Niger: African leaders launch ‘historic’ trade agreement

Niger: African leaders launch ‘historic’ trade agreement

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Leaders met for an extraordinary summit of the African Union in Niamey, Niger on Sunday to launch an agreement creating a continental free-trade bloc. 54 nations have joined the organisation so far with Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buharu signing the treaty at the meeting.

“We are about to activate one of the biggest commercial free zones in the world. It’s a home to 1.2 billion people and has a total GDP of 3.4 trillion dollars. We are proud of this great achievement, although we know that the road ahead is going to be long”, said Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi who is currently chairing the African Union in introductory remarks.

The landmark agreement is set to remove most of tariffs and other commercial obstacles for the bloc.

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