Nine9 Modeling and Acting: How to Get Jobs, Casting Calls & Auditions

Nine9 Modeling and Acting: How to Get Jobs, Casting Calls & Auditions

We all want to be on TV or the big screen but we don’t know how. Now you can learn how by simply watching this video. Visit for more information.

Nine9 helps the other 99 percent of people that don’t have an agent or an agency.

If you need help nine9 can help you. If you want to do it on your own it is going to cost way more in the end. Let nine9 show you some short cuts and time saving practices so you can use your time and money more wisely.

Read some of Nine9’s success stories.

Aaliyah S
Talent ID: 129457
I had a photo shoot with Mr. Greg Daniels. He is so awesome as is his whole staff. He took his time with me and we had a blast. They brought out the best in me and made me feel very comfortable; I loved every minute of it! It was the best experience I have had and has so much fun doing it. I love my pictures! Thank you Greg Daniels and staff and Nine9 Dallas for making my dreams start to came true!

Evelyn C
Talent ID: 122699
My experience with Nine9 has been rewarding. Their consistency and wanting to be involved helps motivate myself further. In the beginning, I did have doubts but as time continued on more and more opportunities became available. That’s the work ethic and positivity anyone with a dream needs behind them! I’ve come so far within these last six months and with their help I know I can go further in my career.

Jermaine G
Talent ID: 123448
Hello all, I wanted to share my experience with Nine9. Since becoming a talent with Nine9 I have been on numerous Casting Calls that have lead me to other fashion model call backs. My experience is helping me build my modeling portfolio and I wish to expand into acting soon as well as get more modeling and acting training with Nine9 in VA.
2016 was a busy year for me. I started the year off being in a music video, I was also published in a prestigious online wedding blog/magazine and then Nine9 gave me my first opportunity with modeling by sending me for DC Fashion Week 2016. After that event I have continued to go on multiple modeling call backs and I have been in five different Fashion Shows in which I have walked the runway.

I hope 2017 leads to more work whether it’s more modeling casting calls or acting gigs. Thanks!

Jermaine G aka Jnyce24592 IG & SC & FB

Tara C
Talent ID: 128551
Hey there! I’m Tara Campbell and I signed with Nine9 and absolutely love everything about it! I get casting after casting now that I’m with them! I’m from Ohio but took a visit to the Nine9 location in Miami, Florida and did a photoshoot with them! Shout out to the Miami staff too for being so awesome and a huge thanks to Nine9 and their amazing staff that have been so nice to me since the day I walked in! My dreams became a reality! Thank you so much Nine9!

picture this a girl just wrapped up a meeting with a noteworthy and well-respected talent agent she walked and proudly showed them her resume and headshot and she was expecting a follow-up phone call as days turned into weeks and even months that excitement quickly sours as she realized that she didn't get a call back now she's left wondering where to even go next as disheartening as this rejection is it's the reality for most actors and models every single day being an actor or a model is not all fun and games it requires constant work research diligence and optimism to carry someone from audition to audition of all the talents in the country only a small fraction are chosen by agents to be represented so where does that leave the rest of us who are fighting tooth and nail to follow our dreams nine-nine is here to be your foot in the door we're a talent company that believes in the 99% of actors and models whose hard work and ambition goes overlooked we want to help you grow and the last thing we want is for your potential to be discouraged or worse yet go to waste there are a lot of misconceptions concerning what we offer as a service this is because no other company currently does what we do for decades there have only been so many options for aspiring actors and models looking to break into the business here at 99 we are revolutionising that process change always brings its fair share of naysayers and doubt so we'd like to clear the air about who we are and what we have to offer aspiring actors and models isn't 99 just another talent agency no we are not most talent agencies consist of a small number of agents who each represent a small number talent agents specifically weed out people to find the ones they believe have star power star power in most cases often means years of professional experience connections with other powerful people in the industry and quite a bit of money on hand for every hundred people who audition for an agent maybe one is chosen a lot of talented actors and models however don't have the resume network or money to stand out to an agent it's a business and agents won't just take anyone who doesn't live up to their own standards regardless of how much talent you bring to the table 9:9 believes that everyone who has serious and committed should have a shot at achieving their dream if you lack experience our dedicated team of professional photographers trainers and casting Department experts can show you how to get the experience if your expectations are realistic we can help you jump-start a career there is no question that for anyone that goes through the entire process by filling out an application attend an open call signs up with 99 sets up their customizable marketing material complete their online profile searches the castings in their account provided by 99 submits to and attends auditions and casting calls booked a discounted photo shoot uploads professional photos stays active on social media attends meet and greets set it by 99 utilizes the training resources in their back office provided by 99 and masters a success mindset follow these steps and you increase your chance of being successful by 10 times we can't promise that will make you a star overnight but we will provide you with the tools and platform to help you succeed thousands of actors and models have gotten their start through 99 utilizing our four-step proven process to gain exposure stand out from the crowd and build their skill set I've added a link below if you decide you would like to get started fill out an application today you


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