Psychic Phenomena | Anita Moorjani - Speaker & Best Selling Author

Psychic Phenomena | Anita Moorjani – Speaker & Best Selling Author

Today, I wanted to talk about psychic phenomena. Let me explain what I mean.

Most of the people who’ve heard me speak before know that I believe that we are all connected. We’re all facets of one consciousness, but at the same time, this consciousness isn’t just us physical beings.

It goes beyond that. It includes consciousness, includes our deceased loved ones, our spiritual guides, ascended masters and the whole of consciousness together which is what I call God. Basically it’s the all knowing, all encompassing, “everything”.

So, because we are all connected, many of us get messages and psychic hits and guidance. The guidance isn’t written in stone so it is possible for us to use our free will and our mind and our determination to go against the guidance.

In the video I speak about the story of the Orange Roses and invite viewers on the live show to share some of the things that they have experienced.

Let mw know what you think or would like to share in the comments below 🙂

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Anita ❤️❤️

today I wanted to talk about psychic phenomena so let me start by explaining what I mean now as most of you know those of you who've heard me speak before you know that I believe that we are all connected we're all facets of one consciousness but at the same time this consciousness isn't just us physical beings and and this planet it's beyond its it includes consciousness includes our deceased loved ones our spiritual guides ascended masters and the whole of consciousness together is what I call God basically it's the all-knowing all encompassing everything so because we are all connected many of us get messages and psychic hits and that's why people go to see psychics and clairvoyance at the same time it is possible for us to use our free will and our mind and our determination to go against the guidance the guidance isn't written in stone but it is a connection and it is a guidance that keeps coming to us all the time so let me give you some examples of what I'm talking about so you get what I mean one example is and I'm talking mostly about people deceased people or getting messages from the other side as part of it one one day about four years ago a friend of mine was coming over to my home for lunch her name is Jennifer McLain and when she came over she bought me this beautiful bouquet of orange roses and she said to me you have someone very powerful on the other side that told me to get the orange ones now at that time my favorite color was orange and she had been reaching for the red roses but she said the strong masculine voice said to get the orange ones get the orange ones and so she got the orange ones and when she came over to my home I said oh my god orange is my favorite color I love orange anything orange roses orange purses and she said well somebody looking out for you on the other side who told me to get the orange ones now in that moment I couldn't think of who it could be and a part of me actually worried that have I just lost someone to the other side and I don't know who it is and I started to think no I don't know of anyone who's passed away recently so we sit down to lunch and literally while we're in the middle of lunch I got a phone call from Wayne Dyer's manager Maya who said to me who was crying on the phone and she said Wayne passed away this morning now in that moment I didn't put two and two together because I was just so shocked to get the news and I was distraught later on I realized oh it was Wayne on the other side telling Jennifer get the orange ones and it was almost like a farewell gift in a sense from him so I'm talking about things like that it's that voice that unmistakable voice she heard another story I heard from somebody else said some oh end by the way as I'm saying these if you have your own stories of psychic phenomena because I'm gonna talk a little bit about how to be more open to them what blocks them but I would love for you in the comments to share your own stories about your psychic phenomena because what happens is that when people watching this video and then they read the comments it kind of gives everybody permission to share if you share yours and it makes it more believable for anybody who's on the fence and who doesn't really believe as they read it they start to see oh okay a lot of people are experiencing this so I would love for you to share and Danny's gonna pick a few which we're gonna punch up on the screen and read out to the audience but here's another one that I thought was particularly good one person wrote to me one day and he said that he was driving along at night he was driving along the street at night and then he was heading towards a four-way intersection and the light was green for him in his favor so because he saw the light was green as he was heading towards it he speeded up because he wanted to catch that green light before it changed as he speeded up there was an unmistakable voice that said stop just stop and so he halted to a screech at the green light at the intersection and sure enough a huge semi-truck just whizzed past across and that truck had run a red light so if this guy had kept going at the speed he was going at picking up his face would have been sealed he would not be here today to be telling us the story and he knows somebody saved him that day and he doesn't know of course who it was but it was unmistakable so I get stories like this I hear stories like this from time to time there was another one where a lady said she was awoken in the middle of the night actually no she had a vivid dream in the middle of the night a very vivid dream of her mother now her mother lived on the other side of the country and was aging and this in this vivid dream her mother looked beautiful and young and well and fit and healthy and her mother said don't worry about me I'm fine and so she woke up thinking wow that dream felt very real and of course I'm sure many of you guessed it her mother had just passed away and had come to her to tell her don't worry about me so I get stories I hear stories like this all the time and I want to just share with you some of the tips that I believe actually help us in being more open to having these kinds of things happen to us so I actually sense these things happening even to me they happen more often when I'm in a state of lightness or in a state of joy and so or if I'm doing things that are mindless so basically the mind has to be out of the way the mind filters experiences and the mind tends to block experiences like this because the mind tends to be a little bit more physical focused or focused in this in this world of materialism that we live in and tends to kind of filter out anything that doesn't fit in with what we are engaged in right now but when when your mind drifts out of the way then these interesting things can actually start to happen so for the guy who is driving for example when you're driving your mind tends to drift your mind tends to tends to wander because driving feels almost automatic it's like doing something mindless so there he is driving picking up speed and he hears this stop stop he's not doing something that requires a tremendous amount of focus and of course the dream is when somebody is asleep you're not using your mind sleep is the best time to get these psychic hits happen to you when you're feeling in a state of of lightness and joy or when you are basically light-hearted when you're out in nature when you are playing with your pets or your kids things like that that sort of thing and you will get little hits maybe small ones sometimes small ones sometimes big ones the kinds of things that prevent you from being so connected to everything the all that is and prevents you from getting psychic phenomena like that are things like too much stress in your life like stress just kind of bogs you down it lowers your frequency it makes it harder for the psychic phenomena and the and the things beyond the veil to actually penetrate through that denseness so stress is one of them anger is another one fear is another one so these are the things that kind of make your energy more dense so these things are less likely to happen if you are involved in a lot of drama with other people relationship drama and things like that that are making you feel really heavy these sorts of things can really kind of bog you down and make it harder for these messages to come through now these messages are actually trying to come through all the time they're trying to find the gaps in your thought which is why a lot of people recommend meditation now don't meditate if it stresses you out to meditate because that becomes counterproductive you're meditating actually to de-stress to lighten up and to clear your thoughts so that the other side can communicate with you but for some people they become stressed out when they can't make time to meditate and meditating becomes one of the things in their day that they kind of squeeze in or they believe they're not spiritual enough unless they meditate those are all the wrong reasons to meditate meditation is all it really is is a gap between your thoughts so that you can listen meditation is listening praying is speaking meditation is listening so it's a wonderful thing when you can clear the space in your mind to listen sit at the beach listen to the waves and when you're doing things like that when you're sitting at the beach when you're just lying there listening to the waves when you're just people watching when your mind drifts that's when the messages come another thing that can also make it harder for messages to come through or psychic phenomena to to take place or for you to get such hits is if your diet is extremely toxic so if you are eating a lot of foods that are high in chemicals or heavy metals or you're in an environment that is extremely polluted like pollution in the air or in a high density living environment where everybody around you is stressed out and high-strung then it does become harder for you to get such messages because if you are someone who is open and super sensitive to messages you end up picking up on the energies of everyone around you you need to be in a in a fairly clear state and place when you're not picking up on everybody else's energies because the minute you're open you're sensitive to higher energies the first thing that happens quite often is you're picking up on the denser and energies that the people around you are holding so be aware of that you kind of want to be spend more time in a lower density clearer space less polluted and maybe eat foods with less chemicals and toxins and and be in a state where you can move your mind out of the way either through meditation or joy or lightness and these are the things that are really conducive for you to get more and more psychic phenomena it stands to reason and and this is not something that's researched but just from my own experience that I've noticed that people who live in high-density cities that go to jobs they hate who feel a lot of stress seem to be less guided than those who have joyful lives so it's no coincidence that that's the case if you were courageous enough to move out of a high-density city and you were courageous enough to kind of increase the like the vibration of the vibrational frequency of your life by being away from dramas and stress and anger and things that are toxic to you and your energy and you start eating foods that are a little bit less filled with chemicals and maybe more Whole Foods it's no coincidence that actually you will start to feel more guided and I think that's really important to note because so many of you write to me and say you're in a job you hate and you're doing this and yet you're feeling that you you feel like you're doing the work but it's not changing your life is not changing that's because you are in a frequency or in an area or in a part of your life and your mind is being stressed out by the goings-on around you and by your job it's preventing the messages from the other side and the psychic hits from coming through so what I want to do now is I just want to I want to turn to boo and I want to ask him have you had any interesting stories come in interesting is an understatement I like that I like to hear that I've got a couple of these queued up and let's see if technology will allow us to graze we'll punch it up on the screen and I will read them out and this is fantastic this is exactly what I wanted you guys to do is to write these in so we can share them Emma Malick so thank you for writing in I was giving someone Reiki when a very gruff woman kept insisting tell her I love her it was very insistent so I asked her about her mother she and she had died I told her about the message and she flung her arms around me and said she did not know she didn't know that and it shifted her massively how amazing see I love things like that Thank You Emma for sharing that totally thank you you totally saw her mother there and let's see if there's a couple more love it when so when you are going through things like so if you are a healer now this triggers be so before we get into another one since emma is a Reiki healer I want to say that if you are someone who is a healer and you're working with people it's even more important for you that when you're healing that in order to get the best messages for them is to kind of be in that state of mind it's to always be to choose a place to live and to practice from that is very conducive to distressing so even if you are in a in a spa or a practice in a high density city make sure that when they come through the doors into your healing sanctuary or practice that they are leaving their stresses behind make sure that your practice is insulated from the outside world and what it is that the people are going through that's so important whether it's through aromatherapy smells and whether it's through music and just calming colors whatever it is it's very important that you that you cocoon your in this safe arena where all their stress and anger and fear can just get washed away so thank you for sharing that Emma and when you do that by the way as a healer you will get stronger hits so I'm sure Emma does that which is why she gets hits like that so yes we can go let's go for another one this one's Linda Quiller my son had fallen asleep at the wheel and was drifting towards a semi-truck and his deceased grandfather my dad yelled at him to wake up oh my god see I love that that's so similar to the other one he saved his life Linda thank you for sharing that thank you that was beautiful and thank you for his grandfather and so that your son is still alive that must feel amazing that's so you see because he was like kind of falling asleep he was at the right kind of like his mind was out of the way so his grandfather was able to tell him to wake up that's a beautiful story do we have any more yes we do I love it I love it and and I suggest all of you later after this video to go back and read the comments whether you're watching on YouTube or Facebook mera Lena Zuniga I hope I pronounce your name correctly Marlena says I can't believe the timing of this I'm not on FB much these days because my dear father died seven weeks ago on sorry to hear that I just came back from lunch with a friend who was dad's speech therapist in the hospital we became good friends and as she was cleaning out her clearing out her office on retirement yesterday she had a few cards and memorabilia that belonged to dad I was feeling so sad because I hadn't heard from dad but my friend did and the words she heard loud and booming were give them to her so she did just now at lunch the cards had so much meaning to me and I've been in tears the last hour and so I felt drawn to listen to your video right now thank you for another affirmation oh my gosh see and I actually think your dad told you to listen to this because he probably knew what I was going to be talking about and so this is the thing one time one person said to me that when you get messages from other people how is it that these people know so to give you an example I'm just gonna give you an example of something that happened to me which I spoke about a few weeks ago when I was on the Alaskan cruise the the stewards every evening they would make animal an animal shape out of our towels and they would put it on our bed and so one night they made the shape of an elephant and interestingly in my room in my room I had one of these unicorns which someone had given to me on the cruise now so when I came into the room the towel folded as an elephant was on my bed but next to it was the Unicorn in other words they had chosen to create an elephant and had chosen to pick up the unicorn from where it was on the side of the cabin and put it on the bed with the elephant they had not put the unicorn beside any other animal on any other night you know there was a night when there was a monkey a night when there was a turtle they had not put the unicorn beside the animal on any other night they only put the unicorn on the night that that they had folded the elephant and so we for me the elephant symbol symbolizes Wayne I always think of Wayne as the scurvy elephant because he always shared a story about him being a scurvy elephant in the classroom that was one of his favorite stories when he was a kid his teacher called him a disturbing elif element and he went home and asked his mom what's a scurvy elephant and his mom went to the teacher and found out that his teacher had said disturbing element so the symbol of elephants come up for me as Wayne's presence now for me I love unicorns I kind of I always joke about falling off my unicorn and stuff like that so when there was the the unicorn and the elephant on the bed I told milena who was my assistant traveling with me about it and she said oh that's you and Wayne together that's a sign from Wayne so now a question that people ask is how did Wayne communicate to the to the people who made my room and who did that because this way know them do they no way and do they how did they get the message so what happens sometimes is that our thoughts get played around with but we don't realize it we think it's our own thoughts so for example in this case you may have thought that you you just happen to tune in to this video or you decided today you had time to watch this video but one of your deceased loved ones may have guided you to watch the video and dropped that thought in your mind but you think it's your own thought because it's so subtle and this is something that happens all the time our loved ones are guiding us even when we are not aware of it and it's so subtle that we think it's our own thoughts and so we are getting psychic phenomena and psychic guidance a lot more than we realize it and they try to do that whenever our minds are clear so let's go with another one this is fun I love hearing your stories just love it and I'm sure everybody else does as well because it really confirms it for everyone dolorous right after my dad passed in 2006 I dreamed of a red tail hawk on my fire escape window in Brooklyn New York a day later while sitting on my kitchen looking out the window I was crying on the phone with a colleague telling her about my dream and about how I knew that was somehow related to my dad and then I saw red-tailed hawk right outside my window in Brooklyn New York Wow amazing overwhelming feeling of love that is beautiful so while you're sitting on the kitchen while you're telling your colleague you see the red tail hawk hawk thank you for that Dolores I'm sure it was it was your dad telling you he was okay very recently I had watched again the video of Wayne Dyer talking about the monarch butterflies and right after that you know and I started to think about that and I thought wouldn't it be fun if I saw monarch butterflies because that adds to another sign from Wayne you know and so I kind of called out to him I said Wayne if you're around and you're still looking out for me send me some monarch butterflies and I kid you not within seconds cuz um so actually a few minutes later I walked out my front door and started walking and literally a monarch butterfly a big one in that golden orange color flew right by my face like making sure I didn't miss it and then hover it around and I was like Thank You Wayne and it was like literally minutes after I had said that so they're always around us I can see from Danny's face that there are more yes he's smiling he's like his eyes are wide like these are some incredible stories go for it let's go for a few more aah cat says I have been having a very challenging life I keep seeing one 11 p.m. or am is this someone talking to me yes I think it is someone talking to you definitely they're asking you to listen now here's a bit of a catch-22 you can't you say that you have a very challenging life what happens is when we have a challenging life it keeps us sucked in the challenge keeps us sucked into the drama of the challenge which means that we are feeling emotionally drained we are feeling in stress we are feeling in fear or we're feeling in anger or we're involved in other people's drama this is not the most conducive state to be in to get messages and this is the state in which most people are always saying to me why am I not getting messages why is it that I keep asking for it and I'm not getting it if you are demanding the messages and you got your teeth clenched and you're like why am I not getting it it's a very difficult state for which the message is to come through so and I'm not saying that's how you are cat this is a generalization because when you say you're going through challenging times this is immediately what I feel is that your involvement your mental involvement in the challenge is what is preventing you from receiving the actual message you're being able to see the 111 is a clue that somebody is trying to communicate with you and so it's a clue that you need to find the space in your mind and in your heart to open up to the message how do we do that like I said in the beginning we can do that by just taking some time out breathing breathing is a good one you can do that by even clearing some of the toxins in your in your diet if you're eating a lot of junk food and fast food and you can do that by just spending some time alone going by the ocean going into nature doing absolutely nothing or doing something something that doesn't occupy your left brain which is like a hobby you know it's like when you're doing something where you don't even remember what time it is and you can get so involved in doing it and it feels like such a pleasure that sort of thing is good messages can come to you during that time so if you're playing if you're if you got art or if you're creative in some way right or you write poetry music anything like that so you need to spend time doing things like that take yourself away from your challenges and your stresses and it's important for you to do that cat so thank you for that question I'm sure it helped a lot of people do we have any more I can see Danny reaching for another one Sharon asks Anita what does it mean when I see white orbs right outside my line of my line of vision it's happened twice these are probably your guides your angels your spirit guides trying to trying to communicate with just trying to let you know they're there now here's the thing sometimes they don't they may not have anything specific to say because you're alright you're doing well but they just want you to know that they're there I sometimes see movement from the corner of my eye and then when I turn there's nothing there but there was definite movement something a shadow something moving so I always take it that they're there to let me know that they're there just there just letting me know that hey I'm here I haven't forgotten you I haven't forsaken you and it's it's all a good thing so if there are any more questions I'll take a couple more questions because then I want to go into a couple of other things Danny says there are more so that's always a great sign Judy says hi Judy I remember you from 14:40 my mother-in-law passed a few weeks before my birthday the week of my birthday a mylar balloon said happy birthday it floated by me as I got out of my car that's definitely your mom she somehow manipulated it so that so that the balloon kind of drifted your way or so that you found a parking spot right in the path of the balloon she kind of guided you to go that way that was definitely a mom I love it when things like that happen I just love it so thank you for that story and we still have one more oh nice I like it I like it and we go to Sabrina I was at a friend's wedding whose mum had passed she asked for a sign that a mum was present and during the ceremony a phone went off turns out it was the Vickers she said she knew it was her mum who made that happen as she would have found it funny oh my gosh I totally believe that that is you know I've there's another story very similar and I shared this one before but it's worth sharing it again a friend of mine her name is Linda her son had passed away and she used to Skype her son frequently because they lived in different cities and she still had not like deleted his Skype from from her Skype menu and her computer was on on on her son's birthday and it was morning and she was just lying in bed kind of feeling sad and reminiscing and thinking about him and thinking how this was his birthday and suddenly the Skype ring went off on her computer and she set up to see who it was thinking it was another family member like a sister or somebody's sibling or someone but when she looked at the Skype at the Skype window it was her son's account and it was a son's photo it was as if he was calling her and so she was like shocked and when she clicked on it though it was her sister but somehow there was a glitch in Skype that caused his account and his picture to appear as though he was calling she knew that he had somehow manipulated that because it's not something that just happens so I find that they're really good at manipulating technology that's something that they can actually do because I find with technology weird things happen I know friends who've had whose phones have typed messages it's as though the keys are pressing themselves one of my friends whose dad passed away she had that happen to her which was really weird and freaky but she she actually saw it happening before her eyes so so it's it's quite incredible how they can use how they can use technology and the other thing I want to point out here is that if it scares you they won't do it because they love you they're not going to do things that scare you they're going to do it if it brings you comfort not if it scares you so if something like that scares you it won't happen so I'm going to turn to boo do we have any more in fact okay so I want to touch on a couple of other things so last week one of the questions I got I received was about infidelity and how to handle infidelity and I just wanted a really quick touch on that again because because I received an email a very beautiful thoughtful email where one person asked whether the way I framed it was blaming the victim and so I just wanted to clarify and I'm very happy she brought it up because one of the things that I would never want to do and never do deliberately is to blame the victim and so if you haven't seen last week's video please go and watch it but it was just a very tiny part of last week's video last week's video was focused on relationships and I only spoke a couple of minutes on infidelity because it's not something I speak about a lot because I don't have experience in direct experience with it however one of the things that I was trying to convey which may have been misconstrued so I just want to clarify that is that my take is that when somebody is a victim I like to draw them out of victimhood so that they take responsibility of their healing of moving their healing so that they can move forward and so that they can then go into a position of power so that they are no longer a victim because one of the things about being a victim is that when you are in victimhood you feel that life is beyond your control you feel that life is happening to you when you are stuck in victimhood so when someone feels like a victim I like them to take responsibility for their own state of being and bringing themselves into a position of power to know that they have choices of how to handle the situation and move forward so I wanted to be clear that when I asked people to take responsibility for their life moving forward I am NOT saying it is their fault that this happened to them it is not their fault them they are not I am not blaming the victim for having that whatever happened to them but I am inviting people to take responsibility of getting into their own power because the person who victimized them is certainly not going to do it for them and as long as you stay in that place of feeling like the victim you will allow people to continue to have power over you it's very important for you to be able to see your role in in people having power over you but again again I stress this over and over I cannot stress this enough I never blame the victim but this is so that you can be in a position of power so that you can see that I was not a victim I was abused I was exploited and I have the power to walk away from this situation so I just wanted to make that clarity and I'm so grateful for the person bringing it to my attention I really appreciate your loving email because I would never want anyone to get the wrong impression and my take is always to move people into positions of power so thank you for pointing that out and if and so now I would just like to finish off by saying that I will be taking the month of August as a hiatus from doing these Sunday Facebook lives but I will be dropping in sporadically during the weekdays just to keep you updated on things that are going on we will be back in September for the regular Sunday Facebook lives but let me tell you what's happening in August because I want you to feel excited together with me number one is we are building an online platform because it's too soon for me to build physical brick-and-mortar healing sanctuaries we want to start with an online platform which will not just be focused on healing but it'll be focused on many things including abundance health relationships well-being like all kinds of stuff it'll be a safe cocoon for us too to speak about topics that could be even provocative so we are excited about building that and I'm a pop in from time to time to let you know how it's going that's number one number two any time I'm excited about meeting somebody who I think could be very helpful for you chances are I will bring them on at some point during the week days over the next four weeks on a Facebook live just to share they're just to share their wisdom with you so you will be seeing me from time to time the other thing I wanted to mention is that I will be also taking this time out to finish writing finish up my book my book which is mainly written for empaths but it speaks about many things including being sensitive also how it relates to health and well-being and how it relates like usually empaths struggle with making money and so on so I will be finishing up this book I will at some point probably be asking your help on voting for title ideas because we have a few ideas but we are kind of stuck as to which title to go with so that's the number the other thing I'll be working on and also the third thing I'll be working on which starts at the end of August is because my online course with the shift network seems to do really well and I'm so grateful for you all for joining it by the time I really by the time it was over I felt like I just got going I was like really rolling so they have invited me to do a second course with them for anybody who wants to go deeper into the subject into some of the subjects that I covered in the first one so I will be working on that over the next couple of weeks and that will be launched right at the end of August and you can find all these things on on my facebook page and so on but the other yet another thing I'm really excited about is that in September I will be doing I'll be doing an event in Los Angeles it's a full weekend event I'll be doing it together with Michael Neal my dear friend Michael Michael is a wonderful and articulate coach who really brings out a very deep part of my near-death experience which which usually he brings out things that it doesn't occur to me to talk about so he is a great person to do this with because we will be having tools for you to uplift your life because and we've entitled this this weekend workshop get out of jail free card for your life and it's basically about finding freedom and feeling more uplifted and it is in LA on the 21st and 22nd of September and there is also a live stream option available if you would like but I would love it if you could join me if you if you live in the LA area and I have more events coming up later this year but you can check them out on my web site I'll be in at the Omega Center I'll be in Sedona I'll also be in New Mexico you can check them out on my web site but I am so excited for all the things that are coming up and I wouldn't be able to do them without all of you I am so grateful for all for all of you thank you so much for everything and in and also if you want more information on any of these things and also I love to hear from you please sign up to my newsletter on my website and on my newsletter like a lot of you say that you you don't always know when I've put out a video or you're not always on Facebook so please sign up to my newsletter because you will get all the information on my upcoming platform on other other coaches helpers whatever it is I have you'll be getting it on my newsletter so thank you so much I really appreciate all of you truly love all of you thank you again and I am looking forward to reading more comments of your psychic phenomena one last thing when we come back in September we're gonna do lives on YouTube as well not just Facebook but we're gonna experiment with doing them on YouTube as well so I know Danny's a big fan of YouTube so yay can't wait to see you all bye thank you so much for tuning into my video and if you really enjoyed it I would love for you to subscribe and the subscribe button is here and also I would love for you to watch my suggested video which is over here and if you love my content please feel free to share it to people who you think that would benefit from it thank you

  1. Since the age of eight years old I've always known when someone is going to pass away..
    My grandmother, my Dads Mother said this was a gift
    I find it to be a curse
    Im 53, I have stronger feelings with this "so called gift"
    In 2018, I had emergency abdominal surgery due to a ruptured appendix that went into gangrene
    I died twice on the operating table I saw myself laying on the table for a brief moment
    That is it I hovered over myself
    It scared me to death
    Since this event I am a changed being
    Im not the person I use to be I suffer from anxiety and have anger
    I did not have this before
    I did not lose my gift as a matter of fact I feel spirits around me now
    Im sure this is completely off the topic here
    I've not spoken to anyone but my therapist who reconvened you
    I've enjoyed listening to this vlog

  2. The story about the traffice light and speeding up to catch it happeed to me…A voice said NO and i breaked, a bus was next to me on my left so i could see what was coming and a police car spead across. I made me believe in that moment i had guides and have had many since too many to mention i am now trying to perfect it in trainning so to speak

  3. Hi beautiful Anita and Danny! I’m just watching the video now and I remembered that my grandmother always tells us the story that after praying at night for the good of all souls, she went to sleep and in the middle of the night a heavy Christ cross she had on the wall above her bed, suddenly fell down by her side, waking her up just on time to see a huge snake on the bed very close to her!

  4. Listening to your voice and beautiful messages uplifts me so I love to watch your videos. Also I love to read your books which is written in Japanese I have. I love you (^o^)(^o^)Anita from Japan. I am a at home mom with four little girls and I have work to do where I sew clothes. They order me to make their brouse and I make them and make money that also uplifts me. I love you! Thank you so much Anita!! 🌈🌈🌈😊😊😊♥️♥️♥️

  5. Request for a video – are healthy expectations a part of self love? If you feel hurt/ disappointed all the time from someone close not making time for you, is that your fault, or should you get away from them, as they are not being so considerate towards your feelings.

    Context of my question –
    I shared an amazing and a great bond with my eldest sis in law, we called each other bros, lately I had been feelin that only I am always there, available wen she needed me, but everytime I asked her to be there , she always said no for almost everything, she works acc to her time, I made time always, but she only comes in her free time and never made time fr me, i just respected that, n i saw i needed to keep my expectation zero. Recently though, i really needed her to be there i was alone, was feeling low, wanted to go out n eat something but she cld have easily make half n hour for that still she said no, i felt hurt n stopped talking to her. I told her i felt hurt. She has not cared to even come and talk or text. I only helped her to understand the importance of saying no, she has been using it only with me, Lol. Wen I acted like her, she used to feel confused n get ok for a while, everytime said she loves me a lot n i just need to call her to be there but those words dont match her actions. And It hurts. So i dont want to go through that again and again. So i recently stopped talking to her, but i do feel some pain coz of that, but i acknowledge it and try to let go. Please talk abt healthy expectations, healthy boundaries. This pattern has occurred again in close relations of mine, nature can be diff, romantic or friendship , that am always available there fr them , n then they take me for granted.

  6. Also, please make a video on how to clear our energy, how to protect ourselves from like say my brother’s wife gives off such bad vibes/hate towards me n she feels unhappy to see anyone happy, Everyone can sense it very easily, i specially being the most sensitive one, and we are a joint family we all live together, oh she is a narcissist, I try n stay away as much possible, but her vibes r there all the time , single handedly brings the energy down… please tell how to clear our energy, work with energy to heal our chakras

  7. One time I had a friend and I remember I had a dream of his mom in a note book writing in green pen telling me that she loves him and that she’s fine and she misses him and I thought she was alive but he started crying saying she had passed.

  8. Wait a minute……the message from Cat is unbelievable for me because I keep seeing that 111 too. Sometimes on a watch or a clock or a speedometer or my cell phone, etc. Wow….may be someone knows what 111 signify. I keep wondering if it is a date like 11th January or 1st November but when those dates come I keep forgetting to pay attention if something interesting is happening. Or it could be something else. So, may be someone was directing me to watch this video and wants me to pay more attention.

  9. Loving this Anita…. I'm watching from the UK on the night of the 25th August, a few weeks after it was originally broadcast. You have just mentioned Wayne and the Monarch Butterfly. Last night I was watching a Wayne Dyer video where he tells the story of the Monarch Butterfly – what a beautiful synchronicity x

  10. Anita you are wiser when interviewing some of these forceful woman and don't have to agree with them.. I love your wisdom but one or two of them are just too overwhelming! Didn't know where to express my feelings but under your latest video! We love you and Boo! : )) <3

  11. I was a companion to elders and one night I had a dream about one of my clients. I was with her at her apartment and she looked young, beautiful and energetic. I was so happy for her. There was a clock on the wall and it said 1:30am. The next day when I went in to see my client they told me she had passed away in the night. I asked the nurse if he happened to know what time she died and he looked it up in the records and saw it was 1:30am.

  12. I am also an empath like you Anita, or at least I think I am. But I have ups and downs sometimes because I get depressed. Sometimes it feels like for no reason, then it's strange cause I will talk to my daughter out of state and come to find out she tells me she is feeling depressed. I never tell her that I'm depressed because I don't like putting my feelings out there to everyone. I am a loner a lot. I like staying home, and love outdoors and nature. I am very connected with animals. I loved Wayne but I can relate to you more because you seem to know me better. Thank you for coming out and sharing your story and continue to help us who have not been so blessed as you.

  13. Anita! I always watch your videos after they post – wish I could watch live – and I LOVE this one! Thank you for creating a venue for people to share these experiences and "normalize" it in a way. I have many moments to share and for a lot of my life I shrugged them off and/or called them "coincidences" and reasoned my way out of seeing them for what they were. The most significant came recently, right after my diagnosis with stage IV breast cancer. I was driving a long drive to go see my daughter play volleyball, driving and crying, trying to make sense of the news I had recently received. SCARED. I turned the radio on, heard a favorite 80s song of mine that includes the lyrics, "Hey now, don't dream it's over…" (Crowded House) and, when it was done, the DJ came on and said, "That was for you, Sarah Smith, good morning!" I KID YOU NOT! He said my NAME over the radio. I looked all around, wishing someone else had heard it, and all I could say was, "Okay, I'm listening! I'm listening!" and just kept saying that and cried and cried. The love I felt in that moment was incredible and I knew then and there that I have somebody looking out for me and that I am going to be FINE.

  14. Hi Anita,today I was in my neighborhood in Woodland Hills/ Topanga Village sitting outside with friend of mine having coffee. Out of no where huge,huge,beautiful yellow butterfly started to fly around. I though to myself "come on come on fly closer to say hello". Well,not only the butterfly flew closer,it set on my arm !!! Weird phenomena things are happening to me lately. And I of course thought about Wayne Dyer and his butterfly story 🙂

  15. Last year I had an overwhelming feeling to take 1 week off work (something I NEVER do for no reason).

    On the first day of leave I was driving my car and suddenly felt a presence with me (I often feel my dad and grandma but I didn’t recognise who this was). A song came on the radio and I started singing (which I rarely do) and I had a strong message that I need to start living my truth and start saying no to the emotional vampires around me. I also got other personal messages which I won’t go into.

    That afternoon I got home to discover my soul sister & best friend had passed in a car accident. It all started to make sense … this was her coming through (the song on the radio was a song we often sang together).

    My guides made me take a week off because they knew she was going to pass. This is no coincidence.

    The day after she passed, I had dozens of feathers on my path during my daily walk. Scattered everywhere. This lasted 2 weeks. She loves feathers and said she would send feathers from the other side. She still sends me messages all the time and it greatly helps me feel connected to her and the other side. No coincidence.

  16. I'm glad I found you. I have a story to share from 2017.

    Went to bed distraught one night and woke up with my phone missing off the bed. A few minutes later I seen it on the floor below. It was lit up as if someone had just texted me. I picked it up to it displaying this “When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy. Pride leads to violence and evil. The truly good gaze upon everything with love and understanding”. Dalai Lama

    But right above that it read:

    Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You’re wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this. You’re not alone, we may be miles away but we’re all going through the same things. Please keep holding on.

    I went to bed earlier the night before researching and reading up about killing myself. When this happened with the phone, it was a sign to me as if someone was trying to talk to me, like an angel.

  17. It doesn't surprise me that toxic, overstimulated and over-packed environments dull intuition and healing. Our autonomic nervous systems are stuck in the sympathetic/fight-or-fight responses, and we can't enter the parasympathetic response of healing, regenerating and receiving. Living with such high levels of cortisol in the body from various triggers… it's not conducive to receptivity.
    I was reading a book by Patricia Pearson recently, and she mentioned how an experiment that took place in 2010 led the psychologist who was head of research to surmise that psychic abilities seemed to be possible in his subjects, but that "cortical arousal might suppress psi functioning". So, all those things that trigger cortisol release; rushed lives, overstimulation, jobs we hate, food patterns that make our body think it's dealing with a stress…
    It's all so fascinating and empowering to realise how our bodies work and make a conscious choice in each of the things we are engaged with in our lives.
    Thanks Anita for this video, which contributes to a picture of messages I am receiving at the moment.

  18. Looking forward to more live chats on facebook AND youtube!! 🙂 I appreciate all your thoughts and am grateful for your commitment to helping others. I just have to say, I'm uneasy whenever someone tells victims they mustn't use that word. A victim is a victim; there is no point denying it. At the same time, we all have the choice to heal after being hurt. I don't believe the word victim prevents us from healing. Not using it runs the risk of minimizing the responsibility of those who victimize others.

  19. Beautiful talk, Anita!! Thank you 💞 I have found that, even in the most stressing situations, if we can see these circumstances and difficult emotions as gifts from our experience to the world, if we can shower love onto and honor what we are going through, the door to higher guidance opens up and the messages come through, despite anything else. It works like a charm with me 😊🌹

  20. I want to take the opportunity to share three significant of many "hits" I have received from the other side that saved people's lives in a time of crisis. When I now think about it, each time I was in a state of joy or bliss when these insights came. The first time was BEFORE I knew about this greater reality. I was having game night with my family and my iphone's (this must have been like the 1st or 2nd generation phone at the time) alarm starting going off at exactly 9:18 pm. I remember looking at it like "why is my morning alarm going off at night….much less at a weird time like 9:18 where I would have been awake anyway if I accidentally messed up PM for AM. Well, I realized I had just gotten an email and checked it. I realized it was someone in my neighborhood. The title of the email was "Goodbye." It was a suicide note. My husband and I were there with my three kids. I motioned to him that we had to hurry and we dashed out the door to this person's house. Entered their garage where they were unconscious from fumes, alcohol consumption and maybe pills–I am not sure. We called the ambulance and they started working on the person in the ambulance while one of the EMS came to tell me that it is rare they can save people in these cases as it is usually too late. Just then, one of the EMS people came out to say she was conscious.

    A second occurrence was just after I read "Dying to be Me" and was in the process of reading "Course in Miracles." Without going into details, I had a profound experience that suddenly woke me up to the greater reality and I was voraciously in a state of bliss and wanting to learn more. At this time, one of my family members called to ask if myself and my mother would travel to where his daughter lived as they felt she would not make it through the night due to years of suffering anorexia/bulimia. He wanted someone there from the family to be present and to give her husband and daughter some relief from what they had been through with this, one of many, hospital stays. Without going into the whole thing, I decided to stay the night in the hospital with the person while her husband went home to rest. Before she went to sleep I told her to surrender to whatever she was going through and allow it–live or die–not to be attached to either. IDuring the night she needed to use the rest room. There was a security guard there because at some point before that she tried to kill herself. I helped her to the restroom as she was very weak and found she had some white pills sitting on the bathroom counter. I knew she was not supposed to have pills on her own so I secretly( I thought) put them in my pocket. Suddenly, this weak, frail, even skeletal person developed super strength and tried to fight me for the pills. The security guard came in and grabbed her and she fell into the bed. The next morning, she woke up completely normal. She had the sense of humor of when I remember her from high school She looked forward to eating food again. The DR did tests and found her organs were all functioning normally on their own. In fact, it was this reason her father asked we go to visit her. She had been on kidney medication for years for the anorexia, but her gall bladder was failing so she was completely unable to absorb the kidney medication causing them to fail. Again, ALL SYSTEMS WERE FUNCTIONING NORMALLY! But they whisked her away to yet another anorexia treatment center despite her telling them she didn't need it. But she is still alive today and she looks good!
    Third instance, I was running on the running trail in my hometown when I saw two men carrying what I thought was a dead dog out of the lake. It was, instead, a homeless man with long shaggy hair over his face of which became apparent as his plastic looking white flesh surfaced from the water. For some reason I asked, "Is this for me" and a strong voice came back "YEP!" Suddenly, a video of my health teacher from high school was playing in my head from 30 years prior teaching me how to give CPR. When it came to do the "mouth to mouth" (of which was taught back in those days) I said "I don't want to do it." The reason I said this is because the man already appeared to be dead. His face was waxy and his eyes were slit open like he wasn't with us anymore Plus, he had mud on his mouth and I wasn't if he had any diseases, etc. It was all going through me in a panic. Suddenly, that same loud voice said, "YOU BETTER GET OVER IT!" I screamed back (internally) "ALL RIGHT i WILL" and I put my mouth on his and gave two big puffs. He startled to gurgle and I freaked out a bit and turned him on his side to try to get the water out. A policeman came and put on protective eye gear and gloves. Then, the Fire Dept came and put on protective gear and had an oxygen thing they put over his mouth along with a gurney to put the man on. I was wet, my mouth was full of mud and the thought of them putting him on that gurney and putting a sheet over him to pronounce him dead was just too much. I left the crowd filled scene. Plus, I didn't want them to take me to the ER and do a bunch of tests on me even though I felt maybe I should have. I felt creepy all day. When night came, I was feeling very scared about what the man died from. Here is the kicker, my husband was laughing at YouTube videos in our bed while I was checking my mouth in the bathroom (I was pretty scared). When I heard him laughing, I wanted to join in so I watched some videos and laughed a bit. Then, my head turned up to look at the television screen. I saw the most AMAZING thing. There was a still image of a tiny while owl with a stream of light coming down onto its head. Words came into my mind–it's ok little one, you are fine. You were guided by a power above. I was so relieved I can not even tell you. But the real reward, I read in the newspaper a few days later that the homeless man lived!!!!

  21. Okay. My story will not stay up for long and I won't go into too much detail. But I had such an experience. I was depressed and sad. But then i honestly prayed that i had complete faith in God and had just complete SURRENDER …. then i heard a voice (that sounded like my own…but it was audible) and felt a strong heat spread from my head throughout my body
    …and the voice told me not to worry and that i would get into the university i wanted. 4 hours later. It happened…HOWEVER I then spent a stressful 3 years at this place and failed out. And was confused. I wondered why God would tell me and watch me fail.
    But at the same time i wondered why I heard that voice tell me that…because it's something I would have found out anyway…after this event I realised that the message was not the point of that experience. Since then my life has been amazing ! Things I could have never imagined have happened. Failure really can be a good thing. Trust God (the universe). He will guide you out of any situation…eventually.

  22. About 4 years ago, I and my family were returning from a vacation in Vancouver. We had boarded the plane. I was seated behind my family on the aisle seat. The other 2 passengers next to me had not arrived. I decided to read a book while I waited for all passengers to board.

    As I read, I sensed people putting away their carry on luggage in the overhead compartment. All of a sudden I heard a telepathic message, "the luggage is going to fall". I thought to myself, if it's going to fall, I better move. So I tilted my body away from the aisle. About 10 seconds later the carry on a man had been trying to place above my seat came falling down.

    The wheel of the luggage barely touched my left shoulder as the man grabbed the falling case. If I had not moved, the case would have slammed onto my face. I also happen to wear glasses.

    I was so thankful that the message came through and that I did not dismiss it.

  23. This is such a fun topic! Oh boy! 🐽I have had many since my awakening in 2012 but even throughout my life. From finding my keys or files every time I ask Lord Shiva’s help throughout my lifetime to channeling during meditation my little cousin gardien angel who died when she was 4 and listening to messages from my ancestors and guides and the council of light. The first message I ever heard was when I meditated in nature and a voice appeared within the space that said ´ you are here to let go of fear’…I cried all day after hearing this…..the voice was the most beautiful I have ever heard. and this began my channeling. Also, after the intense awakening after suffering in 2012 led to an opening like a butterfly coming out of a cacoon, led to phenomena of seeking and could no longer put meat in mouth….even milk and every questions I had in mind were all of a sudden answered. Since then, all I do is seek! Yes! There is a higher intelligence out there guiding us all! We are looked after. I have so many more Miracles that happened in life, it’s incredible! Blessings of the expansion of this power! May we arise and see this vision more clearly! 😇

  24. Hi Anita I'd like to share with you this story.
    I jus landed in Spain from Italy for holiday, after a while I turned on my phone I received a message from a colleague of mine, he wrote that a friend and colleague of mine passed. She tried to help her neighbor but both of them died. They were wifes and moms of young children.
    I was shocked as all of us who know her.
    The following night I dreamed her smiling, as she always did, and in the background a song played, it was "rise up" by Yves Larock. Next morning I checked out for the lyric and I was thrilled about it. It was a sort of message she left us who used to love her, family and colleagues, because she passed suddenly.

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