Season 1 Short Clip: Ally Baharoon | Beautiful British Columbia

Season 1 Short Clip: Ally Baharoon | Beautiful British Columbia

This is an excerpt from the Represented Podcast, hosted by yours truly. I spoke to Ally Baharoon; a local Vancouver playwright, comedian, actor and all-round performer. During this conversation, we appreciated the physical beauty that is British Columbia.

Ally Baharoon is a child of Gerezani, Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania. His growth as a playwright, performer and comedian is rooted in how he saw the people of Gerezani work relentlessly to achieve their goals. Growing up, Ally noted how hard his mother worked, sharpening his awareness of the importance of “grinding”. Conversely, Ally’s late father gifted him with the spirit of exploration which has also been a catalyst for great things in his life; including his creativity. Centered on his ultimate truth and the search for creative ways to pass on a valuable message – “Shwanga” as Ally calls it – this English grad’s work is chockful with meaning. With Ally’s help, we uncover the true essence of “Shwanga” while discussing life, love, family and friendship (in Ally’s opinion, there should be no delineation between “family” and “friend”).

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this show is produced by the geek happy Network creators of the very best inaudible Oracle entertainment if you enjoy listening to represented remember to subscribe and leave us a review on your favorite podcast app we'd love to hear your thoughts yeah I mean I was telling you a while ago when we met that I the last summer summer 2017 I like took advantage of like all the hikes out of town so I did a lot of that especially in 2017 oh yeah it was amazing I mean like the whole I was even telling you the whole beautiful British Columbia thing it's like it's so corny as a tag but then I see why someone would pick a corny tag like that yeah because it is actually very beautiful out there and even in Vancouver these little places in there that you can go and it's like wow like experience that same kind of beauty but like Squamish and all these other places is just like it's unmatched you know so definite and also just that feeling of I'm here but like I think I want to spread my reach outside of like I want to feel like I'm really here yeah yeah just in a room in this city exactly I'm here yeah if you'd like to be a guest on the represented podcast feel free to hit up at represented podcast on Instagram or email us as represented podcast at thank you for listening and for more geek happy Network shows like the monster slayers guide to slaying monsters or partner shows like the giant a show and book and bitch come give us a listen at geek happy Network comm or look for us on your favorite podcast app and be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram at geek happy Network


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