Q: How Do You Write The Perfect Pilot Script?

Q: How Do You Write The Perfect Pilot Script?

Steve Harper, writer, actor, and certified creativity coach answers this burning question about writing the perfect script. Get clear guidance as the WORKSHOP: Your TV Writing Life – SATURDAY MARCH 28th. Find out more here:

hi I'm Steve Harper from your creative life and the question of the day today is how do you write the perfect pilot script so you might be wrestling over this if you're working on something or you want to create for TB or you're just struggling in general with how to do this well and the answer to how do you write the perfect pilot script is you don't I mean look there is no perfection there's only you technique talent and the energy and beauty of your own heart and what you want to say about life and the world there is no perfect everything is different and what's different is unique and what's unique gets you noticed so lean past the notion the false notion of perfection and lean into skill talent ideas wisdom at your own heart we're going to talk about creating pilot scripts we're going to talk about television this week in the workshop your TV writing line and you can find out about that by going to your creative life comm join us for a workshop where I'm going to take you soup to nuts through creating television in a four-hour whirlwind and you really want to be there so sign up for this workshop and find out how you can get to the heart of what these you want to say about the world and put that into your pilot script


  1. Ah! Thank you! This is always in the back of my mind when I'm looking for "How to…"
    If I can just accept it, I can get some amazing work done. I'm going to listen to this video often for that simple piece of advice. Thank you.

  2. Your smile is amazing, I accidentally clicked on this I don't want to write a script but you are a joy to watch. Wish I did want to sign up to the workshop but I have no need to. Anyways you seem like a nice person so thumbs up for that lol xx

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