1. Although fully criminal like the rest of Fagins gang. Nancy is inheriantly good she too when she was about Olivers age in the book she was brought into the nightmare world of Fagin unaware intially what kind of a man he was.She sees something Oliver has the oppourtinity to do that she never did it is to bring him out of the nightmare world of Fagin before it is to late like it is for her. Not only does she save his life but. It is for her own survival that she stays with the gang
    In the book Rose Maylie tells her who does not appear in this movie that it is never to late to repent and she said if the gang did not provide her with food clothing and shelter that she would start life aknew but it was to late since
    that was all she had know since child hood. But her final drop of heroism in her many times of protecting Oliver is to give her life so that he may live.

  2. I watch this movie often. When I was at school I was not socially mature enough to see that the book was written with several layers of meaning . His Social Criticism is only one level. Even his use of character names is on a level that is not directly obvious. Many thanks for making us think about what life was about then !

  3. There is a scene that has been edited out. When Bill and Oliver are at the house, that they are going to burgle and Bill sends Oliver inside. Saw it many years ago. It's not on my DVD either.

  4. Before I saw this I thought “The Elephant Man” as depicting a London of the past in the most realistic manner ever in film. I think Oliver Twist May match that authenticity.

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