#PopRoast: Jordyn's Red Table Talk Recap, Peter Check Fraud & Celebrity Gossip

#PopRoast: Jordyn's Red Table Talk Recap, Peter Check Fraud & Celebrity Gossip

#PopRoast: Jordyn’s Red Table Talk Recap, Peter Check Fraud & Celebrity Gossip
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find functional hilarity at the bit the Emporium i'ma show you how to do I wanted to well so let's get to business Jada's business that's how I want to start then that's how we'll start oh so Jordan would that's her name right she um went on read Table Talk I eat Jada's business everyone had something to say so when I was first looking at it cuz I have that was my first time watching read table talk at all so I thought it overall it was a good episode right through it um I was like oh well she has personal like relationships with them I didn't realize that it turns out that her dad was a sound engineer on Fresh Prince of bel-air him and will had a relationship oh my god will child a subpoena in his financial records for Dwayne Martin's divorce so we just gonna leave that right there swear to God they had a friendship they had a friendship they had a friend um and when their kids play with each other and then like that's how Jaden knew Jordan and then he introduced her to Kylie Jenner so that's how that started and when her basically her dad died and then will was basically like for a second father pretty much so the Smiths weren't gonna like sit by and watch her get torn down especially when you got a family in high places like that like I think that what they did was really nice for her right that's basically like when you're in that situation like if you find yourself in a scandal like who do you turn to I guess I gotta turn to me you like you gotta have some people it's like okay you made a mistake I'm not sure if it's gonna be like a Jessy love them us like a robbery Oh what like if you make a mistake you know like you gotta have some people in your corner so it was nice to see that he had Will and Jada so we get to the table anything else you want to say on the background nothing else on the background okay I think he humanized her a lot and her face was beets beet it was so beat did you see her face she was clear skin stunning I mean she was stunning but but we got to talk about that outfit I I just feel like the outfit took away from the message I mean the basic black dress with the sneaker well it was time for a pump it felt like a pump no no it was time for a pump it was time for well she wasn't in court she was basically she's in the court of public opinion to shame oh my goodness if it was ever time for a beige blouse with a pleated skirt and a deed known as the round toe heel this was the time Jada you should have dressed her up in your love come on now you know who was good for that black China court appearance who is that cardi B we'll pull it to oh yeah yeah but black child she definitely put all that all away for Court which brings into another point she's only 21 and she just turns just turns 21 like and could you imagine like the world coming down on you like that yes yeah well I can't oh and she said basically like you know she was getting death threats her mom can go to work she couldn't leave the house her little sister can go to school etc now my thing is I am surprised you're not kind of immune to that by now that you know basically being a part of that family well you know that like these people are going to get on Twitter rah rah rah say terrible things and then in to news cycles there go honestly I knew who she was exactly happened so I'm thinking that you know she's on this ride or whatever and enjoying it and then you know you get pushed into the spotlight like that it wasn't even just like she was in the spotlight like she had a makeup line with so she was you know getting her coin she they really were working on stuff together and so she's gonna get some money out of this so I mean you've made money off of the Kardashian clan all of their nonsense being in the spotlight 24/7 so I feel like you would know like this is not that serious these people are gonna move on from this story when we finally heard what actually happened I believe her I believe it was just a kiss I believe he's made in his shot I do I do okay it seemed plausible I also feel like now why would she lie especially to Jada I don't think kris jenner like anticipated dismiss helping out and the twitter backlash to the backlash oh yeah we'll get to that okay so when she gave details I was like okay I mean but questions were raised like so Chloe's baby daddy is having parties at his place where girls come and the after parties and where's she at whereas where's the baby chloe is with the baby somewhere she should I thought she was letting her man cheating piece but why is she doing yeah where was Chloe I think what will you have to do you ain't got work in the morning you should have been on his ass his cheatin ass his ain't shit ass I think Jordan nobody is going in on him no one because I guess it's his behaviors expected well that's true you've been do you came into the relationship and you're gonna leave it cheating you gonna cheat all through it mm-hmm I mean when you get with somebody cheating you can't be like oh you're cheating on me now I'm shocked feel like she on her part and what happened absolutely when she said I shouldn't even have been at the house I was like you know you should but you shouldn't even have been there they did I feel like I could see in my head they did get cozy together I felt like he had to feel some type of way in order to think he could kiss just kiss her like that I mean it's a pass around family like Jordan was really nice and didn't throw Chloe under the bus and say come on like everybody has them it's it's like a shared dil door but if you read between the lines it's like it's blunt dick that's what it is it's blunt did you hit it twice and you pass it it it kind of seemed like between the lines that she kind of was saying they were already like broken up kind of and even if they were broken up or weren't broken up or in some stage of in between she shouldn't have been messing with it I shouldn't have been there but let's not act like you were breaking up a happy home this isn't even a hotel room home she just put your trash out on the corner so I'm guessing we get to the final part of the interview it's accurate it's a year that's a yurt uh your uh your yert it's a Girt Google hey Google what is a yurt hey Google max volume hey Google what is a yurt according to Wikipedia a traditional year dur ger is a portable round tent covered with skins are felt and used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia a word of the day is your Oh God anyway so throughout this entire interview I thought that maybe they had sex I mean Jada was asking all the questions and it was it was like I was watching the like you know auntie situation and I appreciated it like I really appreciated the interview I thought it was good like I remember before on your previous video you were saying like why is she doing this type of mess but it was different it was a real own situation it really was it wasn't mess it wasn't tawdry was it cuz it could have been it could have been but she was really apologetic and it seemed like she had no Yolo she knew what she did and it was like a real open and honest moment in like okay look we all fuck up and sometimes we got to move on from the fuck up alright so after the interview um Chloe just came swinging like with the clap bag wait they were putting out comments talking about what happened on the interview before the interview came out like that I have a special on disdains that so Chloe tweets immediately why are you lying Jordan woods if you're going to try and save yourself by going public instead of calling me privately to apologize first at least be honest in all caps about your story by the way you are the reason my family broke up the family fucked my husband Khloe Kardashian in this only you have shown us that you are just as ugly on the inside as you were on the outside with your first face or the current model they want to tear this girl down you are a dingy sore you're a festering boozing pestilent piece of shit and I'm tired of you you can't keep a man because you have no value you have no value in your mind you have no value between your legs you have no value in your soul you are a soiled and a worthless soul for what you've done on that note um black Twitter mobilized we really got in there uh the tweets were just pouring in and afterwards she posted something else she was like Tristan is equally to blame but Tristan is the father of my child regardless of what he does to me I won't do that to my daughter he has been addressing the situation privately in all caps if Tristan were to lie about what conspired then yes I would address him publicly as well well he cheats on you publicly but you don't address that publicly right and he willing to date publicly right afterward but back to uh Jada's business whoa also can we talk about what a great look this was for Jada I've seen a couple of clips of Jada's business and I thought I liked it but this I might have to tune in weekly it was some real conversation it was really um I want to say thought provoking wasn't that deep but I just it was just he was humanizing yes I feel like it's like Iyanla without all the theatrics and I felt that like that relationship between them was real that was a real Aussie moment I got you what you did you got to own up for it and if she don't accept that apology I mean it is what it is so I mean so that's why I think Chloe got such a backlash because the girl was put out the white flag yeah and you doubling down on this and not keeping that same energy with like you're not even your husband like your extranged baby daddy that part not even your husband not your boyfriend not your Karam or not your partner and you want to keep that same energy going at the black girl like blac chyna because you know blac Chyna would be at their door like open up Chloe what you gotta say what am i they know that ah you forget Chloe is 35 Jordan is 21 you're supposed to be and you know who I'm really angry with Chloe because you've been putting up with this cheating since the beginning but now now this affair this indiscretion this is the one you want to get all bent out of shape about it was really it's been a really fast you back white-faced bonehead she had them she I don't know I don't know how the role of victim got lifted off of Chloe is just really fascinating like why like I felt like Chloe is actually the victim in the situation I mean she is the one has been cheated on but I feel like if it's winning one yours gonna come to you as a grown woman can you still and you're you're the older person like and you've been getting cheated on every brother did like y'all are not together stop trying to pretend and metals in a sperm donate now keep it published keep it pushing but yeah you got that aspect you have the aspect of like you know she won't do that to China you wouldn't keep that same energy with her you also live in a glass house too because we can't forget that fax or fax back in the day what you did you know like her and Trina were good friends and French Montana she got with French Montana and French Montana got into the conversation to was saying that like he was single when he got with Chloe right but Trina said as always is trying to get herself counted and claimed I'm engaged you don't know working out furniture for the house one of the one of our fans you know what i'ma say this just because y'all were hanging out waiting for the movie to start and you happen to walk into Raymour and Flanigan to kill some time not again oh my god I'm even never I never been there but I just have a feeling just because y'all walking to Raymour and Flanigan to kill a few minutes does not mean you are in a meaningful relationship and trina you do seem like the type of girl that you think things are more than they are that's all i'm saying that but it was what she did but Chloe did steal Tristan from his whole ass baby mama right and I was singing more third trimester oh no you ran and got yourself some ancient on fire sale and now you want to whine about it okay you had jeffree star chiming in and saying that Jordan was lying but I don't think Jordan would lie I have to address oh I'm trying to come up with some real choice adjectives for this troglodyte I still can't believe that you have the unmitigated gall to say that Jordan broke up with your family when you won't even acknowledge the fact that Orrin Thal is your father you don't know who your family is let's get that straight we also need to address your addiction to being a victim and being cheated on now Lamar cheated on you all throughout the Union as well with hookers harlots and hussies and so once that Union dissolves you run out and do it all over again are you a mark or moron or both probably I mean she'd be buying him first so yeah yeah but you know these athletes get with Chloe for cloud just to give their name out because trying to get a shoe line we didn't know who the morrow autumn was I know he was I don't know who Tristan Thompson was it's just a business transaction but I'm not sure you never hear about Tristan's great basketball you only hear about his Chloe's shit like these are average third string players trying to get a shoe line I saw something on Twitter this is a really good idea hmm someone came up with the show surviving the Kardashians ie like surviving r.kelly so you have like Jordan you have Kris Humphries you have Lamar Odom you have rich tiger like you have all these people in that tank tonight Tiger he was dating a child we ain't gonna give him you know let's just push him off okay cuz he ain't shit okay and that's something else that they just magically glossed over she was naming a whole ass grown man for like three four years right everybody was just cool it's just the the behavior that they have the Kardashians like I don't know like they do some foul shit but then they're quick to do victims when the foul should that they do happens to them that's what I don't get and Kim kept quiet I have kept quiet she was like it was like cuz you know Kim like what annoys me on her Twitter cuz I don't even follow her but you know people who retweet everything she says like she doesn't sweet how she talks like she she tweets like these clap bags I'm Michael typing oh God you think she's stressing herself out over social media please she hand that to somebody make her money in his somewhere lied by a pool smart lady lie can do it she's like Kylie kept quiet Kim kept quiet and then Kris Jenner quietly unfollow Jordan too but yeah like someone else brought up the fact that so what this happens like basically a war between the Smith family and the Kardashian family there's never gonna be a war we're not a war if that's a little bit hyperbole but you know what I mean like cuz they both have the same no they don't the Kardashians are current myths they are they're their shit is submit like the minute yeah it's still making money off fucking Independence Day and then they have their hands and a whole bunch of other stuff so they are they I would say are more stable II rich because the Kardashians really do depend on scandal interest yes The Smiths don't need they don't they didn't need to do this they did this because they love the girl mm-hmm so I would say they this Will Smith is a list Kim Kardashian is know what is her talent we've been asking that for years I'm not saying she's like more talented or anything but she's just as a Lissa's will and it's sad but you know we Trump is president nothing makes sense these days I'm sorry I'm sorry I had to mention it but like Kim has made her way to the a-list like damn why don't we just talk about the Spanish homework I got to get to next Saturday morning I was like shit actually I'm glad about it because you know it is nice to learn another language but do you think there's redemption for Jordan now in the opinion of the public oh my god I feel like she needs to ride this wave of team Jordan on to her own reality show someone else said that let it think people they mean people already know her like you're already like in that world you've already proven to be successful and marketable – yeah I feel like it's you could just pick up where you kind of left off someone said that um they could see her like like if Rihanna hit her up to do Fenty that would be like a dagger Oh anyway for Rihanna to pick her up and have her model for fancy or have like a line or anything like and now do you remember when blac Chyna was suing them over the show getting pulled right and that email came out and they said will ramp up drama in other parts of our lives I did not see that yes there was an email where you know they were trying to get blac chyna show shut down and they promised the network more drama could this all be a scheme set up by Chris to bring up the ratings not me and honestly I could see Jada and her business being in on it to everybody being everybody rehearsing it's a bumper Jada's business it's a buff for the Cardassians everybody wins the numbers for that interview I just when it comes out like that's everyone watch that it had like 29 million views one of my friends works on a Wendy Williams staff no I'm not any good tickets I didn't get the callback oh it's okay I will be watching it anyway you saw that promo look like when do you head like the black and white photo and you didn't see it right quick like oh she let me I'm ready she looks healthy right that's good to see I'm glad that she's back okay she's back on her feet now I can go back to tearing her down mm-hmm again it's really if she had just fessed up about that fucking alia movie we could be cool you think I used to love her you think I would be bad as much as you because I worship the Lee and I was offended but I just didn't watch it I didn't give him my views oh it was like whoa start watching you you can't my point was that my friend when he was stabbed they will all hold around looking at Jada's business like taking notes you see all she's on the hot topics crew oh okay yeah she oh my god I was message her like you know because we used to work together back in the day at a restaurant and I just stepped in a conversation I was like oh I miss Wendy I can't wait till she gets back she pretend like I didn't even say it yeah any final thoughts on you know the whole read Table Talk Jordan Redemption Chloe getting my ass handed her online Chloe gets everything that she deserves that is very true Wow good way to end it so in other news Peter Thomas has been bill free I just really wanted to say that okay apparently Peter Thomas or Penelope Thomas really has been writing bad checks in my home state of Louisiana and I'm like what is B what has he been writing bad checks on yeah is he trying to start a new business why don't you have any money oh that's right because you're not married to cynthia anymore poor miss those checks poor Penelope literally poor Penelope I think we're gonna have to revisit this story because we're gonna find out what the checks were for how much they were for because for them to arrest you in Florida that must have been a pretty big check like it wasn't like you bounced a $25 check to the gym I saw what the thing is it doesn't surprise him you nothing oh that's the alarming thing I can see that I am a little shocked because wasn't at all because he was already Shady all his businesses failed haha I just thought he was bad at business I didn't know he was that bad but according to portugee was paying his employees well his female employees Indic right I guess she was paying for it too mm-hmm did you hear Solange's album I heard it was out but I heard it was out it's one of the biggest sounds right now that came out everyone's talking about it on Twitter and you know I'm a music person so I'm just give my little short small review about it um I liked it I think it is a moody album I think we need to be in a specific mood there's a certain soulful drowsiness to it at first but then like there's some songs where there's moments um also I think that this notion that her music is for like high intellectual super woke types is bullshit if you don't like it it's fine you don't have to like pretend to like it pretend like it I think some people are pertaining to like it because it's getting a couple mixed reviews I think a whole bunch of people pretend to like so launched I mean look at her streaming numbers everybody was talking about that damn album she came out with last run and it only had 46,000 streams the first week so I'm like y'all on Twitter lyin how their 52,000 tweets but only 46,000 streams all I hang around together by a Bluetooth speaker well it won her a Grammy in here yeah four cranes in the sky that song was amazing what our first Grammy good for hey I liked cranes in the sky – I'm not gonna front I love the song but you're jeez you're right about the mood and I feel like I have not been in a solange mood in like a year and a half right it's just when she comes on hello nice fullest falsetto but can we get some dance music I mean your sister was sitting why don't you give it a try she's one up her ass no thank you she's in her Lane she found it and I enjoy her last album but this album I give it like a bee bee – I guess it sounds like a little sequel to it and I feel like I mean there's 19 tracks but all of them like seven of them are interludes and four of them are maybe like at least two minutes so altogether giving you that artsy and plz it's an interlude who do you think you are Janet Jackson um so it's 39 minutes it's 19 tracks 7 interludes 39 minutes I'm not this isn't making sense mathematically like the Jessi smaller situation um but I do enjoy the production there are moments and I thought you're grown me but I prefer the last album more there are some people that was just like it's plain trash but I I actually like some of the songs it's really good it's a vibe album and I feel like you will definitely hear it in your artsy coffee shop in Brooklyn who's going to Brooklyn we love Brooklyn it's just it's hard to get there I don't I can't say I love it because I'm never there actually no I love Carroll Gardens right oh my just don't understand it's not that just that it's far it's also dealing with the MTA all the way it's like it's like imagine if you were walking somewhere and then both of us were pushing you and you had to push against us for an hour that's like taking the MTA and it's a 40-minute drive in a cab well not a 40-minute drive in a cab but the cab will be $40 to get there before you get there in other news did you hear this articles circling wait a minute why are there bolt buses to DC and Boston cheaper than a ride to Brooklyn a round trip to DC is cheaper than a cab round trip to Brooklyn oh yeah well respected put that in perspective oh my god I'm stealing that I'm just putting in my phone right now I'm tweeting that later there's this article that's been circulating that future had like an event in Miami and basically there was no fat women allowed and his behest well that probably saved those ladies from a bad time I think so but the Internet I mean he's a piece of shit so I'm not gonna sit here and be shocked that a piece of shit stinks it's what pieces of shit do it's just the nerve Michael egg black trying to be picky about women you know exactly he's a gargoyle you need to be grateful somebody from this species speaking to you right but future went on I guess the internet said something about put some respect on his name or something or like that's not true we put respect on a deadbeat daddy's name no idea so this reality show that's gonna be starring little Kim my in Chile I'm here for it those are my 90s Queen Queens Maya had some bops and Maya is still looks like she looked back in the 90s stunning dance yeah but she was classically trained she still still goes hard like her in Luke Kim you know they were on Lady Marmalade mm-hmm and they're still cool and then chilli you know just throw her in that would be definitely a show that I would watch I'm not sure what it's about not like Rozonda when she was on her other reality oh she was on her other reality show I love that name I love that rose on Sunday it's very it's like she grew up to be like a showbiz bro sound uh-oh [Laughter] did you see the please me video it was such a fun video I just I already heard the first song I feel like this is like it's too much 90s like you won 9,000 track honey we've been swimming in 90s for like the past two years if I can stay in the 90s I would not good well the video was hilarious because the cameraman was working overtime to make sure Bruno didn't look five for my god remember when a couple of weeks ago Luda was training because they had his ass on a box he was hosting some basketball game got the Box in so you see one person this lady and then Luda on a box oh I gotta show you that picture I think so God they really scrubbed this that cameraman disrespected the fuck out of him he must have pissed that cameraman off he must have done something really Shady send me the picture so I can put it up in case anybody missed it this is really respectful and there's angles I whoa dad to make sure he was taller than the girl oh that's hilarious Wow you want me to send that to you yes please you got to be nice to your camera people franchise have you been enjoying out of Jersey Beverly Hills in Atlanta so far I can't compare them mmm cuz they each give something different no totally different totally different I mean like Beverly Hills is like real freaking like actresses and movie stars like we got to run Richard it's like I grew up watching her movies their own private islands true yeah Crazy's effect the ecosystem that's it's just different it's just different then you've got Josie and that's like you know that lowdown gritty Staten Island yeah and not even really rich like it's a lot of credit card debt and book deals holding their lives together oh my god somebody got on Margaret's house at the Reunion I think she threw Lou seed and Jennifer and Jennifer through scene at her house got her he's been remodeling forever she's been remodeling ever since she came on the show know how you remodel an entire season you know oh so Elena hasn't been on because it's been the Grammys and then the Oscars and then they came back for that sad little Portia's engagement special and they could have kept it wait the one where a little more with singing mm-hmm oh yeah for God baby we need to just get the reunion and come on what are we gonna reunite over but I think for sure needs to have that baby oh she's gonna be pregnant so no one can like fight with Porsha while she's lordship doesn't have anything to really fight with because her and kandi I do not need to go over a fucking guarantee ok Bravo not again that oh really so it's only two parts I really hope it's only two parts they didn't give us that much I didn't want to ask you um someone asked on Twitter like what was your housewives tagline be I have mine I was wondering do you have yours yes I am a comedian in a sea of clouds all right and I am six seven so I can't help but look down on you that's good also Peter is being held without bond that's hilarious that's like you stole 10,000 what do you take or Kelly got bond what did you do who did you steal from how much did you take oh I think cuz he thought like oh it's in Louisiana you're not gonna get back to me and yeah I'm guessing the feds got involved because when they snatch you up when you get off the plane they were looking for you resources were deployed I'm telling you when the fans get involved I mean that is the worst that's the worst thing to be called a felon ya know to me the worst thing to ever be called is poor I mean if it's true if it's not you say whatever you want don't affect near bank account Oh in other Kardashian Karma news Travis might be cheating on Kylie really I missed that article yes it's been a little bit of a dust-up I think that's why Kylie's been out of it because she's got her own wandering penis to worry about Kylie said she's not going to blow up her family yet and she's gonna try to work things out with Travis Scott the couple got into a fight Wednesday after Travis flew home to surprise the family and at some point Carly went through Travis's phone and discovered evidence he'd been unfaithful look either y'all got to start picking better men or let these men cheat in peace cuz I'm sitting here Travis Scott was already popular he's very popular I was really surprised I went to a Kanye's show and um Travis was wow he's been that family for a minute mmm anyway uh I went to a show and I guess in Travis Scott was in the audience I just just did like space the white kids went wild like they were rushing I was like Travis Scott I mean I can I can't name two songs by him but I couldn't make a lot of lineup oh he looks monsters you could honey they all look monstrous these days they make themselves look monstrous like 21 Savage if you didn't have like this like suit mark on his forehead he might actually be attractive I was looking at him the other day and I was like you know what you don't have a bad thing but just get rid of this you don't need to put tattoos looks like it's Ash Wednesday I mean it's not even like it's a beautiful intricate work of art it's like a thumbprint I can't speaking of triflin tiger you ain't gonna believe this now you remember when they hauled his ass out of that club like a rag doll because he got in a fight over his repossessed Maybach so you say rag doll I thought like you know when you win those big fluffy teddy bears at the carnival and you just picked him up mm-hmm up like that out the club he was completely helpless well oh he was helpless the look of fear in his eyes like he couldn't do anything that's why I grabbed for the gun Midway ran a car and documents obtained by TMZ says the rapper leased a 2012 Ferrari Spyder and a 2012 rolls-royce ghost back in 2016 however he stopped making payments before the lease ended and still owes 44,000 on the Ferrari and 84 thousand on the rolls for a grand total of one hundred and twenty seven thousand seventy nine dollars and eighty three cents so this is his fault because he had like two really hot songs right now and I'm like wait he spent that money on him maybe he did spend the money on he just don't have it anymore I don't know why are you rent shouldn't you be writing this stuff off you know he was with that family oh that's right he was going into Kylie's purse when she fall asleep and pilfer like Penelope Thomas oh I couldn't see him doing that that's probably why they broke up too many unknown transferred she have kids no that's I think part of why she got a divorce but she didn't want kids yeah I think when they got together they didn't want kids that he didn't want kids then he decided he did want kids and so it's like old and that happens sometimes but apparently Jenny mised ex-husband's new wife is sick of her whining about having to pay alimony on national television I wouldn't want to hear about that either it's like look the marriage is over it's just it's tacky like you say keep your business out the street so the girl tells her over Instagram looking out for yourself is why you're still miserable in her comment section your complete focus on yourself is why you're divorced in capital letters you're you know being the most important thing to you in the entire world is why you keep making up lies for more attention ain't nobody talking to you because we don't care stop trying to tear someone down who has done absolutely nothing to you never one time has Freddie brought up your name or drug it through the mud where it belongs ain't no black woman I don't know oh my gosh I don't know who this is what you call a dragging every week live the war yes every week you've got some new dramatic story so that you can put more dramatic stories so that you can more oh okay that doesn't make sense so that you can more pity and more attention who's writing these blogs or you just get more pitying the more attention no so no okay that was just can I was like am I having a stroke you have to go on hiatus oh my god was giving you first caress t see she fine we can make fun of it she find she find well we don't know that and so she walk out those doors on Monday morning nobody saw her in that black-and-white picture you showed me that picture she is ready it looks like she's ready to be bitchy about everybody else's business but her own wow we need to keep that I'm ready to be petty yes we are ready to be paid let's get this show back on she says Freddie walked away from a million dollars so that he could finally give our family peace and God has blessed him fruitfully in doing so let it go stop trying to make up things for people to feel sorry for you well well she responded that she hasn't commented yet okay it's good for her not to I just oh wait in one more one more parting Jam ratings must be down again waiting on that alimony check oh my god like see oh my god that was a read well that's socially when you put business in the street I wonder how much she's paying she's paying her husband alimony yeah okay I thought she I thought she was asking oh no that's his new wife who's sick of her whining about paying alimony look I'm gonna take your money and you're gonna shut up about it Wow okay pretty much I mean she has a right to complain about it I mean like she joins the ranks of Sherri Shepherd and mary j blige I guess so if you know if you can't afford it don't buy it Sherri Shepherd involve the entire child I can't even like you can't order a child and then want to send it back and say right return sooner I did look like you just really wanted to be married because whenever I think of that troll you was with Oh God then again he was a male version of you she deserve bad yes she did she wanted to throw away a whole ass baby no no no breaks for her you don't get to say return to sender for a baby and I don't dog yes that that's fucked up that's beyond fucked up then you know that man ain't got no money you want to put him on the system I mean you were a fool okay and with the father is she paying for it and it's her kid right I don't know if it is biologically her child I think I mean they ordered it so I don't know if it was her anger if she didn't have that I don't know that part but I know that it is biologically his but either way once you put that sucker on order it's yours you can't just be wrong I'm sorry you know I don't want to eggs benedict I'd rather have pancakes you can't just send it back we're going to Los Angeles since I already got my ticket I found out I could get a first-class ticket for 1,300 rather than 24 that was roundtrip I was like oh okay well I've already asked you for $3,000 so I'll just bring Chris along with me so can I come of course you can come well gradually I invited you that was before um I think when the go fund me had about 800 I was like boy it looks like I'm really gonna go do you want to come with me and he was like yeah Los Angeles sounds like fun I love LA I was able to get the ticket half price so now we can use the extra money that we're going to raise for our hotel in his ticket so that way no one has to pay and we can all have fun and with that I'm with that too I can't wait there's the beach there's oh god yeah we've got to do beach reviews we're gonna do food reviews we're gonna review the Airbnb I might want to do some night life activities we might do a little night like it a little night live activity maybe a weed review or two since it is legal there and we're definitely oh my god I forgot I forgot about that that's why we give to the GoFundMe have money to go out and eat to go out and buy weed to go out and do all this shit we got to rent a car so but thank you no thank you or much y'all bought me a first-class ticket I can't believe it I'll be flying our peasants so don't worry we're gonna keep the go fund me the same we appreciate everything we really do we thank you watching we appreciate you having fun with us I am having so much fun doing this show and I hope you're having fun watching it with us and it's not even gonna be a year yet and we're gonna go across country right so yeah but no we're not gonna be having a meet and greet cuz we don't have the logistics for that yet but if you see yourself maybe but yeah if you see us out say hey but maybe we'll have something for our year anniversary in August all right well I guess that's it for the episode yeah we'll see you sooner than hmm we'll see you sooner than Chloe we'll find someone faithful so as my mug say telic intel a friend tell that jefe you hate to head over to the buffet Emporium for a cute collection of hoodies and mugs linked below


  1. Jada handled that the way a black woman should..and you right Alex, where was all this energy after she had the baby? Ive always loved Solange..from her first album to T.O.N.Y to now..I always root for the underdog.

  2. A for Accidental for all the Celebrities that accidentally slipped into the industry on a whim or the right Pe**s. Kim is on the (A)ccidental list lmao. Her talent is stealing ideas from everyone else so she can have a talent. lmao

  3. Those demonic media tricks were not expecting black Twitter to come for their necks. Khloe’s 35 year old ass & her ilk bullying a 21 year old woman over her trifling 27 year old baby daddy was so wrong. Check Tristan’s ass! He’s making a fool out of her. Breaking up her family? Khloe didn’t have a dog in this fight. Tristan isn’t her man anymore, he’s her baby daddy. As long as he’s taking care of the baby, he can do what he wants. He’s acting like a single man because in his mind he is. All this drama over a kiss? Nope. Misplaced anger.

  4. I'm sure the whole Jordyn Woods vs Kardashian/Jenners drama was all planned. While Will Smith's name is cemented in Hollywood, Jada's isn't. Her show greatly benefitted from Jordyn's appearance, & I'm sure Jordyn's shopping herself around for her own reality show. And of course this is great promotion for KUWTK new season.

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