Random Facts on African -American Authors | Black History Month

Random Facts on African -American Authors | Black History Month

Black History Month begins in February.

Here I will give facts on 5 African American Authors that I have read or want to read.

Authors mentioned:
Maya Angelou
Ralph Ellison
Octavia Butler
August Wilson
Zora Neale Hurston

hi everyone this is Lisa and today I decided to do a video I've been thinking about doing this for a while and it's basically authors facts I know that I've read many books where I knew a little bit about some of the authors and I'll say oh I really enjoy that author or that's my favorite author but I really don't know too much about them so I'm trying to really learn more about these authors and just their background and how they started writing and things along that line so this week I had worked on a couple authors that I went today I figured I would do videos on just simple facts to three points something like that nothing really really long and detailed because I wanted to do more than one author at a time and so I figured with Black History Month coming beginning tomorrow February I thought this was a good way to introduce some of these authors of course I've only chosen five and many of you are already know and have read their works but I just kind of wanted to give a couple of points for those who may not know or just information that you may not be aware of that I actually wasn't aware of until I read and did a little bit of research to find out who they were so with that I'm gonna get started the first person I chose is Maya Angelou she's famous for I Know Why the Caged Bird seeing and that's not the only reason she's famous but that's what she's really well-known for her real name is Marguerite Annie Johnson she was San Francisco's first the female black street conductor she had a son at the age of 16 before she started her whole writing she actually won a scholarship to study acting and dancing and she actually she holds the record for spending the longest time on the New York Times bestseller paperback nonfiction bestseller list and she did it for two years so she's one of the ones that I haven't read any of her works I did get I Know Why the Caged Bird sing I think it was in December November and that's one of the books that I've actually planned to read in February my next choice was Ralph Ellison and he is known for the Invisible Man he actually also won a scholarship to study music and he studied he did the trombone for he was study for like nine hours a day he moved to New York after he went to school he started school and then he moved to New York and he was actually he became friends with Langston Hughes who then introduced him to Richard Wright who influenced him as far as his writing goes so you have Richard Wright Langston Hughes in there out Ellison three beautiful men and you couldn't get it better it couldn't get better than that he worked as a cook on a merchant marine and he fell ill while drinking contaminated water and so he was on sick leave and it was during that time that he started to write Invisible Man and it took him seven years to complete that work the next one I chose was out Octavia Butler who one of her works which a lot of people know her for is kindred Octavia actually suffered from dyslexia her teachers thought that she just didn't want to do her work and stuff like that and it was one particular teacher who noticed her patterns and stuff like that so they said that she had dyslexia at a younger age by the age of 15 she was already 6 feet tall and so she was a target a lot of a lot of bullying and it was during that time that she kind of secluded herself and she started spending more times in the library reading different works and then that's when she decided that that's what she wanted to do she wanted to write she her mother actually wanted her to be a secretary because she felt that would be a more steady income and in 1995 she was the first sci-fi writer to receive the genius grant the MacArthur Fellowship and when they had extra bodies she was like I am in no ways a genius and I'm not sure why I received this but she was honored that she got this the next one I had chosen was August Wilson and he is a playwright I read his work fences which I absolutely love it's a tiny tiny book tiny play but it patches um it's it's it packs a punch very good if you haven't read it I definitely would suggest it so he is a playwright who had 10 plays and he said that each of these plays when you put them together actually tell a story about african-americans he was actually when he was growing up he went to a Catholic school and he was the only african-american student at that time and because he received so many threats of an abuse he actually changed school he actually changed high schools about three or four times over a small period he nine of his plays have been on Broadway the last one that went on bribe the last one that went on Broadway he actually passed away two months after it started on Broadway and he's also won two Pulitzers one for fences and one for the piano then the last person I chose was Laura Neale Hurston and I actually just finished this week I think it was Friday well yesterday as a matter of fact their Eyes Were Watching God unfortunately with her she dealt a more difficult life she was an outstanding folklorist and anthropologist she attended Howard University where she got her associate's degree back in the 1920s but she did have a difficult life she went through a lot of financial difficulties at one point in her life she was charged with molestation of a ten-year-old she died in a welfare home and when she was buried she was placed in an unmarked grave and it was Alice Walker and another novelist I believe who went to Fort Pierce found what they thought was her grave and put a tombstone there so for a magnificent woman a brilliant writer unfortunately she had a very difficult life one thing I did notice about all of these authors for the most part is that they never had two stable parents like either one of the parents passed away or died when they were very young I think the oldest probably and I can't remember who it wasn't I don't know if it was August Wilson or Ralph Ellison they were 20 but one of their parents died when they were young and or one of the parents was not around and so it just makes you think that having been brought up by either a single parent or by their grandparents or something like that of course they've gone through racism they've gone through trials tribulations setbacks you know some of them couldn't finish school because you know they didn't have the money and it the the work that they had to do wasn't paying them much being maids and servants and cooks and stuff like that all of these authors have become brilliant writers are well-known for their works and so you just see the hard work that they overcame to and they're focused on what they really love which was writing so those are the five authors and I started I decided to choose I may do this again next week and choose five other authors just because for me it's nice to know who these people are before they became writers basically and so just look at me for more of my videos on different authors I'm not going to just because it's Black History Month I'm a focus for the month of February on black authors african-american authors and as I go along I do have some other authors that I found some really info interesting information and so I'll share those as well so I hope you guys have a great week and I will see you my next video bye


  1. This is a great video! I enjoyed getting this information in the way you did it. I was thinking as you were talking about it that I don't really know all that much about the authors that I read. I should definitely start doing this research myself.

  2. I'm going to mention this video next Friday (2/12). I love that you did this, and I need a kick in the butt to go to the library for some of these authors this month. I always intend to look up facts about my favorite authors or anyone I want to read, because it adds depth to the story….but I inevitably don't. This was provided to us on a platter, no research necessary. Thanks:-) xo

  3. Great video Lisa! I loved that all the facts were quick and interesting. So sad to hear about Hurston's life. 🙁 P.S. The audio was a little low in this video, not sure if it's just me, but I wanted to let you know just in case 🙂

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