O.V. Wright - God Blessed Our Love~When a Man Loves a Woman~That's How Strong My Love Is

O.V. Wright – God Blessed Our Love~When a Man Loves a Woman~That's How Strong My Love Is

O.V. Wright – God Blessed Our Love~When a Man Loves a Woman~That’s How Strong My Love Is

I'd like to take a little timeout to tell you that no love would last except God be in the friend you see I remember reading well it has been said by them are older Dave you had to have a marriage life but God said I joined together let no man put asunder so every night before we go to bed I take my babe and we get out and lay thy head toward heaven and then we played God was sending us to each other we also thanked him but I know so close together you see we could have fallen by the wayside but one cake for without them we also thanked him for being so good and so kind all night long right behind in the moon when I I can just rehab Oh in your one thing I like about it it makes me no no no no you see we got something we got something I'm sure we'd all be proud of we've got so much so much love we got so much so much can't you see a halo hey that's why I like this heaven on ah oh I like the back Oh God God said another thing Oh I like Sweden you hold on you won't in you I know I like I can't understand why a man would went all to be long and bring his paycheck on Friday evening it and put it in in one my left and still she'll go out and find another man see I don't understand why he would let her stay out all night alone and steal I don't understand why but I guess she could never never do him no wrong he cut it back down No is very less time go sleep out in the rain you backed away No everything Oh all along chicken bring him boy he can feel you'll be the last one to know you see I had a loved one and I felt so good about it I had to go tell all my free I would've told my mother I told my father I told my sister and I told my brother if you just don't know what this woman mean to me if I were the Shona I would go everywhere even me the moon after the shot go down so you see so you can feel around let's go that's how strong my dog if I were fish now this is the bad situation of I will stay there yeah you will let me even be the wing I walk you home yes oh that's a strong I will and was I gave a ride well that's a strong Oh ah I would right now


  1. All the singing you could do a woman still gonna do what she wants so why should a man devote his self to a woman! Women are evil they whole sole purpose is to seek n destroy

  2. Just know of him! What a voice 👍🏼🤚🏾🤚🏾🤚🏾🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏼🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯🌹🌹🌹🌹

  3. this was when men treated a woman like a prize and not like these boy's treat women today. this is what rue love is about. 38 years no outside children no accusations of cheating that's how strong our love is

  4. I grew up listening to this type of singing, although it wasn't until I got grown that the lyrics seem to have been written about my life. I can't articulate words to express my feelings of love!

  5. I remember when I first herd this track back in 1988 I was just turning 8 years old and my mom and uncles was playing spades and this song came on the 📻 and my mom blasted it so loud and started singing it like she was OV herself the memories just come rushing back every time I listen to this song and now 30 years later it's just like im a kid all over again wow powerful love song I've every herd greatful I had the chance to hear this again rest in peace Mr O V WRIGHT MY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOUR FAMILY until next time brother

  6. To had achieved this kinda love after getting married at age 20, and after 24yrs being as One, death has robbed me of the fruits of longevity. This song really just makes my heart burst in sorrow but surely we had something to be proud of and honored the holy union.

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