Reading & Writing Vlog The Warmth Of Other Suns

Reading & Writing Vlog The Warmth Of Other Suns

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My first Writing vlog as well as a reading vlog of my trip to Denver Colorado! In this vlog I give a full book review of The warmth of other suns by Isabel Wilkerson which is an amazing Non fiction novel, as well as behind the scenes of my writing process. This Colorado vlog meets reading vlog was a journey for me, I hope you enjoy the adventure!

Duane’s Article and Stories for Afropunk !

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Duane’s Article and Stories for Afropunk !

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I can't even talk right now like we're in Denver so let's kick off the reading Gulag here in Denver I spent a day it's been a day it's too much to explain but just know in the process of the last 24 hours our car has broke now gotten told we've missed our flight had to go to an airport that was our 15 minutes away long standby all this craziness but you know what we made it here and we are here to focus on the writing and relaxing so it's kind of like a retreat getaway so I thought I would do a little bit of a reading and writing vlog for you guys but let me go ahead and freshen up because it's been a long day so yesterday I didn't vlog that much sense it was really the day we were coming in and our first day in Denver was really really good we pretty much just relaxed ate and yeah that was pretty much it so what I'm reading so the warmth of other Suns you guys know I've been trying to read this for a minute I started it really liked it liked it so much I said let me go ahead and just purchase a copy it took forever for me to get the purchase cost to be copy so this has been delayed but I restarted over it and this time I own the book so I could actually write in and I can highlight I can do what the heck I want in the coffee and I mean there's just been so many gems for those of you who do not know the warmth of other Suns is about the great migration it's like one of the most untold or untaught periods in history where for a century like a hundred years basically in waves black people were fleeing the south for basically to survive for various different reasons so is about Wilkerson she's the author she interviewed like thousands of people flew all over the world well in that world all over the US to find different people and hear their stories to see if it was something that she could collectively find like good examples of the stories to tell this nonfiction reality and I mean the level that must go into this anyway she filtered it out to three people so there's three people's stories that we're hearing about from their time in Mississippi one person's time in Florida and other person's time in Louisiana and where they are now like New York Chicago like kind of like their migration and what that ended up playing out to this doesn't read like nonfiction it reads like stories like fiction so it's narrative nonfiction and yeah it's just been amazing so far so far I'm most connecting to the Florida story because as I talk about all the time I'm from Florida so a lot of the cities that they're naming our cities I'm familiar with in some of the histories that I know that are not histories that everybody would know necessarily if you weren't from Florida like the Rosewood like the burnings over there it talks about the like the luncheons the stuff and like how crazy Florida system was and it shows in the trickle-down effects when you look at these states currently today but so much history and so so good I'm babbling forever so I don't want to even I don't even want to keep y'all here let me go ahead and get to either reading some more or going downstairs and writing doing is it a creep so we just finish is actually two o'clock that we're gonna write to 1:30 so roll a little past that how do you feel yours went bling yeah and I feel like I got a lot on to I actually gonna do as much writing as I thought I was gonna do in the sense of I guess creative writing more so is working on the structure plot but starting getting hungry so probably gonna go ahead and catch some sunlight and get out for a little bit any so they're trying to capitalize get a little bit of relaxation um so hopefully we'll make it to read a rock mountain area which is only like 30 minutes away so we're gonna over there and also eat relax that whole nine yards I'll probably actually vlog so until hope we chill and nice to see if we are outside they'll be good footage but yeah I'm gonna do my makeup actually have a little artistic fun night I caught it just in the nick of time tonight dirty to my lips I dared my lens yeah why no seriously stop so that's pretty much it for today no man is so heavy okay so today was a really good day we just got finished eating we're actually really tired but it's still early so hoping to get some reading and more relaxing and stuff done anyways i'ma head out brings me alright so we just got here to Red Rocks or what not we wrote a little bit in the morning then ate some really good food and now we're gonna experience a little nature so should be good and honestly today sorry I haven't like antium him up honestly today woke up had breakfast worked Network broke bread and then way out for brunch and brunch was amazing we went to snooze which I've heard nothing but good things about and it was the best french toast that I've ever had and then we directly over it over here so we're kind of like just walking around exactly actually like crazy good weather like it's like high 70s which is pretty rare for this time of year and Colorado so we really like lucked out so it's been like sunny and just beautiful and I hope I could use this footage because the candy in my mouth kind of made it annoying for even me huh and there's Dwayne in the tender act knowing he wasn't staring at me before you should have saw the quickness he did to play off like he was in his own world you know you and my world boy anyways let me stop missing we're gonna go ahead and keep going cutie time a little like someone was being productive actually he brought his laptop I ain't gonna bring any of my reading or writing things that's on me but I have audio book I actually have worked with other sons on the audio book I just bought it so maybe I'll listen to that too compared to how it reads but yeah so proud of Duane working on all his writing goals I don't know if you guys saw if you guys follow me on social media I posted an article that of his that got picked up by afropunk if you have it I'll link it below but it was so good and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased but no it was really cool because it basically stemmed from when we visited the Louvre in Paris and we were so excited we loved the Louvre but basically how their museum was structured just brought up a lot of conversation and about various museums that we visited very very important article really good articles to check that out to interrupt himself and check the time to see if he can still make the one o'clock at the Hollywood Park Racetrack I'm getting higher and higher yeah I don't want to hear me see you stop this is when it all the people left the vlog okay you guys are still here after that y'all is a real one Oh actually I haven't done this a while if you guys are still here right the low closer to my dreams because that's gonna be an affirmation an affirmation like I collectively like closer to your dreams you know what I'm saying I'm living in my dream it is I don't know when this dream starts or in but I'm in it and I know I'm just closer and closer every day to continually fill the purpose of what I am here for and I just want to affirm that for myself as well as others listening clearly I am on my spiritual stuff this is not no positive affirmations vlog or nothing like that but anyways let me get on topic it's a reading blog but you guys can tell Jennifer was very good to me I am back I feel more like myself and I just have such a clear mind and my productivity my creativity all that just feels that it's at a heightened state so I'm very thankful for that and the way that trip started off would have never expected for me to get as much as I get out of it because it taught me a lesson because I was so overwhelmed lead up into that trip like the weeks leading up and it was interesting because in the moment when all this craziness was happening not saying it's like the worst thing that can happen in like clearly I'm so blessed it was a truth this isn't something that's required um everything that came to us we have decisions to make a or B err be like you know and go with those options and keep pressing it and it really has taught me a lot about your perspective and how what is reality because reality for me could have been everything's going wrong which I understand but it's like I just transitioned my mind to a different Lane and it helped Lauren if I don't get to start talking on this book y'all oh yeah okay I'm not officially done off of personal stuff but the book it's going so well I want to read one of those passages that stuck out to me so much on the plane when I was reading it it's on page 237 he and other middle-class migrants from the south it turns out were not unlike the immigrant taxi drivers you hear about had been doctors or engineers back in Pakistan son life had been somebody back home but it didn't translate at his destination and so he had taken a job as a laborer at the shipyard I quote that to say you know he was clearly somebody than here's somebody now but I relate to this so well because especially being a child of immigrants essentially someone from another country it's crazy when you have the ability to do crazy different things and if you are afforded the same opportunities who knows what you would really be doing here but you know you're kind of starting from Ground Zero and I felt like I led to that so much but was more flabbergasting to me as the fact of thinking of you're not even immigrating from a different country like you are in this country this is your country now like you know and Brooke really like you know so I just can't even imagine I can't imagine an ass name sometimes I can't imagine like you know this book is just so good so that's kind of where I'm at I'm just obsessed and the love in the book and I guess the next time maybe that I'll come on I'll probably give my final final thoughts which I'm thinking it'll be another week for me to finish this like yeah I spent one week to get halfway through the book so it should be another week if that maybe I'll finish it this weekend actually yeah and the blue I'm so happy the color in my hair is still lasting I know it was a reading blog but while I'm here let me shake it on out you see that like look at that color this is crazy and it's hair paint wax so don't ask me in the comments just Google hit hair paint wax that's a temporary color thing that I put on my hair and I'm gonna rinse it out on my other channel I might actually do a video and stuff to show you guys when I do the next color but yep that's it all right guys all right so I finally finished the warmth of other Suns earlier this week and I'm just now getting to talking about it my final thoughts because there are many what I will say this is 5 star this is an amazing piece of work this touches on everything change the narrative on a lot of what we have of the migration and of stereotypes and of assumptions that are myths I should call them what they are flat-out myths and lives that are perpetuated that are just not true and how the backing with statistical information dispels those myths whether it be from the education levels to the people who migrated and comparing that to their white counterparts to compare that to the people who are already in the cities that they migrated to I love how the author just broke down all these different facts like fact after fact after fact that literally dispels so many of the different myths as well as congruently telling the stories of from a personal people standpoint of the implications in of how these people were literally forced to leave like you know some people decided to stay clearly because not everyone can leave but these were conditions whether you left or whether you stayed that you know the were direct result of the environment in the South that was literally unbearable from lynchings to the systemic racism and also not just showing that hey we didn't flee to the safe haven to the north or to California or to Chicago like those areas had their own nuances and their own even so you can argue deeper seeded racism embedded in those systems as to why the landscape looks like what it looks like today in a lot of those cities whether it be Chicago or whether it be throughout New York or in a lot of the areas in California so I felt like it gave a good explanation not only of what people were fleeing to but also what the environment was where they were and how they were still able to thrive but not only that as to why the landscapes look like what they look like today it really ties like from slavery to reconstruction to Jim Crow to the aftermath of the Jim Crow in the migration and also how so many different things have been affected by the migration as well I don't know exactly how like if you haven't read it how I can really break down how important this read it I'm probably not doing this any justice which is why I think it took me a while to even get my final thoughts and I still end up freestyling which is so me uh-huh but just know this was five stars and I will read this again at some point in my life like I just feel like this is one of the most important body of work that I've read and I'll leave it at that hopefully you know in the comment section below we can talk about it further let me know if you've read this let me know if you're thinking about reading this and yeah let's just talk about it all right well love and light and I'll see you guys in the next one bye


  1. Sweeeeeeet! Do you by chance recommend any good LUTS for editing in post production? I just got the DJI Mavic Pro 2 & I'm excited to see how the footage looks! I'm trying to find some great LUTS for the drone footage. 😀

  2. Closer to my dreams!

    I just found your channel a few days ago and I honestly just want to thank you for making the content that you do and for being who you are and for sharing that. What you're doing and the content you're making are so much more important than I can explain in a comment. Suffice to say that I truly, truly believe that you are well on your way to exceeding your wildest dreams, and you've sparked a faith in me to believe that I may be on my way, too.

  3. Closer to my dreams! And you and Duane are too. You've made me want to re-read "The Warmth of Other Suns". It is a very difficult book to summarize. I read it more than a few years ago and it's time to move it back to the top of my list. In conclusion……how are you just going to not tell us what was so funny at 5:21? Had us laughing and everything. Didn't even know what we were laughing at lol.

  4. Closer to my dreams!!! 🙏🏾 I bought Warmth of Other Suns based on your recommendation. I haven’t read it yet. After watching this I’m going to put it at the top of my TBR list.

  5. I LOVE your book choices. I met Isabelle Wilkerson, when the book came out, at a library event in HOUSTON. She told the best stories; what pleasure it was to meet and get to talk to her!

  6. closer to my dreams! (love me some goapele)
    love your vlogs/channel!
    My dream is to be a screenwriter – praying we all make our dreams come true one day ❤️❤️❤️

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