Scenesters video: Denver Center brings teen playwrights' words to life

Scenesters video: Denver Center brings teen playwrights' words to life

The first phase of the Denver Center’s first Regional Youth Playwriting Workshop and Competition culminated at the Colorado New Play Summit with professionally staged readings of the three finalists’ one-act plays. Laurain Park’s “One-Sided Fish” has since been selected for full production on June 27 at the Conservatory Theatre. This video follows the three youth playwriting finalists from rehearsal to their public readings by professional actors. Video by John Moore.

here's a story about maybe some shiner people maybe a common complex and their worries but most classically about their feelings hi this is John Moore from the Denver Center talking with Alison watrous and Stephen Coe use about the Denver centers first regional youth play writing workshop in competition that culminated with professional staged readings of three selected one acts during the recent Colorado new play summit one written by a 15 year old freshman from Korea named Laraine park was chosen for full production on jun 27th in the conservatory theater the education department at the Denver Center is always looking for new ways to enhance art in schools to bring art to schools and to encourage young people to be creative and encouraged blossoming artists and that this project was an incredible opportunity for young artists to write and to encourage the art form of playwriting Corey's lane comatose in med why are various medical instrumentation his older cousin Jake Marlowe's it's not early minutes in the day six months to the day happy Anniversary to us right the anniversary to us right here I brought you something 1,700 students were reached in the workshops and how many submissions did you have we had 75 entries and then we narrowed that list down to 10 finalists and then from those 10 finalists we did three semi-finalists which were the three plays that all got public readings at the new place of it and the rain gently for you as you because I think definitely hearing for the first time the things you might ideas my calm like just you also be making out I think that's great that we learns me for free what's it like for you now only an hour into it to sit here and hear your words out loud by people like this is it's almost unreal you know for someone who wants to have a career in theatre it's absolutely bro I kind of feel a little bit more responsibility just because it's worrying i mean new work from a young writer to me he's just I don't know it's more important there's more bigger possibility of planting seeds I've always thought to be really really cool to make my own story hi I'm Victoria caprara and I wrote sailor's knot which is in the new playwrights festival and I have been a student here for 12 years of my 16th the storm slowly dies down sweetest one wake up it's okay up I'm sorry about what happened before I didn't realize I promise you just wake up it'll all be okay just you me in the deep blue sea this one Chloe guys that space one wake up it's okay up I'm sorry about what happened before I didn't realize I promise if you just wake up it'll all be okay just you me and a deep blue sea taking classes here changed my life and is the reason why I have the opportunities i do today is this the first time you've ever any claim yourself or sisters name for this video this is the first time I've heard this out loud nice yeah hirame it kind of makes it easier for me to see okay this is what this means this is how people are going hear this you got a terrific and one of you drop's I'll run up and drink up script it's been such a huge huge you know to get corny on a journey like this whole thing started in the it was an assignment you know 200 points in my drama class very first semester and just to go from that to this is like unreal and I got you guys are fantastic so thank you from the bottom of my heart it's been such a pleasure into the stars I play in one act by Jack Fletcher I knew the answer but I asked anyway he said daddy I'm an astronaut and I said well why is that Cory he said he said because astronauts going to the stars when I'm grown up I'm going to be an astronaut so when I go into the stars i can find mom and I love Jax peace so this into our stars is great fun it's dense and in some complicated and my name is Leon fries I am the director of education here and on behalf of all of my staff thank you so much for this incredible event to see this theater full to see everyone here we're very excited I suspect 25 50 years from now people will say why are there so many good it's not weird it's because we started this now one sided fish by lorraine park felicity and ariel enter ok so what do we know about the winning playwright lorraine park she's a freshman she's when she wrote this play believe she was 14 years old she's originally from Korea and she's been living in Colorado for six months and English is not her first language and she wrote a full complete play which is so impressive he was like weird what did you see in that submission that made you feel like it was worthy of being a finalist the story itself is kind of simple it's kind of a classic 80s movie format story it's a great love story it's just about a girl who's trying to fit in in a high school and she likes a boy and she tries to get the boys attentions by doing things that that are not that she that she thinks she should be doing and it's only when she decides to just be herself that she kind of blossoms she's showing up to almost every other thing that I'm in but sometimes doesn't answer me sometimes just stares into the air she teases me sometimes and sometimes really weird and always it feels like she's expecting me for something is she her voice because she doesn't speak english as a first language she just has this really really beautiful poetry her her grammar and her syntax is not quite it's not it's a little bit often in that is the charm and the beauty of her writing what were your impressions Allison well even talking to Lorraine in the process of staging the reading during the summit is that she was very interested in the idea of a slice-of-life real she kept saying it doesn't have to be an epic story right it can just be about a girl who really exists in the world so her sense of truth in the play like was very her heart was on the page in a lot of ways this is how I think differently from Princess kamon I can't actually risked all i have for justice started feeling i think it was a great success you know we read the plays blindly we didn't know who the students were or what schools they came from and I think it's really great that the three plays that we chose to be the readings came from students who are all from different schools and they're all different ages one was a freshman one was a junior one was a senior so it's really encouraging for next year we expect that will help you know double the number of submissions for next year and I and I think the way that we've set it all up has worked well so when you go into the performances who do you want to be the audience for this production ideally it's everybody at that time the summer programs at the academy will be in full swing so all the teen students will have the opportunity to see it and hopefully encourage them to also start writing for next year when you consider how kids grow up these days what you know how they're distracted by their electronic options to have people still want to put words on paper to create plays that are done before live audiences you know that could die out if we didn't nurse read


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