One Night in Miami... How did Kemp Powers become a playwright?

One Night in Miami… How did Kemp Powers become a playwright?

#OneNightInMiami… writer Kemp Powers tells us how he became a playwright and his career prior to this.

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how did I become a playwright that's a good question I was actually play writing is actually my second career it's a fairly new thing that's happened to me over the past six years I was a journalist first I worked as a journalist for almost 17 years at a variety of national and international publications and organizations including Reuters but the arts and theatre has always been a personal love of mine I'm from New York City originally so going to theater was always a big part of my life and as I started writing creatively as a hobby I always saw theater as something that I could enjoy but I'd never actually be able to do but just like with anything in life I think if you do something long enough you wake up one day and realize you've actually become pretty competent at it so at the same time that my journalism career was kind of winding down I realized that I spent many years writing short plays and now full-length plays and decided to take a stab at that world so I finally started sharing my creative work with people and I was lucky and that it went over pretty well with them

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