Outlander's Sam Heughan Isn't Scottish Enough for Fans | Vanity Fair

Outlander's Sam Heughan Isn't Scottish Enough for Fans | Vanity Fair

“Jamie” of Outlander reveals his dreams about bodybuilding, his on-set bonding with Caitriona Balfe, and his intense scar makeup routine.

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Outlander’s Sam Heughan Isn’t Scottish Enough for Fans | Vanity Fair

you you're not as ginger as I thought you're not as Scottish as I thought where's the kill any time we meet fans its they're just so genuinely enthusiastic and supportive sometimes in the strangest places you know in in the gym or in the changing rooms in the gym or recently on a flight to New York I had a woman approached me and as I said before you know they're they're always really genuinely enthusiastic about the show yes I just shot this independent movie and in Los Angeles and I had well as much as I could grow a beard a full-on beard and my hair was very different and no I was not training in the gym and trying to be as much as the character as possible being a writer and I went a bit incognito and that was fantastic to be able to sort of go under the radar I mean I I'm really boring that I love that kind of stuff I'm absolutely obsessed with it and during this independent film though short I hadn't I didn't work out for like three four months so I was dreaming about deadlifting no the scarring is terrific we've got an amazing makeup and hair team actually they were the team that I did believe to the first few seasons of Game of Thrones and so they're you know they're very well experienced and you know have full sort of body castings down in London and then the process each day just for the back is about three hours in the morning and then an hour in the evening to take it off but all throughout the day needs touched up and it's reapplied it needs the you know the the painting of it needs to be to be done so it's a it's quite a long process and then towards the end of the season there's some episodes where Jamie gets some real damage to his body all over and yeah I was in I was in sort of a long period of time maybe for four and a half hours in the morning I think I'll just I'll send her the series and then not speak about it again but um I mean to be honest she's seen worse I've done other things on stage or in other productions that I know she sat through and enjoyed so to speak so when a Katrina and I watched some episodes together and that was quite weird you know to be watching him be like ah how did you think what did you think was alright you know it's kind of quite odd we're not like digging holes or saving people's lives but it is something you know an experience that we go through together and so we're there for each other and it feels like we've built up this relationships level of trust and that's why we wanted for the viewer to experience you know we wanted them to see the relationship develop the gray areas or the dark areas as well as the you know the good times I love the horse-riding and I love the physical stuff from the outdoor stuff and it's incredible and I also particularly enjoy any days that I'm with the other Highlander boys you know the gray MacTavish or Gary Lewis or any of the cast there's such a great bunch of people to to bounce off of and the days I'd read I mean you know the more intimate or more graphic scenes are you know just a challenge and you just know that you need an extra level of of concentration and you need to just work them a you know a bit harder and I think it's always gratifying when you finish them as well you


  1. Sam Heughan is one very fine specimen of a man. God certainly broke the mold after him. I find him to be very Scottish enough! He does his role proud, to say the every least. After watching Seasons 1-4, I couldn't imagine anyone playing the part of Jaime better.

  2. Honestly, his and Cait’s chemistry is what sets outlander apart and makes it “out”standing ….. hahaha sorry couldn’t help myself. But seriously watching them together is a dreammmmm. I swear the casting directors struck gold with these two and putting them together. 🤤♥️😍😍🙌 #perfection

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