The jet-setting celebrity lifestyle seems so glamorous: wake up in New York one morning, fly out to London that night, and sign autographs all along the way. It’s a nice fantasy, but being famous doesn’t get you out of having to fly the old-fashioned way, and even award-winning actors, authors, and athletes have to make sure they have all their documents in line before showing up to board their flight. The way those documents look has changed over the years, so this look at fifteen vintage passports featuring famous faces is a little bit of history and celebrity gossip all in one.


  1. I didn’t know you could ever “pose”, even seductively, in a passport photo. Thought had to be boring head and neck directly facing.
    Maybe in Japan not allowed to smile.

  2. I liked that one. It was less than 2 minutes long but took me 10 minutes to get through it so I could pause and read the passports. The only one I noticed that had to used her real name was Norma Jean. I've always wondered what it says on some of their drivers licenses. If it has their stage name or real name. Great video, as always and miss seeing the video clip of you at the end. =D

  3. my mum use to work for an embassy in london in the 60s she was given paul mcartneys passport to process she took a cheeky photocopy of it and gave it back. she still has it lol

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