Review:  DINAH, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company

Review: DINAH, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company

“Flowers…brought Dinah Washington to life. Each number was a beautiful and respectful homage to Dinah and her work.” Lonnie The Theatre Lady reviews DINAH, written and directed by Ernest McCarty, at Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company through April 5th, 2015.

lonnie the theater lady becky rundberg vivant Wow good evening my dear good evening I saw Dana at the Pittsburgh playwright space the intimate little space that they have in the 900 block on liberty ave and it's a show about Dinah Washington last year of her life they tell little details of some of the things that were happening in her life in her last year before it was cut tragically short by an overdose of diet pills of all things mmm accidental it was ruled accidental but anyway this show was written by artist McCarty who is also the director of the show and you also played the keyboards in this show he was very involved with this production yes he definitely was and he's a very talented guy he's a musician that's played all over the world he in 1998 Pittsburgh magazine named him the most prolific playwright of the year no that's quite an honor yes quite an honor and touted this latest work of his hold up well I'll tell you this show how musically was phenomenal I would have liked to have seen a little bit stronger acting performances from some of the actors however the music really compensated for that the four piece orchestra was a guitar saxophone keyboard and drums and they were so tight and they played so well together and they were kind of a bluesy kind of jazzy feel to it they played before the show everybody was really enjoying the music you could tell it was really pleasant to listen to and the voice of oh my gosh her voice was so beautiful Delana flowers had such a richness and vibrancy in her voice that she brought Dinah Washington back to life each number was a beautiful and respectful homage to Dinah and her work she sang with so much emotion and sincerity she went from joyous too sad to you know she just emoted when she say it was just beautiful was really a thing of beauty to listen to her singing and her costumes were to each act had a different costume and they were kind of retro back to the 60s and I would have given anything to have both of those I would award those I still wear them today they were great but one thing I didn't realize Dinah Washington you asked me earlier about some of her hits I did not realize how many yet she had harbour lights stormy weather what a difference a day makes making Whoopie that's one that we still here all the time her work 60 years later is still she's on my itunes yeah I mean she's still very appealing and relevant and it was nice to hear all those and there was a part where an actor les Howard played Brook Benton and I don't know if you remember the hit that those two had together it was baby you've got what it takes how's it go oh gosh I'm a little hoarse but you don't drive a fancy car you won't be a movie star but baby you got would it take oh yeah well this less Howard was a very strong role as Brooke that knee was very confident charismatic all the things that Brook Benton was so I really enjoyed that number particularly they were all very enjoyable and it's running until april fifth at the pittsburgh playwrights saturday night got wanted to take step a whole soul on fire look get it right well they had what it took when they sang that song what does it take ask them I don't know for you to stop singing for me and did I say unforgettable or did I forget that unforgettable how about teach me tonight do you know that one I'm busy when I teach me tomorrow night on them I'll see what I'm doing stormy with oh really where'd that note stormy

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