No get the phone nope nope hold on nope hi oh good lord we're live everywhere okay I'm ready for it I am ready for the live hi good morning to all in to all a good morning Teresa hi Anna hi good morning Paula what am i doing you know chillin readin King Lear Madelyn good morning Michelle hello henna what's poppin with you morning Travis Rachel cookie Garrett hi hi hi Wendy Carolyn hi hi from Sweden hello good thing I stopped at all that's right Haley stop whatever you're doing we're live I drove all day yesterday so I don't have a video well I filmed something but not great I may upload it and they know how Shay good morning Christina hi you just woke up saying BTS love or hi from Georgia okay you're an English teacher and you cannot wait for this neither can I grab a highlighter Lari Shaylee no morning Maddie whoa stage-managing for Shakespeare in the Park Macbeth I have King Lear a fellow and something else I might have to make that thought on them first time catching and get out of here first kitchen Donna I'm good how are you Hanako ke Girton hi woof woof this right Zachary especially if you've never read King Lear I'm good how are you how now come boy this is gonna be fun what is that oversexed gluttons this is your grandsons talents first birthday happy for his birthday is this really live sure he's Kristen de la Cruz are we reading maybe I bought it and I read some of it and it's fun cuz I don't understand it what are y'all doing what's up Oh coffee hi I did have a video for today glad you're going random lives again I'm gonna switch it up you'll never know bins rants huh where's my fantastic host she's on the floor cuz of the painting he failed Shakespeare I don't think I ever took Shakespeare never had to read it happy birthday ELISA Jessica white hey yes react Eliza Koshi I love Liza Koshi hey a different shirt I found this in a suitcase now I'm wearing it put it into the mix of my two shirts that I wear thank you Christina you're so tired Ashland we'll go go to sleep what are you doing can I do a Bob Ross like that one that was a Bob Ross I know it don't look like it but it did it coffee yeah you don't drink coffee I'm ready to go for round two Adela hi oh I'm silent okay not good for my lives ELISA thank you just made my day oh you made my day days made coffee is so good finally someone I can relate to alright as I like to say twill be a storm I have full cause of weeping but this heart shall break in two hundred thousand flaws or ear I'll weep both full I shall go mad say the king is in high rage you heard me I should have highlighted that that's funny Carol hi Carol Katie vise hi we ran out of coffee how is that even possible that'll make no sense to me friar Brandon Oh Thank You Carol it's the best compliment in the entire world ooh question has anyone seen movie child's play I'll give you guys time to react and to answer depending on your reaction I'll know if you've seen it or not yes y'all have continued to respond let me see what you have to say about it not the first one the newest one stop that I'm so sorry for the friend that works actually if you've seen the movie I'm so sorry for the friend tis the Dukes pleasure whose disposition and all the world well knows what'll be rug nor stopped why are you rubbing it don't rub it cruise pray you do not sir I kind of want you to I kind of want you to now I have watched hard what is this about who's watching who rub what give you good morrow no I'll just be good now a good man's fortune they grow out his heels my heels are a little short I'm just highlighting things I find funny twist beetle what does that mean to be angry no yes y'all have don't there I don't know I never watched the original one so I have nothing to go off of other than how bad it was I think they were going for a spoof I think they were going for like really bad cuz it was and they did it Congrats ooh angel the excited to see scary stories to tell in the dark that looks good that looked good and then I saw the trailer to it too it too was good like also Kaelin few troll I tried so don't spend money on it no you could pick making wait pretty sure I'm home I know finally the newest Annabelle Abigail your names too close I'm not gonna listen I don't know it was just it was bad I didn't like it I'm not big into scary movies it wasn't scary so I wouldn't waste money on I didn't go see Aladdin though never did go eyebrows do dark I've been said to myself I did one of them when I was like Brandon that's what I said to myself I looked in the mirror said just like Michael McKean I see you not only do I see you but I drinks the green mantle of the standing pool who is whipped from tithing to tithing there's a little ready lame in it and drive towards Dover Arkansas where was this from Shakespeare lived in Arkansas didn't he pretty sure Dover lights that's not no Arkansas I used hey what am I reading King Lear Shakespeare no fear just realized everything rhymes infirmity like doll office do you hear me I will not repeat myself my girlfriend watching right there is that Maria a Gloria ay hi babe good morning where's Kelly she's on the floor hi have a go are you – same Abigail that was on Facebook just a second ago or do I have two different Abigail's what's on that table oh I'm sorry I can't read Shakespeare in a British voice you have to deal with what you get a lack the night comes on okay and on the high winds do soiling ruffle yeah but many miles about the sacred bush there's a sacred bullish coffee is pure evil Garth I don't know how to block people but the minute I find out I won't but we need to have a kitchen I see white hairs on your beard and you stop that Edison these wisdom strings and you know it right Raquel the original I heard the original was really good well not good but like for its time it was scary this one wasn't scared ultra platinum hairs that's right I have upgraded I just so no longer want to be a ginger that I'm stressing myself out purposefully to have white hair instinct got you baby hey Austin shout out to me and Bree Bree no Bree prime breath be high Coffee is a taste of heaven and you made fan on Facebook yeah drinks like your grandmother that's right wisdom strings like your grandma the coffee is pure everything and I need it right this minute it takes too long I was gonna make a second coffee takes too long not gonna do it Thank You Austin appreciate it don't do drugs kids that's right do coffee though you can quote me I'll put that on Twitter eventually I'll have come out as a scandal Ashanti angel was bootylicious yesterday yes he was he he always is he's always just carrying cake if you know what I mean or as I like to say safer than trust too far you hate coffee today coffee is to hate me okay and to hate me is to death traitor I said what I said no minta okay I meant 50% of those words how many straws can you fit in your mouth 37 do I ever visit coffee shops no I am a hipster coffee purist who makes his own cuz he makes it better maybe not better but it's free y'all wouldn't believe me if I told you what my favorite coffee creamer was it goes against everything I'm known for guess someone guess whoever gets it win something what do you think my favorite coffee creamer is flavor doesn't have to be brand or anything flavor go you look exhausted Leah I kind of am it's not really exhausted just woke up let the makeup settle in let the makeup bring out the bags nice breast milk clothes right zero percent of the people here are right pecan oh yeah Oh yep you got it right who's the first one to say it um Jennifer bees coconut coconut cream it's my favorite Hayley well spot on Hayley it's not caramel but babe how are you though how do you like the fifth person to get it right coconut cream with a espresso is the best Oh or as I like to say the art in situa s– no no no no no we can't talk about that I'll get demonetised the heart of our necessities is strange things to think about it was coconut stop saying flavours I'm done with that now have I ever done a puppy puzzle let's puppy puzzle I wanna go get a cat bed you're on Facebook let's go get a cat when can we go get one I'm ready date night and get a cat day night Kermit you have a good day Felicia yes the videos on patreon are normally they're not like any of the videos that I post on YouTube or Facebook if I post videos to patreon they're gonna be more I can't help holding the camera in like for 19 minutes straight just talking about whatever comes to mind or answering questions or stuff like that it's more intimate it's not like cuts and stuff like that Michael you need to sleep already what happened what no go to sleep what time is it eight eleven make a wish Rebecca I'm good how are you adopt a kitty I want to do it and record it I probably will sleep is for the weak I agree Sarah there's a shelter in Sacramento will help me out which one is it hi Darryl how's it going I need a ginger kitty I don't I don't discriminate I was gonna try to say just Gideon aid that'll make sense if a man's brains were in the heels weren't not in danger of kids cubbies can s must I say more what's my favorite kind of ice cream fish food Ben and Jerry's I should let the kit and choose me so lay down in a pile of flowers release the kittens and the first one to make it to me like The Hunger Games but for kitties Riley why aren't you in your car because it's probably hot out there I don't live in that anymore I did however go to we stayed at the we just went to LA got back but every time I go to LA I stay in the hotel that I used to park at when I was homeless and I always Park in the same parking spot that I used to park in actually the video I did the passing gas video I did in public or in front of my girlfriend that video I was parked in the parking spot that I always parked when I was almost Easter Egg Jolie your voice is so much more comment on lives and videos I've noticed that one because in my car I feel like I have to yell just to get my voice to the camera – I bought I bought this sweet new microphone so now I can mic myself up Oh pinch my skin um no no I can mic myself up and I don't have to scream I can just chitchat normal I'm super excited about the microphone thing it makes everything sound so much better I'm gonna try it for what are you doing I'm gonna do an opening today and I'm gonna try to do it with the microphone instead see if it sounds good memories Bree and Alana alright Kendra I'll give you I'll give you the credit you said coconut first I believe you I'm laying with my kittens Ariana can I have like one William I didn't mean to hurt myself it was on accident Monica – you also Monica get horses for your mistress hi Jessica what about a dog mmm-hmm I want a cat more of a cat person someday I'll get a dog my space is way too small for a dog what is my next tattoo gonna be Shelby it's gonna be a huge big crazy gigantic watch the podcast the Deuter verse we got a mural painted it's basically that idea I'm gonna have a sleeve I'm gonna have a my crane right here kind of like this and this is all gonna be space planets and whatnot purples and whatnot till about here and then all of its gonna start to contort and twist and this is the black hole so everything's gonna twist into the black hole that's the idea I don't really care which breed I get I'm gonna rescue one yeah I'm going to a shelter instead of buying one so Krista I'm going to do like 77 years old no worries no tattoos right now I do have one cats are awesome I do like cats one I think my cat would have fun on video and that's it I don't need it – did we ever decide on a Deuter community tattoo I think we decided on Deuter just everyone does it differently but I don't know I wouldn't say do it now I'm beginning to planning Landon I love you unless unless it's not Landon and it's Angie you the way hi I knew it oh I knew it hi aunt I got your text message I was driving home from LA let's chitchat I want to FaceTime you tattoo moist on your forehead you know what I have to say to that Piko Piko without good kent how shall I live and work that's it I hope it wasn't too harsh on you there is there any way you can light that mural to highlight it yeah I think we could get like those lights um like purple lights I don't know we'll figure it out do I have Baltimore on my shirt sure do Maryland LED strips we could do that yeah I'll have to tape up the Christmas tree for the cat or well I'll just deal with it I think it'd be fun Heidi coming up on my one year anniversary watching you every day what what our one-year anniversary's coming I knew that one hundred percent it's been it's been over a year since I've been doing almost daily Wow IKEA I'll have to go to Ikea I'm pretty sure IKEA has stuff to light up the mural tasha grant shadow christy facebook kicked you off t wood now with my favorite sport probably basketball are the podcast three times a week now yeah we're gonna try to do three times a week and then go from there yes cats are so fun and spontaneous the fact that they don't care is gonna be fun I'm gonna mic up my cat see what kind of content you get out of there where am i from in Arkansas I grew up in Lamarck which is I tell people it's just close to Russellville it's like a city close to it and then I lived in Fort Smith for a while learned how to drive there Brandee where do y'all live I'll let you know where to go Gabi shout out to you and your mom where do I live now Sacramento California Amanda thank you for the book I remember it's somewhere I think it's at the office Esther the Easter donkey how do I keep up with the chat Julie um I let it scroll and then I'll stop it and then read some that are on here and then let it scroll again what happened to the couches what couches I have couches put a GoPro on the cab that would be funny I would lose the GoPro we all be uploaded the episode fidgeting for the Deuter verse have we not oh dear lord help me for I have sinned and for also things that love night not such nights as these tremble thou wretch Daxton hi leer doored I like that one where's Kelly on the floor she got replaced by Bob Ross how's life going let's go pretty good how's that going are you gonna keep your cat indoors I want to I want to keep the cat Michael you don't have to put your name in the in the comment I see your name when you comment so I know Michael loves me you just say love you I love you too Michael um yes keep the cat indoors and I might let the cat out every once in a while I don't know let the cat out of the bag I have a nice porch I want to set up as like a a jungle gym for a cat Kelly's been through it I'm sorry Kelly people want to see you Kelly read this line for me what after your grace no better company they're hanging out with people that I wanna hang out with is my Maria Gloria still here probably not she's got work to do other than watch me ramble what am I gonna name the I don't know that's up to y'all we're gonna name it together as a family okay my cat is scared of outside I hope my cat is too I don't want my cat to run away but I also want it to have friends Nina hey happy birthday and ready my lord name it Chad that would be funny I'm gonna have a lot of scratch marks I'm a close lover okay I'm gonna put the cat on my face and give it kisses and it's gonna scratch me but he'll learn it's gonna be a baby cat so I have to feed the baby BRR love you outside cats live significantly shorter lives I can believe that is it wrong to keep the cat inside I'll make it a jungle gym in here to where he never wants to leave but I do plan on taking him with me like in a little carrying cage to the office every day and the office is just a wide open space it's huge so you'd have a lot of fun at the office he can tear up those couches too I don't care do I really want kittens yes I do or just one get a fur cat oh my good lord alack sir cannot see your way let him roam the car huh let me get some EPS in the chat don't go goodbye get a chimpanzee that was my second choice it was either small baby kitten or chimpanzee that's it some of y'all are real close to Epps appreciate it I mean D D ng are super close to the letter F so partial credit a chinchilla no way just get a few scratching posts they'll love them oh I'm not gonna get a few I'm gonna go overboard with the scratching posts get a bear good Rebecca alright the labor oh I tried give me partial credit a little Kitty backpack carrier what so I could have something to carry the Kitty's backpack smart get a frog get a no thank you lie here and rest I'll go to bed at noon oh me too I like that you're my guy oh the fool give me your hand you are now within a foot off the extreme verge that's what I call get a snake no that's an easy one look videos of cat patios cat iou's I'm gonna make it pretty great is my sister here my sister jumped out of a plane I can jump off my chair Tabitha ten tabby said your name wrong and went away good luck name it Lionheart what if it's a coward make a city out of boxes Gina if I let autumn named the cat it would be called fluffy trash poopy but although I'm not opposed that's a pretty dope name Debbie be good for a collar I'd almost want to stage a missing so so I could post just pictures have you seen this cat he goes by slowly trash poopy let's just say that roll out he'll come right to you everyone likes the name Deuter hope I get two million subs I hope I'll get em thank you need to go Gloria wants goes I don't really want goes like storm chasers help me chase down that verification mark on Facebook fighting for 2 million haven't even reached 1 million I buy what happened we'll get there and when we do we will lay upon him sir I am cut to the brains so super excited by hit 2 million was it yaadon mm-hmm I was collecting air for later stop that what does your shirt say Baltimore Maryland right yeah I didn't yawn stop that that wasn't you who's a collection of air still early I am tired I drove all day yesterday and I didn't get to film so we should have got a video I tried to film something I got like a two-minute something video but I wasn't gonna upload a two-minute video of me trying out the new mic and singing well I was reading a fellow and playing the piano if y'all want to see that let me know and I'll upload it JT I Danny on bro come on now don't help me in front of my peeps I did it was fine yond a little another one was about to come I almost almost collect him we're here maybe I'll do I'll put it in a leftover so I guess that's a good idea good luck on breakfast as well it wasn't me on you'll stop that upload it hmm Michael I don't mm-hmm I don't think we need to be near tornados what I don't I don't want to do you watch PewDiePie come over the barn Bessie you bet you're your bitch Bessie I did organ guys teach a voice lesson teach us I want to learn how to sing brought an abandoned senior cat buddy cuz he's my buddy don't I don't like anything named buddy right now after watching the child's play movie what's in Iowa it's 91 thousand percent humidity well if it I don't know I've been outside couldn't tell you I'm assuming hot do i watch mr. beast who doesn't I like mr. beast Heather you collect an air – it's Coffee time hot and humid Shay don't go by otherwise oh not Kelly over I'm sorry trying to be a redneck hillbilly with Christmas stockings and Christmas tree still up Janice you should have seen when I had three Christmas trees up I have a Christmas tree in every room I own I don't think it's hillbilly I think it's lazy I just tell them take it down oh I have a shirt wedgie fixed it no worries we're back at it Ruth finally Toby Wright and Anna cat would be next level content that would be fun name the cat dog collect that sandy I missed you where did you go where why aren't you here more hey he was second cup just leave us a note it takes a long time if I were just on one but I'm on YouTube and Facebook cuz I love both y'all equally I'd go make one it takes a long time to make one up hi Haley Smith what is my to say dare we disturb the universe I'm gonna change it to do two verse to get a cover-up dare we disturb the do to first have Pharaoh did I say that right folklore says if you leave your Christmas trees up past the New Year you carry all your old negative energy into the new year well pop my cap off we've already begun well last year was pretty good for me I don't know how you're right it's sudden right now I'm starting to hurt myself Oh uncle cord holy water and dry house is better than this rain water out the door good knuckle in and ask thy daughters blessing yep always asked blessing no matter what here's a night's pities neither wise man nor fool couldn't read it bitter monsoon Sammy I see your comments Amy I do have mercs I just don't ever promote it Spreadshirt I'm Brandon Faris Nicole love you voice concealer but thank you you dare though dude hi Emma but you are the one who read it something he lived in perfect I know I'm the one who read it can I stroke your beard yes there's no beard here yet what type of car do I have a Prius shut it it's a beautiful car with a beautiful spirit do I use reddit now Kim I got kicked off a reddit a long time ago i abused it a personal gain I was a child then and I didn't realize eating great let's do it can I eat your toes fortune goodnight smile once more turn by wheel and I mean that thou sapient service it here now you you she foxes what's a she fox week no new new times Shakespeare we can't call them she foxes what for boat hath a leak I'm learning so much from King Lear okay it's the opposite of a he Fox what is the what is the she Fox a a noon doing do doing it good my lord enter here wilt break my heart yeah probably my lord probably like totally in one more thing my good lord eat I want to rewrite Shakespeare for 2019 I'm sure someone's done it Yara I'm sorry sandy I hope everything's going okay love you 100% here if you ever need me dude what what can i name my cat the Jonas Brothers first and last name the Jonas Brothers say Joshua Joshua why is it when you read Old English the voice always changes I think that's just inevitable hold on I'll stick to my roots I'll even exaggerate it hold on Fitch forth the stalks hope Wow that's a bad line to just read confidently you stubborn ancient Navy reverent braggart I like that cuz that's funny hi I'm dad we're reading King Lear set forth the stalks starin ancient knave I'm never calling anyone else um don't call me and freak me out like that this number keeps calling me and I don't like it they're gonna call back they always do I said me you can block the number I just have to let's get the Shakespeare out of me really you guys are right next to the phone – I can imagine it sounds a little less offensive when you change the voice really Oh – English where is that I'll try to read it again I'm never gonna find it well I found it fetch forth the stocks ho you're right I don't put them as much emphasis on it I don't know what that means but I don't promote it quote me make sure y'all follow me on Twitter because I'm gonna start quoting Shakespeare randomly with no context it's gonna be quite the time okay I'm gonna be saying words like ho only because Shakespeare wrote it not because I want to say it good my lord soothe him doctor no it's nowhere it's harsh I would be great who's setting up a King Lear live-action play let me do it I'm ready I want to play the part of the fool hi Caden to be or not to be that is the question yes and that is the answer can I direct it I wish you would yes when is the opening video today Kendra tomorrow Wednesday Teresa the podcast should be uploaded we went down to three times a week so there should be one tomorrow we'll figure it out I don't we're gonna film one today but I think we're gonna do three times a week I don't know when we'll get it scheduled won't good lord do i watch gabriel iglesias I used to I saw you as a new Netflix show I don't care to see that but all of my social media is I'm Brandon fairest literally everything I don't have any social media that's not I'm Brandon Farris do I like fishing I like it I just haven't gone in a long time hey come back here Andres you remind me of the deer fopen season like giddy I like that movie well who was that Ashton Kutcher you should do an adult by numbers adults as in what a southern shame so elbows him we're gonna take the kids to the pool Donna is that a euphemism for you just had coffee roast can I open more gifts yeah I'm going to today after the live I'm gonna do an opening video that goes up tomorrow humble introvert oh that sounds like my life 100% there will be more Shakespeare fun don't worry about that they made Star Wars into Shakespeare mm-hmm will will be reading that Lewis I haven't seen the bean boozled yet I'll have to go watch it what ethnicity is your girlfriend uh a little Mexican girl I don't know her mom's dad was adopted so they don't know they think maybe part Filipino but we got the 23andme thing and we're gonna do that so we can figure out exactly what and where I got it too I just know it's gonna come back just quite I don't think I'm from anything I can't imagine maybe Irish German my grandpa's German ah Shakespeare used to perform it back in the day I'm performing it now what say it's now to him draw thy sword that if my speech offend a normal heart thy arm they do the Justice draws his sword here is mine this is my sword behold is the privilege of my honours can I do like an overdramatic Shakespeare that would be fun I think it'd be fun if I randomly went in and clipped out one like one sentence and then made that a dialogue that would be fun I don't speak bitch I wish I don't speak any other language I want to Shakespeare as the epitome of overdramatic you're right that's that's true Michael you want to be in the even to be in the video I speak Spanish pretty well I can read Spanish I can't understand it nor can I speak it without reading it's weird you should tweet Shakespeare and response to other tweets that would be fun Crysta don't go read like a bored teenager no I will be the pattern of all patience I will say nothing who's there Mary he's Grace and a codpiece that's a wise man in a fool how was that acting skills at its most almost finest she comes a loti I'm tired of traveling now look at the comments not the book you got it rose 100% you know what I have to say about that who gives anything to poor Tom tomorrow 32nd birthday happy birthday almost tomorrow do I like hot chips I do not what okay now may I say Castle see I don't know what that means but I can read it well because I don't know wish I knew but it don't do I like waffles yeah sure do do a video try and tongue twisters I've thought of that but I'm really good at tongue twisters I was thinking about sucking on a piece of ice and then doing a ton dresser don't threaten me Mary I see you though how much longer is your strain two minutes I typically just go for an hour in the mornings that way it's not too long hi Bree good morning good to see you I missed you so much I see tan lines I am made of tan lines check this out though don't say nothing about it stop that Elizabeth you have a recipe for me I wants it do i watch the office not a lot now I look tired well I'm kind of always tired when I first wake up I read I sleep quite a bit Sydney I said don't say anything about it you know Sydney go down I'll fetch some flax and whites of eggs okay to apply to his bleeding face now heavenly help him you heard me I can't multitask look can i submerge morning Jessica we're about to leave what is one thing in acting class you learned that you were surprised by literally everything I went in thinking I was like I can do this and then I left thinking I can't do it there's a lot that goes into acting well the the classes that I took then I was like what it's hard I'm bad at it you know why I was a bad actor I'm not good at it the reason I'm bad is cuz I can't fake laugh that's one thing I found out I can't do I can't fake laugh I had a lot of scenes where I had to fake laugh at a girl's joke but when she'd say it wasn't funny so I how could I fake like I just don't have it I don't know take a lot of practice can I fake cry no but I think I could cry on cue faster than I could last thank you did your legs do the our tan thing no my legs did the farmers only tan calm my legs are white they don't get tan were you in drama I was in middle school not in high school in middle school I did a lot of plays I was the whipping boy but I did a lot of plays I think I have Macbeth like that this is about murder there's that home word again Judy's stop that and excited look al I got to go film an opening get a spray tan something wrong with me or is my computer lagging know what was in this coffee Riley Rose Thank You humbled introvert your Jesus nation hahaha no send it on Facebook hopefully I'll see it I'm just reading comments now so sorry love y'all so much I gotta go that's um I'm gonna go film an opening for tomorrow try out this new microphone so I mean regardless whether this mic turns on or not poor quality or what you guys are getting it tomorrow but I love y'all thanks for to chatting and reading with me let me just go ahead and get to the end of this book so we know what happens people are still getting murdered at the Y at the end of the book here comes Kent it's the end spoiler alert here comes Kent okay if you were planning on reading the book I'm sorry Kent is here well on his way no go show us the mic I did Mike you know what it is black and yellow black and yellow love y'all murder throughout who can't wait to read it have the best day ever mm-hmm bye bye he said ten minutes before he actually stopped the chat I believe YouTube first this time do the opening live anytime I do the live openings I don't get a lot Okin so I will every once in a while not this time it'll be a regular video tomorrow but we'll go live more often if y'all want to see me go live more often I don't know I try not to go live too many times in the morning because I figured y'all just want to watch the video and not talk to me face to face gotta go yeah got a few babies I'll be back talking to Facebook have the best day ever do something productive or sleep all day I don't care I do care but just love what you do okay just oh I'm gonna cut myself off okay cuz I know I can't just I can't I can't say goodbye I can't do okay I'm gonna go look your back sometimes just gonna rip it off like a band-aid

  1. Awwwww my cat is named Buddy. My husband found him in the road on a hot day. He was only 6 weeks old and very sick. We got him all healthy and now he’s my buddy.

  2. It's sad when the local 👮 cover up the hidden kid. Im banned from being on premises…im homeless, broke, carless and emotionally drained i need help. Nenebear is my oldest and all i can do is love him from close by

  3. Hey Brandon! 🥰 Sorry, I was at work when you were live. I can't believe you grabbed a green highlighter. I totally thought it would be purple. 💜 Also, please read romeo and juliet next. It's my favorite!

  4. Brandon please donate to the ‘together we rise’ charity. They help give foster children clothes and other things they need. As a former foster child I know you only get 10 minutes to fill a garbage bag up with clothes before being taken to your new home. For most 10 minutes is not enough to get the essentials.

  5. A Mid Summer Nights Dream:
    Act 2 Scene 2
    I love thee not therefore pursue me not. Where is Lysander and fair Hermia. The one I’ll slay and the other slayeth me. Thous tolds me they were stolen in this wood and here I am wode within this wood because I cannot meet my Hermia. Hence, get thee gone and follow me no more

    Do I entice you? Do I speak you fair or rather not in the plainest truth do I tell you I do not nor cannot love you.

    I was Demetrius in Shakespeare’s play at my school XD

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