who wrote Northern Lights and His Dark Materials trilogy which is what I always credit is my favorite book of all time this is the subtle knife here I have read a bunch of his other stuff as well so I've also read his Sally Lockhart series which was great I read The Good Man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ recently which was pretty good the file would make his daughter I enjoyed that so yeah Philip Pullman in at number four not quite my favorite author but he is up there at number three we have Agatha Christie and this is after the funeral everyone knows that I'm a big Agatha Christie fan I've probably read maybe 3040 of her books now I tend to prefer Miss Marple to Poirot actually although I do enjoy them both and yeah she's one of those authors that for sure I'm just gonna slowly work my way through and she's gonna be one of my all-time favorite authors for all time but not my favorite and number two we have Stephen King and this is represented by the Green Mile again people know him as Stephen King fan and he's another one of those authors I'm slowly working my way through all of his books I am getting now I think I probably read more of his books than Agatha Christie's although I couldn't swear by that and yeah I haven't really read any of his books that I haven't liked there are some I've enjoyed less than others I'm actually currently reading bag of bones and I'm not particularly enjoying it but yeah definitely worth a read from from me Stephen King number two and so drumroll please you know number one is Terry Pratchett and this is snuff he's my most reloj author I just love his stuff I've read pretty much all of the Discworld books most of his non-death school books as well and I've even worked through a lot of stuff like the Discworld Calendar and things like that that are kind of sort of spin-offs or whatever so so yeah Terry Pratchett for sure my favorite author I would say even though I don't I don't read him as much as I used to I've actually been reeved rereading him for the read-a-thon and really enjoy that but obviously with his new books there are only gonna be a finite number of them so I'm trying to take my time with them and you know make them last but yet terry pratchett and that number one so we have it those are my 10 favorite authors of all time don't forget to let me know in the comments what you think of this list whether you're surprised by it at all let me know if you've read any these authors as well hit that like button if you've enjoyed this video hit subscribe for more and I will see you soon for another bookish video thanks a lot bye bye


  1. That ice-cream truck interlude cracked me up 😂 So many great authors here, and authors I want to read one day.

    I was introduced to Graham Greene through Donnie Darko too 😉 Stephen King is up there on my list as well

  2. Interesting choices. Pratchett and Rowling would be on my list. Don't think Roald Dahl would quite make it. My husband loves the Sherlock Holmes books but I've not read any – I probably should. There's an anthology in our bedroom.

  3. Roald Dahl is great, I really want to pick up his autobiographies soon. Ashamed to still not have read The Northern Lights trilogy haha. Stephen King is definitely on my favourite authors list too. Terry Pratchett is so great! What's your favourite of his books? Think I'm tied between Going Postal and Monstrous Regiment. Great video!

  4. I'm with you on most of these. I've never made an attempt to rank my top ten authors, but Orwell, Pratchett, Greene, and Pullman would definitely be in consideration. I've also enjoyed Rowling, King, Agatha Christie, and Roald Dahl and Doyle. I've never read Bukowski, but I'm with you on all the others.

  5. I also find it easier to read and appreciate the work of dead authors who were, for lack of a better term, bad people than living authors who are bad people.

  6. Have you seen the Bukowski documentary, Born Into This? It’s an interesting look at the man and, of course, his dark side. My heart probably would have stopped if Agatha Christie wasn’t on this list. Haha!

  7. I want to reread the Harry Potter series this year. I love Animal Farm! 😍 Great picks, Dane! I really like that they're authors from different genres.

    PS The ice cream truck! 😂 I struggle with cars passing by my house when I film too. Haha.

  8. Is it just me, or is the music that emanates from ice cream trucks creepy as all hell?! Great picks! I also prefer Miss Marple to Poirot. 😀

  9. I think I could probably have guessed most of those and got Terry Pratchett for number one but the order of the rest would have been a huge guess. Still can't believe I haven't read Agatha Christie 😊

  10. This is a great list !! I am just starting to read His Dark Materials (read the first one and loved it) , I've also read The Firemakers daughter and really enjoyed it . Love Roald Dahl's writing a lot obv !! I am making it my mission to read more Agatha Christie … enjoyed what I have read so far XX I have never read any Terry Pratchett 🙈 … I will try to at some point though 😉

  11. I've seen you mention these authors before, thus I'm not too surprised by this list. I still haven't read Bukowski or Greene, and definitely plan to read Stephen King in future – as I say every time you mention a King book.

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