Paula Quinn on writing historical romance

Paula Quinn on writing historical romance

Historical romance author Paula Quinn has just released Conquered by a Highlander the fourth book in her popular Children of the Mist series. All four books received a rating of RT Top Pick! In today’s interview with RT’s Morgan, the author reveals how she uses real-life politics and religion in the series. Quinn also lets us in on why new release is very close to her heart. And then don’t miss your chance to find out what’s ahead for this talented writer. (If you were wishing for more Highlanders, you might get your heart’s desire!)

hi I'm work and remus with arty book reviews and today I'm joined by Poliquin who is a historical romance author of the Scottish variety you write delicious heroes Highlanders and I'm so super excited because right now you're finishing up you're series your children of the miss series with conquered by a Highlander every single one of these books in the series received a top pick which means it is an outstanding series and we can recommend to everyone I'm Kate for those who haven't um started the series yet can you give a little background about how you came into these books and what they can expect yes the my whole Scottish series really started with layer of the mist column McGregor and Cate Campbell and you know in history the McGregor was in the Campbells were enemies for a long time and we just started with them I told the story of the McGregor prescription their history through column my favorite book out of out of all of them authors say they don't have a favorite i do i'm telling you right now that's my favorite and he's my favorite hero um I'm so sorry feel I feel so pissed but my other characters saying that but they all know it too you can't keep secret now and then and then we did a Highlander never surrenders which is the grants the grandson McGregor is in history were very close the grants hid the McGregor's and you know defied the realm for them so I want I really wanted to keep that the clan a whole thing true to what really happened and that was the story of Graham grant and then then I did the children of the mist which features the grown children of column and Kate and Graham and Clare and it was just it was like a little roller coaster of these getting to know my favorite characters children I really loved loved doing it do you want to know what the first one I mean oh yeah well I think I think what's specifically interesting about this series is you're seeing you're seeing really true to history and during this time there's so much political maneuverings there's betrayals after betrayal there is going against your king or are you going to be on their side there's you know the English component against the sky I mean there's literally you can't get away from from mythology Eligius religion religion was and so maybe maybe you could talk about how that goes throughout your series and and what what role the politics in real life politics plays throughout your series yeah in radish by Highlander that was booked one of the children of the Miss series that was I am again I love to keep real historical figures in in all my books so we had King King Charles we had King James everybody and King James was a Catholic ruler and a Protestant country so he had put his first Warren who really wasn't Davina put her in an abbey and she was raised in a Catholic Abby to be his heir and she was hidden there no one knew about it and then Rob rescued her so it was a real damsel in distress type effect another thing all my heroes have Honor the highest caliber of Honor I was raised with that I grew up with tales of King Arthur and chivalry and everything so all my characters will always be very honorable men and the next book was seduced by hi lander which featured Tristan McGregor I had a little hearth repetative I'm like my own character oh you if you fall in love with them you know your readers are guide you in love I fall in love with all of them he was uh he was the prodigal son the rake and who kind of didn't fit in and then because of some traumatic events in his life lost his honor and had to find it again and he found it in the McGregor's new enemies the Ferguson's so that was the whole you know he had to go there and find his honor again and it was that was a fun book for me right he was an easy and easy character Kristen kind of just sailed right through he knew exactly yeah or he was and where he was going well I did it really but and he hid it from me for a long time you know I always say he's my knight in rusty armor and and the heroine Isabel kind of like polished it up for him and he didn't even realize that it needed polishing up I didn't realize it till I started writing the book and he kind of opened up a little bit more and then he became like I said very easy the third book features Connor grant and that's the son of Graham from Highland and never surrenders and again there was this whole Catholic Protestant war going on in England at the time and the hero is connor grant the heroine is Mary MacGregor who is the daughter so blame them get together and they were childhood sweethearts which is a big favorite for me because I was married to my childhood sweetheart so I'm really really understood where they were both coming from they could hate each other and forgive each other anything you know at the same time and that's kind of what what happened with them she stayed in Scotland he became a captain in the English Protestant army and she was very very you know staunch Catholic and that was her belief and she thought that he betrayed his faith and he really hadn't and they had to find each other again so that was fun for me too right she was tough she was tough there were days when I didn't like her so much but I well I try to keep emotions as real as I can just because I don't like how she's behaving it I think that she really would have behaved that a certain way so that was that was there all fun to write and then the last book which it holds a very special place in my heart is conquered by a Highlander number one because it's the last in the series featuring columns children and I love Colin he I introduced him and ravished by a Highlander and there's a scene at the end of ravished where you know he's battle born they will all the books have a separate title ravished by a Highlander was first born because Rob McGregor was the firstborn and there's another reason which I won't say because then I'll ruin it I don't want to give me some oil is away and then seduced by Highlander is also the prodigal son change our Highlander is alas the third and it's al a SS meaning cuz Mary didn't want to be a girl she had these brothers that are all tough and sword wielding guy said she wanted to do that too so she wasn't so happy about being a girl and being told what she couldn't do that was hard for her and then the third and then the fourth I'm sorry Concord is battle born and that's Colin and as I was saying in ravish there's a scene at the end of the book where he finds pistols because the pistol started to come into England back then at that time and he fires he fires it he doesn't really like it he thinks it's a cowardly weapon right you know because these guys went right in and they were you know sore fighting but he fires it and slow comes out and he kind of blows on it and then puts it in his belted plaid so it's kind of like a cowboy ish little thing for me I just loved it I loved Colin from him boys boys yeah day one I loved him so I hadn't put him entertained Roy Highlander also he is a good part in that and then I was so excited about doing his his own story and it went too quick you know it was over too quickly i loved writing every page and you know it's bittersweet ending it every every author likes to end their book you know but this was bittersweet for me because i knew that this is the end of a really big chapter and it was an end of a chapter in my life as well but you know new things are coming well you know you know I'm gonna have to ask about the new things that are coming what is on the horizon now that we've got this series wrap yes well right now I'm working on an e-book novella a Christmas Highlander which a features Finley grant he was in ravished by a Highlander and I fell in love with him and a lot of my readers fell in love with him and I base all my characters on real life faces so can I say someone's name oh yeah of course okay good I saw celtic thunder and saw keith harkin the blonde just angelic I mean ah and he became he became sin for me and so I'm doing that now working on that that's going to be an e-book Christmas cam Lachlan and that's i would like to also speak about chemical and that's my that's the place in sky where all the McGregor's live and that was the fortress that Colin built in layered of the mist and that's where they all live they all go back to because of the prescription the description with the McGregor's was law against them that tried to abolish them completely they didn't they weren't allowed to have their name I know they're they're plaid is type taken away which is a big deal because that's their identity everything was taken away their name they weren't allowed to congregate more than four they weren't allowed to carry any weapons this is all in earlier times but it you know it didn't end until 1774 so throughout my books after layer the mist it kind of ends a little bit for them with the new king and then it's picked up again at the end of conquered by a Highlander with the new king william he he started it up again so they had a lot of laws against them and they will went back to chem Lachlan to live and to me it's just it's a big fortress in a beautiful veil in camas honor ebay scotland and i even have paintings for sale of one of my fantastic leaders husband's is an artist and was so moved by later than this that he painted the castle so it's really amazing yeah so that what's on the horizon now is a new series called Highland heirs we're still with staying with the McGregor's and they're going to be Kate and columns grandchildren children of Rob and Davina ravish that is a Miss so we're literally getting third generation of getting third generation that is and I promise you won't see any old the old old characters you know they'll be orphan France or something but I yeah because you know we don't want that but um yeah we're going to have children Robin de vénus children from ravished Tristan and Isabel's children all groan and I've got them all I've got the whole family tree laid out it must be so fulfilling as an author to know that you have readers that are following you not only through you know Sibley no siblings or cousins and things of that nature but also through generations through children of children of you know and and that's so exciting because you know that we love your characters and to get and to get their stories and then to know kind of almost like what their heritage is because you get that next yeah the next a lot of so many emails from people that that love the McGregor is because they've been with them for so long and you know please don't stop and I would I don't want to stop writing if i'm going to write about highlanders day ever going to be McGregor's and grants and you know my dream when i started to write these these books was like i said to let the get the prescription out there and let people know what happened with the McGregor's and i used to tell you know my best friend if I just get one McGregor to know that I did this and I ended up hearing from the current Laird the chieftain of the McGregor's wife wrote me and and had red radish Highlander and loved it and invited me with the next if I ever go to Scotland which I haven't been you know to meet her and her husband whose name is Malcolm column I know that is so amazing and also it is it's here here in America of course we have some great history know we can call on oh yeah I mean in Scotland when they're talking about you know their their history their talking about so many centuries and and really you know overcoming so much especially for their family I mean I think Scotland is is so it's so steeped in blood and honor these people fought for their land they fought for their freedom they they did things that I don't even know if you know people would do today in America they really really they fought and they went in you know think a Braveheart they really did that they fought sword to sword remember brave you don't shy away from that it only show you show what they have gone through its it's almost like yeah um it's a very difficult thing to read but at the same time it's also very fulfilling because you understand the sacrifices they make and it really it makes you kind of fall in love with the character just that much more was it for me you know doing research I mean I when I was writing lid of the mist I cried it took me almost three years to write that book because I cried so much reading about their history and and feeling so in touch with them and with all the books i want i want to give it as much of a real feel and still stay in to that escapism that romance you know I still but like you said you know you need a little a little hardship to appreciate the good yep so you know and the Kings they're all very everything's very very important to each book and the setting Scotland Timmy I think in layer to the mist I really try to show that that the men and the women are really part of that land and neither can exist without the other because there was such a fight for what they especially with the McGregor's there was such a fight to survive and they did you know Sir Walter Scott wrote the poem McGregor's despite them it's it's I have it on my website if anyone wants to read it and their defiant rebellious very strong clan and if any of them are watching i love you all haha well i think i think with that what it would a perfect way to say thank you so much for being here and and much as you loved McGregor's we love reading about them and yes my so happy so children of the missed all four books have been top picks and i highly suggest you go out and get them right away thank you so much thank you for having me


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