reading wrap up January 2019

reading wrap up January 2019

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Hello! Today I wrapped up my January reads in ONE TAKE which explains my ramblings and general air of hating-the-heat. I focused on reading books by authors who are Aboriginal because of Australia day and hope that some of these books or authors are intriguing to you. I strongly agree that Australia should #changethedate since Australia Day is becoming far too full of wealthy people silencing voices of Aboriginal people whose land and culture was stolen.

boooooks mentioned
➳ Welcome to Country: A Travel Guide to Indigenous Australia by Marcia Langton

➳ Doctor Who: The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson

➳ My Place by Sally Morgan

➳ Sunset by Maggie Walsh

her performance for Melbourne International Comedy Festival

➳ Defying The Enemy Within by Joe Williams
(I have since been informed that I am in fact wrong about the types of football in Australia and that Joe Williams is more with the league of Jonathan Thurston than the buffoon who calls himself The Honeybadger. I am a fraud of an Australian culture.)

➳ Lola by Yvan Pommaux

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hi booktube today I am doing my January wrap-up with my greasy fringe which is a new addition to my life and these books here apologies if it looks like I'm not wearing a talk I clearly in here are some of the books that I've read I am currently reading almost finished in January you got my reading channel and I'll flip through as well um how is your reading month everyone mine was pretty rough because I've been reading focusing on Aboriginal indigenous books for the sake of Australia Day and it's just been so hot recently and I'm sick of this you guys are that like my reading has been all over the place some days are really good and some weeks were just awful so I'll start with saying that I finished the guest cat the guest cat which I vaguely review in my December effort I also read up welcome to country I read about half of this book oh god I'm not even gonna make up today with serve raw food it's rare I don't usually um I read welcome to country guys these people here it is the 2018 version 17 version I read about half of that and I had to return it to the library something solid that was that Australian aims of animals actually Aboriginal names at least cook about I came to room back a few of them are indigenous names which I didn't actually know and there are some beautiful photographs in that book I wish I still had it so that I could show you all I really recommend it if you are interested in Aboriginal culture and that side of Australia the next book I read was the good doctor by chin and Orson I am going to post a whole review of this book oh I don't know if I'll do a video or a blog post I'll link my blog post down below this was such such an incredible book it got me back in the doctor who um I don't know I've just been really into Doctor Who this past season and if you've been into it with the woman the female doctor yeah I really recommend you read this it's by Juno Dawson who wrote I read her memoir and this is the first fiction I've read of hers it's incredible one of my favorite parts is I don't even know what to say about I think I talked about it in a tag video I'll list it down below um oh my goodness I'll post the horror view but the characterizations are so great the world is so interesting the monster and the villains are so interesting and gray in being described as a god it's just everything I've ever wanted everything you could ever want doctor I mean Graham is my god I don't know about you my place bye Sally Morgan as you can see I'm only a bit over halfway through but I actually almost got to be halfway through but I feel like I've read a whole book this first half was describing her life growing up in 1950s as she is Aboriginal and it's so touching just the way she talks about art the way she talks about her father in her grandmother and her mom is wrong some of my favorite NAND moments which I wrote down before I even realized okay so the book is told in three different parts of her story Sally Morgan there's her great-uncle story which i think is here to here and then there's her nan story and I'm a bit scared to read her great-uncle story because I believe it's set in Brisbane area which is where I'm from so it's good to read that that's why I have to have it pick this up in two weeks but it's really interesting the storytelling aspect is unusual in that her growing up a family life is so integral and then it takes such a shift it really does just take a shift after her childhood years it just like kind of vaguely goes into her love life and her family once she's older and once she has her own two kids and it's just like talks about her nan in such a loving but rounded ray um this book is about 20 years old I believe at least it's classified as an Australian classic so I'm counting it as my classic of the month it's so touching it's so beautiful there's a quote on page 68 that has to do with the love that Aboriginal people have for aliments um she goes so Sally is playing with an animal and she goes of course they're not gonna hurt him I said indignantly nan who never forgive could forgive us if she thought we'd been deliberately unkind to animals and I just love that because it's so true um from what I've read and everything like that it's an incredible book I can't wait to finish it I'm just a bit nervous but when I do finish it I will post a full view of this book because it really deserves it and I can see why it's classified as an Australian classic even Alice woke up from the color quoting the book so if you haven't heard of it I really recommend you pick it up I think this edition it's probably like the second edition because my month I bought it when she first came to Australia I'll say that's really cool what's that edition me I'm trying to keep it quick compared to my usual slow wrap ups so what here today how's the weather you'll where you're watching this from are you enjoying a hot chocolate or a coffee or you like me having to enjoy sparkling water because it's hot so the next book I've been reading over time um is Maggie Walsh's sunset it's a poetry book so if you watched my last wrap-up you'll know that I fell out of love of poetry but in reality it was just you go poetry because this shows how beautiful poetry can be manky wash is the exact same age as my dad so she was born in 64 she is also a comedian I'll link one of her comedy bits down below she's genuinely hilarious but some of these are so beautiful the first run in the whole book is called big rain coming and it goes like this I saw a butterfly today it told me that a visitor was coming to see me I heard two kookaburra singing loud they told me that somebody was going to have a baby the ant storm a big rain coming all the green tree frogs croak Tinh agreement the birds fell silent one fell out of the sky exhausted from thirst and dehydration and before he died he said big rain comin all the green tree frogs croak in agreement let's just kill me on that's just the first one and there are some that are more heartbreaking about how she if you don't know much about Aboriginal history it's basically they got the that Indian that Native American Indians received as well as black people received two hundred years ago but because it was so lost in time it happened to both of these in the horrific things that happy to this culture people happened so it's honestly heartbreaking um I'll put some clips of my up inspired by this book some of these poems are beautiful they remind me why I love poetry um and who knows I might want to do the poetry newbie book to the poetry Tube movie tag that strips coverlet started but I still feel like I don't quite deserve it that title sir Nagi wash if you can find this somewhere pick it up and the last book I'm currently reading is defying the enemy within by Joey Williams I started this as an audiobook from my library and then I just really liked it and I figured since there's pictures in this I would pick it up anyway from the book shop it was published by the ABC so that's always a good sign it talks about his obviously as you can tell by this title it talks a bit about his mental struggle going through life I was an NFL player with depression and he actually got actually states that he was diagnosed with Bipolar he actually I've never actually I don't watch NRL at all so the most I know about NRL is that guy from The Bachelor fight fight NRL I don't watch NRL so it's really good to learn about somebody that I never knew about and yeah he's from Wagga Wagga and then he moved to Sydney for the Roosters and he's just seems like a really intelligent guy he he's met a lot of people that even though again I don't know NRL at all I have heard of some of the names from the people that he talks to that so if you're interested in in oil this might actually be good for you I thought I highlighted some things that particularly spoke to me he said I also realized that the harder I worked in the boxing gym the Crider the noise in my head so he focused a lot of his energy on the sport to distract his bad thoughts now I think that's just really I hate just kind of your books as important but I think it's really interesting and helpful I think it's helpful that he has written this book and that he started a whole Facebook group and I'm home movement around trying to get men who are very manly men to talk about mental health and he seems like a really great guy if I was ever torching around I would now know this guy as well is the honey badger that doesn't mean two very different people that iris that I respect one of them and a lot more than the other so I managed to talk that all these books in Trump and it's a very seconds guys that has to be a road record I hope you're eating month has been better than mine it's not that I've not ready or not it's that I've read a lot of hard things that I need to finish in February and I need to read some lighter books so I'm going to read some young adult next month and give any recommendation for young adults or even Aboriginal base books that are like a bit less intense that would be wonderful thank you so much for watching I would say what to say that I have started a patreon as well as me as well as a blog I am currently in the process of making this blog look nice and patreon and support that I've already received a very lovely kind supporter and friend of mine has been really helpful and yes if you look through my patreon you will see that the whole point of it is to find charities that are local or organisations that mean a lot to me that are local in Brisbane and that my main goal will be to extend that to international places like Fiji where my friends lives my friend is from so if you could kindly go over my to my patreon and consider donating anything from $1.00 that would be wonderful not donating legally I'm not allowed to call it donating so giving anything from a dollar I can't wait to practice art and be more creative with my booktube videos and stuff like that so thank you so much for watching I think 15 minutes is long enough I will see you in my next video which will be another one about velvet ghost / Gabriela Lindley it's good to be me react me commenting on her my weight loss story video and I think it's really I think it's really necessary in this day and age when surgery is such an easy thing for people to access I think it's important for people it would be like hey this is wrong that's what my next video will be about yep thanks so much for watching everyone see you next time bye so that wasn't it was someone take video but I forgot to mention one book holy yeah holy moly I look like a mess um again I am wearing a top this is just getting obnoxious now um no not YUM I kind of forgot about the fact that I read this because it's such a classic for me it's a personal like childhood classic it's ten stories in French about this little mess here um maybe some life and gets told stories by had dad about things like growing up and philosophy and it's just beautiful and it's touching because I've recently went on a trip with my dad to a beautiful place and that's gonna read this book again and I don't know I just love this story especially yeah it's just beautiful and I'm hoping to read more French especially childhood French books um this coming yeah recommendations for a French book Oh thought leave that down below please thank you for watching well I'm in there bye


  1. My Place sounds really wonderful! I hadn't heard of any of these books, but I'll definitely be looking into that one. And the poem you read from Sunset was just lovely~

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