Script Writing Tips - स्क्रिप्ट लेखन टिप्स | filmy funday #4| Virendra Rathore | JoinFilms

Script Writing Tips – स्क्रिप्ट लेखन टिप्स | filmy funday #4| Virendra Rathore | JoinFilms

Hello Friends Welcome to Filmy Funday
In this Video , I will show you How to write a Professional Script. Watch full video to know How to write Script and how to pitch story properly. Subscribe to the channel for all the latest updates on How to become a Script Writer?

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Get Free Tips and Lessons on How to join Bollywood as an Script Writer by Virendra Rathore. Learn Script Writing at your Home with all the Script Writing Advices and Important Information on How to become Script Writer. You will learn all the Basics of Script writing by Script Writing formats , Script Writing methods , Script Writing Techniques shown in every videos. This videos will help you to learn Script Writing from Home.

This video is highly recommended for all writers .Film script writing tips for Beginners , Learn how to make film script step by step .Important things to know about short films makers , directors and writers
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You are a writer; want to do film writing, so first of all it is important that you should know that what is professional film writing? In this video I will tell you what is professional film writing step by step So, welcome friends, myself Virendra Rathore, you are welcome in Filmy Funday, Today we will talk about that how to do professional film writing? Step number 1 is idea, what is your idea of story? Means what is your main concept, clear that in your mind and write it down on a paper or type it in your computer of laptop. It is very essential that you write it, without writing it nothing will work out. Step number two is synopsis What is the summary of your story means if you have to describe your story in small pieces or have to tell in a paragraph, what will you like to say. Write this also as early as possible Step number 3 is story. Now the matter comes of story. When you make the synopsis of your idea the story becomes more clear to you. Now you have to write story. Story means that how will the story of your film starts, what will be the midpoint after that end means what will be the climax. Write down the story from beginning to end so that it becomes clear to you that what characters will come in it, what things will happen in it. Step number 4 is of characterization. It is very important. After writing the story, you know that what are the characters of your story, so you write them clearly that what is all about that character. Means, how does it look like, how large it is what it does, its habits; write it on a paper separately. So, that what is the characterization of your main character. number 5 is screenplay. Now it is turn of screenplay. Every preparation has been made so now you write scene by scene how you want to see on screen or how you want to show? Write it down in detail. Be careful, you have to write it professionally, not only you wil enjoy, but when you give your story to some other to make film, they will also enjoy. number 6 is dialogues. At the end come dialogues. When you write screenplay, some one-liner dialogues will come automatically. But, I will say that after completing the screenplay, see dialogues one more time. And try to write powerful dialogues according to the character. Because, do remember, after watching the film dialogues remain in memory of people and nothing else. Even today when you remember any film, or tell someone else then you say that films has that dialogue, this film has this dialogue. So, dialogue has its own trait. They keep in memory of people.


  1. sir mere mind mai roj new story rehty hai script likha kaise jata hai aapne bta he diya,BAs ek baat bta dijiye ki script ko kaha kaha dikhate,,HAI,,aur aapki script k liye kaha se kaam milega,,offline, online, but legali,,

  2. Fantastic sir ji
    Your video tutorial gives us very much knowledge, guide us in right path, you also share experience of other actors to us that most point for us.
    I heartly thankfull to you & your team members.
    Your team members also give me good reply on phone.
    I will visit your office when I will come to Mumbai.

  3. Agar hamari story koi chura leta hai aur is mein thodi bahut fair Badal karke ek new story karta hai apni story register honi k bawajood toh hum us par action kaise le sakte hai is par ek detail video baniye na sir

  4. Already meri kahaniya registered hain.2books published hue hain.ek kahani ki chori karte hue film Kiya kahna banaee gaee kuch nahi Kiya.sabar se chup bethgaee.,rahne ka masla hai.09966690970 AP.

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