Panchatantra Tales in English For Kids | Panchatantra Stories Collection For Children

Panchatantra Tales in English For Kids | Panchatantra Stories Collection For Children

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Pebbles present Panchatantra Tales in English. A collection of Panchatantra Stories For Kids, Panchatantra Stories For Children.

Pebbles Panchatantra Stories Collection contains the following stories

Monkey and Crocodile
The Loyal Mongoose
Dove and Ant
Three Fishes
Crow and Snake
The Blue Jackal
The Four Friends
The Wise Old Bird
Tortoise and Geese
The Boat
Wise Little Rabbit
The Clever Bull
The Stork and the Crab
Union Is Strength
The Lion Makers
The Horse and the Donkey
The King and The Noble Deer
Lion and Jackal
Talking Cave
Mouse Maid Made Mouse
The Magic Stick

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Panchatantra Tales in English For Kids | Panchatantra Stories Collection For Children

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Easy Drawing and Craft

the monkey and the crocodile once there lived a monkey on a rose apple tree which was full of fruits on the banks of a river one day a crocodile came out of the river and asked the monkey to give him some fruits as he was very hungry the monkey did so the Crocs I happily ate the fruits and went back to the other side of the river to his wife and told her about the taste of the fruits his wife was very greedy hmm if the fruits are so tasty and the monkey eats them every day I'm sure his heart must be very tasty dear bring his heart to me the crocodile not knowing what to do went to the monkey hey Lennie my wife has invited you for a grand party why don't you come with me the monkey accepted his invitation and climbed behind him and they started their journey they were halfway there when the crocodile could not hide the truth any longer so he told the monkey it sure reason why he was taking him the monkey was very clever he immediately replied oh dear friend you should have told me this before I left my heart on the branch of the tree if you take me back I will give you my heart both of them went back to the tree the monkey jumped off and hollered of the tree my friend go now to your wicked wife and tell her that her husband is the biggest fool in the world moral do not encourage greediness the four friends once in a beautiful jungle lived four friends a deer at or toys at row and a mouse they all spent most of the time together he regularly met under a big mango tree one day as usual everyone gathered at the usual place but the deer did not turn up all the other friends were very worried hit or toys asked the crew to go and find out why the deer did not turn up so the crow flew away in search of the deer he searched everywhere finally he found the deer trapped in a hunter's net the deer was crying out for help the crew was shocked to see his friend in danger he went back to his other friends and informed them they decided to send the mouse to cut the net with his teeth the crew carried the mouse on his back and flew to the deer and the tour toys followed them the mouse began to cut the net with the help of his teeth soon the Jia was free by that time the hunter was back the crow flew up to a tree the mouse hid behind the tree the deer ran far away but the tortoise could not move fast the hunter caught hold of him and tied him in a net now the other friend was in danger the deer thought of an idea he stood in the path of the hunter to attract him as soon as the hunter saw the deer he dropped the net and ran to catch the deer in the meantime the mouse cut open the net and saved the door toys the Jia ran fast and escaped from the hunter the hunter came back and saw the net empty the four friends were back together happily Maru united we stand divided we fall the wise old bird deep in the forest there stood a very tall tree this tree was the home of a flock of doves one of the doves was a wise old bird he noticed a small creeper at the foot of the tree he called the other birds dear friends can you see a small creeper at the foot of the tree let's destroy it or else it's become a problem for us anyone can easily climb up the birds did not agree as they were careless and did not feel the danger in it soon the creeper started to grow thicker and stronger it began winding its way up the tree one morning when the doves gone out in search of food a hunter came to the tree and spread his neck there to catch the flock of doves in the evening the doves returned home the did not notice the net and found themselves trapped in it he cried for help and sought the advice of the wise old tub dear friends the hunter will come to take us in the morning everybody should pretend to be dead dead birds are useless to a hunter he'll throw us away when he throws the last one we shall all fly away at once next morning when the hunter came the table stood what the wise dogs had said and flew away happily the hunter was surprised to see all of them is morale listen to what your end or say the tour toys and the to geez once they lived at or toys and to geez they lived happily together for many years for a long time there was no rain and the country was hit by a drought many people and animals who were living in the country started dying birds flew away to safer places the two geese saw the danger of the drought they too decided to move away to another place they told the tore toys about their decision to move away why do you bid farewell to me am I not your friend won't you help me but how can we help you bring a long stick both of you hold it with the help of your beak on either side I will hold the stick in the middle make my amount and all three of us can fly away from here the geese agree to the idea don't try to utter a single word or open your mouth on the way hey why would I do such a foolish thing huh as discussed they started their journey they flew higher and higher over fields and Hills finally they flew over a city the people in the city started shouting at the geese and the trot voice as they had never seen such a strange scene before the tour toys did not like the people shouting at him as he opened his mouth to shout back he lost hold of the stick and down he went he hit the ground and died on the spot model foolish pride always has a fall the three fish once upon a time there lived three big fish in a lake one of them was wise he was very careful in his thought another was intelligent and resourceful but the third fish always believed fate one day when the wise fish was leaping about in the water he heard a fisherman see a hole this lake is full of good fish let us fish you tomorrow we can earn a lot of money during this the wise fish went to the other true fish and told them what he heard he advised them to leave the place immediately the intelligent fish was not ready to leave let the fisherman come I will find a way to escape I cannot leave the place where I was born whatever happened with my face the wise fish left the place immediately the next day the fisherman came and caused their net the two friends who did not leave the lake were caught in the net with many other fish the intelligent fish pretended to be dead so the fisherman threw him out along with the other dead fish the third one who believed in fate kept jumping up and down one of the fishermen saw him and struck him dead moral we should not believe in fate the blue jackal once upon a time they lived a jackal in a forest he did not get the day's food so he was very hungry and wandered throughout the forest but could not find any food finally he decided to go to the city as he was walking into the city he heard some dogs bark soon he found a group of dogs running towards him so he rushed into a nearby house which belonged to a Dyer and fell into a tub filled with blue died the dogs who were chasing him returned back as they did not find him the jackal came out blue from the tub and went into the forest all the animals in the forest were frightened to see a new animal the jackal really is that all the animals were afraid of him and took advantage of the situation he'd called the animals towards him oh my dear friends I have been sent by the gods in heaven to protect all of you I will be the king of this jungle all the animals were very happy every day they served him food and took care of all his needs they came to him with their problems and listened to what their king said one day as the king jackal was sitting by the coat he owned a pack of jackals howling in the forest for a long time he had not heard these voices he felt very happy forgetting who was the king he hold back immediately all the animals knew who he really was and started chasing him in anger but the jackal he was already on the run morale we should never pretend to be what we are not the boat a frog a chick a mouse an ant and a ladybird all went out for a walk soon they came to the bank of the stream let's go for a swim the frog jumped into the water but we can't swim the mouse the ant and the ladybird also agreed with the chick all of them were fended they tried to think of doing something they thought and they thought and do you know what they did the chick went away and soon came back with a leaf the mouse fetched a walnut shells the aunt brought a straw and the ladybird a long piece of black thread then they are set to work they stuck the straw to the bottom of the shell and tied the leaf to it with the thread and in a minute they had the prettiest little sailing boat you ever saw they pushed it into the water went on board and off they sailed the Frog stuck his head out of the water and was going to laugh again but the boat was far far away much too far for the Frog to catch up morale never underestimate others the loyal monkeys once there lived a farmer with his wife and a newborn child in a small village one evening when the farmer returned from the day's work he brought with him a tiny little Mongoose deer this little Mongoose will grow along with our child as his pet one day the farmer's wife wanted to go to the market so she put the child to sleep in the cradle she was half hearted to leave the child alone with the Mongoose she told her husband to look after the child please keep an eye on our child soon she was back with a basket full of groceries and vegetables she found the mummies sitting outside as of waiting for her she took one look at the Mongoose and screamed oh my god blood you have killed my son with all her strength she struck the Mongoose and went inside to see her child the child was still fast asleep on the float below the cradle lay a sleigh torn and bleeding the lady realized what had happened she ran to the Mongoose you killed the snake it's in my heart but the Mongoose could not hear what she said she bent down in front of the dead Mongoose and cried Morel don't be hasty in taking decisions the wise little rabbit once in a jungle they left a huge lion that hunted and killed animals in large numbers one day all the animals of the florists assembled together and discussed that if this continues very soon there will be no animal left in the jungle so they decided to meet the lion the next day and talk to him the next day all the animals went to meet the lion they explained the situation to the lion king okay please don't hunt us we will send one animal every day to you as prey as discussed every day one by one the animal started to go to the king as prey that day it was a turn of the clever little rabbit he thought wisely to put an end to the cruel lion he went to the lion Oh Lord today six of us were sent to you as fool but the others was killed my another line on the way another lion where is he show me show me now the rabbit took the lion to a nearby well and asked him to beat inside to see the other line but the lion was foolish he mistook his reflection for another lion Hey who are you I am the only King in this jungle I will kill you the lion jumped into the well and drowned Morel think clever when sure the crows and the snake there was once a huge tree in a forest many birds had built their nests in that tree a big snake saw the tree why this tree will make a nice home for me he started living in it one day the snake saw a nest full of eggs how lucky I now I don't have to go out in search of oh he started eating all the eggs when the birds came back they found their nests empty oh no the snake has it in our eggs what shall we do now a pair of crows thought of a plan to get rid of the snake they flew to a lake where a queen came to bathe regularly they picked up a necklace which she had left on the bank of the lake they reached the tree and dropped the necklace in front of the snakes hole the Queen servants chased the crows and came to the tree they saw the snake near the necklace the cosmic energy AHA and took away the necklace the crows and the other birds lived happily ever after as their eggs were safe now moral there is always a way out of every difficulty the grateful aunt one day an aunt was climbing up the trunk of a tree when suddenly a strong wind blew and pushed her into a nearby stream the small ant struggled in the cold water and tried to reach the bank of the stream a pigeon who was sitting on the branch of the tree saw the poor aunt oh poor aunt I must help her he plucked a leaf from the branch and chopped it near the ant the ant immediately climbed onto the leaf and reached the bank safely the ant climbed up the tree and went near the pigeon thank you dear friend you have saved my life I'm very grateful to you I hope one day I can repay your debt how can this tiny fellow help me he flew away days went by one afternoon when the ant was carrying food home she suddenly saw a pair of legs in front of her that belonged to a hunter he was aiming his bow and arrow towards a tree he hunt was shocked to see the hunter aiming at the pigeon she acted immediately with all her strength she bit the leg of the hunter ahh the hunter missed his aim hearing the sound the pigeon quickly flew away thus the clever aunt was able to repay her debt morel never underestimate others the clever bull why's upon a time a farmer owned a bull that helped him in his field as the bull grew old the farmer abandoned it in the jungle the bull was old but clever he wanted a place to live with enough food soon he found an empty cave with a pond nearby there were pastures of green land with plants shrubs and trees all around the Bulls settle down there one day he saw a lion coming towards the cave the world did not panic hit quickly thought of a plan looking into the cave he called out darling today our kids will have a great feast a lion is coming here keep quiet don't frighten him away as soon as he is near enough I will pick him by my horns and pull him inside Oh God he seems to be a deadly creature I better flee to save my life stop walking what happened the line explained the problem to the jackal why do you laugh he just told you huh what do you mean your majesty the creature your frighten off is just a bull he is healthy food for you come on I will show you huh maybe he's right but that creature how to believe him don't feel ok tie your tail to mine I will lead if the bull attacks I will be the one to suffer this gave the land some courage he dyed his tail to the Jackals tail and walked towards the cave when the Bulls saw the jackal and the lion coming together he realized that the jackal had revealed his secret still he kept cool and called out to the jackal hey jackal I had asked you to bring me two lions you have brought me only one well half my family go without food good no I can stay here anymore run the frightened line ran back and the poor jackal got dragged away behind him because of their tight tails thus the bull saved his life using his brain the stock and the crowd once upon a time Dell into stock in a pond where plenty of fish lived he ate the fish from the pond Fred really and lived happily years past the stock grew old and weak he found a difficult to catch his food so he decided to play a trick on the fish the stock acted very sad he did not even try to catch the fish which passed him a big crowd noticed this and went up to him why do you look so sad you're not even eating your food Oh crab I heard some people discussing to close this pond with body everyone will die here hearing this the fish and crab were allowed Oh God that's that's horrible please tell us so we can save our lives I'm all than we but I'll try to help you there is the bigger and deeper pond some distance away I can take you there and all of you will be safe soon the stock set out on his first trip he started taking the fish one by one and his key and flew away the cruel stock used to carry the fish to a big rock where he ate them up was the turn of the crab he hurt the storks neck and got ready for the journey all the way he did not see any bond instead he saw skeletons of fish everywhere and soon understood the stocks plan so he used all his strength dug his sharp claws into the stocks net and killed him Morel never trust your enemy union is strength every day a flock of doves came to a field where a farmer used to dry his grains after filling the stomach they flew back home a dove hunter what these birds come there every day he then planned to hunt the dogs the next day as usual the birds came to the regular place to eat they were happily eating the grains when suddenly a huge net fell over them the Tufts were trapped by the hunter they were all shocked hey we are trapped what do we do now but the JAF gang was wise I have an idea we all must act together we shall all fly up carrying the net with us as advised by the tough gang they carried the net together and flew away they went to a mouse who was their friend please help us cut the net with your teeth and set us free don't worry I will do it the mouse did as the Daffy King said and set all the doves free the doves were grateful to the little mouse for saving them and with a loud flapping of wings they rose in the air and flew away happily moral united we stand divided we fall the lion makers once they live for free three of them were educated but the fourth friend was not they liked each other very much and spent most of their time together sometimes the three educated men made fun of the foot as he was uneducated one day the four friends had a discussion they wanted to earn money using their intelligence so your four friends decided to go on a trip while they were on their journey they found the bones of a dead animal scattered around they thought that this was the right time to use their intelligence hey I know how to put the bones together I will take care of the skin flesh and blood I can bring the animal back to life the key of them started to assemble the dead animal it's a lion please don't give life to it but the third man did not listen to him he wanted to prove his intelligence no word boatman climbed a nearby tree as the third man gave life the lines bounced on the three men and killed them the fourth well rent very safely after the lion disappeared moral we must always use our common sense horse and the donkey Adobe had a horse and a donkey one day he was going to the market with both his animals the day was very hot the dhobi loaded his donkey with heavy bundles of clothes but the horse carried nothing oh this is too heavy I can't even walk properly brother the Lord is killing me please share some of the Lord hey why should I we are made for riding the donkey felt very bad but continued huffing and puffing the heavy load made the donkey stagger and he fell down oh I have loaded him so heavily the dhobi gave some water to the donkey and transferred the entire load onto the horses back the load was really heavy ah I should have listened to the word donkey an accepted half of the Lord sportingly now I shall have to carry the entire load to the market model we must always help each other the king and the noble dear one day the king and his Katia went into the forest to hunt suddenly a beautiful deer appeared in front of them both of them were astonished to see the beautiful creature who was golden brown with nolde antlers the King turned to his Katya I alone will hunt this beautiful creature he turned towards the tear and shot his arrow but he missed and the deer escaped and ran into the forest wait here I shall follow the deer and hunt him down as the deer moved deeper and deeper into the forest it was difficult for the game to follow suddenly the King stepped into something soft and sticky it was quicksand soon he started sinking in it he cried for help but the courtier was too far away to hear the dia heard the Kings cries he came near him and lowered his head Oh King please hold my antlers I will pull you out of the saddle the King did so and was soon out of the pit the deer took the king to a nearby pond for a wash and followed him back to Miss Katya the King never went out for a hunt again Morel every life deserves respect the talking cave once upon a time there lived a lion in a jungle as usual the land started hunting for prey but found nothing at last he reached a cave and reaches inside hoping that some animal would come in to spend the night the jackal that regularly spent a night there came towards the cave but stopped outside after seeing the footsteps of a lion footprints of a lion hmm so the line is ready to attack me inside the cave look leo chuckle devised a plan good-evening cave no one answered the lion was silent the clever chapel knew that the land was inside okay every day you answer back why not today if I answer the jackal he will come inside and I will get a feast good evening my friend games don't dock you foolish lion go away the jackal ran away oh that jackal how foolish higher moral foolishness has no reward Mouse made made mouse on the banks of the river Ganga they left a large number of holy men they a leader was a man of great learning one day as he was reciting his prayers in the Ganga a tiny Mouse stood in front of him the holy man looked at the mouse what a lovely Mouse I shall take her home using his magical powers he changed the mouse into a little girl he took the girl home to his wife here is our daughter bring her up with love and care years passed and she grew up to be the most beautiful girl in the world the holy man and his wife thought the time had come to find a suitable husband for their daughter our daughter should marry the most powerful man on earth I think a son would be the best choice the holy man using his magical powers asked the son to come down and marry his daughter the son came down to marry the girl oh no father I cannot marry him he's so hot I want someone better the holy man felt sad you can get your daughter married to a cloud as he is very cool the holy man called upon the cloud to come down and marry his daughter but the girl was not happy I will not marry him he looks so dull and dark show me someone better why don't you choose a mountain he's taller and stronger than me now the holy man called upon the mountain but this time to the girls stepped forward no no father he stood tall rough and hard I won't marry him the mouse is greater than me it's true that I'm big and strong but still the mouse makes holes in me as soon as the mousemaid saw the mouse she jumped with joy the holy man thought for a moment and using his magical pass he turned the girl back into a mouse soon they were married and lived happily ever after moral like minds always get along the magic stick there was once a lazy rabbit in a forest one day as he was sitting under a tree he found a stick lying nearby he picked up the stick and began to hit it on the drone hmm I wish I had a lot of carrots he waited and suddenly a heap of carrots appeared in front of him huh I can't believe my eyes this must be a magic stick let me be sure I will stick give me some green grass immediately bundles of draws appeared in front of him yes I found a magic stick Wow now he was sure that it was a magic stick from that day all the rabbit did was eat and sleep one fine day as he was sleeping happily he heard a lion roar some distance away from him huh lion but yes I have a magic stick hey stick transform me into a lion and make this lion or wallet immediately he turned into a lion he was very happy living without fear but the jackal was no longer happy I have been starving since this lion had stopped hunting now I have to go to a nearby forest and call another lion here the lion came with the jackal now as the rabbit Lance saw the real line he was frightened he did not know how to fight the real lion it was now that he understood the creation of God I cannot get the courage of a lion merely by taking his outer form ah Oh magic stick make me a rabbit again and then he left the lion's den forever moral there is a reason behind every creation


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