Scout [Saxxy Awards 2017 -  loser]

Scout [Saxxy Awards 2017 – loser]

Short film for contest Saxxy Awards 2017
Subtitles are available in the Russian language!


The film “Scout” is the adaptation of “Ferris” with written permission. (Original

Original story by Temiree – “Ferris”
Music by FoxFall
Special thank to AndreyJS

Used music:
FoxFall – Ferris

With the assistance of SourceFilmmaker Russian Community [SFM_RU]

On all third-party content, I have written permission from the authors or content has a license “Creative Commons”.

The film is made in the ratio of 21:9 and has a resolution of 2560×1080

Водитель: это последний автобус, Скаут. Уверен, что хочешь остаться, да еще и такую метель? Я останусь. Думаю, ребята просто задерживаются. Они очень хотели, чтобы я приехал. А позвонить то им не судьба? Да как бы… у меня осталось 2% зарядки. Лучше придержу их на всякий пожарный. Ага? Как знаешь. [Телефон звонит] Телефон: да? Привет! Это Инженер? Инженер: Да? Погоди… это Скаут? Ага! это Скаут! Я стою на оста- Инженер: ХАХАХА! Погоди… окей, скажи это снова. Сказать, что это – Скаут? Телефон: *смех толпы* Инженер: Гони 20$! Я говорил что этот лошара поведется! ХАХАХА- Водитель: Эй! Какого дьявола ты все еще здесь?! Хеви: Тебя подбросить? Скаут: почему ты решил вернуться за мной?


  1. Heart warming, and touching. For the saxxy, where the technical aspect of animation is super important, I can see why it didn't win. From a pure storytelling point though, it was really nice!

  2. Aww poor scout, you really did well on the body language and this must have taken some time, all in all well done I think we all enjoyed watching keep up the good work. you could become a professional at stories and saxxy awards! I really felt the feelings of scout because that stuff happened to me at school…

  3. I'm a month late to watching this, but it really made me realize what I love so much about animated films. By having an amazing story and character to connect to, to me the animation part didn't matter as much. I really truly love films with amazing stories, and I feel that this is one a lot can resonate with. Amazing job, you really hit the nail on the head with this one. It's a shame it hasn't been seen as much as other entries.

  4. I agree with this story many people like to pull pranks on those who have no friends or very little but not always is there a person to help you like heavy so you just have to find people who is like you and treasure the friends you have.Great animation very true

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