A readathon all about CANADIAN BOOKS with CANADIAN BOOKTUBERS! πŸ“šπŸ’›

Comment down below with your FAVOURITE CANADIAN BOOK, and let me know if you plan to join us on July 1st! 🍁


To read Canadian books!

July 1 – 8


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— Read a book with red on the cover
— Read a book by a Canadian woman
— Read a book by an indigenous author
— Read a book set in a province you’ve never visited
— Read a book with “E” and “H” in the title



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hey everyone its Ashlee and today I have a really exciting video for you guys today I'm going to be talking to you guys about a read-a-thon that I'm going to be co-hosting with some super amazing people where we are all going to be reading Canadian books by Canadian authors and supporting Canadian literature and if you've been watching my channel recently you know that I literally just posted a video with Canadian book recommendations where I was like I have not read enough Canadian Lit I need to fix this right now and now I'm going to be co-hosting a read-a-thon where we're going to read Canadian books for eight straight days and it's going to be amazing so all the details you need to know are that the read-a-thon is going to take place from July 1st which is Canada Day to July 8th so that's eight days of reading Canadian literature there are some challenges I'm going to talk to you guys about and I have some amazing Canadian co-hosts we are all going to be doing giveaways on our channels that are from Canadian places and industries and companies it's so great I'm so excited you do not need to be Canadian to participate in this in any way shape or form the whole point is just to promote Canadian books Canadian authors Canadian Lit as an industry so if you're not from Canada that's totally fine you just are gonna read some Canadian authors for a week so exciting there's a chance you probably have a lot of Canadian authors on yourselves without even realizing it I just separated my bookshelf for this rate of fun actually so that I have a shelf that is all Canadian Lit so some of it I've read some of it I haven't read I'll actually insert like a picture here for you guys the stuff on the Left which is the larger pile or at least I think it should be on the left on your viewing maybe we'll see how like mirror camera things work but the larger stack is unread Canadian lit and the smaller stack is read Canadian lit I will be filming a second Canadian book recommendations video before this read-a-thon starts as well and I'll also be filming a like Canadian unread TBR video before this all goes up so that you can see all the books I own that our Canadian in case you want to check them out and I will also obviously be posting a like read-a-thon TBR video so you can follow at read-a-thon on Twitter we will be doing Twitter sprints throughout that entire eight days you can also use the hashtag read-a-thon we will all be following that okay so the co-hosts for the read-a-thon 2018 are Lalla from books and Lala who is actually kind of the like showrunner of this whole thing Natasha from my reading is odd Zoe from Yura book nerd Zoe myself obviously and as a kind of like honorary member slash we don't know if she's actually gonna have enough time to run sprints or participate in this read-a-thon is Josh from scribbles reads I love Joss but she's currently very pregnant and very sick so we don't know if she's going to actually be able to participate but she'll definitely be there with her heart and her spirit and all that jazz so hopefully she get participate but even if she can't you should definitely give her a follow because she is a fellow Canadian booktuber the challenges are one to read a book with read on the cover the Canadian flag is read that is why we chose this any form of read on the cover it doesn't need to be the most dominant color on the cover it just needs to be a color on the cover so many see words in one place next you're supposed to read a book by a Canadian female author so a Canadian book by a female author we all appreciate reading literature by females so naturally we decided to come up with this challenge next is a challenge that all of us thought was really really important in this read-a-thon and that is to try to read a Canadian indigenous author I don't think I've ever done this and to be honest with you I'm like very unhappy with myself and I don't even think I own any books by Canadian indigenous authors so if you have any recommendations for this particular challenge please leave them in the comments down below because I need them the next challenge is to read a book set in a province that you've never been to for those of you who are not Canadian and/or don't travel that often this is going to be a very easy challenge because it's possibly you've literally never been to any Canadian province so you can read any book by a Canadian author that is set in Canada and you win if you live in Canada like myself and you've been to multiple Canadian provinces like myself this is going to be a lot more difficult for you so I have a plan for this already which you'll hear about my TBR video that will come out soon but if you need any help with this I love this challenge so let me know and last but not least the final challenge is to read a book that has the letters E and H in the title for this challenge you could take it easy and just pick a book that has H and E in the title in any space form doesn't matter or you could challenge yourself and try to find a book that actually has E and H side by side in the title so I'm going to try to challenge myself because naturally but I don't know if I'll actually be able to accomplish this because finding the letters E and H in that order are quite difficult finding like H and E like if you flip it not so hard but eh not as easy as you might think remember that you don't have to fulfill all these challenges if you don't want to the real aim of this read-a-thon is just to read Canadian authors and Canadian literature so if you read anything by Canadian authors you are totally participating and you are absolutely winning at this read-a-thon we just thought the challenges might make it a little bit more fun for everybody if you want the challenge okay I think that's all the info you guys need I will leave all of the things that you need to know in the description box down below as well as links to everybody's channels linked down below for you guys if you plan on participating make sure to comment down below and let me know also if you have any Canadian book recommendations leave those down below as well because I'm gonna be looking out for those like crazy in the next few weeks and other than that I'll see you guys in with my TBR video happy reading bye


  1. Awesome that you've included an Indigenous category! Since you read graphic novels, you might want to check out the series called Moonshot. It has a mix of Indigenous authors from all over North America, but mostly Canada. Some of the comics in it are so beautiful and moving, it's my favourite title that's currently in print. You might want to also check out an ex-CBC Canada reads graphic novel called The Outside Circle by Patti LaBoucane-Benson. It's basically a picture of the cycle of hurt caused from Residential Schools through generations.

  2. Please read The Break by Katherena Vermette for your indigenous pick! It centres around missing and murdered indigenous women and was the best book I read last year! If you don’t believe me check out what Candy Palmater (who is Mi’Kmaq) she defended the book last year on Canada Reads as to why it is the book that all of Canada needs to read right now!

  3. I am looking for recommendations for books set in the Prairies (SA, MA, AL) or in the territories!
    I read only Canadian authors last July (all by myself), so I'm glad I'll have some company this time around πŸ™‚
    My recommendations would be Life of Pi (Yann Martel), The Blind Assassin (Margaret Atwood) and Anne of Green Gables (L. M. Montgomery, PEI).
    PS Your links to the other hosts don't seem to work properly.

  4. I met Richard Wagamese before he passed away. He was a very kind man and his stories are wonderful. While I have only personally read One Story, One Song by him I would highly recommend his books.

  5. You must read THE MARROW THIEVES!!! I just loved the story. I bought BIRDIE yesterday on Amazon. The kindle version is under $3.00. It checks off 4 of the 5 challenges for me if I happen to have a bad reading week. LOL I don't have any books on my shelves with "eh" so I may have to go with something else like Here So Far Away. I still haven't read that one yet.

  6. My EH book is ThE Handmaids Tale. Also knocks off female author (Margaret Atwood) and my copy is red. My goal this year is to read more indigenous books. So far my recommendations are Birdie (Also by a female author and has red, set in AB, and BC), Monkey Beach (female author, BC), and Indian Horse (red on cover, ON). I also love City of the Lost by Kelley Armstrong for being set in the Yukon.

  7. I'm joining the readehthon even though I'm not Canadian. It's perfect because my vacay starts on the 2nd of July.

    My TBR for the challenges is currently:
    Red cover: The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood
    Female author: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
    EH in title: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
    Indigenous author: Heart Berries: A Memoir by Terese Marie Mailhot
    In Canada: Fifteen Dogs by AndrΓ© Alexis

    The hardest one for me was books by indigenous authors. I want to read library books and only buy books i really like, so finding a book by a Canadian indigenous person that is also available at the library in Sweden, was very hard. I did a quick Google search to find a few, I was actually most excited for Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson but sadly my library didn't have it.

    I love science fiction and fantasy so for me it was actually hard to find a book that was set in Canada, but finally i did it with Fifteen Dogs. I will try to read one book each day, since the ones for the challenges were quite short. So i get to read a few more of my sci-fi tbrs that didn't fit any challenge πŸ™‚

  8. I’m a new subscriber, found your channel through Natasha (myreadingisodd) when she did her announcement video for the read-eh-thon. As a proud Canadian πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ I can’t even express how much I love this idea!! I will definitely be joining in!! I’m also excited to see what others decide to read.

  9. Until last Sat. I had 0 books by a Can. author on my shelves & I'm Canadian eh. Now I have about half a dozen volumes by Guy Gavriel Kay, an under-appreciated veteran Can. fantasy author. I also want to put in a good word for Emily SJ Mandel & Alice Munro. I dunno whether I'm gonna join. I'll be bizzy reading Kay, Robin Hobb & Jessica Townsend. I read tons of CanLit in HS, Jr College & Uni, but was spared the overhyped Atwood & Ondaatje. Have fun with your Readathon.

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