Rutger Hauer ⭐ Tribute ⭐ Transformation From 6 To 75 Years Old

Rutger Hauer ⭐ Tribute ⭐ Transformation From 6 To 75 Years Old

Rutger Oelsen Hauer ( 23 January 1944 – 19 July 2019) was a Dutch actor, writer and environmentalist.
Hauer’s career began in 1969 with the title role in the Dutch television series Floris, and surged with the hugely successful film Turkish Delight in 1973. After rising to international stardom with the film Soldier of Orange in 1977, he moved into American films such as Nighthawks and Blade Runner, starring in the latter as self-aware android Roy Batty. His performance in Blade Runner brought him leading roles in films such as The Osterman Weekend, Ladyhawke, Flesh+Blood, The Hitcher, Escape from Sobibor (for which he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor), Blind Fury, The Blood of Heroes, and Wedlock.
In the 1990s, Hauer moved into supporting roles in films including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Sin City, Batman Begins and The Rite, with occasional starring roles such as Hobo with a Shotgun. He founded the Rutger Hauer Starfish Association, an AIDS awareness organization. He was made a knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion in 2013.
Early life
Rutger Oelsen Hauer was born in Breukelen on 23 January 1944, the son of actors Teunke (née Mellema) and Arend Hauer, who operated an acting school in nearby Amsterdam. He had one older sister[5] and two younger sisters. He was born while his home country was under German occupation during World War II, and later stated in 1981, “I was born in the middle of the war, and I think for that reason I have deep roots in pacifism. Violence frightens me.” Hauer attended a Rudolf Steiner school, as his parents wanted him to develop his creativity. At the age of 15, he left school to join the Dutch merchant navy. He spent a year travelling the world aboard a freighter, but was unable to become a captain due to his colourblindness. Returning home, he worked odd jobs while finishing his high school diploma at night. He then entered the Academy for Theater and Dance in Amsterdam for acting classes, but soon dropped out to join the Royal Netherlands Army. He received training as a combat medic, but left the service after a few months as he opposed the use of deadly weapons. He subsequently returned to acting school and graduated in 1967.
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Hauer in Floris, 1969
Hauer had his first acting role at the age of 11, as Eurysakes in the play Ajax. During his time at the Academy for Theater and Dance, Hauer joined an experimental troupe, with which he remained for five years before Paul Verhoeven cast him in the lead role of the 1969 television series Floris, a Dutch medieval action drama. The role made him famous in his native country, and Hauer reprised his role for the 1975 German remake Floris von Rosemund. Hauer’s career changed course when Verhoeven cast him in Turkish Delight (1973). The film found box office favour abroad and at home, and Hauer looked to appear in more international films. Within two years, Hauer made his English-language debut in the British film The Wilby Conspiracy (1975). Set in South Africa, the film was an action-drama with a focus on apartheid. Hauer’s supporting role, however, was barely noticed in Hollywood, and he returned to Dutch films for several years. During this period, he made Katie Tippel (1975) and worked again with Verhoeven on Soldier of Orange (1977), and Spetters (1980). These two films paired Hauer with fellow Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbé.

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  1. A wonderful tribute to one of the most charismatic actors of our time. My first "meeting" with sir Hauer was in Ladyhawk, and I've loved him ever since, and followed him through his life…An amazing actor, an amazing man…the world lost a beautiful soul, and our sorrow falls like tears in the rain…R.I.P….

  2. i really loved rutger may he rest in peace sending prayers to his wife and family rest in peace beautiful blue eyes i will look for your star and blow a kisss to u

  3. there wasn't a more commanding, hansome, intelligent human on earth that could have played his roles, Roy Batty, Wulfgar, John Ryder. he was the only one. he outshone Harrison Ford at a time when Harrison was the most recognised movie actor in the world. one of a kind and above all that … Humble. how else would his Tears in rain poetry have tied so closely to this mans legacy. he was Roy Batty. he loved that role and we loved him for it. thank you friend

  4. R.I.P. One of the greats !!!! The best performance ever as Roy Batty, the film underachieved but became to me the !!! cult classic . Fan since day one !!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be forever !!!!!!!!

  5. The most underrated actor ever! WEDLOCK is the first movie with him that I saw as a child and became a fan instatly. Also SPLIT SECOND, THE NIGHT HAWKS, THE HITCHER, BLIND FURY, ARCTIC BLUE…. He was something else for sure. Deep, charismatic and unique! RIP

  6. Actorazo….de los pocos k traspasan la pantalla …inolvidable mi etienne de navarra …una de sus mejores peliculas…uno de mis actores faboritos….por siempre …QEPD

  7. Rutger was een bijzonder mooi mens, zo heeft hij belangeloos met eigen tekst een lied geschreven en deze op een single gezongen de titel Peter Stutvoet 1979 de aanleiding was zeer triest, dit is op YouTube geplaatst. Ik heb van je genoten lieve vriend, Rust Zacht.

  8. He is one of those Actors who I liked from the first time I saw him in a movie. To me, he always gave a performance that was most entertaining and I can't ever remember seeing him in a bad performance. I think this is what every Actor strives for and he always met that level and beyond. R.I.P.

  9. About a decade more less ago, I purchased a copy of Rutgers memoir title of which is " All those moments."
    It was a fine read, a real treat.
    It's a must read for all hardcore Rutger Hauer fans.

  10. Just found out about his passing, In shock, A brilliant actor who created some of the most memorable moments in cinema, Will be greatly missed R.I.P Rutger Hauer

  11. Btw can anyone of you guys remind me a movie 80s that he plays a mercenary a medieval movie with a princes battles and stuff.!? I love this movie of his with a lot of other movies of his of course.!?

  12. Rudger the great performer, Rudger the Star, Rudger the Humble, Rudger the Dude, Rudger the best character in the masterpiece Blade Runner Rudger the great person, Rudger the good looking and Rudger the man we all we will miss a lot…! RIP my friend we will not forget you…

  13. When I saw him first, it was in Blade runner. And I was fascinated by his person… just one role and he got me for a long time. Thank you a lot Mr. actor, I will never forget you…Time to die…Everybody will find out it, but nobody can tell it as you…

  14. Spetters, soldaat van oranje, Turks fruit, Floris vind k de leukste (van de Nederlandse). Geweldige acteur met ook een zeer leuke vrouw. May he rest in peace🖤

  15. An amazingly talented gorgeous/handsome man. A GREAT actor who did many Academy Award winning performances… without ever getting one. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Never got the true credit he deserved!!!

  16. 😥R.I.P. RUTGER HAUER who died on the 19th of July, 2019, age 75. He did many great roles in many great movies, but his most famous was as "Replicant" Roy Batty in the original Blade Runner movie. And his dying scene in that movie and the monologue (HE WROTE) is now known as the most famous and moving soliloquy in cinematic history. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."😥

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