R Kelly | Where Are They Now ? | Arrested on Federal Charges

R Kelly | Where Are They Now ? | Arrested on Federal Charges

R Kelly | Where Are They Now ? | Arrested on Federal Charges

Before They Were Famous:

After R Kelly meme’s would go viral following his sit down interview on CBS This Morning pleading for his life
After the Lifetime series Surviving R Kelly would hit the TV screens in early 2019 pulling in millions of views which would result in R Kelly getting dropped by his label.

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After R Kelly meme's would go viral following
his sit down interview on CBS This Morning pleading for his After the Lifetime series Surviving R Kelly
would hit the TV screens in early 2019 pulling in millions of views which would result in
R Kelly getting dropped by his label. After R Kelly would be arrested on thirteen
counts including -federal sex trafficking charges -obstruction of justice -producing child pornography -conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government after his former staff members turned over
20 tapes to the FBI. One of the most successful R&B artists of
all time – once upon a time R Kelly's net worth was pegged at $150 Million. I mean, I Believe I Can Fly was the anthem
of Space Jam and for a generation of dreamers. He was the Marvin Gaye or Barry White for
a whole new generation but beneath his often sexualized lyrics it seems their lied a much
darker and disturbing addiction. The singer has denied allegations and been
cleared of state charges at trial but the evidence has been mounting time and time again. This time it appears that he has run out of
money and all his get out of jail cards and will finally face time for his life of crime. When it comes to where are they now – typically
I would guess that R Kelly is either in his studio with a camcorder or his local McDonald's,
the latter he has suggested as the place that gives him the most comfort in his times of
despair. But Currently R Kelly is behind bars on Federal
charges and if found guilty he could be seeing a minimum of 15 years behind bars. Gonna kinda feel like he's ya know, trapped
in the closet… What's going on guys? It's your boy Michael McCrudden coming back
at you with another video in our new series Where Are They Now? Our last drop on 6ix9ine you guys seemed to
really enjoy. You also wanted me to give you more info about
the Now part so were on it! This new series opens up the door of possibilities
for who to do next. Popular request include Lil Tay, Desiigner,
Ugly God and more. Keep them suggestions coming in via the comments
down below. Aright, let's get into this video. I'm gonna keep the backstory short. R Kelly was born ROBERT SYLVESTER KELLY was
born on January 8th, 1967, in Hyde Park, Chicago, the third of four children born to his single
mom, Joanne. He grew up in the Bronzeville neighbourhood
with no father, it seems his mother an something similar to a brothel and he was asked to take
a lot of sexy pictures of people way older than him getting it on. Young Rob was also the victim of sexual abuse
by an older woman, friends of his moms throughout his youth. At 8 his first love drowned in a river as
young Rob hopelessly watched and at 11 years old he was shot in the shoulder while riding
his bike. Showing great potential singing in the church
choir R Kelly was encouraged to pursue music over basketball and schooling. In fact the man has a learning disability
and is said to not be able to fully read or write. Didn't matter, the kid could sing. After joining a number of R&B boy bands, R
Kelly went solo and achieved phenomenal success. During all his time in the spotlight it seemed
his talents were over shadowed by constant controversy. Before we get into the nitty gritty let's
take a look at some of career highlights. 7 Number 1 R&B Hits on Billboard including
Bump N Grind, I Belieber I Can Fly and there was Ignition – that jam is a classic. He's taken home 3 Gramy's and had over a dozen
nominations. He produced a No 1 for Michael Jackson with
You Are Not Alone and the dude made bank – although it appears he's had to fork that all over
to legal fees with hit net worth dropping to 1 Million at the time of this recording. In 1994, he married Aaliyah, who at the time
was just 15 years old. The marriage would be annulled just six months
later. Two years later he married his former backup
dancer Andrea Lee, with home he would have three children. Th same year as his marriage a woman named
Tiffany Hawking sued him for 10 Million for doing the dirty on her when she was just 15. They settled for a reported 250K. This was just the beginning. On December 21st, 2000, the Chicago Sun-Times
published its first major investigative story about R Kelly's alleged sex crimes, reporting
that the singer was using his position of fame and influence to meet and sleep with
girls as young as 15 years old. The paper would later receive a videotape,
which editors turned over to the Chicago police department, which showed R Kelly having sex
with a girl who seemed to be under age. While the police had to dismiss the evidence,
because they were not able to identify the girl or her age, another young lady, an aspiring
rapper named Tracy Sampson, filed a lawsuit against R Kelly in 2001. She alleged that she lost her virginity to
the star as a seventeen year old, while she was interning at Epic Records. She also said, “I was coerced into receiving oral sex from
a girl I did not want to have sex with…He would tell me to come to his studio and have
sex with him, then tell me to go. He often tried to control every aspect of
my life, including who I would see and where I would go.” This case was settled out of court after R
Kelly paid Tracy an undisclosed sum, but soon the police would be getting their hands on
another tape allegedly showing R Kelly with an underaged girl. In the video, he apparently tells the girl
to call him daddy, they do the deed, and, ummm, well… this is the one where all them
pee pee rumors come from. The girl's aunt was able to identify the girl,
and claimed she was around 14 years old at the time the tape was made. R Kelly denied all claims. There were two more accusers in 2002, one
got pregnant another was videotaped. R Kelly again settled both of these suits
out of court. Then, in June of 2002, R Kelly was indicted
on 21 counts of making child pornography, but it would be years before the case would
see trial. In 2004, 7 of the 21 counts against him were
dropped. Still more allegations came forward in the
following years, too many to even keep track of. INSERT:
Theres another story I want to include here and it's a strange one that invloved R Kelly
quitting his tour with Jay Z and after walking off stage he hit up a local McDonald's. Not just to eat there but he ended up working
the drive through for 3 hours greeting customers. He and his wife filed for divorced in 2006. After several postponements, R Kelly was finally
tried in 2008. The Jury would find R Kelly not guilty on
all 14 remaining charges. Kelly’s career continues in full force. Three more albums hit number one on the Billboard
200, and he is asked to perform at major stages and events, including Whitney Houston’s
memorial service, the 2010 World Cup, the 2011 Grammy gala and Coachella 2013. He was back on top and probably though that
he had put his past in the past but sadly this wasn't the case. A 2017 BuzzFeed article got the conversation
going again that R Kelly had been running an abusive sex cult involving at least six
women. At a secret located the singer would dictates
how the women dress and behave. Force them to ask permission to do simple
things like ask for food or use the bathroom, . He confiscated their phones, cut ties with
their families and demanded that they call him “daddy”. There was again more tapes being filmed. Again, R Kelly and his team denied the accusations
but this time it was during the height of the #MeToo movement. This time the music industry took action. R Kelly was dropped from streaming services
like Spotify and things would only get worse as Lifetime were gearing up to drop their
six hour mini series titled Surviving R Kelly. As always, R Kelly denied the claim but the
internet was too loud for him to ignore – RCA dropped him from the label which meant for
the first time ever my old videos on him didn't get claimed. Also, R Kelly was forced to come face to face
with the world via now infamous CBS sit down. Over on social media R Kelly was trying to
keep his cool in front of his 1.3 Million instagram followers but eventually he would
have to turn off all comments. At one point in time R Kelly has multiple
mansion all over the states. From Chicago to multiple properties in Atlanta. As his legal woes worsened these houses fell
out of his possession and some were auctioned off for pennies on the dollar. R Kelly also had run ins with the law for
skipping out on taxes and slowly but surely his fortune continued to dwindle. Earlier this year, R Kelly found himself in
court over missed child support payments. The media attention was clearly getting to
the man and while all eyes were on him he stopped into a McDonald's. This time is seems federal agents began working
on the case rather than state officials in the past. t appears that R Kelly's former staff members
came forward with his old duffle bag of sex tapes which consist of 5 different alleged
victims though to be underage. The indictments date back to 1999 and chronicle
over two decades of criminal activity. Also working against R Kelly is that in 2017,
Illinois lifted the statute of limitations on all felony criminal sexual assault and
sexual abuse crimes against children. The last time R Kelly was locked up over child
support issues the bond was set at $100K. He relied on a friend to bail him out. This time the courts are fighting for no bail. That means that R Kelly would remain inside
Metropolitan Correctional Center in Downtown Chicago. There is an upside to that – here they are
known on occasion to serve their patrons McDonald's. So at least there is that. I don't think R Kelly is gonna get off, there
is to much evidence against him and people want justice. I also think he's got a sexual addiction that
needs treatment. Families have been torn apart, lives have
been ruined and whenever you hear the name R Kelly someone make a pee joke. I think it's time he comes to terms with the
realities of his past actions. Those are my thoughts, I would love to hear
yours in the comments down below. My name of course is Michael McCrudden.


  1. Man I'm sorry I just dont believe them females at all I bet all them females was like hell yeah I let rkelly hit this or saying flirty conversation with the man this kind of reminds of the bill Cosby situation a lil only difference they said Cosby drug them man but come on they see these ppl got alot of talent just give them help or anyone help that got an addiction or something den sending ppl to jail… I thought black live matter only I see blacks still getting kill or going to jail its crazy still

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