READING VLOG With The Fire On High By Elizabeth Acevedo

READING VLOG With The Fire On High By Elizabeth Acevedo

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Mother’s Day Week I decided to attend Elizabeth Acevedo’s With The Fire on High Book Event and visit my Mom in Florida. Between The Millennium Tour and Red Lobster, it was an epic family filled week that went perfectly with this book. Food to my Soul! Hope you all had a good week and let me know If you have read this yet or the Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo.

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when you create meals as a way to collapse the distance between you and your family members when you use meals as a way to ignore the people that you want into the room and that's so much of the – life is this bitter sweetness of how do I get my father closer how do I get my mom who passed closer I like that my child and my history closer to who I am and the only way she knows how to do it is but it would be like bring them forward and say like maybe we haven't I don't think my mom has ever had fried green tomatoes like that's not something that's necessarily Caribbean cuisine I don't know that but like what would it mean to then say oh here we are together obviously all right so I am back from the with the fire on hi book event with Elizabeth Acevedo Clint Smith and CeCe I have to see if they have her last name um and I'll include it on the screen but essentially this is starting off my reading vlog because I picked up the book today's the release of the book and luckily Elizabeth aceveda lives in DC so we were the first stop of the book tour um but it was a really good discussion it actually opened with poetry which was cool Cece is actually basically Elizabeth Acevedo and Clint Smith were mentors to her husband's was actually one of her teachers and it's cool to see that come full circle in the poem that she opened up with was a personal poem of her that she wrote when she was 16 and uh had just given birth as a teenage mom and it's amazing to tie that in the lead character in this is also a teenage mother and I just feel like this book sounds super dope not just because it's like cooking and food and stuff like that but it's late I am tired but yeah we'll kick off the reading blog here and I'll let you guys know my thoughts so far I'm on page zero so I made the mistake of starting to read this tonight before going to bed and I'm now on page 45 I don't know hope you're gonna put it down just because the way it flows but I love that the book actually opens with a recipe which is so cute but I'll bring my camera tomorrow at work and stuff so you guys can see me on my lunch breaks and I can update you guys on my reading so see you tomorrow just thought I would sign in to let you guys know on page 78 I just had my first near to your moment just yeah the bunny it got to me I think no hurt he Oh what did you bring me a lot of you so funny I knew you were coming when I just said y'all was cuts them up he did it was like he was putting me in a baby seat using bull oh my god I didn't say that god I literally woke up he tells me no when I woke up I was going to look like it was gonna get ready and I should have still not told him because at 9:15 he asked me um when is dad's flying I didn't want to tell him you know what I told him I said we have to leave here at 10 a.m. puppy why he'd taken office I said what are you doing it's time to go yes I know you saw what the designer party that that white guy that's famous out had they had regular people there so they had them sign waivers I guess they probably usually do that I think they're doing that because the meet Oh No so that is crazy because you know my coworkers are always saying oh my god how do you how did you live in Florida with all the lizards and stuff and I'm like yeah I'm like it's so funny because listen we don't think about lizards that's some crazy camera do you but I'm so happy because I am home with my family having a good time I just got here and oh my gosh so I was telling my mom why does Imani run me so much of my mom so the character from with the fire and hi that I'm reading in the book I was telling my mom she loves to cook and something with her cooking people can't explain it but it's so good and it gives you a sense of all these good feelings and just makes you feel like all these sweet memories and inviting me so much of my mom I think you only find something you don't hook up they just bring when so yesterday we did not vlog we actually went to the Millennium concert which was a lot of and it was my second time [Applause] [Applause] anyways and now we're gonna go out for a Mother's I I'm still thinking about spectacular and where he died his idea was amazing though it was it was fun every we like think about even the years that the songs came out what else was going on and this is all nostalgic yeah was everything it was every in the crowd was so happy and I feel like anybody was enjoying it yeah good like involving audience so once you didn't stay on stage and do comedy and leave yeah it was better than you came offstage and everybody's laughing and at each other anyone it was good it was a good energy everything was everybody there for a good time you know it was really fun and what's fun because we haven't gotten to caucus together since I was in high school so that's a while yeah I think that was it it it to that concert yeah I feel like we I thought you still don't remember Cheney but I swear we saw Cheney together I don't know why you don't think we did whatever anywho yeah so now we're gonna go off to eat for brunch and it's funny because I didn't you go makeup yesterday it was so nice this one is more of a everyday I know this was more of everyday but I was so proud of my work but I'm trying to read before you you would say that she supports everything I do but okay you guys got to meet a little bit of where I can't come from there's my sister my big sister and yeah so we're gonna go out gonna eat we go no I think it's funny cause like you know that's just like that reminds you guys was a kid that's not very solo yeah but that was weekly yeah I used to do that like oh but anyways I I'm talking too much who knows what all that's gonna make it look at her pony her ponies like thanks 22 inches well alright okay let me stop I'm winning on my baby girls yeah yeah puppy who are you ready I'm not even ready you're not ready if you still button in here if you still bet you sure you're not ready puppy yeah I hope too buddy yeah so so funny cuz I'm in my room as a child I'm like trying to find a quiet spot where I can but I still have like alayhim left eye and everything up here anyway how do I even elaborate everything flows at fruitlessly and the way she writes you know the times fans don't even feel like time spans it just feels like regular life you're following how day in and day on goes out like one week you may feel this way the next week you're at this point and yeah anyways it's time to eat I think they're actually finally ready so I'm gonna go and join my family ie I just finished with the fire on high and it was really good I'm trying to collect my thoughts to really think about it yeah it's just so good so all in all I will say like it's hard to compare this to the poet X cuz it's completely different stories but I feel like Elizabeth Acevedo's writing style what I love about it is it no matter what it is it just feels so authentic it doesn't feel forced it flows naturally and you feel like you're getting glimpses into someone's world without everything having to be explained or told from them controlling what your viewpoint of the characters is for example like Imani like I feel like I take her as someone who's strong who has a strong sense of self but still deals with the regular instances where she kind of has to combat the shame that society tries to pass on to her and stuff but nothing really is directly stated necessarily to say that but you're just seeing her everyday life and showing like her resilience and her beauty and the support that she has within her family and I feel like it just combats a lot of the stereotypes that are assigned not because it's trying to combat the stereotype that's just because it's being authentically real so it's giving you a true glimpse of what kind of life is like those are like my initial thoughts but I actually have to get ready to go out so let me go ahead and get dressed but it's so beautiful right now cuz it's like raining and thundering and it's like the perfect reading I guess setting Oh while it's like raining and stuff it's we've really endo all of my thoughts regarding with the fire on the hide like for you to follow up the poet X and for it to be such an amazing book and even myself I'm like would she be able to outdo it even though you shouldn't compare the two it was a completely kind of different story but you can tell her style is one where she allows you to be exposed to a certain life where you get warped in the story when the author focuses on telling that characters truth versus worrying about the audience anyways I'm blabbering and I'm sure I'll have a better synopsis in my recap or in my book review I feel like this warrants a solo sit down really talk it through book review anyways a love and light love you guys bye


  1. This reading vlog is ALL over the place but Mother's Day weekend was truly beautiful and was the perfect time to read With the Fire on High being that the book centers around a Teen Mother and Family! Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my beautiful family. We are crazy random but it is always non stop laughing when we get together <3 Sending so much love to all!

  2. Girl! Can we talk about that cover though?!?! LOVE IT! It’s just as gorgeous with the dust cover off too. I loved the feel of it w/o the cover as well. Anywho I finished reading it yesterday. Loved it! I gave it 4.5/5. It was really hard not to compare it to The Poet X…..which , of the two, is my fav! I gave TPX 5/5 for sure. Not only did I listen to the audio version of TPX but I read along too. Okay, this is supposed to be about With the Fire on High. How did I get to The Poet X? Lol Thanks for the vlog. Nice meeting your family. 😊

  3. Thanks to your vlog I was able to catch Ms. Acevedo last night in LA at her book signing/reading. 🙌🏽 She’s so inspiring! Your fam is adorable btw 🤗☺️

  4. I smiled the entire time I watched this vlog. And OMG your laughter is just like your dad’s! Thanks for sharing that part of your life with us.

    With the Fire On High just made my short list. As much as I loved The Poet X, I was initially hesitant to pick this one up right away before this video.

  5. This was such a fun vlog! I was smiling the whole time! Another book to add to my TBR! I know it’s going to be a good one! Btw, I love rain also and thunderstorms!!! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

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