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I really need to hide in a house and I really feel like it so I tell you what I'm reading the co-star has told me to do that I'm reading currently the screen and pleasant land by Asha Malik I really wanted to read this book I was always intrigued by her Sofia car is not obliged and but I was undecided whether to buy the books or not because the sort of lighter contemporary fiction and for me quite often that sort of doesn't quite work so I didn't really want to risk it in the library didn't have them and so Bunya send me the krita screen and pleasant land and I'm really enjoying it I'm sort of partially set in Birmingham and it's about a man who gets told by his mother to build a mosque in the rural village that he lives in I'm really loving it actually really do it's a very light read so you can just fly through so it's brilliant charcoal sitting here and doing some knitting and watching a couple of knitting podcasts and this is the continuation for sure I'm using three different yarns and I also cast on these socks which are vanilla socks I mean I love being that you know they're not really fancy and that I really like the heel it's a different kind of heel and I'm going to cast on for taking on the plane I'm not a pair of socks I'm decision journey and that I like I mean it's like this is pro you know just slapping my own a yeah my grandmother needs socks out of it you know so um and it's this kind of illness self-striping check my Edisto striking oil as well but yeah I'm really quite um like this one and I'm going to do spyro socks and I know it's pirate shops because my results don't need a heel and I'm gonna make these phenomenal yeah so um outside the shop I need some things yeah the kids friends birthday tomorrow and she decided she wants to make biscuits Griffin or biscuits requiring red icing I'm so ready for the summer holidays okay I totally keep poetry with cookery books I think it makes sense because cooking is a bit like poetry anyway I need I need Nigella today because her cut out cookie recipe is the best well it certainly is one that always works and I just need something that just works and that's mindless because I have a lot to do today [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] rain all day so yeah also it's been day today which makes the bus today because it's really is very very wet I remember laughs I'm gone [Applause] 7:45 and I finished a first translation project for today I'm feeling very accomplished mm-hmm it's accomplished take there but worry not more to do Oh Doris some wanted more older taps that I've opened I have a very scattered rain and so I have a very scattered tap situation anyway iris wanted me to talk or wanted us to talk about a book to you I just wanted to touch on something because a lot of people say they can't cope with their watch later and things like that and you know and it is inherently you know that it's just impossible to watch all the videos all the time I'm just today um you know when I woke up I'm so far half an hour 40 minutes 45 minutes an hour and 15 minutes an hour and 40 minutes an hour and 45 minutes an hour and 52 hours 2 hours and 10 2 hours and 15 2 hours and 22 hours and 43 hours three and a half hours 3 hours and 10 minutes three hours and 40 minutes three hours and forty-five four hours and 15 minutes four hours and 40 minutes four hours and let's call it five hours that's not YouTube I booked you five hours five hours ten five hours 35 hours 45 hours 50 whoopsie five hours 56 hours six and a half six forty let's call it six forty so it six hours and forty minutes of content so far and it is eight o'clock it's impossible to watch it all even if I wanted to but I do want to but I just can't you know so yeah it's my sort of reading check in is it the final check you know no just reading check in she says so yeah I finished a green screen and doesn't land badge I'm Alec and I really liked it um it is contemporary commercial fiction nothing wrong with that so but it's not literary you know I know a lot of you are very literary readers it's not literary but I really liked a scenario that she's playing with in her book and she uses stereotypical characters I think to great effect I think quite often were so snobby when you know like someone uses stereotypes but sometimes to use of stereotypes is a statement in itself and I think she did that really really well you will find the typical characters that you encounter you know in in situations like this and it was really interesting because I've read some of the lower star reviews I gave this book four stars I it really held my attention I thought it was interesting and it really made me think I generally like books that deal with the concept of home and who is allowed to call a case how and yeah so just like the computer laptop really irritating isn't it anyway so I I can see myself in the glasses how odd is that anyway yeah I really liked it I really really liked it and yeah but you know I know a lot of you are more literary readers so if you're looking for something literary it's not that but was it entertaining yes did it make me think definitely okay bye yes I had a shower now all clean and fresh and it's time to attack some people and have some closing remarks and I tagged hmm who just do flocks I'm gonna tag Jen from remembered reads because she does flocks and I'm also gonna tag Claudia from Spencer's library because she does frogs and I think that's it I should have prepared that better shouldn't I some closing remarks well that was fun wasn't it yeah I really enjoyed it um you know I couldn't really do it in one day and I think the order is some depth you know it's not an order you know in sequential order it is totally an order I'm not making sense do I this is also my awkward moment although I have another awkward moment but yeah that's it good day feel free enjoy life do I have an inspirational message apart from that no hello check of home sorry just like hand Oh


  1. Loved seeing your garden Mel and the British rain, please send some here. My subscription list is so out of control, at the beginning of the day I basically start at the top of notifications and just see how far I get, sometimes none, sometimes lots depending on how much gardening and house work I do. Reading comes first.

  2. This was so delightful. Loved your outtro. And how ironic that I added another video to my watch later list after watching you talk about not being able to keep up with yours. I have about half a dozen “adventures” 😉 that I watch 95% of then I pick and choose among the rest based on personal interest and wanting to be supportive. Then sometimes I get behind and have to be extra brutal. Can’t watch them all, that’s for sure. Now you’ve made me curious wondering how many I do watch on average. I feel another project coming on. 😂

  3. Fantastic! I felt like such a part of your day. and I feel the struggle about not being able to watch all the videos all the time. I let Booktube play while I’m doing other things on the computer and take breaks to comment. It can take up a lot of time but I know how important it is to support other channels too. Thanks for watching my videos too… I saw them on your feed 😀

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