NEW!! Imaginary Authors "O, Unknown" Fragrance Review

NEW!! Imaginary Authors "O, Unknown" Fragrance Review

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[Applause] hi guys that's when I was everyone doing good good good I hope today I'm reviewing the latest fragrance to come from imaginary authors I was really over the moon recently too and luckily enough to be contacted by the guy who owns this company Josh Meyer so thank you very much Josh I'm so glad that I'm kind of on your radar I have a few dream your fragrances before I'm about to buy some more samples tomorrow but for now this one came out the other day it's called Oh unknown and let me tell you a little bit about this company so imaginary authors all of their fragrances are based on stories or books that aren't real and the authors aren't real but this is a brand that I really like because perking to me should be a fantasy and I really gravitate towards the companies out there at the moment such as zoologist and these guys that put a lot of theming and thought into the fragrance obviously I love the elegant stuff that's just simply you know tuberose magnifique or whatever you want to say anything like that but I really like things that have a fantasy element and this brand hits it on the head every time every single well pretty much all of them that I've spotted anyway have had a note pyramid that contains something that makes your ears perk up a little bit and you go have it what's that a very strange note for instance they have a fragrance called the soft lawn which has tennis ball in it and clay and then they have bulls blood which has Bulls blood in it and just really unusual things like that so and this particular one is about a guy called Philip server he is the author who found out that he had a year to live and went on an expedition into the unknown Oh unknown so he left from Madagascar went to Tibet went to Bangladesh went to China and I guess this is the same story of what he smelled when he went so come in let's smell it to see what this guy who's probably dead now unfortunately smelled on his way so Josh sent me this lovely little box and who sent me a 14 mil travel sprayer of the fragrance which I'm just so grateful to have and and yeah it's just beautiful package and it comes with a little card you can spray on behind I'm gonna do it on skin obviously I have worn it three or four times now so I feel like getting to know it a little bit and I'll read you the votes so the mote cygnus they don't ever do a pyramid as such it's more just a list of notes so this one says black tea lapsang souchong tincture which is also T or s butter kyoto los musk balsam sandalwood and then it just has three question marks so I'm guessing that's the fantasy note in this one I'm not sure if it even is in there I think maybe imaginary authors are just playing with us or maybe maybe making us try to guess what it is I think I might know what it is what's also really quirky is they always have on their website underneath the fragrance when to wear just as a bit of fun and this one says at the risk of sounding bleak this night could be your last because obviously you know the guy have a year to live and splash on Oh unknown and plunge forth into prosperity and joy repeat as often as you are able before you die so let me spray on my hand I'm actually wearing it today but I'm gonna refresh you on my hand that the sprayer is lovely it sprays out such a gorgeous mist I really like it so while that's drying I feel like this fragrance is literally two fragrances I feel like it's night and day there is a definite switch in the way it smells from when you first put it on to when it's dry always tickling my nose so that opening to me is really easy to pick apart but not in a bad way it's just very very distinct so the main thing you can smell in this is black tea leaves you know sometimes you get tea in tins and you've got the dried black tea leaves in there it literally smells like a very realistic black tea quite prominently so it has a horrible dry edge and beginning you can also really smell the Auris butter but even though it's almost butter it doesn't feel buttery it's actually a very light and airy iris kind of smell so it's tea its iris and it also smells like paper to me and that's very strange but that's why I expect from imaginary authors I expect there to be some kind of all where that stuff's very cool so to me it smells like I said suppose papery it smells like you've you're smelling of sweet perfume scented paper and I got a very weird image in my head which I'll share with you but I'm gonna at the risk of sounding like a weirdo but I was reminded of Greece you know when Sandy writes a letter to Dani and she sprays the perfume on it or someone does it someone sprays perfume on a love letter to someone I immediately thought of that I thought of a love letter that had been scented with delicate iris and this papery herb or nurse kind of thing and it was very weird and very real and it happened immediately so yeah that's where my brain went there's a light an extremely light spice to this as well but it's really more about this purpley smelling very light and airy floral with a horrible dry T edge at the beginning and then it changes so quite quickly probably about half an hour after you spray on on me anyway this turns very different it turns to a place that I've found quite similar where's the other four or five imaginary author fragrances I've smelled they seem to have a common thread in the dry down and it's something that is quite rough I've mentioned this before in my reviews about them this goes to a rough much darker side when it's dry there's a sandalwood in here but it's not a powdery exotic sounder wood it's like the roughest side of wood and I'm gonna put myself out there and say that this question mark whether it's an O or not almost feels like there might be vetiver in the base to me because it goes from this Airy pretty kind of thing to something quite masculine I think so it's kind of juxtaposed from from wet to dry and that's really cool but I do think that the dry down smells similar to other dry downs by this brand and if that's their signature so be it that's just how they roll I guess but I really like it I've smelled other things by them that are a lot bolder this one feels quite delicate there are other things that I haven't tried but I will things like st. julep and I think there's one called violet disguise which I'm guessing might have that lighter sort of fresher thing all the ones I've tried have been heavy so light to dark that's how this one goes I really love that paper II iris kind of thing in kind of virus or iris butter kind of makes things that smell a little bit like make up a little bit lip sticky but as I said before it remains very light it's not heavy iris like you might find in things like shadow my initial or other things that contain heavy iris can't remember Abed right now so I do feel like it's intensifies when it gets dry it's never super protecting or super strong it's wearable it's medium I think on all levels in terms of projection and longevity also I get about 7 hours out of it which is fairly medium for you know the state fragrances in nowadays and that's it really I just just say just to expand a little bit on the dry down part it is much rougher it goes from airy to rough and it's actually dry here and – it feels kind of spiky when it's dry is very different I wasn't really wasn't expecting that all I'm guessing that this question mark now is some kind of dry word the overall feeling of this fragrance is something dry as a whole anyway there's no kind of juiciness or citruses to freshen 8 things like that it's a dry herbal tea with a lovely papery Oris and then a spiky rough almost vetiver like woody dry down and that's pretty much all I can say about it I've had real fun wearing this and I'm gonna wear it a lot more as well now I had this so thank you so much once again Josh for sending me this what am i doing that's gonna ruin it anyway guys I'll post links to my other imaginary authors reviews that I did quite a while back actually up here I have a few more to do if you want to click my loan and I'm there to subscribe to find out about more reviews what I do please go ahead and make speeches soon goodbye [Applause]

  1. It's funny, but your the only one who mentions the smell of paper.. I get that too. I like this one, but it only lasts a few hours on my skin, fades quickly, and it's gone completely !!

  2. That's cool. Eau de Grass , and Apres Tennis! 🙂 Tom, may I ask- is there a connection between the colour of a fragrance and its' type or general category? Or am I imagining things again? Thank yoooooo 🙂

  3. So I’ve tried very nearly all of their scents, and I’ll tell you this about Violet Disguise – it’s not what you expect. It is one of their heavier scents for sure, full of plum and dried fruits, plus that dusty scent that I so often get from the brand. I would love to see you review more from them, as I really love them (and Josh, he’s so great!) and I think your take on a lot of their scents would be super interesting.
    I just got my sample of O, Unknown yesterday and this made me extra excited to try it!

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