Rapper Big Pooh Talks New Music, Managing Artists, Little Brother + More

Rapper Big Pooh Talks New Music, Managing Artists, Little Brother + More

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you're watching The Breakfast Club yes the world's most dangerous morning show The Breakfast Club Charlemagne to God Angela I don't know what the hell a DJ envy went but we got my man in here North Carolina's own rap a big pool sup my brother man thank y'all for having me man yes sir I was listening to rpm yesterday when I was in the gym you ever drop the project in a minute right like three years two and a half what everyone okay we managing man all right yeah I stepped into the management game I got an artist lute who's on our dream bill um I got a singer/songwriter black soul who co-wrote Mansa Musa on Anderson Paxton project okay and then I have a producer praise who just dropped a project what all right so that was wider what the wait was this because you yeah yeah I had to go go you know focus on being a manager is hard work man I always feel like that's putting somebody's life ahead of yours you definitely put in somebody's life ahead of yours I mean it's cool though I like you know I've done a lot you know my time so I like helping you know other guys achieve some of the good at managing yourself prior to this kind of I was I was learning Salvas learning uh uh my man is important though you know he had to push me to do a lot of different things so I could really experience you know like even for Luke you went on tour with Jed last year well earlier this year and he was like yeah you DJ and I was like what never DJ damn I like now DJ so that's how you learned and trial by fire definitely did you have to really for real DJ or what you just press a button Wow I was personally playing I was pressing buttons at first but yeah I know what I'm doing now yeah I got I got the rhythm down now what made you want to drop this year I just felt inspired to drop man hey Wade wouldn't no rhyme or reason to it I just the mere focus I actually been working on that project for a while I did came during the UH the Compton sessions I was going out to LA doing uh very Compton sessions and he was like yo we doing a project and I was like okay so this is yeah so he was writing an opened rewrite with Compton I wasn't helping him write I was trying to get on the project yeah yeah yeah I mean like I helped King Miss who wrote on 13 or 16 to help them get out there and so I was out there trying my hand too but you don't just fly out to save it to go sit in Andre sessions shooting my shot behind the scenes as well I do I do I'm a reluctant on the scene guy you know I like being behind this is cool it's cool I like doing all the work the different things so I ain't got no problem so you have four words connected because it was a great session no we actually connect the no 8 okay like we uh little brother we had got a track from him and we did the track for mixtape and that was a track that he was actually given to Cool J but when he heard it he was like yeah I was mad and then I heard it and I was like oh I'm good you know I'm like I wanted to always do something which are so that's how relationship you know working relationship kind of started what do you think he brings out of you in the studio that that other producers don't he pushes me okay um I had I had a series of challenges for this project for one of them the song rpm I actually wrote that song to a 85 BPM click track and recorded it to a well so just did different challenges and things and he pushed me and he really really produced me like nah that's not good enough go back change that do that do that so he just he just really pushed me to pay attention to what I was doing because after a while you can kind of go through the motions so there was no going through the motions with focus hard learning the business of the industry coming from North Carolina because they really haven't been an industry there for so long uh now you just got to have him want to Virginia from Northern Virginia okay Andrea Fairfax area I'm with the North Carolina century 198 not pretty much been enough yeah but now I mean it's about wanting to man like you can't just stand North Carolina and learn the business cuz there is none but once you get out and you move and groove and you you know get in with other people that you kind of see what it was what and figure it out and that's when you really get to learning the other thing about North Carolina that always thought about historically it has always been lyricist from North Carolina not saying you know the little brother and you know you know fine you Fonte and Shemesh leb why is that though coming for the Dirty South but it is it like that's the thing is it's like a melting North Carolina has always been a melting pot because it's like the south but it's not the south like it's not like Alabama Florida or Mississippi or nothing like that so you got a good melting pot and people listen to music from all over when they was in you when you were in North Carolina and then you have a lot of transplants in North Carolina so I think that's probably the the real reason behind it so many layers is being there because you listened to everything West Coast Midwest South New York whatever you know you listened to it I said anything about South Carolina and especially that's one from so when you coming up we didn't have our own formal music yet right you know we'd have our own artists we could say only they're from South Carolina yet so we grew up listening everything yeah that's that's how it is the big melting pot that's what I like to call it so how'd you begin wrapping um man I used to write poems trying to get girls that didn't work you know any of them up top ahead remember that I used to write poems I've used to write short stories like I'm gonna create a writer period and when I got to central that was like yeah we rappin like it when you know so I was like um rap to I mean I could do it and you know I had to learn I had a lot to learn about rapping know I'll just say that so you sucked basically no I didn't suck Kevin Hart for to some Kevin Hart money in this business because you've been on the front side of it you've been working behind the scenes of it you know but never gone away from it but you and and fine say I know everybody always asked you guys when are you guys gonna do a reunion but so is that I don't know we you know we got a we got to have those conversations this we did a show for the first time all three of us in 13 years begin in October yeah are too cool okay yeah I mean of course it felt good like I mean this the first time all three of us been on stage 13 years and the first time we had taping on stage and like eight years so it definitely felt good it was one of them like wow but that I planted though no it was last minute like I literally I literally was at home in Charlotte and I got a call and it was tearing 9th like yo we got this opportunity what you want to do and they you know tape broke it down like cuz Royce missed his flight then the promoter karta to do a solo spot to fill in tables like oh this Durham Bulls stadium place of one of our most iconic photos let's try let's see what let's see if we can do it so he called all you know ninth then he called me and I was like yo what's the money like cuz that's that was my first question not gonna lie then I said what time I gotta be there cuz this is a two and a half hour drive from me from Charlotte to Dern you said you got till 8:00 it was 4:30 I grabbed some clothes out the closet hopped in the car sure have you been staying in contact with each other since then oh yeah I mean we was talking before then that's the thing like people didn't know like because we wouldn't coming out making music but we had all been in contact before that like years before that just building that Brotherhood back you know cuz it was a period of time when none of us speaking to each other so it wasn't a beef like you know you know me I know we be from but y'all come get this money it wouldn't even know beef like realtalk I mean beef is you don't get over beef easy like real beef like it was it was a all of us needed to mature I'll say that we all needed to mature in our communication and other things so you know me at a been talking for like three years like back talking me and I came back talking sits like 2014 or something like that so it was more of a hey what's up yeah I know we normally call and talk about families and kids and all that but yo yo yo got this bag I hear you want to go get it and so I was like let's go get it so that forced us to start having conversations that we didn't have prior to to discuss basically why y'all had a falling-out not then we've been did that discuss if we want to do anything else other than that want show discussion looking Lucy so why not getting Fonte on the RPM album I'll get a track name well no track from knife because it's produced all by focus okay so okay yeah specialty project nah I mean I've been doing that foot the last couple years there's one producer project um no track from Taytay actually we he was supposed to and I was waiting on the track and then he ended up getting busy like he'd do a lot of voiceover work and things like that and got a fly out to New York to do stuff request so he's just got busy and I had a deadline and I was like yo okay I catch you on something next time like I mean cuz we're gonna tell you it was never really a big like oh I gotta have him on my album like even when we were rocking together if you go back it wasn't like he was always on my album yeah yeah so y'all got a good relationship today Fontaine a that's my nose my brothers man what was the initial fallout was it anything serious oh yeah I waited a little brother documentary I waited a documentary okay the RPM project it feels like a compilation albums a little bit like you try to introduce a lot of people I always introduce people and that's my thing I like to introduce young people I got a new cat on their kids Amar'e he's from Atlanta reside in North Carolina so he he working on he put he just put out a project um my artist black soul is on there that's you know the guy who wrote on Anderson PAC record she's on he's under who are they record yes he's on the who are that's my favorite record on there too I like who I like those last three a lot burn is it get away get away yeah get away in water yeah you know that's that's a nice little groove right yeah so I'm CS Armstrong he's actually I didn't even know I actually met him before he was running with knife some years back he was going under another name but um very talented bluesy voice um worked out perfect and then Coco Siraj he's actually with Anderson PAC now she's in the free Nationals so just just trying to give I like giving people with look man that's my thing I like you know giving them a platform they may not have or you know just so they can get that look and hopefully going to do some good but its wrapper pooh pooh music so it's like yeah it's still my label you still get me now but I mean just sharing just sharing that light though it was you know they it worked like it's not unnecessary features on there like they all worked for specific purpose it's like you know they always say it's like you casting the role in the movie and they all fit the part that was asked is it hard to be a solo artist when you and you're from a group it was okay it was not now I mean I'm used to it now yeah but in the beginning nice was tough man because you you you're used to only doing one verse only doing a part of something and now you have to be the whole of something so it was just it was an adjustment period for me but I mean now you know I can do it with my eyes closed now you said you've been working on RPM of focus for a while how long does it take for you to complete this project um probably a full year and a half maybe but we we got songs that we started in like 2014 that didn't you know obviously didn't make the project did you use any of that stuff like that with that old nah okay I didn't use any all this stuff is from the passion and hey do you think people have an unrealistic expectation for how long quality music should take to be made in this era yeah cuz just the fast food industry now is McDonald's and Wendy's and you know but I mean truly honestly people don't know how long cuz now people record at insane you know they just recording 5060 tracks and then they'll plug 12 here and 10 there and then put it out whenever and you know for me I just like creating whole bodies of work so I just take the time that needs to be taken for the project but once I finish I exhaust all of the ideas for the project goodness over but I take I'll take the time necessary can you change you think you can change listeners have its meeting that I think that sometimes artists feel like they got a produced music so fast cuz people consume music so fast you feel like you can change listeners happens um people that listen to me not in general I mean people just go with whatever the trend is you know I'm saying is the listening trend is and right now is you know you bombarded every Friday with 15 20 albums you you know you gotta have songs out you know a project out every three to six months so people gonna forget about you but those that really rock with you when you build your core audience you know brick by brick those people gonna if it take you a year they're gonna be there when their years over it take you two years they're gonna be there when I'm two years old I mean look at like Kendrick like he put out a record every like what two years I'm like you know here do some features but it's not like he's giving you whole bodies of work every you know about three or four months they'd be saying kindred fell off but you can take for a long time also did you anticipate him getting as big as yes not Angola um I mean I always thought he was talented they all talented but me and my me and my manager though when we first went out there j-rock was signed to Warner and yeah it was before that project and then was me it was before that project I think so he was signed to Warner and Kendrick had just signed over there and they had just signed absol schoolboy wasn't even in the picture yet and we were sitting in the studio out at tops created where he got the studio and then we listened in the records and he playing abso records and me and Doughboy was like yo he's out of here everybody he's out of here and then it end up being they'd all say you see country Kendricks just explode you like oh like I knew he was talented but I didn't see that coming like that was something like it was just like oh like that was that was gonna happen and then labels like TDE aren't supposed to be popping in this era why not cuz they super dated they're real hip-hop like they are I mean like what the game is supposed to be yeah but they this is this is the confusion people people yes lyrics matter leiris lyricist matter but you got to also be able to make song and make him make song and that's the key likely like columns be saying some but they make records even like Jay rocks new album yeah you make record that's how far that's my jam right there yeah like they make records though so in that and that was the thing they learned they developed that they had development that's the most most kids that they don't have development they just they do something it goes bad it goes viral they out of here you can't tell them anything because people don't even need a label now to put out a song directly like okay I'm just put this song out oh I blew up I got a dance to it yeah I gotta get here and then I can't get another song that matches that energy but when you develop properly then you'll always be able to type what you did the last time so what about you isn't managing when you're trying to tell these artists to develop and they like now I'm about to drop this be patient because sometimes it's hard to be patient SoundCloud now a patience is the key it's like um if when you wonder why some players don't go into coaching it's because you can't affect the game the same way managing you like going for my artists or managers the same thing is like you can't affect the game and say you could tell them a million and one things that don't mean they're gonna do it yeah and I'm pretty sure my manager felt the same way about me plenty but I see it now it's like you like not listen just just listen like now I'm gonna do it this way and then it you know it can either fail or succeed if you succeed you really ain't ready to tell them but if it failed are you like see I told you but it's just you you have to be patient and you have to really you got to show examples you can't just tell these people nothing you got to show them and so I'm gonna pull up this chart you know I got these you know all these sheets these graphs to show you why certain things working certain things don't but this is about a lot of patience though you think the Jake holes and the rhapsodies of the world have removed the stigma of North Carolina hip hop I think they're helping to I don't know think is fully removed but I definitely think they're helping to just because of the quality and the type of hip-hop that they make the thing the thing with coal is and he's starting to really you know RiRi immerse himself back into North Carolina but a lot of people still associate him with New York that's where he got started you know I've she was signed to jay-z but III do think the stigma is you know people starting to seat and come there for things other than what they typically associated with you know the South the music with the South floor I mean even Rhapsody being nominated for a Grammy last year best rap album that's that was yeah I mean that super big I mean I mean who would have saw that company I mean I mean from all the records that didn't you just be like oh like that's crazy they finally know they noticed so is it definitely was being and I think it's you know make strides but it take time to determine people's mindset you know turning around I think I think she did nice is up like period in the game I mean someone know women rat I'm dumb I rat okay period okay how has social media you think affected you because obviously when you first came out there was none and now it wasn't social media true effects not like yes 20 is 10 years old it just everybody wasn't on it yet like MERS is the first person person who put me on to Twitter I remember when I got on Twitter and I put a lot of people on Twitter as well when I first started as serious Yammer's put me we was on tour and he was like yeah this for my Twitter and we like what and we was on it after that we started in Oh nine with social media man it's a dangerous game you know it helps you but they can hurt you it's very it exposes a lot of people but it's a dangerous game it's you need it but you gotta be careful how you use it because you can end up you know again it can take you over the moon or it can bury you in the ground and it's at the same time so for me I just tried to bury you in the ground with something that took you over the womb so something that took you over ten years ago can bury you damn sure can very quickly but I just tried to use it to um really just promote what I got going on and on i mean i put some person not really personal people want to get into your personal life and they'll know you you know i'm saying like they want you to be the same too diary you know I mean like you write that and put that in your closet but how much of your personal life do you feel like you want to give to your followers your fans probably about 10% my personal life now I don't give a live show my other fasters in my personality but I don't really give them a person because sometimes people feel like they can relate to certain things I get they know you went through it yeah you get it on my music like I'll put things in my music like that's just personal as I'll go like you you got to catch certain things like I talk about my brother all the time because I using he's in the fans and I know a lot of people know people in fans obviously but it's just one of the things I'll talk about that I'll talk about other things like my mom may go through on me and my family but for the most part if you don't get it out my music you're not gonna get it like I'm not gonna sit on Twitter so today I want to talk about like what's the concept of pray pray pray pray that's actually me and my brothers story okay and the concept of it is you know my brother he's in prison for predatory actions as they like to call them and you know as far as I'm concerned people are like oh you know he's a good kid you know never was in trouble that much and you know went to college and my brother didn't go to college and so it was just like how people look at us different but we're brothers comfortness under the same roof same mom and you know we just ended up going through different paths but that doesn't mean you know that I love her Minnie laughs oh he loves me any last oh my mom loves us you know loves one more than the other is just so that was kind of the idea behind it as I was writing it mmm you said predatory actions that mean exactly he was he was a um narcotics dealer good he's not that okay he's he's not he's not that guy no more favors that's my model for the holidays man that's my motto in life man favors get you in trouble I get you in trouble you do it oh man let me get a favor okay and in five years later you forgotten they'd be like nah but I need that favor yeah whoever has gift giving you the one they owe you and they'd be like I owe you one nobody it's like oh I do I owe you man oh let's think about that uh nicer I don't know no favors man help somebody I mean if I'm if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it not expecting anything surprise when somebody does something nice back for me after I'd done something amazing if I'm gonna do something I'm gonna do it out the kindness of my heart and if you know if it's reciprocated cool if it's not cool I wouldn't expect it you know just like if you loan your friends money but I don't mean call it loan and if you give your friends a grant you know cuz most friends don't pay it back you know you got if you give it to them you'd be like I don't even respect this back rise just go ahead and take it so that's why I won't get my friends money expect mom back and roses would have live Oh where'd you find out like that man a block listen man I'm a very very very very huge fan of a blob man and we started following each other on Instagram and it was just mutual like will you know one of us posts um uh yeah that's what I'm talking about so we were fans of each other's so when I got that joint I was just going through I was like now I don't want to write two verses I wanna I'm gonna get somebody else on it and I for me I got to hear the voice on the record before I actually asked him and so when I I think a blob is something real good on this I just hit him on Twitter's I know I got this joint once you jump on it focus dude he's like oh say let's end it two days later I had it in my box Wow and I was like yo you smoke this I haven't heard love since the real gang probably compilation yeah man you know he died no he do a lot of things on the low but you know I I definitely wanted people to hear his voice in and get reefa milli weight with him you know not that you know my you know getting on a rapper poo record is bigger than getting on a push T record at this moment in nah but still it's like you know people they you know a lot of people's like yeah well you find him man just like you did so it was dope for people to hear him again and that's a Virginia thing too kind I mean he's from Philly but now you said before that there was a period of time that you weren't in a great space creatively yeah what was going on you just managed I was very throw in the towel because you just like I had got to that point little brother was done and that was my artistic life for like seven straight years little brother I pushed everything to the side for little brother so when I started doing my thing and I'm not getting the same looks and the same you know things that was happening with little brother and it's not happening to me personally then it's just you just like you know what am I doing this for like I'm not the numbers aren't the same I'm not going on the road the same what are you doing this for so you're just like your mind start playing tricks on you and then that's when I really had to take a step back and just get reinstalled again like it's make music just to make music again because I was making it for the purpose of I want people to like me I want people need to book me for the show they need to do it and that's the wrong way to go about great music so I had to really just step back and that's what managing actually helped me it helped me rejuvenate you know my love for music again my love for creating music again so just just stepping back and really assessing my situation and then doing other things allow me to get rien spired to creating do you ever get discouraged when you first started putting out like this solo rap a big pool music and the reception wasn't what you thought it was with me oh yeah yeah yeah yeah most definitely because like I said coming I saw people loved little brother right and then my first solo album sleepers came out no.5 but that was also the same year we released chilling circuit 1.5 which hit that was also the same year we released the mystery show so I didn't end up doing really anything for my record it was it was about little brother I just said that's it silent straight and and so because I never took the time to really nurture my solo career as we were going it was almost like I had to start over again when little brother was over and then so when little brother is over is like yeah you cool but man can we just get another little brother record yeah man can we just get another little bit and so you started getting that and that start to frustrate you and then like I said all of us have our own fans like we share a little brother fans but what we all do individually we all have our own fans and my fans weren't as big as a little brother fan the fan base so that that also you know that affected me as well but I just had to get to the point that when I make music is for who was for I you feel like little brother got everything they could out of the game no not at all because I mean I think little brother had a chance to be mentioned with the all-time great hip hop groups I mean we still are but the thing about little brother is this I was talking about this the other day little brother came at a time we were like in the middle we were tweeners we were right after the Rockets with the qualies the most affair owes when eight when they took off the right after the so cranes with the roots in comment but we you know predate and influence the Kendricks to Jay Cole's and the like and so we were in the middle and the people in the middle never get the credit that they deserve we were ahead of the curve and when you ahead of the curve you normally don't get to reap the rewards of the people that's benefiting from the curve and so and I think and we stopped right when I think we would have really or even some of the rewards they're like that's what we kind of cut it off and it was this weird time because like the South was on the come-up so when they see little brother in North Carolina they expect you they are they suspected something here like PD Pablo what a dancer that yeah and we had none of that and we had some jams you could two-step to but you and all that chug you know we handled it so what do you want this project to do man I just wanted to touch as many people as possible man um you know I didn't put it out trying to you know move thousands you know million I'm wondering 4,000 units but not a million units I mean it's gonna do what its gonna do man but it's just so people can you know get refreshed to Who I am you know this is this is a new and improved or better me and better sound in me and you know so I just want as many people as possible to really really really grab a hold of it and you know it's gonna be a slow burn I know that but as long as people you know take to it you know we got some visuals coming you know that's it man and a little brother project even is not it's still in the realm of I know now I'm just performances I do spot things but I'm back to my attention is back to my artists like my god black so he who did the joint from Anniston PAC like we we working on a situation for him right now and then Luke who's on dream villain Interscope he has his project coming he actually has 2 EPS coming next year so we trying to get those things going and for the time being I'm still his tour DJ so when he go out I like time-and-a-half you know not twice not all the way twice I mean nice you know this is one of the things for him he wasn't you know these were his first experience is really torn and I you know I have a lot of experience so it was only right that I be there to help him like and not just tell them what to do but I can be on stage and help him through things but eventually he's gonna end up with his own DJ and you know I'm gonna you know relegate myself to just being the tour managers you could be the height man to the DZ you gotta be slight got me Cornell school / window by texted me said word y'all recording a sneaky little brother album huh okay who just build beans besides Anderson pack like this um that maybe we'd be surprised by I don't know like I'm huge a fan real gonna do man I really been listening to that Benny the butcher that a tenor talk three that's my that's my rubber bands and wait for mom Buffalo from he might be from Buffalo no I think he's from with Conway and West i from I don't know I'm not gonna that's my man my man ty be listening him in the barbershop listen like a sweetheart likes very yes yes he's that guy Benny the butcher talk three breath I'll pull it up man that's the jam um who else man uh man I don't know I I don't yeah I mean those I mean those are two two records that I really just just really pulled up and uh I'm about to get into that Earl Sweatshirt I'm too like he just put that all you like a demo or something right I don't know what it is I'm I got a when I get on the plane tonight that's that's gonna be my listen to music on the plane this is gonna be my first real prime time giving you know early listen personally you know I just I've been hearing people talk about it I got a couple you know people that I when they give me recommendations on music I take those recommendations seriously because they know what I like so definitely gonna get those you know get a listen see what it's talking about alright my man I wrap a big poop rpm yeah man go get that go get that man go get that it rpm is out make sure y'all go get Luke record when that come out make sure y'all check for black soul when he out also got a little distribution hood thing that I got going many talents called Common Sense Media Group really and um you know it's just it's helping helping guys as they get started with their label artist I can't manage everybody I don't have the time so people who still want you know sometimes some resources some you know advice mentorship whatever you want to call it you know we set up me manage the dough and a couple other people we set up this distribution situation Common Sense Media Group and people can come and you know if that's something that you're interested in and we sign you up and get your crack and get you started out here get put you in the right position to make some plays and hopefully you're going to do bigger and better things yes oh yeah Benny is from Buffalo yeah this dude my man my man Todd he playing him in the barbershop oh and the top three man get on that man you don't at rpm to make sure you I listen to that as well absolutely all right man rapper Bigfoot I'm gonna follow you and all that good stuff man Twitter Instagram rap a big pool are spelled correctly and then on Facebook rapper big pool and the number one I don't really be on Facebook that's niche book I don't really but Instagram it Twitter you can catch me on there talking about sports or something a big pool The Breakfast Club


  1. I still rock Little Brother on the regular! Used to play the hell out of the Listening when I was recruiting for my hometown HBCU Alabama State! I do wish Little Brother had continued making music together but it's all good! I followed them all individually and supported them regardless. Little Brother, Slum Village, Strange Fruit Project, J Rawls are just a few artists that came out Post ATCQ who didn't get their just due mainstream for various reasons. A lot of us Dirty South heads were into more than crunk and trap but I guess we were not enough in number to really make a difference to the bottom line… or were we? Anyhoo .. miss yall Little Brother!

  2. I've got to see the documentary little brother was in rotation for me my late high school years. Hopefully more projects come from the trio.

  3. Tone Riggz I’m the same way!!! I went to school for civil engineering and minstrel was the soundtrack for my senior design project!! I saw them perform at the house of blues to a live band in New Orleans and it was amazing!!! Real rap can’t exist anymore.

  4. That whole early Little Brother/Foreign Exchange sound was just beautiful. Connected album got me through some influential years. The Listening > Minstrel show. The Chitlin Circuit mixtape had some amazingly lyrical tracks. W!

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