Quiz : What do you know about authors?

Quiz : What do you know about authors?

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Question 1 : Which author’s theatrical works have led to the employment of more actors than any other author’s?
Answer a: Arthur Miller
Answer b: Neil Simon
Answer c: Tennessee Williams
Answer d: William Shakespeare

Question 2 : What is the first name of Joyce, the famous author of “Ulysses”?
Answer a: Frank
Answer b: James
Answer c: John
Answer d: Theodore

Question 3 : What is the full name of the famous author Bowen?
Answer a: Amy Bowen
Answer b: Elizabeth Bowen
Answer c: Sinclair Bowen
Answer d: Toni Bowen

Question 4 : Who is the author of the quotation “What fools these mortals be”?
Answer a: Aldous Huxley
Answer b: George Orwell
Answer c: H.G. Wells
Answer d: William Shakespeare

Question 5 : Which of these American authors wrote “Death of a Salesman”?
Answer a: Arthur Miller
Answer b: Eugene O’Neill
Answer c: Harold Pinter
Answer d: Henry Miller

Question 6 : Which author wrote “All Creatures Great and Small”?
Answer a: Charles Dickens
Answer b: James Herriot
Answer c: Lord Byron
Answer d: Lord Tennyson

Question 7 : What’s the first name of the best-selling author Bradbury?
Answer a: D. H.
Answer b: Maurice
Answer c: Ray
Answer d: Virginia

Question 8 : Who is the author of “Don Quixote”?
Answer a: Cervantes
Answer b: John Milton
Answer c: Virgil
Answer d: William Blake

Question 9 : For what baseball team does author Stephen King root?
Answer a: Orioles
Answer b: Red Sox
Answer c: Tigers
Answer d: Yankees

Question 10 : Who was the author of the best selling 1915 fiction book “A Far Country”?
Answer a: Alex Comfort
Answer b: Frank Yerby
Answer c: Fulton J. Sheen
Answer d: Winston Churchill

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