Safety Tips with Ed Dickens

Safety Tips with Ed Dickens

To kick off #RailSafetyWeek, please take a moment to watch and share these rail safety tips with your friends and family.

I made Dickens with Union Pacific Steam program there's nothing better than taking our historic equipment out for all of you to see but there's something we need to ask you to do please keep safety first always cross the tracks at designated crossings look both ways and then check again remember trains can come from any track and any time from any direction and they're often much quieter than you would expect stand back trains are at least three feet wider than the rails and the big boys even wider yet risking your safety around trains has never worth it please take a moment to share these details with your family and friends thank you very much for watching


  1. I'm not affiliated with UP so I am free to say this: Common sense, people! Large machines can hurt you. Stay clear of them. Look and listen both ways before crossing the road or tracks, check your smoke alarms regularly, and for Pete's sake don't stick that fork in the toaster!

  2. Thank you for the Safety Tips Mr. Dickens. When i go railfaning. I always put safety first. Trains are like people you got to respect them.

    Also I like to say I'm sorry about the pain and sadness you and your crew had to go thought with that one excersion trip on Frontier Days.

    I wish nothing but the best for you and god bless you all.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with the heritage programs crew, Thank you for speaking out to bring Union Pacifics safety culture to public attention, My heartfelt prayers are out in recent event, But even more over to your Heritage crew, I hope every rail fan makes A dedicated commitment to safety while enjoying the sights.

  4. I'm looking forward to the Up big boy pulling those heavyweight passenger cars,it will great to see a giant of the rails in passenger service just like back in the days when steam was king .

  5. Great advice. And when dismounting you're train always look both ways and look down where you are stepping, I've heard of to many RR brothers and sister getting hit buy a passing train. Had a conductor getting off a car one day and he actually stepped on a new tie that the grass had grown up around before it had been installed, ended up taring his knee and never came back to work.

  6. Sadly, all safety rules are written in someone's blood. Even on passenger platforms you could be injured or or even worse you could be killed. All it takes is a moment of misplaced attention and you could be hurt or killed. Yes I have been injured on the job. I am lucky that I still have all my fingers and toes that I was born with. But p!ease take the time it takes for you to have full situation awareness of your surroundings in I what ever you do. This way you will avoid any injury.

    I write this as a person who has worked in safety in some very hazardous places.

  7. Ed is releasing this video because he like I have seen too many close calls and several people have been hit. Last year on this date Jim Lance of UP gave me my lantern but it did not come at a cost. Please be safe and obey all Operation Lifesaver rules or the Henderson wreck will happen again. 1. Trains overhang the track by 15 feet in each direction so please stand 150 feet back. 2. Trains don't stop so please stay off the tracks. 3. If you see a No Trespassing Sign it means NO TRESPASSING! Railroads are private property only cross at the crossing. 4. If you hear the whistle you get back 12 toots is the emergency signal you hear this you get out of the way. and 5. in multi track territory 1 crossing is safe if you know where to look 2 or more are dangerous so look both ways.

  8. Thank you Ed Dickens for telling everyone this. I don't want the 4014 to hit someone while on the excersion trip, like 844 on Frontier Days. Thank you for telling people this and keep working hard with Union Pacific Railroad.

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