Read Aloud: Acting Out Verbs

Read Aloud: Acting Out Verbs

Heidi Jo Gallagher | Wichita Collegiate School | Wichita, KS

During story time, the students actively participate in learning action verbs. This helps the students remember the meaning of the word through a physical activity.

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when I do read aloud with my students I like to have them get up and moving and use some active participation in their learning are you ready to play outside yes yes yes we are going to do everything today we are going to run show me run let me see you run go go down so when I have them up and moving in a story it's usually to act out an action verb which is a movement like run or a skip we are going to skip show me skip all right we are going to jump nothing can stop us this helps them relate print inward to the action so they know that the word means something


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