Reading Vlog | Caribbean Authors | Keto Result

Reading Vlog | Caribbean Authors | Keto Result

A reading vlog of books I am reading and a book review. Plus my Keto diet journey…Thanks for checking out the video! Please comment, share, subscribe for more videos.
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The Pain Tree
The last Warner Woman
Black Leopard Red Wolf

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hello so I am gonna start a new weekly vlog so we're gonna start off and talk about the fact that I've weighed myself today and I did complete 31 days straight of straight keto and I lost general 12 pounds so far great and you are lost weight especially a few days ago when someone saw me that I knew and she said did you lose weight and I was like oh we're showing I think if you know when you look in the mirror you don't see what everybody else see so I was very happy about that I am gonna do a full blog post and talk about the meals talk about the good stuff what I liked what I didn't like that should be out on Friday on my blog but I was saying on here I loved the meal I love cooking I love trying to come to creative dish that's not gonna bore me to death so that was my favorite part I am still failing where I am craving sugar still that has not changed I do not crave carb I could be without carb but I did have some balmy today that was my cheat meal celebration and by me is basically what it is like a self a cake and it's you know it's just you're making thing but I was a Korean habit but they call it something else but what it is is about I would say 51 I looked it up about 51 grams of carb which is almost twice of what I was eating in a day on keto and here though I eat about 24 to 30 in that mark carbs a day so I'm almost doubled in my car just like eating that but I enjoyed it it was delicious and it's gonna be it for a while as you know because I'm continuing aikido I need to my goals to drop 50 pounds and so I'm gonna stick to it I'm also going back to the gym to do I'm on a low carb no carb sorry low-impact workout and I already did the first day and it's so far I'm going to keep doing that until my knee is good enough to work out because I still cannot do too much on my knees it's it feels good but I also don't want to push it that hard yet so I'm gonna do the low-impact workout for a while with the bike and certain other machine that's not gonna be like I'm gonna be pounding so yeah so right now what am i reading is I am still reading this one you know black leopard Red Bull falling jeans and this one I am going to slowly read so this might take me the whole month at this pace I'm reading it that I do not want to rush it because it's just it's a complicated read it's not a easy read you know a lot of character a lot of world-building I have to be math and it's high fantasy so I'm like using you know a lot of imagination of how the characters look especially when they're described and there's a lot there's some action scene where you know typical Marlon James when he talks about our people you know a killing scene that's dust in there as well and the main character he's very fascinating tracker you know he has this ability to track you know things people creature whatever it for days at a time and he's looking for this boy and this particular boy he's not sure why this was of importance but you know as a story unfold we're learning a lot of things and yeah so then continue I'm also gonna read at least one or two of this per week this is a short story collection so maybe you wanted to of this I'm gonna read per week and then this is gonna be like the main focus for this vlog this reader vlog is the last one around woman by Chi Miller and definitely want to get into this and look at it guys it was blur by more than James so it'll be the Caribbean week I'm having this week so and that's it guys I'm gonna still continue cooking getting all these recipe that I'm getting for Mom people and share I'm gonna share the eggplant parmesan that I did the other day so I'm gonna put a little clip here and it was delicious it was so nice because it I didn't realize that it was gonna taste that good because it's substitution because you can't use your breadcrumbs and the marinara sauce had no sugar and you know so I had to use a little things but my Indian friend gave me the recipe and it was delicious I enjoyed it and I loved that I was able to indulge the cheese because of course there was no meat so it wasn't you know the cheese was able to balance out on my macro so yeah and that's it for now yeah and we continue another week hello so I am today yes it was all about a little video uploading my wrap-up video she's already up by the time you see this hope you guys check it out I also did a blog post and so that I you know worked on and again my blog posts on my bugs different on my wrap-up where I do talk about books but I also talk about healthy living and I have a memorable moment I always share memorable moment other months and I welcome other people to comment about their memorable moments so if you haven't never you know checked out my reflection monthly reflection check it out now this is where I'm at with this so I'm halfway with the last one woman and this book is initially I you know I had this idea that it was just gonna be more on what a woman woman is so being Jamaican I've always heard that I love one woman and there are people my family who's had similar situation with that were it's more like a prediction and a lot of times comes where it's a dream but it's often surrounded by religion where you have this premonition of something gonna happen and it's usually not something good you know it could be something extremely horrible or it could be something that is gonna affect someone in a negative way and you often never want to be in the cross path of somebody having that kind of dream because you don't know if it's gonna come true or not and oftentimes it's that folktale idea that it did come true where they come true right away or maybe like weeks on the road and there's a particular story I know of that I heard of when I was younger and it it scared a lot of people that particular woman because she had this premonition that something was hard but what's gonna happen to somebody in the community and she got up screaming hollering and this one particular man was telling her you know shut up old fool go and I'm going to go home and it turned out the premonition that she had was that man and who died right after so people took her seriously after that way she's had these weird premonition of something horrible gonna happen so I am very much aware of a warning woman but this story did not start off like that because it went to the point where I didn't know who the story's about because I thought it was particularly about this one girl but that it you know who was what she pretty much did what she she makes dollies and you know you're all swivel dollies and she didn't make the typical dollies where is usually white and looked a certain way this particular dolly was colorful and her mother was just basically telling her this she's not gonna sell but she wasn't listening and she ended up feeling so disappointing that she walked down the road and end up near a leprosy colony and she didn't really know what it was but she saw a man that look and approached a man who offered to basically um buy her stuff and that's how she became a part of this colony and it drew in in other ways and in the there's another particular woman that was there as well so as you read the story they're not realizing they see what the synopsis in the back said see you guys it's an old woman talking about her story how she got to the colony and what happened to her after she left the colony and she is the last one a woman and I am I would say when I started reading this I was completely sucked in it was like okay you know right now the colonies situation is somewhat over and it seemed like the other section I'm not sure how I'm feeling right now but because I actually like the tales from the colony he it was creepy weird but entertaining so I'm gonna continue reading this so they're definitely gonna finish it because it's Frost place okay let me see myself – zooming through this and you know I'll get back to you and see you know so you will see what's gonna happen to this woman and you know sorry yeah hey guys so I am at a winery as if I can't really drink but I get something to eat one day today it's been a busy days but later this is a mango kind of man it fits real good there's a tree enjoying it can do this mother but it's real good I like so I am gonna but I am talk while the James Hook Bart seems interested so I'm gonna see if making the Hutchy making this right now in the back so if not you know [Applause] hello so today I'm gonna do my wrap-up but yesterday I had a good time I had one last of it was a fruit flavored wine with mango and you know being on hero and not indulging in any kind of sugar that one wine was so sweet to me I just was like I was loving it I was like let me just enjoy this wine cuz someone next time I'm gonna have something like this because I am committed to this kiddo and but it was nice you know I committed to some keto but I also had promised my friend and I kept cancel like we're gonna go to a winery cuz that's our thing we go to wine me before together and we do plan on checking out all the winery and I think I'm gonna do a blog post because I did not realize how many wineries in this area that I'm in right now and and they're small and cozy and we there was a second one that we went to within the bucket we didn't buy anything wanna taste any wine but it was just I love the atmosphere of that one in the individual tools there's another one so I'm like okay I'm gonna check out some of these winery at some point little by little and see you know how they are I prefer a wine I'm not a heavy drinker but once in a while I like a nice glass of wine so yeah so anyway where we are treated so I did read one of the store in the pain tree and and I probably read some more today but what I would say is I enjoyed it so far it does remind me of this particular first story where is talking about a a care giver someone is like what American will call like a nanny you know and how that person sometimes is even closer in your life than your actual parents and the relationship you have for that purse and so I had one of those growing up in Jamaica and there's one woman that I remember today I remember her name and everything and I was wondering how she's doing she was my favorite I've had others but she was the one that I really liked the most and it just brought up a little bit of memory of that so I'm gonna definitely taking some more meet some more of the stories in here so how I am now with a black leopard red wolf the first I am completed the second session section it is I looked at it again in six sections I thought it was five was six and the first section was really difficult because again it's the beginning and they were setting up certain things and I was confused the second one who gripped me I was just a few times like whoa he is very raw in this very detailed there's things that's going on in this word I was like like yo like the it's action-packed but it's gritty and I do like oh I like both leopard and trackers personality but leopard is it's he's very sarcastic and some of the things he said especially when they're basically they're trying to get the boy and then they they're in the city called what's never the city Malik in Malaga that's the city that they're in and they're interacting with this old woman who is like telling a tale of the boy and you're not sure if she's really telling the truth because she wants the boy as well and once the two somewhat hide them as well to find the boy to bring the boy to her not the king so you don't know she's telling the truth but you're kind of like wondering if that's really the case of the boy so this it's more detail in the second one and I actually am liking it now the first first section I like I thought I was doing too much and to keep up with what was going on and then the second one had me more of interested in there's like a little action packed scene with this one woman how she is and she escaped and it was like how it was written you can imagine it I'm not going in my head like yeah I want to see this as a movie so far and then better have a good budget because the scenery and how he explained what the what people look like and what creatures look like and they're their gifts are are their curse all the things that they're they're naturally supposed to be doing for them for that particular thing that he's describing I'm just visualizing it and a movie and I'm thinking oh it's I mean yeah this one when he was describing the old woman and her hair and the things that she had her on her neck I was really like envisioning what it would look like and that's the thing about high fantasy for me like I really have to really think about what these images of these people look like when they do high fantasy books so I have a long way to go I mean it's only like two something in a six on page book so I again continue and I'm gonna continue now the book that did finish is the last one a woman now I'm gonna say about this book is the first half of this book was amazing I loved the story and like I said previously like this is a woman who is now older she is to the last one a woman and she is reminiscing on how her life while she was born into a leopard leopard colony in Jamaica and you're learning about her mother and a woman and all the woman mother Lazard who took care of her and the story for that part was good it was like I couldn't stop turning the pages because I really love her mother's character as well as Maria Lazzara character and their time at the leprosy colony and when she abandoned the colony and all the things that happened after and she got into this religious group and having this gift and turned into them focusing more on what a Warner woman is and how her gift has caused you know her pain and and how much he try to escape being what she is it has somewhat caused her to have moments of distress and moments of where you know she might have been considered crazy when she went to England because you know she was she couldn't this one and they talk about the warning woman that you can't you can't not heed to what you are gifted with and you know and also it up until the very end is when you realise how she ended up in England and there is someone for me I didn't wasn't a fan of how that part played out and how again it becomes a situation of this even it even though it is described in a way where she's she's seen why she's seen into her future and it's a future where it was complicated that's mess where I put it the ending was very complicated and it was very there's ways to look into it and and and have these different opinions about it but it just it didn't give me that that love I had for the beginning and you know so it kind of gave me I was always like that strong for and I felt like the end then is I could totally give the book like a three maybe three and a half star because the ending losses punch it losses punched for me compared the beginning of when they were a telepathy colleague I just love that part of the book like that part of the book was was yes yes so so what I'm gonna do is you know continue on with my Caribbean arm books and I do have one more of his book that I'm gonna read and yeah I'm gonna continue and I'm loving this screaming things I'm in I do want to find the Caribbean romance so if you have a nice Caribbean romance that is right up my alley you know leave it in the comment section because a lot of books I find that they're not romance they're contemporary they have religious theme or you know kind of um what's the word magical realism some of them have but I would love one that is like a romance theme I'm still hunting for that but if you know any let me know and I will definitely read it so that's it for this week I hope when I edit this is not too long but if you did watch the entire thing thanks for watching and have a good day bye


  1. I enjoyed your video. Have you read any Collin Channer books. I believe he is from a Caribbean country. I read them years ago. They have romantic relationships in them.

  2. Your food looks good C.C.! Oh yeah! Wineries sound fun! When you find that Caribbean romance holler at me! You know I don't normally read them, but . . . if you recommend it I'll give it a shot! Cheers Peta!

  3. Hey girl , love your video ! I’m ‘ doing’ keto but I ate two slices of regular cheese pizza and my stomach hurt so bad . I have noticed that I crave bad foods sometimes but when I break and eat them each time I realized they are not worth it. But I’m so hard headed ! I’m currently reading murder with Macaroni and cheese freeform lady recommended it .

  4. TLWW's first part was extra also because we didn't have to deal with two identities or a conflict of one. Whereas prior to making it to England we are given a clue on what is awaiting her because it was hard to understand or believe even for us as readers. For many people soon as she claims her identity all they hear/see is an insane being.The male characters in the first part were better even that good for nothing "preacher" who somehow takes advantage of her was more human than her so call husband. I came to the point of doubting every man who showed up in that book, even her "son" I had a problem with the endings in both of his novels but still it was a solid 4 stars for me.

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