Non UK / US Book Recs

Non UK / US Book Recs

Just a few books by non UK / US authors πŸ˜€

Thanks to Devon Munn for suggesting this video πŸ™‚


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hey guys it's cursory okay cut some camera and today I'm doing a video that was chosen by one of the winners on my queue a giveaway type deal and that was Devin mourn so Devin got to choose a few videos that I'm going to be doing and today is one of them days Matty's books by non-uk slash us authors nothing small just gonna throw it out there I am NOT any sort of knowledgeable person on books not by US or UK people but I do have a select few are not saying these are better than all the other books ever published for enly I'm saying that these are some that I enjoyed and I'm sharing that to you okay so first of all I'm gonna be talking about – now fiction books both of these were written by Norwegian authors and if you've been in a while you've probably heard of these but you know let me just talk about them anyway so first up one of us by this is a whole new person definitely the wrong pronunciation as may see you stirred that's wrong but that's what it looks like so I'm gonna go with that so yeah basically this is about the massacre that happened in 2011 in Norway by Anders Breivik basically he set a bomb near the Parliament Hill place in Oslo then he traveled to utΓΈya which is one of the fjord islands which was holding a young person's left political type camp and killed a lot of people under the age of 18 and yeah this was really heroin it made me cry a lot talking about it in my wrap-up when I first read this I cried for like seven minutes when I was talking about it it's very heavy it's very descriptive of what happens so if you can't read about that then definitely stay away from this case very clinical about where the bullets went and how people were killed and it's just amazing it's an amazing book if you are interested at all in true crime in real life things happen in the thing that I loved the most about this book was that a lot of it was told from the perspectives of the people who were the victims as well as the murderer that did it so we're not just following him and hyping him up and giving him all the the credit and all of the popularity and the fame it's about the people that it happened to and it goes into their childhood when they were younger they growing up their family life so you get to know the people that it happened to and then some of them died and some of them didn't so it's very much connecting with the victims are not just with the killer which a lot of books or documentaries or whatever do when they're talking about true crime they put so much emphasis on the person that did it and not enough on the victims and that's why I love this book so much and don't worry the second one is not that heavy the next one is the kontiki expedition by tor hey Adele or just all of Thor Heyerdahl books here at the kontiki expedition there are expedition and the Tigris I've not read that tyrese yet but I know all about this because I went to the Museum in Oslo twice because I loved it so much so yeah this book and the others just follow the expeditions so it was an explorer and he did a lot of sea travel and proven that certain people originated from other places that people didn't believe to begin with because it's so far apart and build a raft go across the ocean and prove that migration theory is correct just extremely interesting if you're interested in sea travel in boats in culture and yeah if you ever in Oslo definitely visit the kontiki museum because it's great next up sticking with the Norwegian authors because why not I have your blue by Nina Rossing this is my favorite the interesting book I also really enjoyed supermassive but I'm just gonna throw this one out first instead I'm basically this is a gay contemporary where an American kid does something bad and then he sent to his grandparents in Norway on a farm and he has to work on the farm and then there's a farm worker there and things happen between them too and yeah it was good I liked it it was set in Norway so I love the visual of Norway in general so of course I was going to enjoy this if you want a why a Brokeback Mountain I guess this would work next we have stags run by Isaiah fella I thought I'd stick in the similar sort of place so Zia is from Denmark this is a book that I read last month I have the next book in the series as well and I did enjoy it so there you go obviously I enjoyed it I wouldn't be recommending your book that I thought was terrible so yes tags ruin is about this guy who is the bastard son of the Queen but she died so he's with the royal family and then one of the rival nations kills off the king and his brother and basically tells everybody that he was the one that killed them so he has to go on the run with a slave but yeah this was a fun book the first one is very slow burn it's an enemies two lovers there's no romance in the first book so if that's what you have – it's not gonna happen but it is a slow burn gay fantasy type thing trying to prove that he's innocent and he didn't kill his brother and his stepdad the King and Prince and Poulos the cover is really pretty so that's the thing next up again sticking in the same sort place that a bit of Europe we have last winter's snow by handsome Hershey so handsome Hershey is from Switzerland but this book is saying Sweden so I guess double the non UK / US vibes and this is a story that spans about 30 years in the relationship of these two guys that are in Sweden one of them is just a regular Swedish guy one of them is a Sami who are the native people of Sweden and Norway and Russia that's all area anyway and yet this follows those two guys in a relationship and it explains through 30 years the AIDS crisis how people treat LGBT people marriage equality all that's all business just it's interesting if you want to see a whole cross-section of time and politics to do with LGBT people then this is a good book for you to check out and on the topic of Sweden we have boom Let The Right One In by John I'd read Lynn forest which is definitely one hundred percent pronounced wrong like the first book was bought let it slide okay first of all let me just quickly throw it out there there it's cover even now in general I don't care about books machen about covers about how books look but there's an exception when they're terrible movie covers and I'm just gonna be that guy I read this book before this movie came out but I borrowed it from a friend and then I saw this in a charity shop and then bought it even though I hate the cover and also that this version was terrible well it wasn't really terrible it's just exactly the same as the first original Swedish film so what was the point in doing it just worse this video is not about book adaptations boards spoilers I am doing a video about book adaptations that I've been watching recently so head back for that so yeah let the right one in is about vampire it's about kids it's just a really great book you should read it um if you are triggered by rape scenes and don't read it I don't think anybody talks about this but in the book there's a pretty aggressive visual rape scene so don't read it if you don't want to read about that but also I always forget to put this in my LGBTQ books videos when I did all the LGBTQ books I own video got talked about this but if you haven't read it one of the main characters Eli Ellie who knows is genderless both slash all of the genders don't know apparently in the original there is a Swedish word that is genderless or gender-neutral but then it you can't translate that in English so I think they use she and he in the book and in the original film the person play in Eli /le is very undred Eunice so you kind of got memorized but in the American remake it doesn't but yeah kids vampires blood crazy cap scenes like the right one in and last but not least let's move away from Europe boom Japan Death Note obviously read this it's great it's about death demons I can't remember the word or not called demons cause something else oh god my demons God death guards if you get the death note you can write people's names in it and kill them all that jazz great book everybody's more intelligent than any character written by a westerner ever and yeah these teenagers will blow your mind about how intricate and how second third fourth guessing they are everybody else's moves great serious so yeah so there we go those were some books by non-us / UK authors hopefully there's something there that you haven't read yet and sounds interesting again so I throw out there I am in no way any sort of connoisseur of foreign language books but those were some that I enjoyed so yeah let me know down below what are some of your favorite books written by non-us / UK authors or if you read any of them like me now if this is your first movie by me you enjoy and please check out so me others and if you continue to join and please subscribe that'd be awesome anyway guys I'll see you in a few days with another video


  1. One of Us sounds really interesting but like a difficult read. Let the Right one In is one of my favourite books ever! It's so good and the themes in it are so complex and well handled. I love the treatment of Eli and gender, it's so interesting. Deathnote is so great, I need to reread them all again! Great video πŸ™‚

  2. (Please excuse my ignorance but) isn't Eoin Colfer technically not a UK author? Not in the spirit of the question, but…

    From the one class in Swedish I took, I believe their nouns have three genders – masculine, feminine, and neuter.

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