Reading through the Ages - An Update

Reading through the Ages – An Update

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hello everyone mmm I thought I'd do a quick reading through the ages check-in I don't really have much time to do like a proper sit-down video and insert you know like book titles and things like that so I thought I just invite you to my computer screen as I peruse what I'm gonna read for the remaining prompts for the challenges or you know whatever you want to call them prompts really so yes i'm gonna turn you around and we're gonna look at it so one of the problems that i have yet to read is the Napoleonic Wars I have started to books and DNF them most recently one that was an alternate history um the Bison show and I really didn't get on with it at all um too political and yeah so this is the bookshelf in the group and I have already read the infamous army by shirt hair but I wouldn't mind we visiting that I always like the Allister and audio books a lot and you know you can some people say you can totally read them out of order you know if I were to revisit it I wouldn't read the whole series but yeah I quite quite liked those and this one is really really good not really a big Jeanette Winterson fan so the passions not really one for me the sharp books I just don't really like military type fiction already read war and peace so this is like a once in a lifetime kind of book I don't need to visit that again and then mr. midshipman again I just don't really like the kind of nautical military one and the same goes for Master and Commander I read dizzy ray and I read Jonathan strange & Mr Norrell so um ideally I would like to have something that is either a little bit you know either just really interesting historical fiction and the deals more with the people that are not involved in the army either set in France or in the UK or even in Germany so if you know anything or a mystery or you know something that's maybe a romance i'm d schat hair one stare romances although their romance is smooth quite a lot of detail she was actually lauded for how well researched these books were so you know she's not just a fluffy author she's also she was upright at herself in her research kind of thing so yeah then let's go on to Russia Russia before no after the Revolution ah yeah so yeah I'm just like I'm just really not sure what to read for this to talk totally none of these books here are my kind of thing I was sort of debating the siege but I just read so much about the siege of leningrad that i'm not really sure i wanna i want to read it and there are a lot of people a lot of you have recommended two peoples act of love but you know i'm not sure russian winter maybe let's see what dad says yeah i'm not sure i really am not sure what to read for that um you know i've DNF the gentlemen in moscow you know I didn't really like it at all and yes I'm not really sure and Russia before the Revolution and I've read the winter queen by Boris of Coonan actually with Ange from beyond the pages and we really liked that we did that last year the last days after Romanoff dances I know quite a few of you have read that and really enjoyed it a dream in polar for couldn't really know what that's about so sister Pelagia and the wide bulldog old it's interesting I might pick that up or I might just pick up book two in the front door in mystery series that's actually a good idea I think because I actually think I already have that um that sounds interesting has any of you read that the winter palace a novel of Catherine the Great so there might be a thing I'm just you know yeah I think I think I'm gonna go with them are the winter queen I might download ad on the kindle for Canada because that's the sort of light thing I could read on the plane and you know and inputs and pieces but I have a moment so yeah then reading through South America's lost empires and this book has come out now I'm it's not on here is it um there was one that I said I would read although I think this one it's like I find this is probably for me the most difficult prompt I have to admit you know because even though at the moment nothing with Russia after the Revolution and sort of captures me and there's just a lot more available and here I feel like you know all the things that are available they're sort of in the kind of Wayne that I'm not really interested in although um someone said that I would enjoy the Olmec obituary I can't remember who that was and but someone said and you know so this might be a possibility so we should all see but yeah this is a really difficult prompt I don't know about you and then America's early settlement this is you know and like a real interesting one and there's so many I have the opposite problem there that there are so many books I would like to read that I find I've really find it really difficult to pick one but I think I'm gonna read the ridge of blackboard blackboard pond and by Elizabeth George spear because I know that Kay from Kate house Reptar and she really enjoyed it but I'm also really drawn to the Moors account by lionel ami but I'm also really interested in the sod weed factor by John Barth because my neighbor constantly says I should read that and there's so many obviously there's bellwether by Susannah Kersey which is the last Susannah Curtis Lee for me to read you know there's so many I also really liked the sound of koe valley by Katherine Scott Crawford so you know it's difficult so I I but I think I might read the rich of Blackbird pawn but in the malls account mm-hmm I don't know I don't know it's really difficult then medieval China God Almighty I have dnf'd books on this list I just can't so I tried dis the Emperor's pearl I didn't really get on with that to be honest with you this might have just been my mood so I still got it so I might ride it again I've tried Empress was not my thing at all I tried the moon and the palace I didn't really like that either so I think I might try guy Gavriel Kay because I've been meaning to read him for ages so that might be an option and you know I might put that also on to the Kindle for the holiday that might be a good one to sort of have although I think they're more really sort of you have to be focused an ancient Egypt also weirdly one that I've really struggle with I'm super fascinated by engine Egypt so I don't really get why I find it so difficult to kind of choose one of these books it's just like you know I have TN asked quite a few I've tried a couple and I'm sorry all your Margaret George lovers but it's just not for me you know I D&F that and so I might read death comes at the end because a me on a corn is running August you know Agatha Christie one so I might I might read out for the gada Christie read-a-thon you know because I was one Christy I haven't read and you know I thought I had but I've confused it with something else so I hadn't read that one when I read the snobs as I was like no definitely not read one so I might read that you know and then last but not least medieval middle east now I could technically you know with a fantasy which I used for alternate alternative history I could tick that off but I you know decided not to do that so I want to read something that is more you know more specific for it and I do I would like to read a book by a woman um and ideally by someone who is from the area but I think that might be just really too much to ask so yeah I don't know my name is read sort of captures me um you know a little bit um so it's just so ok you know because you know fiendishly devious mystery the guiding life story and you know sounds good it sounds my kind of thing so I might see if I can find out um but yeah we shall see so anyway this is my update for reading through the ages a bit of a weird format you know but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless and so yeah these are all the categories that I still have left so it's one two three four five six seven eight eight left of 25 I think so yeah that's not too bad and we have August September October November December so five months so it's roughly two books a month that I have to read so still doable and yeah I'll speak to you soon bye bye


  1. I stretched the interpretation for Napoleonic wars by using War and Peace- well I figured I should get some credit for reading that book 😉. I won't make the whole bingo board but am aiming for three lines before the end of the year 🤞

  2. Here's what I've read so far:
    Time travel- Sleepers Castle by Barbara Erkskine, India during British Raj- The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye, Roman Empire- The Daughter's of Palatine Hill by Phyllis T.Smith, Napoleonic Wars- The Girl who fought Napoleon by Linda Lafferty, Russia after the revolution- A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, inter-war Europe- Old Baggage by Lissa Evans, Russia before the revolution- Queen of Always by Sherry D Ficklin, Ancient Egypt- Death comes as the end by Agatha Christie, alternative history- The last days of New Paris by China Miéville, Japan Pre 1900- The thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet. Wild cards- After the party by Cressida Connolly, Paris by Edward Rutherfurd, Murder on the Titanic by Jim Walker, The song of Achilles by Madeline Miller (ok so I know technically it's a myth reselling). I got half way through Golden Lion by Wilbur Smith for the Africa prompt but I've put it down and I'm not sure I'll pick it up again or not. Just thought I'd share for extra ideas if anyone wanted xx

  3. I haven't read many Napoleonic war fiction for the reasons you outline but a year or so ago, I read Napoleon's Last Island by Thomas Keneally and really enjoyed t because of its very human cast. It's based on fact and looks at his relationship-in exile with a British family, particularly the girl- who did exist and who left behind some written material. It might be worth a try-apparently, the people who made Wolf Hall have bought the rights to it.

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